The Revenge | dildo and rope bondage story

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Julie lay struggling for what seemed like hours till finally through sheer exhaustion, she fell into a deep sleep. The next thing she felt was a sudden strain on her arms as she struggled to regain her senses after her disturbed slumber, she felt herself being lifted from the bed and being walked across the room. She stumbled as the feeling to her limbs returned. She realised her legs were untied, but she also became aware as she tried to see what was happening that her eyes were blindfolded again.

"Enjoy your sleep?" Valerie taunted, "Have I got some fun lined up for you" , she pulled Julie over to a chair where she pushed her into a sitting position. "While you were asleep I had a friend deliver this special chair for you" Valerie laughed. Julie couldn’t see the chair and wondered what was so special about the chair. "Mmmpph" Julie moaned through her gag, but Valerie ignored her muffled protests. Julie’s arms were positioned behind the chair and her wrists were pulled downwards and secured to a ring on the back of the chair pulling them tightly downwards. Next Valerie took a long length of rope and wound it around Julie from her breasts downwards, winding it tighter with each loop. Forcing Julie tightly onto the back of the chair which she felt the back touching her neck. When Valerie finished wrapping the rope and tying it off, Julie could barely breath from the tight binding. "Here’s the surprise darling" Valerie whispered into Julie’s ear. Valerie began to wind a handle on the side of the chair which began to move the back of the chair into a horizontal position. Soon Julie was lying flat on her back feeling very helpless, Valerie now moved towards her legs but another surprise awaited Julie as Valerie began to wind another handle on the chair which Julie felt push a support up underneath her legs. This also finished up in a horizontal position making the chair more into a bench affair than a chair. Valerie now took another length of rope and started to tie Julie’s right leg to the support, again Valerie wrapped the rope around her leg starting from the ankle and working her way slowly and deliberately upwards tightening the rope as she progressed up Julie’s leg, finally she finished tying the rope at the top of Julie’s leg beside her hip leaving the rope pulling outwards which had the effect of lightly opening Julie’s vulva. The tighter Julie was secured the more turned on she felt and consequently the more embarrassed she felt. Valerie tied Julie’s other leg in the same fashion and so left Julie with her pussy lips lightly pulled apart showing the glisten of her arousal on her vulva lips. It was only with the feeling of the air on her pussy that Julie suddenly realised that Valerie must have removed her panties, "mmmpphhhh, mmmmmpphhhhh" Julie moaned in frustration knowing Valerie could see her arousal.

"Well girl you look as snug as a bug in a rug, ha ha ha ha.." Valerie smiled, "now for some real fun" she patted Julie’s pussy as she walked over to the nearby cupboard. She now took a dildo which had various added extras mounted to it, it was about three inches in diameter and nine inches in length, there was a square block on the bottom which had a threaded hole on each side, below this was a motor unit which Julie would soon realise gave this dildo an ability to drive it’s victim wild. Valerie now knelt down beside Julie’s now struggling body, listening to her mmmppphhs and groans as she struggled, rubbing the rope at her inner thighs against her lips, but so lightly that it just teased more than actually being pleasurable. Valerie took the dildo and plugged it into a nearby socket, "you will love this Julie" switching on the dildo allowed Valerie to move the dildo head back into the base leaving it just level with the square base which now actually was tapered at the top which allowed Valerie to push it down between Julie’s thighs and snugly pressed against her pussy lips. Now Valerie took a bolt and pushed it into the square base from below and so screwed it firmly into the base, finally securing it with a small wrench which made sure that the dildo was firmly secured to the chair and would not budge.

Julie could feel the block against her pussy and actually started to rub herself against it because of the teasing action of the rope on her thighs, the box gave her some relief as she ground against it. "Now, now Julie" Valerie mocked, "I’ll give you some real fun now" she smiled. Julie was moaning loudly now and Valerie was afraid of someone hearing so she now took some duct tape and taped her mouth once more but this time she also took a hood and pulled it over Julie’s head, the hood was made of silk and felt soft against Julie’s face adding an erotic feeling for her driving her even more into a world of senses which was now overwhelming her. Valerie now took a control box which was wired to the dildo and pushed on of the small buttons mounted on it. Julie felt the box between her legs come to life and moaned in what was now just total ecstasy. "This box has more than one trick up it’s sleeve" Valerie laughed as she turned a dial on it which controlled the intensity of the different pleasure options on the box. As she turned the dial the box clockwise Julie felt the vibration more intense and it also pressed itself tighter against her clit which really was turning Julie on now. Julie moaned and pulled at the ropes which secures her but she now realised why she was tied so tight, because of the way both her legs and torso were tied, allowing her no movement at all, she could not ease off the pressure of the dildo on her clit, essentially the dildo was now part of the chair some bench and so she was as good as tied down onto the dildo also.

Julie could feel an orgasm approaching fast now as she tossed her hooded head wildly in unrestrained passion. "Gotta go out for a while Julie be back soon" Valerie informed Julie as she left the room abruptly, leaving Julie at the mercy of the dildo. Julie now panicked as she heard the door close behind Valerie, she struggled harder than ever to free herself know she was so close to an orgasm without the prospect of being freed or allowed to recover afterwards really frightened Julie, but before she had anymore time to think about it her orgasm hit in several waves as the vibrating dildo punished her clit, the orgasm passed but the dildo continued it’s work and within minutes she felt another orgasm approach. This cycle continued until Julie lost all sense of time and also how many orgasms she had had.

After what seemed like a lifetime she heard the door open and next thing she heard was a click as Valerie switched off the dildo, " enjoying yourself" enquired Valerie as she lightly stroked Julie’s pussy feeling the soaking lips of her pussy and smelling the smell of sex which filled the room after Julie’s ordeal. " Did you like my new toy" Valerie enquired. Julie nodded sheepishly knowing Valerie knew the answer anyway. "Well that is only a sample of what it can do" she said with a cheeky grin. "I think that is enough fun for you today, I think you deserve a wash for being such a good girl, but I warn you, you will still have hood on so don’t try to escape as that would be very unfortunate for you". Julie felt Valerie untie her from the chair and after several minutes she was free for the first time in over a day, her limbs ached but the hood was still in place and Valerie had taken the extra precaution of taping it in place with several lengths of duct tape. She was led to the bathroom where Valerie had a hot bath waiting for her roommate. She helped her into the bath, then took a chair and sat beside her watching as Julie soaked in the bath, relaxing her limbs and washing away the now stale smell of sex which seemed to ease from every pore of her body.

Valerie left Julie to soak in the bath for over an hour and left her soaking by herself in the knowledge that the hood would prevent Julie from making a run for it. Valerie returned to the bathroom with a sandwich prepared for Julie knowing by now she must be starving. As she entered the bathroom she was confronted by the empty bath, she spun round to see where her prisoner had gone but as she turned something sent a sharp shock through her body and she lost consciousness.

Valerie did not know how long she had been unconscious for but as she now regained her senses she found herself tied in a prostrate position. She could feel what she knew must be her special chair underneath her and knew she was tied identical to the way Julie had been tied earlier, as she became more aware of her position she felt her mouth filled with rubber which was strapped tightly behind her head. She also felt the dildo pressed tightly against her clit and realised it was vibrating very gently, obviously set to it’s lowest setting. Valerie looked around the room but now realised Julie had found out another secret of the chair. There was a detachable head rest which was now in place, her head was firmly strapped to it preventing any movement of her head at all. Julie now stepped into view smiling at her captive. "That is some chair Valerie" she said, "I think you will have some fun now……………..


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