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I stood in front of the girl as she finished coming out of the drugged stupor and struggled to sit upright on the loveseat. Her wrists, covered in long kid gloves, were crossed and firmly bound behind her back. More white cord around her ankles, just above the black pumps with 4” heels, held her legs together. All very basic, but effective.

As she shook her head to try and clear the last cobwebs I gripped her chin with my left hand, loosened the scarf cleaved between her lips, then used my right to pull the wad of sponge out of her mouth. Holding a bottle of water to her lips she drank automatically and when she finished I set the empty down on a side table and immediately slapped her across the face. That shocked her just long enough for me to jam the sponge back between her teeth and cover her lips with a piece of tape.

“There now, you’ve had a drink and I don’t have to listen to the Who, Where, What and Why screaming bit.”

Jessica was fully awake now. The long blonde hair framed her face falling to rest on the fur collar that trimmed the hip length leather coat she wore. It was tightly belted around her narrow waist. A snug tweed skirt ended just above her knees as she sat staring at me.

I suppose it was a bit strange. The last thing she would remember is getting home and closing the door on a date that hadn’t worked out as planned. Then she wakes up in a strange place, bound, gagged and looking at a thirty something woman nearly six feet tall in thigh length leather boots with pencil thin 5” heels. The rest of the figure was covered from wrists to neck in a skintight black leather cat suit while the face was dominated by a pair of the coldest blue eyes she had ever seen.

Moving in to sit on the other cushion beside her I again took her chin in my hand and held it so she faced me.

“Let’s start with the WHO. I am a professional leather Domme. You don’t need to know my name because anytime that lying little mouth of yours is not full with a gag and I give you permission to speak, you will address me as Mistress.”

“WHERE - gets the same answer, you don’t need to know. Suffice to say you are in my workplace where I have everything needed to complete your training. Yes, you heard correctly, training,” I said as her eyes went wide.

“WHAT - is a bit more interesting; this is payback time and you, my dear Jessica, are the one who will be paying back, big time! Too understand completely you also need to know WHY.”

“For most people one marriage lasts a lifetime based on mutual love and trust. For others they don’t always work out. In your case there are three marriages and you are not yet thirty. It seems your current husband got a little suspicious some time ago and has been in contact with, not only your first two, but also a few boyfriends you’ve been seeing on the side. Or should that be on your back?”

Sponge filled or not, Jessica managed to get some fairly loud, if muffled, noises out of her mouth while shaking her head in denial.

“What are you saying no to? I haven’t yet told you what they found. Still, I guess, a guilty conscience is very close to the surface and you must have a very, very guilty conscience!”

“You seem to have started in your late teens telling the current boy friend how much you loved them, taking anything they could give you and all the time you were lining up the next guy. Husband number one Paul, is still working two jobs to pay off the bills you left as he tried to prove his love by giving you anything you asked for. Number two, Harry, is now living in luxury and laughing all the way to the bank. You see he was almost bankrupt just trying to make ends meet after you cleaned him out when he won the lottery. That solved his money problems but he is still very, very bitter.”

“Number three, John, saw the writing on the wall and decided it was time someone else got properly screwed – you!” The three of them, along with a few boyfriends who popped up, contacted me. I lowered my regular fee for them because, when I’m finished with you, I have a client who will pay a great deal for a new, beautiful and unwilling slave.

Incidentally, the boyfriends included Fred, your date tonight. In fact it was he and John who set you up and delivered you to me.”

“Fred didn’t really get sick so he couldn’t come in to enjoy your favours and John was not really out of town on business this weekend. Your last drink was nicely timed to kick in as you got home and then they helped me bundle you up.”

“Predators like you don’t have many friends but, if anyone does ask, you are on the west coast setting up a new office for John’s real estate business.”

Jessica’s eyes were wide and her head still shaking as I reached out and fingered her ear lobe. “You must be the only girl on the planet who still uses clip on earrings. I understand you consider your beautiful body a shrine and don’t believe in punching holes in it; I’ll be changing that. You certainly opened the doors to the shrine easily enough if it would get you something you wanted though, didn’t you?”

“They gave me all sorts of notes about you. You like to show off that head of hair so much that you don’t wear hats or any head covering well, like it or not, that will also change. Listen carefully while I explain. At the moment you are just tied up. A few simple cords, a wad of sponge and a strip of tape. In the next few hours I am going to introduce you to what is called bondage. Very strict bondage and very uncomfortable bondage, then after leaving you to think about things for a few hours, your training will really begin.”

“You’re mine now Jessica; I own you and I am going to make you wish you had never been born. Starting now it is payback time!”

Grabbing a handful of hair I pulled her towards me sliding my other hand inside the neck of the sweater she was wearing under the leather coat. My crimson nails found the top seam of her bra and slid underneath it, pushing down until my hand could cup her left breast, I found her nipple between my thumb and finger.

“They tell me that you’re a softy and you can’t stand pain. You get a tiny paper cut and whine about it for hours don’t you?” I put pressure on the nipple, twisting a little, watching as tears formed in the corner of her eyes and a squeal came from behind the tape. “Oh yes, we are going to have fun.”

Standing up I went to the other side of the room and wheeled over the cart filled with my toys.

“Now let’s get to work.”

She had no place to go and no way to resist as I loosened the belt of the coat, reached around under her sweater to unclip the bra so both of her lovely orbs popped free, then pulled on the nipples until she was in the middle of the seat. Taking two pieces of thin cord I knotted one around the base of each breast then ran them out to opposite arms of the loveseat.

A pull here, a knot there and she was held in position where she had to stay still while I worked on her or those 38 D’s would suffer.

“Now just co-operate a little Jessica or I might decide that all those blonde curls are getting in the way and shave them off.” That got a look of complete fear and she went rigid; boy did she love that hair.

As a first step I piled most of the hair up on top of her head and pulled a snug rubber hood down over it and the rest of her head. A strap around the neck closed with a small padlock at the back and the only openings were small metal ringed holes under her nose.

“Now then Jessica, I know you can hear me and I’ll continue to let you know what I’m doing. I mean you will feel what’s happening to you but I’ll tell you the details as we progress. Just to drive your situation home I’m going to do two things. First, we untie your wrists and the left one gets secured to the armrest on that side. Now use your right hand to feel the back of your neck.”

“That is a padlock so the hood will not come off until I use the key.” She ran her gloved hand all over her head and then back to the padlock before I grabbed the wrist and tied it to the opposite armrest. “So, you are blind and gagged under that rubber but there is one other thing you need to understand and that is I will show you no pity. If you decide to fight what’s happening to you, or don’t immediately do anything I tell you, then this can, and will, happen.”

As I spoke I took a simple spring-loaded clamp and allowed it to close over her nostrils. The reaction was delayed for just a few moments as she felt the clamp and then realized she was not getting any air. She started shaking her head and then her upper body but that reminded her of the cords around her breasts and she made it worse by sliding forwards off the seat to her knees.

It probably seemed like a lifetime but, in reality, was only thirty seconds before I removed the clamp and waited while she recovered. I studied her position with the arms pulled back and sideways in a big V, the taunt cords around her breasts and her tied ankles tucked under her.

“Well Jessica, do you understand me?” The rubber covered head nodded and then she tried to relieve the pressure on her breasts by lifting herself up with her knees.

“Stay put. I did not give you permission to move.” There was an audible sob but she sank back down.

That was lesson number one, well learned and driven home.

It was a while later that I finally used the key and peeled the rubber hood off. Her upper torso was laced in a heavy leather corset combination that covered her from the neck to the top of the hip length ballet boots. Under the tight leather across her chest I had just taken the two pieces of cord already in use and knotted them several times around the base of her breasts. That had drawn a few whimpers from under the hood.

Jessica’s arms were firmly secured inside a leather single arm binder with the only bare skin at her crotch and, now, from the neck up.

She was on her back with each leg, encased in laced leather ballet boots, tied wide apart to posts that were nearly three feet tall. Very vulnerable!

“Your hair doesn’t look quite so fashionable now.” I told her as I brushed some of the sweat soaked strands away from her eyes. “But I want you to see what comes next. Have you ever let one of your sugar daddys use the back door to your shrine? No, well this is called a butt plug Jessica. It is hard rubber with a nicely knobbed surface, it is 6” long, 1 ?” thick and the last 2” are rather special.”

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I held it close to her horrified face. “See, the end is about the size of your thumb but watch when I click it on.” She stared first at the plug, with the end moving in slow circles, then up at me. More tears and head shaking became moaning as I turned it off and she watched me pull on a pair of latex gloves.

I did, at least, use some lubricant before setting the plug in position then I used my left hand to pinch her nose. That took her mind off the lower body muscles and I rammed the toy home in one smooth motion of my right arm.

“Now we must not forget to enshrine something in the front must we?”

“I have quite a collection of dildos and you will be happy, well maybe not, that I let your husbands pick your first one. Unfortunately for you it is, shall we say, a little nasty; you must have really hurt them with your love as long as the wallet is full lifestyle. You can see it is much larger than the plug and it looks quite smooth doesn’t it? But watch what happens when I press this little button, all those little hard rubber spines pop out.”

“I suppose that wouldn’t be too bad but it should be a very interesting feeling when the butt plug starts moving. Now first we stick a little plug in that pee hole of yours so you don’t damage all of my lovely leather equipment and then…! Wow, just two pushes and that slid right in didn’t it?”

“So first I push this little button and then flip this switch, they are new batteries by the way, then this nice wide strap from your arm sheath comes through here and buckles at the front here. Hey, I got it to the last notch so that should feel nice and snug.”

The whimpers were continuous now as the toys started their work but I ignored them as I untied her ankles and flipped her over. A few straps around her legs, several more clamping her arm binder to her back and I bent her legs up until I could strap them to her thighs.

Gripping her by the shoulders I slid the twitching form up a slanted board and tightened a waist strap to hold her body in place so I could sit in front of her and work on her head.

“See this Jessica? These are electric hair clippers. I am going to take off your gag and the moment I hear a word out of your mouth you get a Mohawk. Another word and you’re bald; understand?

I hooked a nail under the edge of the tape over her mouth then, after pulling on a clean latex glove, used my right hand to dig out the sponge. As she worked her jaw I held the clippers in plain sight raising an eyebrow as I looked at her.

Jessica got the message but the corners of her mouth curled down, the tears started anew and she began to sob. If I hadn’t known her background as a self- serving bitch I might have been moved, but I did and, besides, I was enjoying myself.

I finger combed her damp hair to the back of her head using my left hand to get a good grip on it then wiped her face clean of the smeared makeup, sweat and tears. A rubber plug went in her left ear and I tilted her head so I could get the hearing aid type speaker installed inside her right ear.

Another rubber hood, this one with an open face, covered the rest of her head in a tight embrace.

“I know you can still hear me through that little speaker Jessica so stop crying and open your mouth.”

Just for a moment I spotted a glimmer of resistance in her eyes as I cupped her chin in my hand. “Don’t be stupid now and make things harder than they already are. I have you laced, strapped, bound immovably in tight leather; there is a rotating plug up your ass and a rubber porcupine in your ‘shrine’. Now open your mouth – wide.”

Her lips parted slowly then her mouth opened and I pulled down a bit more on her lower jaw to fit the solid rubber piece over her teeth. The hard rubber had pockets top and bottom that curved around her teeth like an athletes’ mouthpiece holding her jaws wide apart.

Jessica’s eyes tried to follow my hand as I fitted the needle valve in the middle of the gag. A couple of squeezes of the pump bulb enlarged the rubber bladder enough to press her tongue down and partially fill her mouth. I unhooked the pump and screwed a cap with a sharp point into the valve.

The black vinyl tape was 2” wide and I started under her right ear, across her lips and on around her head. Each time the tape crossed her mouth I pressed it down until the point of the cap poked through; that left me access to the gag valve.

Constantly smoothing out air bubbles I used the entire roll until Jessica’s head was completely covered except for a strip from just above her eyebrows to under her eyes. Even her nose was covered with only the nostrils, which were flaring as she worked to get air, free of the tape.

I spoke again into the microphone clipped to the leather collar of my cat suit. “So you don’t like anything on your head covering up that hair you’re so vain about? Well Jessica, right now your hair is a damp stringy mess covered with a tight rubber hood under several layers of tape and I’m not finished.”

Bringing over the mannequin head I put it where she could get the full effect of the leather casque in all its glory. Her eyes became even more horrified, if that were possible, as she studied the black leather helmet with all its straps and laces.

While she was doing that I used my camera to get several shots of her expression, making sure the helmet was in the pictures along with body shots of her predicament.

“I promised Paul, Harry and John a souvenir of your first session; those eyes of yours are enough to prove that it is you in all those lovely restraints. Now let’s see how this helmet fits, shall we?”

“The blindfold part goes on last Jessica so you can see these two little leather tubes inside the nose section. Guess where they go? Yep, right in here like this, then the rest comes over and I can start lacing it down the back. Doesn’t that feel nice and snug?”

“Almost done Jessica; once I get this grommet in the middle of the gag strap over the valve cap like so, I can attach the pump again and a few more squeezes will really expand that bladder. Now I can tighten the strap until the bulges in your cheeks disappear. Just like that and last but not least here’s the blindfold and a few more straps to keep everything beautifully tight.”

I released the waist strap allowing the helpless form to slide down to the floor, then dragged it a few feet to a metal hasp set in the floor of my workroom.

“I’ll admit this is a little bit of over kill Jessica but this short chain from your neck is padlocked to the floor so when I add the final touch to your bondage initiation it will act as an anchor.”

As I said this I slipped a long strap through the ankle bonds, then up to the ring at the top of the helmet. Slowly I pulled the end through the buckle and Jessica’s head was forced up and back increasing the pressure on the hogtie.

“There now, you will be enjoying that position for a few hours giving you plenty of time to think about the trail of broken hearts and empty bank accounts you have left behind you. Just one more thing before I turn off the speaker system and you will be deaf on top of everything else.”

“I told you it was payback time but I haven’t said how long your sentence will be – think about that too bitch!”


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