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Even though elections for her sorority were nearly six weeks away, Denise knew she had to start campaigning now, during spring break. She had been told as much by her current sorority president, Alley. "Our sorority is consistently the number one choice for our Big Ten star athletes. Scores of our members have gone on to become the wives or mistresses of multi-million dollar professional stars and I can tell you that the lifestyle is posh." Alley had spoken at a mandatory meeting for sorority candidates.

'She should know,' thought Denise. 'She is, of course, dating our university star wide receiver.'

"Maintaining our status as 'most desirable sorority' takes more than hard work." Alley had said. "It takes knowing what those future stars' needs are, and how to address them. How many candidates for 'President' do we have?" At that point, Denise, a sophomore, her best friend Bianca, another sophomore, and a third girl, a junior neither of them knew well named Lauren raised their hands. "The three of you will be competing for my endorsement over spring break. While it does not determine the result of our democratic election, I can tell you that every candidate in this sorority that has received the presidential endorsement has won for the past 25 years! If you are going to win, girls, you will have to prove to me that you are up to the job. I will meet with each of you separately to explain how the competition works, and whether or not you still want to go through with it." Alley ruled this group with an iron whip. Denise had never had that kind of power before, and wasn't sure she did really want it, but she and Bianca had promised each other that they would run. Even though they were running against each other they figured that the chances of one of them getting elected were better if they both ran. Win or lose, that meant that Denise, and Bianca, would be on the fast track to athletic, talented, and potentially rich boyfriends; not to mention near-celebrity status on campus. The cost, as it turned out, was nearly too shocking to allow her to continue.

"Denise, I'm in the business college," said Alley when they met privately. "And in the business world I have learned that those who succeed have to use every asset at their disposal to do so, especially when they come from nothing. Look at yourself. You are, of course pretty, or we wouldn't have accepted you into our sorority, but are you ready to go all the way and do what needs to be done? I'm not so sure."

"I want this, Alley, I really do! No. I don't come from money but I've got a 4-point and I won't let anyone out-work me."

"That's not what I mean," Alley said patiently. "What about last Friday? Hmm? I told you suck off Christian at the March Madness party, and what do hear from my boyfriend that night? That you got him to settle for a hand job! If you think I'm upset about it now, you should have seen Caleb. I took it in the ass that night, for you! Because I knew that if I didn't the whole team might go to a competitor. This isn't high school anymore and you can't have reservations about your body. It's your only redeeming quality." Alley really had a way of laying it on the line. Denise just stared at the floor, humiliated. Christian had said such nice things about her after she'd yanked him off, but he was on the offensive line, overweight, sweaty, pimpled and generally disgusting. He'd even been eating a chicken wing at the time! "This is serious stuff now." Said Alley authoritatively. "If you want to be president, you will have to prove not only that you can submit, but that you can do it better than the other two candidates."

"Submit? What do you mean, 'submit'?" Said Denise, cautiously.

"I mean that all sorority presidential candidates are to be put through their paces in an electoral competition at SubmissiveLand, as is the tradition in our sorority. The past 15 club presidents have all won that competition. So you think carefully about this before you agree to remain in the race. Once the competition starts, there's no turning back. Nothing is out of bounds. You will submit, sexually, in ways you've never even imagined before, or you will lose. Do I need to tell you who the losers end up marrying? Hm? . . . Go hang out in the engineering department for a few days, and try to imagine sucking off one of those geeks for the next few decades. It isn't pretty, and it's happened more often than I care to count." Alley paused to let some of this sink in. "Sexual submission is how you become president of this elite group. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING, can happen at SubmissiveLand. Here is your ticket. If you don't think you can do it, don't get on the plane." With that Alley stood up and made for the door, clicking her stiletto heels crisply as she went.

Shocked and scared, Denise immediately sought out Bianca for a talk. She found her in the common room, snacking on a vegan burger. "Don't worry, love." Bianca had a funny way of calling all her friends 'love'. It was endearing, and one of the reasons they had become friends. "I've heard about this SubmissiveLand place before. It's like a sex retreat, kinky style. People just go there to get off. It'll be great! We'll spend our afternoons working on our tan, and have wild sex at night, what could be the harm?"

"I don't know, Bee. It sounds like we'll have to subject ourselves to sexual servitude, and compete at the same time! I'm worried. What if this affects our friendship?"

"Never!" exclaimed Bianca, looking shocked. "You know, you might just enjoy it." She said, giving Denise a mischievous smile. At that moment, Lauren walked up to them, looking confident.

"I want you two to know," she stated, matter-of-factly, "Next year when I'm president, and after SubmissiveLand has tamed you both, I'm going to make you my personal bitches. You'll never see cock again until after you graduate. Ta-Ta." And she smiled and walked away.

Denise and Bianca sat stunned for a few seconds until Bianca piped up. "Oh, it is ON! That bitch be goin' down!" and they giggled. Despite Bianca's enthusiasm, Denise had spent the next afternoon researching SubmissiveLand, which she soon discovered had an online application form on its website and some descriptive customer testimonials. She went over her findings with Bianca just days before the competition was to start.

"I don't think I'd like this very much: 'Check the following boxes for electrical stimulation: anal, vaginal, clitoral . . .' I don't know Bianca. It doesn't sound much like a retreat to me. This one girl said she was repeatedly used sexually by members of the staff. She had requested it, but still . . . Is sexually degrading oneself really the way to get ahead in life?"

Bianca was staring off into the distance, her eyes cold and hardened. "I'd rather be raped than just hand over the presidency to that Lauren-bitch." Her focus came back and she looked Denise in the eye. "I'm going to do it. It's worth fighting for."

"But they could do anything to us. We'll have no control once the competition starts."

Their discussion went back and forth. In the end, they both agreed to go through with the competition, and Denise went to bed that night at least comforted by the thought that she believed she was prepared for anything and wouldn't be taken off her guard. On the following Saturday that signified the beginning of spring break, the three of them, Denise, Bianca, and Lauren arrived at the airport and boarded a plane headed for the gulf of Mexico. Upon touch-down they were required to board a ferry that would take them to their island home for the next 8 days. Out on the deck, Denise quietly assessed the attributes of her two competitors and compared them to herself.

Lauren was definitely a ten out of ten, but that wasn't saying much, since the same could probably be said for herself and Bianca. Lauren was different, however, in that she had blond hair and was taller than both of them, about 5'10'', from what Denise could tell. Her hips were shapely and given the shortness of her plaid skirt, she seemed to have legs that went on forever. They were clearly her most significant advantage over Denise and Bianca, making up for her c-cup breasts that were by no means small.

Bianca, on the other hand, was tiny in comparison, 5'1'' with wavy auburn hair. But Denise was very aware that Bianca's size did not put her at a disadvantage. She had seen the evidence of this by the multitude of romantic proposals Bianca received from a variety of men, and women. While Bianca's face was exceptionally pristine, like a doll's, it was her chest that attracted the most attention. Even though she was very short, she was easily a d-cup. Denise had even seen Bianca up close and topless a few times and knew that her breasts were exquisite. They almost seemed to defy gravity. So while Lauren was mostly legs, Bianca was mostly tits and a curvy ass. Which one would attract more attention would likely be influenced by what a particular man, or woman, was looking for, and Denise knew that some men loved the tiny girls.

In appraising her own charms, Denise was at least confident about one thing. Despite Bianca's proportional bust size, Denise, by far, had the largest set of the three: a 40 inch bust. At 14, Denise knew she would be well endowed when her bosom began to expand quickly, leaving stretch marks around her areola in a pattern, like a child's drawing of the sun. Just how big they would get, she had no idea until she had turned 18 and had stopped growing. Apparently she got it from her grandmother on her father's side, who had been notorious in the Midwest in her day. The rest of her body was, in her mind, average; but if truth be told she too had long, shapely legs and a very firm tummy.

The Competition: Day 1

Standing naked in what could only be described as a jail cell, Denise considered that perhaps she had bitten off more than she could chew. Processing and check-in had gone by in a bit of a whirlwind. "It's like they were waiting for us." Bianca had said. They had been led down to a basement level shortly after submitting their names and their purpose for being there. Each had been ordered into adjoining holding cells separated by steel bars and ordered to strip. Denise's cell was between that of Lauren and Bianca. Aside from the three naked women, the cells had nothing in them except for a few eye-rings bolted to the ceiling. After 45 minutes of waiting, each girl had curled up in their respective cells shivering, and failing horribly at covering their naked forms from each other. If Denise was scared, Bianca looked on the verge of tears. Lauren had decided to sit Indian style in the center of her cell and appeared to be doing what Denise could only describe as meditation. They had checked in at 10 am. It had to be nearing noon now.

Suddenly the iron door down the hall at the end of the cell block clanked open, and in walked a young man wearing a business suit. Behind him marched half a dozen medical assistants it seemed. Each one was carrying what looked to be an array of bondage equipment.

"Good morning young ladies!" echoed the young professional's voice. He corrected himself, ". . . or should I say good afternoon? My name is Mr. Rourke. You will refer to me as Mr. Rourke or 'sir' for the duration of your stay, that is, if any of you get a chance to speak for the next 7 days. Each of you have chosen to compete in this year's Sorority Sister Competition, something we and the staff here at SubmissiveLand look forward to every year, I might add. You all got on the flight. You've all signed the forms. You now have no choice but to submit or we will force you to. Now step forward and take these items from my assistants and follow my instructions to the letter. That's it . . . step forward. Come and get your medicine."

'That smirk on his face is so smug!' thought Denise. 'I might even think he were cute if he wasn't such an obvious asshole.' Indeed, Lauren seemed to like him and Denise caught her trying to make eye-contact with him to give him a wink as she swayed her hips toward the bars. 'I guess the competition has started.' Denise thought to herself. She took a deep breath and approached the bars to her cell, head held high, but totally unprepared for her next 7 days.

Denise and her competitors were each handed what appeared to be a short phallic object with many leather straps attached to it. "Put it on and buckle the straps tightly, each of you. We are watching." Now, Denise was not stupid but she had simply never seen a panel trainer gag before (or a spider gag, or a lipstick gag, or even a plain old ball-gag!). She had to turn it over in her hands a few times before she realized that the phallus belonged in her mouth. Disgust and revulsion made the hair on the back of her neck stand up. She further demonstrated her ignorance of how it worked when, after struggling for several moments she realized she had it upside down. She looked up to see Bianca and Lauren, both gagged and staring at her, along with everyone else. The look on Bianca's brow seemed sympathetic, but Lauren had crossed her arms and was softly tapping her barefoot on the floor. "Well my dear," said the handsome smirker, "it looks like you're a little unfamiliar with that little item. Mm? How . . . delightful." A few of the assistants chuckled behind him. "Please . . . continue. This is very entertaining." He motioned with his hands and Denise turned beet red. She fumbled a bit more and in about another 60 seconds she had all the straps buckled, right-side up. Lauren's foot-tapping hadn't helped.

"Now," Mr. Rourke was still smirking at her as he spoke, "each of you take the hand cuffs and attach them firmly to your wrists behind your back." Denise took the cuffs and paused a bit before she got started. These cuffs weren't like any of the ones she'd seen on t.v. The arches were connected to a flat, black bar of metal. 'They must be more restrictive.' She surmised as she ratcheted one of the loops around her left wrist, and then placed both hands behind her back to capture the other wrist. She was extremely pleased to look up and see that she was the second one to finish this task, right behind Bianca. Lauren, it appeared, had a little trouble getting her second cuff on. Even though she was only a few seconds behind the other two, the symbolism was not lost on anyone in the room, and Bianca gave Denise a curt nod of encouragement and support. Once each girl was locked tightly Mr. Rourke made a motion with his hands and all six assistants lined up right outside Denise's door.

"Open up 109!" Mr. Rourke called outside the cellblock door. As her cell door opened, Denise backed away in fear and anticipation. She had thought that the assistants were there to 'assist' her and the others in being bound, which she had known would happen at some point in the day. It had not occurred to her that all six attendants would be binding each of them in turn. They rushed in and almost tackled her. A wire noose connected to a six foot staff was looped over her head and tightened by the assistant at the other end of it, restricting the air flow through her nostrils and into her lungs even further. Four other 'assistants' each grabbed a limb and held it firmly. The sixth one approached her with a suit of latex. "These suits are a special type of latex, submissives. A lot of research went into their development. Basically they shed water, letting your skin 'breath' while enclosed for longer periods of time," his voice echoed throughout the cellblock. "Each of you will be wearing them intermittently for the duration of your stay. Special sensors measure your heart-rate, blood pressure, and a few select electrical impulses inside your pretty heads. . . . In short, we will know when you are coming." The commotion was almost too much to allow Denise to take in what Rourke had said to her. Yet despite the cold, damp basement, an additional chill went down her spine when she listened to his last statement.

Denise's right foot was forced into an outstretched legging, then her left. The sixth assistant expertly rolled the suit up her legs and over her hips. Her hands were un-cuffed and then fitted into the arms and the rolling continued. 'This really isn't necessary!' thought Denise. 'I was perfectly willing to cooperate.' She grunted and snorted through her gag as she was physically assaulted, though she was happy that it was over so quickly. To her terror she realized that something about her suit was missing. Her privates were completely exposed! "Mpphh!" Her eyes widened as she looked down at her nether region.

Held frozen by the other five, Denise was then approached by the sixth assistant as he removed an object from his belt and lowered it to her vagina. With his right thumb and middle finger he parted her vulva. Then with his right index finger he expertly lifted her hood and exposed her clitoris, which, despite Denise's internal panic, was engorged with blood revealing her arousal. The assistant then placed a tiny dome-like object directly over her clit. She watched, horrified as it made a hissing noise. When he let it go it did not fall down, and he lowered her hood and removed his hand from her pussy. Mr. Rourke had been watching her eyes, intently. "Don't worry, dear, that's just the suction. That device is powered by a battery. Between the suction, your clit hood and your vulva, that little beauty should be there all week. I assure you, none of you will be permanently altered during your stay. That's what SubmissiveLand is all about: Submission in a Controlled Environment."

After the suit came a shiny black straight jacket. 'Whatever!' gasped Denise's mind as she continued to fight for air. After the assistants had applied it very tightly they began to work faster, as two of them were no longer required to hold her arms. A pair of chains descended from the ceiling and attached to the D-rings on her shoulders. Denise grunted in alarm as she was lifted off the ground. Her legs were bent behind her so that the soles of her feet nestled against her buttocks. Heavy straps were applied to hold them in place while a bar was locked between her knees, spreading her legs and exposing her pussy, again. After that the world went blank for Denise, as the noose was removed and a hood was rolled over her eyes. Denise began to scream through her gag.

"Rrraahhhh! Mmmphhhrraaaahh!"

"Oh, shut up!" Mr. Rourke shouted at her. "We can already read your vitals from the suit. You're fine!" Denise quickly learned that tugging at her bonds would do her no good. She couldn't move her arms at all. She applied all her strength and only managed to make that tight, wrinkling sound that latex sometimes makes. What felt like a neck brace was fitted under her chin and around her neck, lifting her head up into an erect posture. She was sure that they had put ear muffs on her because she felt pressure around her ears and then . . . nothing. No sound. No sight. The only thing she could smell or taste was latex and rubber. She grunted to herself a few more times and swayed, back and forth, back and forth. Her body and mind waited patiently for the next item to seize her freedom but it never came. While her body began to sweat, her vagina and her ass swung coolly in the open air. If her face had been showing, it would have been crimson red with embarrassment.

At some point Denise realized they had finished with her and that her competition was being attended to, but then again, how did she know? 'I just have to wait out my time for the other two to get ready. Then the competition will start,' she told herself; but when Denise had realized that more than twice the amount of time it took to prepare her had already passed, doubts crept back into her mind. 'What are they waiting for?' she thought. She twisted as best she could in her bonds, not in resistance, but just to flex some stagnant muscles. 'How long have I been hanging here?' she thought. 'I'll bet I'm the only one hanging up right now! I'll bet the other two are laughing at me right now!' Even as her mind spoke these words to herself, Denise knew it probably wasn't true. In all likelihood, the other two had gotten trussed up just as roughly as she had. But again, how did she know? Thoughts of Lauren seducing Mr. Rourke entered her mind for a while. Perhaps she had convinced him to skip her and go straight to Bianca. Perhaps that was the plan all along. Perhaps her alliance with Bianca had been recognized and SubmissiveLand was trying to turn them against each other. Perhaps Bianca was standing, free as a cardinal bird, right outside her cell. Perhaps she was fucking Mr. Rourke right now in exchange for preferential treatment. Perhaps it was Lauren who was fucking Mr. Rourke!

"AARRRGGGHHH!!!" Denise screamed in frustration into her gag. It seemed she'd been hanging there for ages. Tears formed in her eyes and trickled out from behind her blindfold, splashing onto her encased breasts. It just wasn't fair. And worse than that, being gagged and handcuffed, then forcibly bound by 6 muscular men . . . well, it just has that effect on a girl. She had been horny when the world went dark, and her arousal wasn't going away. Thoughts of the handsome, powerful Mr. Rourke played with her body and her hips began to writhe. She wondered how toned he was under that suit. She wondered what his cock looked like. Was it circumcised? When it got too real her mind reverted to jealous thoughts of Bianca and/or Lauren again and her private mind-fuck wash-cycle continued.

Eight agonizing hours passed that way, though to the sorority sisters, it probably felt like eighty. Occasionally Denise would pull and tug at her bonds, but not so much to try and gain freedom. She did it because it reminded her how tightly she was bound. She knew she was wet between her legs. She knew anyone standing outside her cell could probably see and smell her arousal as well. 'What a fucked up way to start the week,' she complained to herself. The twisting and tugging made her feel more helpless, which, despite her fears, made her more aroused. Thoughts and questions continued to torture her psyche for most of those eight hours. Then, when Denise was nearing physical and mental exhaustion and about to nod off, her hood was violently ripped off her head.

"ARRRGGGHHH!" Denise screamed as she was blinded by spotlights. Drool spilled out the sides of her gag and she tried to toss her head back and forth to avoid the luminescence. Then, just as quickly, her hood was replaced by another, but this one felt different. It was heavier and Denise realized she could see, once the fireworks in her eyes had settled down. Denise was disappointed, however, to find that she could not see much; just what appeared to be two television screens in front of her, side by side, emitting that fuzzy signal tvs make when the cable is disconnected. She had to ponder what it meant for a few minutes and then the one on the left snapped to life and a picture appeared before her. It was clearly a woman bound in a straight jacket suspended from the ceiling and adorned in latex. She had a hood on that appeared to have a black box protruding from the front of it at eye level. The woman's red pony tail danced from side to side as the woman struggled to shake the hood from her head.

'Bianca!' thought Denise. 'So they HAVE bound them just like me! But where is that bitch, Lauren?' Denise instinctively turned her head to the right, but quickly realized she could see nothing but the pictures in front of her. When her fears began to emerge again about Lauren cheating the system the second screen snapped to life as well. It was also a bound woman but this one had a shorter, blond pony tail swishing from side to side. By now Denise realized that she had vision goggles on that projected the identical image of two separate camera angles into each eye. She began to feel apprehensive as she was forced to watch her two sorority sisters sway and twist in their bonds, realizing that they could likely see her as well. Something was going to happen to them, she feared. Was the competition about to start, or had it started already?

Two assistants stepped toward both women on her screen. They attached a metal hook to the ceiling by a spring a few feet in front of each young girl. Then they began to pull the hook toward the prisoner, stretching the spring. Denise's body jumped when she felt an assistant's hands reach between her legs to part her vulva. Even though she was watching the other assistants do the same to Bianca and Lauren, Denise had not had the forethought to anticipate that what she was seeing was also being done to her. At least one of her 'sisters' had visibly reacted when her own hook was applied as well but Denise couldn't tell which one it was. She was having trouble concentrating on tv at the moment. The hook was cold and she shuddered violently as it slid deep inside her body. The tension provided by the spring was firmer than she was ready for and Denise grunted in pain and discomfort as the assistants let go of the hook. They moved around her and began to attach another hook to the ceiling behind her.

'No!!!' thought Denise and she screamed at them from behind her gag. She could see Bianca struggle, uselessly, as well. Twisting had also had the effect of grinding the vaginal hook into her stinging pussy and clit, and it violated her more deeply as it nestled between the lips of her sex. "mmmMM! Hm! Hm!" The sensation had her gasping, breathlessly. One assistant began to apply lubricant to her rectum. Her muscles were tense and it took a while, but eventually the man got his index finger inside her and began to thrust it in and out of her, picking up speed over time. "aawwhhhh" Denise could hear Bianca's high-pitched voice in her ears and realized that her new hood gave her sound as well.

As the assistant finger-fucked her from behind she listened hard. Lauren didn't appear to be making any noise, but she briefly thought she heard a grunt that didn't sound like Bianca. Then again, it could have been herself, grunting. She had been afraid of what anal sex would feel like. At this point she wasn't really afraid anymore. She certainly felt some discomfort as her sphincter was continually asked to relax, but it wasn't painful like she'd been told by her other sorority sisters. The second hook was just as cold as the first one and slightly larger at the tip as well. Once firmly in place, the assistants walked off camera, one of them giving a slap to Bianca's curvy ass on the way out of her cell. It was just the three of them now, bound, gagged, humiliated, violated, and forced to watch each other suffer.

Several minutes passed as each young girl tried to comprehend the level of submission they were forced to endure. To Denise, Lauren seemed to be taking it very well, while Bianca was clearly agitated, and breathing heavily. Denise tried to be self-conscious of her own body and to not reveal her own movements, but even though she knew she too was breathing heavily, the pictures of her 'sisters' were so distracting. It was easy to forget she was being watched in this way, since she could not see herself.

Bianca eventually seemed to calm down, and the three of them sat there for about a half hour. Every once and awhile Bianca would twitch nervously. It wasn't too long before the metal had warmed up, but that still wasn't any relief to Denise. She felt so violated, and the pressure on her rectum and pussy was impossible to ignore. It wasn't all painful and she knew that the assistants had not needed any lubricant for her pussy, unlike her ass. Denise was extremely turned on, despite the horrors she was enduring, and that was the worst part about it to her. She enjoyed it a little and she was afraid of what that meant. She tried to rationalize it by considering the nature of the human body. 'Well of course!' she mused. 'If you're willing to stimulate an organ of the body long enough, it will have to respond.' Twisting forward had occasionally provided a playful sensation. Denise thought nothing of it, still shocked by the level of control SubmissiveLand had over her. She continued to examine her peers, and she assumed they were doing the same to her. Just when Denise was starting to get very frustrated Bianca began move again.

This wasn't the type of chaotic, senseless twisting that she'd been up to before, however. Bianca's movements were now a deliberate rocking back and forth, and Denise could hear her too. "Mmm. MMmmm. MMmmmm. MMMM!" Denise watched her, shocked. She could see Lauren was reacting to this input as well. The rocking began to get more violent and the screams more intense. Denise's concern for her best friend was quelled when she realized what was really happening: Bianca, it appeared, was about to have an orgasm!





"MMMMMMMMM!!!" Denise watched, fascinated as Bianca's latex clad form constricted and shuddered, her hips doing their best to grind down upon her hooks. She gave one final, primal scream and liquid poured out of her pussy spraying every-which-way as it met the arch of her hook. The number '1' appeared at the base of Bianca's screen. While Denise pondered what this meant Lauren had begun to rock back and forth while Bianca caught her breath. "It's the competition!" Screamed Denise's mind. "It's started! We're competing with orgasms!"

The young girls rocked back and forth into the night, grunting with the exertion. Puddles began to form beneath them, though it wasn't all love juice. A substantial amount of drool was slopping down their necks and torsos and their knees were dripping with the combined sweat of their latex-covered bodies. Denise's first orgasm came substantially after Lauren's. The springs on the hooks caused them to slide ever so slightly in and out of her body while she rocked. Her groin spasmed repeatedly and she bit down onto her gag while her muscles protested. Denise had never had an orgasm while bound. For that matter, she hadn't had many while unbound. Her mother had given her many embarrassing lectures about masturbation, and, hey, let's be honest, what do frat boys or athletes know about pleasing a woman? She had become accustomed to arousal without gratification while at college. Now her mind reeled at the intensity of her body's reaction to so many stimuli. She had never realized that sex, or sex games as the case may be, could give her so much pleasure, and her voice slowly went hoarse with screams of ecstasy over time.

Delightful as the experience was for her, Denise slowly lost ground. Bianca and Lauren seemed to spur each other on. One would rock out several orgasms in a row and then rest, only to be spurred on when the other caught up. Denise would despair every time one of them started again, wincing painfully under her hood as her pussy and ass became more and more sensitive. Recovering between orgasms seemed to take longer for her than the others. After rolling her eyes back in her head and exploding for what she thought was the fourth time, she focused her eyes and saw that Bianca had 7 and was resting while Lauren had 5, but was rocking to and fro aggressively. Denise could definitely hear Lauren's grunts now and she concluded that Lauren was a screamer too. Denise decided to give up for a while and just watch the other two. When Lauren blew through 3 orgasms in a span of 20 minutes, Denise reluctantly started swaying again, panicked over what quitting now would do to her chances of winning. In the end, she needn't have bothered. Bianca somehow managed to keep rocking right through one orgasm and it turned into a multiple. She racked up 4 points in quick succession, and then seemed to collapse in her latex bonds. Lauren expressed her anger by thrashing and screaming through her panel gag. When the attendants finally came back, the final score was Bianca: 13, Lauren: 11. Denise hoped she was close to 11, but she knew it couldn't have been much more than 6. Exhausted and defeated, she limply succumbed to their will as she was unbound, then rebound with stainless steel cuffs and placed on a cot which had appeared at the back of her cell. Sleep took her almost immediately.

The Competition: Day 2

Denise slowly opened her eyes after a fitful sleep. She rubbed them gently and inspected her predicament. She was collared to the wall by a long and thin, but sturdy, chain. Her wrists and ankles were, likewise, enclosed with steel-banded shackles connected by a foot-long chain. On her hips rested the bands of a pair of metal underwear, it appeared to her. Shiny, shaped metal shielded her vagina from the open air and, to her astonishment, her own curious fingers. Sitting up she felt the familiar feeling of fullness in her lower abdomen. Apparently, this metal underwear included a dildo, size unknown, that invaded her most-private of parts. Surprisingly to Denise, the way this chastity belt was built allowed full access to the anus, as the covering receded just at her perineum. She looked up to find Bianca similarly bound and kneeling at the bars of the adjacent cell. Bianca motioned her over.

"What is happening, Bee! This is worse than I ever imagined!" Denise clumsily stumbled to the floor and whispered through the bars to her friend.

"I don't know but I don't think we're supposed to talk. I have to ask you something. What score did I get?"

Denise was shocked. "What! You mean you want to keep going with this!"

"I don't think we have a choice. And I can't stand the thought of losing to that bitch," Bianca hissed back.

"Oh, Bee. I'm scared!" Sobbed Denise.

"Don't worry," Bianca responded. "I won't let anything happen to you," and they clasped hands between the bars.

"HMP!" grunted Lauren from the other cell. "You really think you can protect each other?"

"Shut up, Lauren!" Bianca responded.

"Truth is, Denise, you should be scared. They are going to get whatever they want from us no matter what you do. The more you struggle, the worse you make it for yourself. Don't you get it? The competition is about submission. They're testing our ability to submit. That's the last tip I'm giving you."

"Submit to whom? There was no one in the room with us last night! I don't understand!" Denise's voice was shrill as she looked back from Lauren to Bianca, searching for some answers.

"Don't listen to her, Love. She's just trying to mess with your mind. Listen to me. Just follow my lead in the next round. Even if we're gagged, we can still communicate. Follow my lead and you'll be OK."

"Yeah, you follow her, Denise. You follow her right until she stabs you in the back." Lauren was standing up and facing them now. Her shackles clinked lightly as she moved toward the bars of her cell.

"Bee wouldn't do that! She's been my friend for "

"-a couple years? Big deal," Lauren responded. "She's doing it right now, you dumb bitch. How can you win if you do what she says?"

"Don't listen Denise. She's just trying to divide us. Now, tell me, what was my final score?" But Lauren wasn't backing down.

"I'm warning you, Denise. Don't you dare tell her. Think about it. You think she'd tell you anything but a lie? You tell her and she has an advantage. She'd know her score but we wouldn't know ours."

"I'll tell you both! I don't care! I'm scared!" Denise's voice was shrill.

"What!" exclaimed Bianca. "Don't tell her, she's playing you against me. I'm "

"Bianca got a 13 and Lauren got 11!" Denise practically shouted. She couldn't believe that these two cared about the score. She just wanted a friend.

"Stupid bitch." Lauren muttered and turned back to her cot.

"Bee, what was my score?" asked Denise. Bianca paused before answering.

"Ten." She stated, simply.

They sat quietly for a few hours after that. A few large bowls had been placed in each cell. One contained water and the other, dry cat food. Denise gulped down several ounces of water as she had woken up very thirsty. She did not even sniff the cat food. Lauren returned to her meditation and Bianca whiled away the time by examining her hair. Denise knew she had not gotten 10, but she couldn't figure out why Bianca had lied to her about it. Was she trying to cheer her up or give her a false hope? Unable to form a conclusion, she whiled away a few hours marveling at her metal underwear and how firmly her suit clung to her every curve. All three of them snapped back to attention when Mr. Rourke returned with his entourage.

The six man assault was repeated upon each girl only this time Denise and her 'sisters' found themselves bound in a violent strapedo: wrists drawn high behind them forcing each to bend forward painfully and their legs strapped together and shackled to the floor. Once this was done Mr. Rourke calmly stepped into Denise's cell and gently held her chin in his hand.

"So tell me, bondage virgin, have you ever experienced an enema?" Denise fearfully shook her head. "Excellent! I'm going to have a little fun with you! I promise both of you," he announced, looking to both Bianca and Lauren, "this will not affect the outcome of this competition. Gags!" He commanded, and two assistants entered each cell and promptly placed an O-ring into each 'sister's' mouth. Denise considered it harmless at first, not understanding how painfully her mouth would be stretched by it. Once it was in place, she believed it to be the most devious device she had yet encountered.

The assistants then calmly and professionally rolled an apparatus into each young girl's cell. The apparatus consisted of a rolling metal stand with a large water bag hanging from the very top. Again, Denise felt the humiliation of having her rectum explored by a strange man's finger and, in time, all three had a tube inserted deep into their bowels.

"Begin." Mr. Rourke commanded as he slowly unzipped his pants right in front of Denise's face. She felt a warm fluid sensation filling her from behind. It didn't feel so bad at first, but she had trouble focusing on her situation completely with Mr. Rourke's flaccid penis dangling in front of her, bumping up against her nose. When the first wave of cramps hit her and she cried out in discomfort, she noticed he began to get hard. "I usually don't take an interest in you college sluts, but your obvious naivety has caught my special attention." And he gripped her hair with both hands, lined up his pulsing member with her ring gag, and thrust it inside her gaping, drooling mouth.

At first Denise made no sign of response from the shock of this violation, but when she began to taste salty pre-cum for the first time on the back of her throat, she expelled a pent-up howl of humiliated horror.

"Hhworrahhh!" Her screams then became dissected by the thrusting of Mr. Rourke's cock.

"Hwuh- .. Hwuh-.. Hwuh-.." 'This has got to be out-of-bounds!' she thought. But nothing could stop the man, and Denise, she soon realized, had more pressing bodily needs for her mind to address, such as the inescapable fullness and cramps coming from her intestines. Mr. Rourke grunted loudly with each thrust as tears began dropping from Denise's eyes. What she must look like to the tall, haughty Lauren! And to her best friend, Bianca! The shame seemed unbearable, and the pain almost as bad.

After what seemed like an eternity, Mr. Rourke tightened his grip on Denise's hair and exploded deep into her mouth. She gagged and sputtered as thick liquid spilled out of her gaping mouth and onto the floor of her cell. He breathed heavily for a few moments and released her, having gotten exactly what he wanted from her. As Denise continued to cough from behind her ring gag, Mr. Rourke zipped himself up and then slapped her, hard, across her face.

"Remember these two little tips, you privileged bitch, because you WILL be servicing me again before you leave here: when I'm in your mouth you are to firmly press your tongue against the bottom of my shaft. That's one. Two, and perhaps most importantly, you are to swallow every drop of sperm you are privileged to receive from me, and thank me for it when next you are allowed to speak. I will not tell you a second time. Consider yourself warned, and honored to have been given my seed! Now," said the refreshed Mr. Rourke, "the real fun can begin."

One by one the young girls were again, attacked by the assistants and re-bound by them. The most notable among the adjustments was a 6 inch translucent looking dildo that was attached to front of each girl's chastity belt. The dildos obviously had their own power supply as they glowed red before locked into place, and then green once in position. After their hands were attached to the front of their belts and 18-inch cuffs were snapped around their ankles, the young ladies were escorted out of their cells and down a narrow passage way, protruding dildos bouncing from side to side while they walked. Denise gave Bianca a shameful, sympathetic look as they were locked in a small, padded room with a large window on one wall. Lauren snorted in contempt of their bond of friendship. Aside from the shackles, they were free to move around as they pleased. While the best friends huddled in a corner, Lauren walked confidently up to the large pane of glass. There could clearly be seen three figures behind it: two male, one female, each holding a clipboard and pen, staring back at them.

"Es!" Lauren seemed to shout at them from behind her ring gag as she turned back to them. Frustrated by their lack of understanding she stamped her foot and repeated, "Esst!"

'Test?' thought Denise. 'Fuck the test! I've just been orally raped!' Lauren gave up on them and sat down on the floor leaning up against the wall, her perpetually erect dildo pointing at the ceiling. A slight line of drool connected from her mouth to her left breast, but she seemed not to care. Denise and Bianca did their best to console each other. Their bindings prevented them from embracing but they did their best by holding hands at waist-level and pressing their constricted, busty forms against one another. 15 minutes passed this way, with Lauren fuming, Denise sobbing, and Bianca trying to make comforting, cooing noises. All the while the attendants looked on. Then one of them leaned forward to what had to be a control console, and pressed a button. The affect was instantaneous.

Denise shivered slightly as she felt something brush up against her clit. It seemed impossible, as her pussy was completely enclosed by the 'metal underwear', but it was unmistakable. Her clit pulsated again and she felt her body respond by grunting and contracting the muscles around the dildo buried inside her. 'Oh, God! What are they up to now?' She questioned with her eyes closed. Looking up she saw a similar reaction from both Bianca and Lauren. For many minutes the three girls really had no idea how to respond or what to do except breathe heavily. They were being aroused, forcibly, but could do nothing more than grunt and look pleadingly at each other. Denise and Bianca broke their mutual embrace to concentrate on their own arousal. Despite the violation that Denise had been subjected to, she couldn't help herself. She wanted to get off, and she writhed on the floor for a time hoping it would happen. 'They must be trying to make us come!' she surmised. But as time went by, she began to get frustrated, and this feeling was shared by her 'sisters'. Denise gave the window watchers a scornful stare. 'OK. You've got me hot! Now get me off or leave me the fuck alone!' she thought. Lying on the floor, Denise parted her legs as much as her ankle cuffs would allow, threw her head back and thrust her pelvis up into the air, praying for release. When it didn't come she looked back down at her belt in frustration. Her prosthetic dildo flopped up and down in a teasing sort of way. It was then that Bianca did something she would have never thought possible.

Taking a time-out from her own frustrations, 'Bee', as Denise liked to call her, knelt toward her and straddled her shins. She let out a soft, soothing sound from behind her ring gag and winked at Denise before bending forward and lowering her gagged mouth over the tip of Denise's dildo. Once Bee's lips had descended to the base of her dildo, Denise felt the most wonderful vibration coming from the other dildo buried deep inside her pussy. She couldn't help but let out a long satisfying groan, "Aaahhhhhhhhhh!!!" She wasn't coming, but this was the sensation she seemed to need and it wouldn't be long before she would come, hard, if this kept up.

Bianca paused and sat up, looking to Denise for encouragement. A long line of saliva connected her lower lip to Denise's protruding dildo. Eyebrows raised, Bianca seemed to grunt a question at her, to which Denise, finding herself breathless, finally, could only nod 'more' in response. Bianca smiled as much as she could behind her ring gag and leaned forward to continue. It wasn't long before she was bobbing up and down on Denise's 'cock' and Denise was rolling her eyes back in bliss. Lauren, having watched all of this from the far wall, whined in her own sexual frustration.

In due time, Bianca turned her body 180 degrees and planted her own dildo into Denise's mouth, completing the 69 position. Denise found it difficult to bob her head in that position, so Bianca had to not only bob her own head, but thrust her hips up and down to get the sliding action they both wanted. That seemed to be the trigger. Simply placing the dildo in one's mouth would not cause the 'buried' dildo to vibrate. Only when the fucking motion was sufficiently mimicked, would their belts give them the stimulation they wanted. After they both came, the vibration stopped and they could not get it to start again. Bianca turned around again and they held each other for awhile.

This felt strange at first for Denise, but within a few seconds she seemed not to care that she was cuddling with another female. Bianca was, after all, her best friend, and it wasn't like they hadn't shared a hug or two in the past that had meant more than just 'hello' or 'goodbye' before. While she had normally spent intimate moments like this in the past with men, she was not ashamed to do so with Bianca then and there at SubmissiveLand. They had taken just about everything else from her in less than two days. Why should she be surprised when they take away her heterosexuality? Bianca didn't seem to mind either. Lauren, on the other hand, was incensed, nearly at tears. The sexual urges she had endured were only magnified at watching her competition get off. Denise took pity on her and roused herself from her respite.

Denise left the comforting caresses of Bianca and clinked over to Lauren, hands held outward to her sides as much as her cuffs would allow as she approached in peace. Lauren let her come close, closer than she would have dared just 24 hours before. She let Denise lean forward and wrap her ring gag around Lauren's protruding dildo. She let Denise bob up and down on her 'cock' while she leaned against the wall in sexual gratification and ecstasy. Her release took very little time to arrive, and eventually, all three young girls were pressed together, sleepily caressing each other's bodies in post-orgasmic intimacy. Now the female attendant leaned forward and pressed a button, and all three felt the familiar clitoral stimulation again.

This time, however, sucking each other off had no effect. Try as they might, slowly, then violently, the oral sex they had performed on each other was no longer working. Drool was everywhere! Denise's jaw began to seriously ache now and she knew that Lauren and Bianca were experiencing the same discomfort. 'What do they want from us?!' she wondered. They were becoming frantic as their collective desire began to approach the unbearable levels from before. Helpless and scared the three girls looked back and forth from each other, then to the expressionless attendants behind the glass. Finally, Lauren let out a banshee-like scream of aggression and shoved Denise severely from behind. She was thrown forward onto her stomach and before she could respond Lauren was on top of her, pressing her 'cock' in to her ass from behind. While Denise was startled at first, she gave Bianca an understanding look when she began to protest. 'It's ok, Bee' Denise wished she could tell her. She hoped her look would convey the message. 'We'll all get a turn.' Denise had never been taken in the ass before. She had hoped it wouldn't come to this so soon, but she anticipated that it would eventually happen while she was at SubmissiveLand. Lauren had been forceful when she shoved her down, but she was at least gentle in her first few thrusts, and Denise thoughtfully stuck her rump in the air to give Lauren a better angle. As her sphincter muscles were parted sexually for the first time in her life, Denise squeezed her eyes tight and grunted loudly in an effort to deal with the pain. 'At least' she thought between gasps 'her dildo is well lubricated by my saliva.' It was a small comfort, though.

Once Lauren had gotten fully in she began to make long thrusts with increasing speed and violence. Despite her outward air of confidence and the projection of wisdom and experience she constantly had, it was clear that even she had not done this sort of thing that often, and sometimes the dildo would pop out only to be jammed into Denise's inner thighs, sometime pinching her skin against the curved pieces of her chastity belt. When this happened they would both groan at their individual frustrations: Denise for the added discomfort it caused her, and Lauren for the cessation of the vibrations and stimulation she was craving. Bianca seemed horrified by the image at first, but soon she was trying to slip her fingers under the creases in her belt in a vain attempt to masturbate. The clit hood on her body was stimulating her too, and she softly whined in sexual frenzy while she awaited her turn. 'What has SubmissiveLand done to us?!' Screamed Denise's mind. 'We're nothing more than animals in heat!'

For the first few minutes Denise felt like her asshole was on fire. Bianca, sensing her distress, leaned her head over the action and slopped a large amount of drool onto Lauren's 'cock'. Denise felt the change immediately. With less friction the sliding of Lauren's dildo in and out of her body became easier, and Denise was finally able to relax her sphincter to the point where the pain had mostly stopped. At regular intervals, Bianca would repeat this procedure, ensuring that her best friend did not pass out from the pain. Denise was surprised at the sensation once she got used to it. 'It's not that bad,' she surmised. She quickly discovered that, similar to her pussy, she had plenty of nerve endings in her ass too, and the fucking combined with the electrical stimulus to her clit got her very horny again.

Finally Lauren peaked and slumped to floor with her brow full of sweat. Bianca saw her moment. It was probably better this way. Denise was still trying to recover from her first anal sex experience, and Bianca had dutifully aided Lauren's pursuits despite her own state of arousal. Lauren knew it was only fair and only grunted at her once as she bent down on her tits with her ass held high facing Bianca's protrusion. She looked back at her from her low vantage point and snarled, daring Bianca to do it. With her head spinning, Denise wasn't quite ready to offer them the help Bianca had given, especially considering that she hadn't volunteered to get butt-fucked first. She chose to lie still for a few minutes to catch her breath, taking in the sound of Lauren's painful cries for a time. Then she, too, dutifully lubricated Bianca's dildo with her own saliva until she, Bianca, achieved orgasm. Denise let her rest a bit before nudging her to the floor.

Denise didn't want to fuck her best friend doggie style. She patiently persuaded Bianca to lie on her back and place her ankles on Denise's shoulders. With their hands bound at their waists, Bianca couldn't hold her legs in place and neither could Denise. This caused Denise to lean forward into Bianca's legs to get them to bend back to the point where the belt did not get in the way of Denise's dildo. With their nipples brushing up against each other Denise slowly entered Bianca's ass, all the while staring into her deep, emerald eyes. Denise could see the pained expressions on Bee's face behind her gag when she pushed too hard or too fast. After the first few thrusts she leaned upright to allow Lauren to drip saliva on Bianca's open orifice. They did this at regular intervals and Denise slowly made love to Bianca's ass as tenderly as she could while her own saliva peppered Bianca's face. Her clit felt rock hard with stimulation and the vibrations kept her very wet inside. 'Is this what it feels like for a man when he's fucking a woman?' she pondered.

While she would never admit it to Mr. Rourke or Lauren, fucking her best friend in the ass had been the highlight of the competition thus far. As Denise began to orgasm they cried out in unison: Bianca from pain and Denise from release. Denise felt it was a beautiful moment between them, even if a bit depraved and they maintained eye contact during her climax. Denise and Bianca brought their gagged mouths together in a vain attempt to kiss yet doing nothing more than mashing their tongues together. The three of them laid down together with Denise in the middle, feeling both satisfied and violated. But their hard-earned breather was brief. Within minutes the female technician leaned forward to the console and the three of them felt their clits being stimulated again. 'What the fuck?!' though Denise. 'What do they want from us?' More sex apparently.

Bianca quickly discovered that oral was not going to do it anymore and they all agreed to another round of anal sex. This time Denise began by bending over for Bianca instead of Lauren. Lauren then got her revenge, so to speak, on Bianca's rectum and Denise finished herself off by getting on top of Lauren the same way she had with Bianca. Lauren's gray/blue eyes sparkled when Denise entered her, and she was sure that they had shared an intimate moment together, even if she suspected Lauren would try to deny it.

When her clit started buzzing a third time, Denise convinced herself she was too tired to continue. While she did not attempt to fuck either of the other two anymore, Lauren took her two more times that day and Bianca once. Surprisingly, Lauren made repeated offers to Denise for relief by bending over and nudging Denise with her ass; however, Denise was just too worn out to take advantage of her. When it was all finally over Denise's ass really did feel like it was on fire, even when it wasn't being fucked. She didn't complain or blame the other two. This place just had so much control over their arousal, she knew they simply had no choice. It wasn't until each of the girls had collapsed from exhaustion, too tired to even try to satisfy themselves, that the buzzing finally stopped and they were pulled to their feet by their hair and limbs and marched back to their cells. Denise lost her balance and stumbled halfway there, partly from dizziness, partly from her ankle chains. She did not take too much notice when the assistants removed her large ring gag and replaced it with a panel gag and hood. The hood had no eye holes and she blindly made her way to her cot and passed out. She thought she heard Bianca's retching voice and male grunting to her left. She suspected someone was abusing her best friend either orally or, again, in the ass but she was too tired to care. She had several dreams that night, most of them about erect penises.

First Intermission

Mr. Rourke had just put his feet up and was about to light a cigar when he heard a knock on his office door. 'That better be a horny, naked virgin out there' he muttered under his breath. "Come!" he yelled. It was not a horny, naked virgin, but it was the next best thing. Doctor Alice Adams marched into the room, her gait causing her hips to swing proudly side to side under her business skirt.

"I've analyzed the latest data," she announced while examining some papers in her hands. "Number 2 does not have an estrogen deficiency as we expected, nor is she anemic. Number 3 does have raised testosterone levels, but not to the degree that is should affect her sex drive, as we have seen. Is your computer on?" and she sauntered around his desk and began to fiddle with his mouse, bending forward to view his computer screen. Mr. Rourke silently puffed for a moment while admiring her firm ass. Dr. Adams, or 'Doc', as he referred to her, had a killer body. It reminded him of an early 90's playboy model that he used to jerk off to as a teenager. Petra something . . . shapely legs, curvy hips, and massive, natural breasts. The only other comparison that came to mind was that voluptuous redhead on that "Crazy Men" show set in the 50's about an ad agency. Her complexion was different, however: porcelain skin with nut-brown hair and cold, gray eyes. Mr. Rourke lusted after her constantly, and even though she hadn't shown it in awhile, he was convinced that she appreciated the attention.

"You know," he mused as his hand began to slide up her inner thigh, "as my boss you don't have to knock before you come in my office." Dr. Adams firmly brushed his hand away and continued on, as if it hadn't happened.

"Based on my research, I can tell you right now who's going to win this thing, but if I do your judgment may be compromised."

"You think I don't know already? This is why I was hired here. I was born to control women. Number 2 is the most submissive."

Dr. Adams turned on him and gave him a piercing stare. "Have you been sneaking peaks at my research?"

"I can't understand your research in the first place. I knew it the first time I looked into her eyes, Doc. Just like I know you're longing to let me put you in another hogtie." He put his cigar down and swiftly lifted her onto his desk in a sitting position. He leaned into her and she was forced to move her arms back onto his desk to keep from falling.

"Behave yourself, Ricky!" She tried to sound stern but he wasn't listening. With a magician's quickness he produced a set of handcuffs and bound her wrists together behind her back. His hands then snapped off the top two buttons of her blouse, releasing her breasts.

"You sent out all the signals, Doc. You knock to come into my office. You stick your ass in my face under the pretense of business. You've been practically begging for my cock ever since I made you squeal last month. And now," he pronounced as he roughly flipped her around and bent her over his desk, "you're going to get what you've been asking for." He unleashed his member from his pants. Dr. Adams did not put up a struggle as he raised her skirt with his right hand and roughly pulled her head back by the hair with his left. The tip of his shaft was stopped short of its goal by a solid steel plate.

"What the fuck! Who's belt is that?" Mr. Rourke demanded.

"Mine." Dr. Adams snapped back.

"Where's the key?"

"Locked away in my safe in my quarters," she asserted, shrugging him off and straightening herself up. "I always wear a belt when I'm working with insubordinate men. Now release me before I have you confined to a holding cell for the next 48 hours." Mr. Rourke complied but was sure to jab her a few more times in the small of her back with his erect penis.

"There, Dr. Adams," as the cuffs finally came off and she straightened out her clothes, "you've successfully teased my cock, turned my balls blue, and threatened me with censure. Are you happy now?"

"I would like to be, Mr. Rourke, I would like to be. You have a gift for controlling women, I cannot deny that. And if I hadn't been wearing my belt, you may have succeeded in seducing me again. After what happened last month, I resolved not to let it happen again."

"But you liked it! You begged me to make you come. You're submissive! Besides, there's nothing in the company rules about employees fucking each other."

"I'm not submissive, Mr. Rourke, I'm a switch. You caught me at a time when I was craving dominance. I haven't felt that way in a while, and I'm not sure when I will again. Now, if we could please get back to our work. I want to change the plan for these sorority sisters. What day were you planning on revealing that points are really demerits?"

"Day 7," responded Mr. Rourke, still fuming.

"I want you to bump it up to day 6, otherwise Number 2 will have too big of a lead for the others to catch up."

modelstied presents more bondage:
clamped gaggged in corset
tied in latex
crotchrope corset
rope tied in garter belt

"What are the totals so far?" asked Mr. Rourke as his cock began to get less and less angry and the blood began to flow back to his brain. "Is the red haired one still in last place?"

"No, no. After today's display of aggressiveness Number 3, the blond, has taken over last place. The point totals are: Number 2, with 11 points; Number 1, with 22; and Number 3 with 25 points." This news perplexed the young Mr. Rourke, who felt something was amiss in this competition, somehow.

"Such a big lead already! Are we sure Number 2 doesn't have an unfair hormone imbalance?"

"Positive!" replied Dr. Adams, who was relieved, and secretly disappointed, to be discussing business again. "Her arousal levels are just as strong as the other two. She just gives in faster than they do. It's like she cares more about the needs of others than for her own. We've seen this before, but not to this degree."

"Yes. I recall a few exceptions, but Doc, if this lead continues to grow at this pace, an extra day at the end won't make much difference. Besides, we haven't seen how she will perform during tomorrow's changeup."

"I know that Ricky, but if she extends her lead again tomorrow we need to consider altering the schedule. I have to go now and check in on some other clients." Mr. Rourke watched her hips sway on the way out the door and promised himself it was not over between the two of them. His cock had a date with that tight little box of hers and it would not take kindly to being stood up twice. But she was also right to a certain extent: the sorority competition was a bit of a laugher so far. Number 2 was clearly more submissive than the other two, and while the other two believed they were winning the contest by racking up more orgasms, they were really hurting their chances by exhibiting assertive behavior. 'Oh well,' he thought, and he went back to his computer and began searching the SubmissiveLand guest list for clients who had made requests for male dominants. He assigned himself to two clients with pretty faces. His encounter with Dr. Adams had left his cock angry and demanding release. Some very lucky submissives were about to give it to him.

The Competition: Day 3

The first half of the third day could not have been more different than the previous two. Denise, Bianca, and Lauren were greeted with a continental style breakfast after they had all awoken. Female attendants then placed soft-lined manacles around their wrists and ankles and gently led them to a large bathroom where they were each given sponge baths, facials, and massages. After a cleansing enema, each was told to sit before a vanity while the attendants applied subtle makeup to their faces and breasts. It had never occurred to Denise to apply rouge to her areola before. It tickled slightly and her nipples began to stand out. Each girl was 'made up' differently to reflect her complexion. The blush and rouge applied to Denise was darker than that applied to Bianca, whose nipples now appeared to be as pink as bubblegum. The makeup applied to Lauren appeared to turn her into a sunflower. To say that they were all 'blossoming' would be a bit of an understatement. When the attendants were through each girl had a chance to examine themselves in a mirror. They dripped with sexuality. The makeup had them looking simply 'ripe', for lack of a better term, and they were each beginning to smell ripe too, knowing that their charms were about to be put to good use, and that sex would soon follow in all likelihood.

After makeup it was off to a large walk-in closet, replete with fishnets, short skirts, sexy underwear, etc. Each girl was fitted to size with French maid's uniform. The skirts did not seem to hide much below the navel, and Lauren smiled confidently with the knowledge that her long legs were giving her an alluring advantage. Corsets were also applied, although they did not cover each girl's breasts enough to hide their painted nipples, which peaked out just over the lip of their cups. Garter belts, black, sheer stockings, heels, and bonnets soon followed and the sorority sisters were then ready for their next trial, whatever it was. The shackles were reapplied and the girls were led back toward their cells. Before they got there, however, their path was diverted toward an elevator at the end of the hall. The breeze on her privates gave Denise goose bumps. It was freeing not to be trapped in a chastity belt for the moment, but she also felt incredibly vulnerable with her sex so exposed.

The majority of the SubmissiveLand complex was underground; however, there were a couple of above-ground floors that served a variety of common functions, not unlike any resort complex. There was a ballroom, conference rooms of various sizes, lounges, bars, restaurants, gift shops, and a billiard hall. There was even a library in which one could research and read about anything sexual. The top floor had a number of large suites for non-client guests. It was to these suites that the sorority sisters were taken that afternoon. Denise expected to find some devious entrapment or audience to be behind the doors of each one, but upon being led into the first of three suites in that wing of the complex, she was somewhat relieved to find it completely empty of client, staff or guest. It was, however, a complete mess. Dirty dishes were strewn about all of the surface areas. The cushions of the couches had been tossed to and fro, some with recent stains on them. The doors to the bathroom and bedroom stood ajar and Denise could see that the towels were still wet and the bed unmade. A few half-empty champagne bottles were lying on the floor and broken glass clinked under their feet.

Denise supposed that such living quarters were probably quite lovely when cared for, but in its current state she felt the need to leave the place at once. Denise despised cleaning, even bartering with her sorority sisters to have them do her share in exchange for typing papers or doing homework for them. Apprehension filled her innards when she remembered her attire and put two and two together. If the competition came down to maid's work, she might as well quit now, except, of course, that was not an option. She was particularly disheartened considering she wasn't keeping up with Bianca and Lauren in the sex department. She had been hoping for another way to even out the score since they were clearly more accustomed to having orgasms. This was probably the worst way for her to do it, in her mind.

Then in walked the dashing Mr. Rourke. "Good afternoon, submissives." He wasn't even looking at them and seemed to be distracted or in a hurry. Denise couldn't tell which. "If you haven't figured it out by now, the third day of your competition involves cleaning house. Each of you will be assigned a suite that is in substantial disarray. There are cleaning supplies and fresh linen in the hallway. You are not to speak to each other during today's event. You are not to assist one another. Members of the staff will be checking up on you throughout the day and making sure you are on task. You are to obey every command you are given by a SubmissiveLand staff member. I hope that is clear. Every command; even those of a sexual nature. You will also be timed. Your day does not end until you are finished with your room and pass my inspection. If you keep me up past midnight, you will be penalized. Understood?" He paused and looked each of them in the eye, pausing once he got to Denise. "I almost forgot. Do you have something you wish to say to me, bondage virgin?"

Denise's mind raced while she racked her brain for the right answer. The thought of Mr. Rourke's hard penis thrusting into her ring-gagged mouth gave it to her. " . . . Uh, yes sir. I wanted to say: thank you for giving me your sperm yesterday morning. I will try my best to swallow all of it from now on."

He smirked and simply replied, "Glad to hear it. Now get to work, all of you. Number 2, you will be in here. The red-head can take suite 7 and the blond can take suite 9. Snap to it!" and he swatted Lauren on her bare ass as he strode from the room.

As she applied a broom to the broken glass, Denise considered this strange turn in the competition. 'I just can't make heads or tails of this place!' she thought to herself. For 48 hours she had been subjected to the strictest bondage she had ever imagined, and forced to perform sexually to boot. Her sex had been denied her own touch as well, yet now she moved about with relative freedom; still shackled, to be sure, but un-gagged AND un-belted. She still felt flustered from the abundant attentions she had received that morning and it occurred to her that if she wanted, she could probably reach down and finger herself right then and there. As she dumped the contents of her dustbin into a large wastebasket in the hall she stole a peak around the corner and into the other suites. No staff members seemed to be around, and she could hear soft moaning from Lauren's suite. When she looked in on Bianca she found her furiously finger fucking, not only her vagina, but her rectum as well. 'Damn!' thought Denise.

She brushed any thoughts of sex away and tried to concentrate on her task. After an hour's time she thought she had been doing reasonably well, and a second trip to the hallway for linens allowed her to sneak a second look at the other suites. Lauren's didn't appear to have changed at all. Papers, dishes and clothing still peppered the main sitting room, although Lauren had begun to wash down the windows. Denise stared quizzically at her and wondered how long she had been playing with herself before she got started. Apparently, she hadn't properly finished the job. Lauren seemed to pause every few seconds in her task to catch her breath, even though she wasn't working all that hard. She also seemed to be clenching her thighs together under her skirt quite a bit.

Oddly enough, Bianca seemed to be acting the same way. It was as if they were both struggling to suppress arousal, but it seemed odd to Denise why that should be so, especially considering that she knew they had just spent as much as an hour getting off. Bianca was also way behind her in progress made, so Denise, sensing she might be able to indulge a bit and still maintain her lead stole one last look down the hall, grabbed some bath cleaner, and headed to her suite's washroom for a quick finger fix. It took no more than a few minutes to get relief, but it only took her a few seconds after she came to tell that something else had happened.

Those familiar clitoral sensations she had felt yesterday during the sisters' collective anal sex marathon had returned. 'Oh, why now?' Denise wondered, especially after she had just finished herself off. The sensations were not as intense as yesterday's, but it was unmistakable: someone in SubmissiveLand was purposely stimulating her clitoris remotely, although she had no idea why. Hoping it would go away, she tried to get on with her cleaning. Halfway through scrubbing the shower tiles, she huffed in frustration, threw off her gloves and masturbated a second time. Relief washed over her and warmth flooded her innards so soothingly! It felt sooo good to come.

Denise whined and her eyes snapped open, alarmingly examining her sensitive vagina. The sensations had started again, and this time they were stronger than before, nearly as strong as yesterday! "Fuck!" She blurted out loud.

"Now, now, little lady. Don't make me wash out your mouth until I've properly stained it." Denise jumped at the sound of the strange man's voice. A staff member was leaning against the washroom doorway, arms folded and giving her a white, toothy grin. Apparently, he had been watching her for quite some time.

"So sorry, sir!" snapped Denise, standing up and reaching for her cleaner. "I didn't mean to . . ." he continued to smile at her. "I mean, I know I shouldn't have . . ." Denise feigned looking down, submissively, but she was actually staring at his crotch. He appeared to have boner. 'God, he's muscular!' she thought to herself.

"Ain't no harm done, little girl. I'm Billy, the groundskeeper. They let me in the house to play with you city-folk from time to time. I must say, you're just my type! Why don't you come into the bedroom with me and show me how you did that just now." He stepped back to allow her through but Denise didn't move. Her clit was screaming for more attention and she couldn't seem to stop squeezing her legs together, but she had to finish cleaning her suite, somehow, and she hadn't figured out how to make the sensations between her legs stop yet.

"Really, sir, I think I should keep cleaning. I've got so much to do." She replied with short breaths.

Billy's smile evaporated. "Get on the bed right now."

"Yes sir." Denise replied, humbled and shamed that she had tried to refuse him. 'Even after Mr. Rourke's warning!' she scolded herself.

"Get on all fours and face the wall." Billy commanded as he took off his pants. Denise was eager to comply. She thought he was cute and she wanted to make up for her first refusal. 'Besides', she surmised, 'they can't punish me for obeying a staff member.' Billy lumbered onto the bed behind her and cupped her vulva, which was already slick with cum. "Why, I don't even have to warm you up, girl! Your hotter than steam engine already, arent'ya?" He put both hands on her hips and slowly entered her. "Mmmm. Wet, hot, AND tight!" They both began to grunt with each thrust. Denise was in raptures. Billy's cock felt so good to her. It was too bad she had to clean the suite, in her mind. She would rather do this all day.

"Sir!" cried Denise between ragged breaths.

"What, girl?"

"Pull my hair, sir? Please?"

"I thought you'd never ask, girl." Billy gripped the back of Denise's neck with his left hand and forced her face into the neatly applied bedcovers that Denise had just made up not twenty minutes ago. 'I'll have to do the bed over again.' reasoned a distant corner of her mind. With his right hand Billy ran his fingers through Denise's brunette locks and pulled them violently back and to the side, the better to see her face. He then fucked her faster and harder than before.

"Oh . . . oh . . . oh . . ." she moaned. It seemed she had never been so wet before. She always needed lubrication whenever she let college boys fuck her in the past. Then again, none of those boys had ever made her come during intercourse before, and Denise could feel it building deep within her now. It could not be stopped. Billy and his muscular cock were going to make her come! Not only could she not stop him, she did not want to. "AAAHHHHH!"

"Damn, girl! You are one sultry little bitch. I was going to take my time with you, but if you want my junk now, why you just go ahead and ask for it."

"OH! . . . OH! . . . OH!"

"Go on. Ask me for my junk."

"PLEASE, SIR!! GIVE ME YOUR JUNK!!!" Many screams, grunts, and moans later and Billy agreed to spoon with Denise for a few minutes before leaving the room. "You are magnificent, sir. Thank-you for giving me so much pleasure!" Denise would not have said it if she didn't mean it.

"I've got no complaints myself, girl." This pleased Denise to no end, but she could not settle in and properly catch her breath. The sensations had returned, with a vengeance! She tried to concentrate on something else, but in a few minutes time her hips began to writhe uncontrollably.

"Billy I mean, Sir? When do you think you'll be ready to take me again?"

"Wish I could, girl, but they got rules in an establishment such as this. I only get one round with each of you today. We might meet again in a couple of days, but then again, maybe not." Denise couldn't care less about what would happen in a couple of days. She wanted to be fucked again, immediately.

"God! Why do they keep stimulating my clit! What do they want from me?!" She asked aloud but didn't consider that Billy knew the answer.

"Well, hell little girl! Ain't ya figured it out yet? You'da been fine if'n you'd never fingered yourself. Don't ya know that each time ya come it gets stronger?"

"WHAT!" Denise was horrified. "How am I supposed to get this whole place cleaned up? What if more men come up here and fuck me and I have more orgasms?"

"Well . . . just try not to have orgasms, then. Speakin' o which, my time is just about up," said Billy as he checked his watch. He kissed Denise deeply on the mouth and pinched each of her nipples. He then darted out the door and into Lauren's suite, not bothering to put his pants back on. Denise writhed uncomfortably on the bed for a few minutes after he left. At this point she had to concentrate just to NOT masturbate. Whenever she lost focus her hands would find her vagina. She couldn't control herself at all. Mustering up all of her self control, she managed to stumble back into the washroom and pick up her gloves and sponge. With a little luck and a lot of effort she managed to finish cleaning the entire bathroom without another orgasm. The sitting room, the bar, and the bedsheets remained. Down the hall she could hear Bianca screaming at the top of her lungs: 'FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEE!!!!'

It was comforting to know that at least Bianca was struggling with her task as much as she was, but Bianca's song of passion wasn't exactly helping Denise forget about the heat building up between her own legs. Desperate to finish her work before it was too late, she stumbled out to the hall to recover some more cleaner, shackles jingling, and leaning against the hallway for support. Just then two half-naked men squeezed out of Lauren's suite, chuckling and playfully shoving each other. Denise thought she recognized them as a few of Mr. Rourke's assistants. She went rigid, unsure whether to run away or run at them. They too, like Billy, were in exceptionally good shape, and her mind see-sawed between lust and duty. They marked her in just a few seconds.

"Hey, Malcolm! It's that heavy-breasted beauty who likes it in the ass!"

"They say she's a bondage virgin!" They approached her and began to fondle her heaving chest and throbbing sex.

"Not a 'virgin' anymore, are you missy? Guess we'll have to refer to you from now on as a 'bondage novice', yeah? You wanna do it out hear or have you got someplace more private in mind?" Denise managed to lead them back into her bedroom without messing up any of her finished work. She glanced at the clock as well. How they expected her to clean with random men arriving unannounced for a little afternoon playtime was beyond her. It was a quarter to four, so Denise surmised that she might still have plenty of time, but sexual duties to the SubmissiveLand staff would have to abate to some degree or she would never finish.

These thoughts were fleeting, however, with Malcolm's thick black cock pumping in and out of her ass. He had brought his own lubricant and had not been delicate in its application. The carpet would now need a touch up to go along with another set of bed-sheets. Denise groaned and moaned about her increased workload while Malcolm's friend stood on the other side of the bed and used her mouth. She tried to use her tongue to push up on the bottom of his shaft, like Mr. Rourke had told her to, but it was increasingly difficult to concentrate. She had a real man's dick in her ass for the first time in her life and the moment was not lost on her. It was right about this time that she decided she liked anal sex very much, when it was done correctly. She had been frightened and tense the previous day, but after Malcolm's fingers loosened her up and the lubricant was applied it was nearly as good as vaginal intercourse! Different, to be sure, but nearly as good. It was a shame to her that enemas had to be so uncomfortable.

"MMPPHH!! . . . MMPPHH!! . . . MMPPHH!! . . . " Denise was trying to fight off an immense orgasm that had been building since the two men began, and she was losing. Her mouth filling with come was the catalyst that put her over the edge. As she was desperately trying to swallow it all, Malcolm ejaculated in her ass. She cried out as come dripped from her chin and her own sticky, wet juice squirted out of her pussy. It was the first time she had ever come without direct stimulation to her sex. Her back contorted and her rectum spasmed, gripping and pulling at Malcom's cock tightly, milking it for his sperm. She then collapsed onto her back and massaged her love folds in post-orgasmic bliss, eyes clamped tight in wonderment at the joys of submissive intercourse.

Malcolm patted her on the ass after zipping up and the two men left. Seconds later her clit was assaulted again by the remote device it was trapped in, stronger than she had yet experienced. Seven men then walked into the bedroom. "Cleaning be damned," she said out loud as she part her legs to the degree her cuffs would allow.

The sorority sisters established a reputation for themselves that day, and the staff would talk about it for years to follow. Though it was difficult to manage, at one point Denise had cock in her pussy, ass and mouth while giving hand jobs to two other men. The combination of her enthusiasm and inexperience was a delight to the staff. A line formed outside the bedroom door. She came and came and came and the torture on her clit never stopped or lessened for the rest of the day. By 6 pm she was a mindless animal. As soon as one penis came on or inside her, she scrambled to find another. When midnight finally arrived the device between her legs was turned off and she was dragged, unconscious, back to her cell.

The Competition: Day 4

"So Lauren, how many times did you finger yourself before you realized it only made it worse?"

"Worse for you maybe, Bianca. To me it just made the whole experience more delightful?"

"You're messed up! That's ok. I understand if you don't want to tell me."

"Ha! I have nothing to hide. Yesterday wasn't about cleaning, you midget bitch. It was about servicing men. I masturbated twice before I realized it would increase the stimulation . . ." Lauren slowly turned her head in Bianca's direction before finishing her sentence. " . . . and then twice more after that," she stated with fire in her eyes. "Have the two of you been tamed yet?" Bianca's cheeks flushed in rage, but before she could respond Denise piped up.

"I have." She said matter-of-factly. Silence descended upon the three of them for a time while Lauren and Bianca digested her response, each in her own way. Something had changed in Denise since she had arrived at SubmissiveLand. Her body may have been sore and tender, but she was silently craving more sex, and more bondage. The whole competition frightened her still, but she was beginning to understand that her fear also excited her. The bottom line was she had never come so hard before. She had not had any idea that sex, or bondage, or both, could feel so good. She sighed in relief when Mr. Rourke walked in with his entourage in tow.

"I give you sluts one simple task and you fuck it up! None of you managed to finish cleaning your suites. Now you will all be punished. Bondage virgin, step forward." Denise arose awkwardly and approached the bars with her head bent in a submissive posture. Mr. Rourke put three items at her feet just beyond her reach. "Tell me, which one of these do you think hurts the most." On the ground were a paddle, a whip, and a fat-looking stick. The paddle was studded and covered in leather. The whip had a nasty looking tip on it that flared into several smaller strands. The stick simply looked boring and harmless. Denise silently pointed to the whip. Mr. Rourke kicked it across the room. "Which of these remaining two do you think hurts the most?" Denise was puzzled by the look in his eye. Was it anger or exuberance? She was afraid to give the wrong answer, and to her inexperienced mind the choice was obvious.

"The paddle, sir," she responded, meekly.

"Let it be known that the bondage virgin has chosen the cane. Each of you will be punished with five strokes. I'm going to go call the rest of the available staff. They'll want to see this, hehe." He chuckled to himself as he walked away. As soon as he was out of earshot Lauren stamped her foot and Bianca hissed at her.

"Denise! Don't you know the cane hurts the most?"

"No. I'm sorry, Bee!" But the assistants had already entered Bianca's cell and were ratcheting cuffs onto her wrists and ankles. Extra-large single strap ball gags were stuffed into each of their mouths and the sorority sisters soon found themselves in a sub-basement not unlike an audience hall. While Denise and Lauren knelt beside each other, naked and trembling, Bianca was forcibly bent forward into a pillory. This demonic steel device had vertical holes into which her neck and wrists were placed and horizontal ones for her ankles. She blushed facing the crowd that seemed to swell in numbers once she was locked in. There was a padded bar at her hips that forced her rump to stick out proudly behind her. Whining and nervous, the girls watched in alarm as a hooded figure with a long bamboo cane approached the redhead from stage right. Bianca gave a blood-curdling shriek from behind her gag as the first blow was given. As the crowd in front of her chortled and chuckled at Bianca's pained expression, Mr. Rourke squatted down beside Denise and softly spoke into her ear.

"You see, my dear, the cane is a very famous instrument. We only use it on special occasions." Bianca screamed again at the second blow. Tears dropped from her eyes and she began to sob hysterically. Denise was horrified, but aroused as well. Even more so by the attention Mr. Rourke was giving her. "It is widely considered to be one of the most effective ways of dispensing pain. Personally, I find this fascinating because, when applied properly, it almost always leaves no permanent damage . . . other than a bruised ego, of course."

Bianca's screams were shrill and she looked like she might faint. The hooded man paused and some smelling salts were held under her nose. Bianca's head snapped to and fro, with her teary eyes wide open. "Mmnnnooooo! Mmflleeaassssee!" she cried behind her gag. "AAAARRRGGGGG!!!!!" her voice echoed within the chamber as another stoke was delivered. Mr. Rourke continued.

"I can't tell you how pleased I was when I discovered you were ignorant to this lifestyle!" Denise dared herself to look into his eyes. "So many clients come through our doors wanting things just their own way, like they're ordering a fucking hamburger or something. True submissives don't know what they really want. True submissives don't know anything . . . just like you. A true submissive doesn't think for herself or make decisions. She has no internal monologue. She merely cares for her master's or mistresses' needs by doing what she's told. That is the true beauty of power exchange. And it is beautiful, is it not? The perfect symbiotic relationship: the master cares for the submissive by making all those tiresome decisions for her and seeing to her basic needs; the submissive cares for the master by satisfying his desires. And when she is bad, like a child, she is punished." He reached out with his fingers to gently lift up her chin. Captured by his gaze Denise could barely contain her excitement and her desire to please. "Do you see the beauty?" he asked her. She could only nod as a single tear escaped her left eye. She hoped he understood that she was sincere and not afraid.

Bianca trembled as she was brought back to rest next to Lauren. Mr. Rourke backed away as Denise was lifted to the pillory. "See the beauty!" he commanded her. While the assistants locked her in place, she tried to prepare her mind. She allowed herself to cry out in pain, but she promised herself not to beg for mercy as Bianca had. She kept her promise.

The Sorority Sisters were slowly shuffled back to their cells after the last stroke was delivered to Lauren's behind, but they made a short pit stop for a quick enema, breakfast, and medical attention. After an omelet and some toast for carbs, a soothing balm was applied to each girls' backside to assist with swelling and general discomfort. When they were finally herded back 'home', as Denise was beginning to think of it, they each found a cart overflowing with bondage equipment that had been rolled into their cells. Each cart contained a vast array of cuffs, collars, gags, harnesses, and padlocks. Different types of chastity belts were also displayed.

"A real submissive could have quite a little self-bondage session with that collection," mused Mr. Rourke as each cell door banged closed. He paused and his natural smirk came to the fore once more. "I suppose you would each like to know how you are doing, yes? Thought we wouldn't tell you till it's over? Well that wouldn't be any fun, now would it?" Bianca's tears seemingly dried up in an instant and she gave Mr. Rourke her full attention. Lauren, too, seemed to drop her natural defiant posture and knelt in the center of her cell, ears and eyes aimed at the incredulous Mr. Rourke. He continued. "Number 1," he announced as he pointed to Bianca, "has accumulated 47 points thus far. Number 3," and with his other hand he pointed to Lauren, "has 43. And that leaves Number 2," and again Denise felt the hypnotic stare of Mr. Rourke upon her form, "with just 22 points." He grinned at her, fiendishly.

Denise looked around. Bianca was absolutely beaming with pride, and she gave Denise the thumbs-up sign. Lauren was still as a statue, but didn't appear to be too upset. Resolved and motivated, perhaps, but not any more angry than she commonly was. Denise could only bow her head in shame at her low point total. She had given it her best shot and tried to be submissive, but it seemed as if the other two were just more aggressive than she was. This tugged at her brain a bit, since it didn't quite make sense to her. Bianca and Lauren were killing her, but could it really be because they were more aggressive? Aggression and submission were not synonymous. 'A true submissive has no internal monologue,' she told herself and brushed the query away. Besides, she wasn't sure how much she really cared anymore. The sight of the bondage gear in her cell had gotten her heart racing again and she was hoping to be helpless soon. Her focus was brought back to attention in anticipation of Mr. Rourke's instructions for the day.

"Each of you should understand, however, that point totals are not definitive. They are no more than a factor that is used to declare the winner. They may be the biggest factor by far, but highest point total does not always signify the winner. So as we near the halfway point, be sure to give us your best effort and show us why you deserve to be president of your sorority." With that, he turned to leave.

Confusion filled the air. "But sir," Bianca called after him, "aren't you going to bind us?"

"Eh . . ." he responded with a casual wave, ". . . bind yourselves." The door slammed shut behind him and for the second day in a row, the 'Sisters' found themselves in a position of relative freedom. They were confined to their cells but, again, un-gagged and un-belted.

"Which cuffs should we use, you think?" asked Denise as she sauntered up to her bondage cart.

"What, are you serious?" Bianca responded. "I'm not touching that stuff if I don't have to." She flopped onto her cot and tried to make herself comfortable, softly rubbing her behind. "I'd rather take a nap instead."

"You do that!" Lauren snapped back at her, and she made her way to her own cart. "And I'll take all the points."

"Christ! Not you too! Get off my back, mega-bitch! What? Like I'm not winning this game? You'd think a girl with the most points would know whether or not she has to tie herself up." Denise had to side with Lauren on this one. She and Bianca had been best friends, but that was in college. Bianca could be a real bitch sometimes, especially when she felt superior to others.

"A true submissive wouldn't assume anything like that," interjected Denise. In a way, she was trying to keep the peace. "And Mr. Rourke's exact words were: 'bind yourselves'. I really think we should, Bee." Bianca stared at her as if she had gone mad.

"I worry about you, Denise. You're starting to sound like you enjoy this perverted, nerd-boy, fantasy shit."

"I think I am." Denise replied, and she pulled out a painful looking ring gag and began to set it in her mouth. While Bianca only 'tsk'ed back at her and began examining the ends of her hair, Lauren silently examined Denise, as if seeing something surreal for the first time. After a few moments, her head bobbed back as if coming out of a revere, and she quickly found a panel gag and began to buckle it in place.

"I didn't want to talk to you bitches anyway." Bianca huffed from her cot. Denise and Lauren wasted no time in strictly binding themselves, and it quickly developed into a bit of a race. Not only did they hustle to be bound, they also consciously chose some of the harshest equipment they could find, convinced it would give them more points. Lauren's panel gag, for example, had an extremely large rubber ball behind the leather flap, and it stretched her mouth painfully and puffed out her cheeks a little once it was fully in place. Denise went one step further and managed to fit a large penis gag trainer into the ring and over the head straps she had already applied, thus giving her two gags to wear and lock into place. The head of the phallus nearly caused her to choke as she adjusted the buckle tightly. She then found a thick-strapped leather harness and began to put it on. She had to struggle to squeeze her large breasts through the loops at the center and once in place her mammary glands reacted by swelling ever so slightly.

Lauren, in response to Denise's triumph with the gags, uncovered a chastity belt and found a sizable dildo that she quickly discovered could be attached to it. It was studded and she moaned softly behind her gag as it slid between the folds of her sex. Not to be outdone, Denise, likewise, found a chastity belt, but spent a few extra seconds finding and fitting the belt with the largest butt plug on her cart, thick as a beer bottle at its widest. The base was at least an inch. She had to spend many minutes applying lubrication to her rectum and stretching out the muscles with a couple fingers, but it was worth it in her mind. As she applied each new item or toy to her body, a sense of fulfillment nipped at her soul. Bondage was a whole new world for her, and each new piece of equipment seemed to bring with it an adventure all its own.

Bianca couldn't help looking over at the two of them whenever a few grunts of pleasure or discomfort got past their gags. Sensing the logic behind Denise's words, she reluctantly got up, walked over to the cart, found a pair of handcuffs and some steel ankle cuffs, slapped them on her limbs and returned to her relaxed pose on her cot, again examining her hair and pretending not to notice the competition. After she saw Denise's mammoth butt plug slide home she huffed again and locked a small ball gag behind her teeth. Even if they were right, she concluded, she had a lead anyway, and could afford to slack a little.

Denise was treading gingerly after locking her chastity belt in place. Her eyes had clearly been bigger than her rectum and she wondered if she hadn't made a big mistake. Trying to ignore the discomfort, she plowed on and looked for more of the strictest gear she could find. She found an intimidating posture collar, but was concerned it would get in the way of more bondage application, so she set it on the floor close to her cot, intending on coming back to it. Both Denise and Lauren uncovered the leather-lined steel cuffs and locked them on. Lauren found a hood with only two nasal holes for breathing and, like Denise, set it aside to put on later. Sweat was beginning to flow down each of their brows, and despite Lauren's panel gag and both of Denise's gags, drool began to swing back and forth from each of their chins.

Their final positions had them helpless on the floor. Lauren had gone with a sort of sitting-frog tie. To increase the severity of it, she had managed to place a short spreader bar between her knees held in place by steel-banded thigh cuffs. Her ankles cuffs were connected by a short chain to her posture collar, also the strictest she could find, effectively bending her in half at her tummy but not at her neck. Once she had the hood on it was difficult for her to find the locks she had placed on the floor that she used to bind her wrists to a chain that hung from her collar behind her back. That took nearly a half-hour alone and was accompanied by many grunts of frustration, but she eventually managed it.

Denise had used a bit more forethought and cunning to put herself into a severe hogtie. She had found a hobble skirt that kept her legs neatly in line and showed off her hips. She discovered that her penis trainer gag had a D-ring that sat at the very top of her head. Once she had locked her ankles together she used only a foot long chain to attach them to the trainer gag at the top of her head. This bent her body backwards into an oval position. The strain that this caused on her neck made using the posture collar impossible; however, she did use a reasonably thick, spiked collar with an O-ring at the back. Instead of attaching a chain directly to this ring, Denise was able to thread a chain connected to her wrist cuffs through it. This allowed her to pull on the chain with her hands, even though they were bound together behind her back, and get a couple more inches of severity out of her 'reverse prayer' than Lauren was able to. Once she could pull no further she used a padlock she was holding to attach the chain to the one connecting her head to her ankles.

Each time Denise pulled against this tie the strain on her penis gag would cause the shaft in her mouth to wiggle up and down, and she lovingly began to run her tongue up and down its shape before she had even finished her tie. Denise had added one little detail that Lauren had not. Although it allowed Lauren to finish much sooner than she, Denise had decided it was worth the wait. After Lauren had applied her hood and could no longer cheat off Denise's ideas, Denise locked a thin chain to one of the eye bolts that held up her cot. Once her collar was on she attached it to the other end of the chain. It was more decorative than substantive, as it didn't add any severity to the finished position and she was already locked in her cell, but in the picture in Denise's mind there was added symbolism in the concept that the bound slave on the floor was further prevented from freedom by being tethered to the wall. Icing on the cake, as it were.

Denise couldn't move at all! She could only wiggle and grunt in discomfort; and she had pointed herself in a random direction, toward the back corner of her cell and close to the bars adjoined to Bianca's. She could just barely see her out of the corner of her eye. If she had been able to do it all over again, she would have pointed herself toward her cell door, so that she could appear to be patiently and submissively awaiting her master's return. 'Lesson learned,' she thought. 'God! That plug is huge!' With her head pulled back so harshly her breasts hung down her front like the udders of a bovine, sticky with drool and peppered with dirt from the floor. She felt so dirty and so horny! A virgin when she left home for college, Denise had only heard stories about things like vibrators or blindfolds. Of course she had known that things like leather cuffs existed and that people used them for sex games but this competition had blown her sheltered world apart. There was no sense in not diving in head first at this stage. And the deeper she went, the more her body responded. Although no stimulation was coming from the device on her clit, her hips were writhing against her will and an orgasm was building.

Bianca had been getting really sick of all the moaning. Maybe Denise needed to go the extra mile to catch up, but she, Bianca, certainly didn't appreciate all the back talk. She was fucking points leader! Not Denise! It was time for Denise to feel her wrath. She popped off her cot and snatched an item from her cart. She spit the ball gag out of her mouth (it had been buckled so loosely) and knelt down at the corner of her cell next to Denise's head. They were only separated by a foot. The bars could not protect Denise.

"Having fun with your new best friend, Denise?" Denise flared her nostrils in fear. "When you're losing as bad as you are, I guess a girl will do just about anything to catch up. Won't you, you sick slut. Here, let me help you . . ." Denise's eyes were pleading and she began to panic and scream as Bianca roughly placed a gas mask over her face and buckled the straps at the back of her head and neck. It had a long tube attached to the front of it and Denise began to feel breathless as she fought for air. She could still get oxygen, but only at the end of a deeper breath than the short, aroused ones she had been taking. She tried to beg Bianca to remove it but her words were faint and nonsensical.

"What's that, best buddy? You want more? Here. Try these on." And Bianca harshly applied clamps to Denise's nipples. She was sure to make them extremely tight. The scream of pain that came from Denise was louder, but still hardly more than a mumble. "You're completely fucked now, you bitch! Cus after I win, I'm gonna keep you in the sorority house basement just like this. Thanks for nothing, 'friend'!" and with that, Bianca stood up, slipped a shackled leg through the bars and stomped down on Denise's rear. The plug inside her was roughly jostled and Denise felt its large, invasive presence anew.

At this point Denise could no longer hold back and she exploded in violent orgasm. The added adornments and the fear that Bianca had inspired in her put her way, way over the edge. Her bondage creaked and her chains jingled as she spasmed in place. The molded cock in her mouth bobbed playfully up and down at the back of her throat. The mask had cut her vision down to almost nothing and she was afraid that Bianca was still there, or about to abuse her further. This fear, combined with the restricted airflow, effectively prevented her orgasm from abating as she expected. It just continued . . . .

'OH . . . MY . . . GOD!!!' screamed Denise's mind as the chains and leather straps groaned under her violent, contracting efforts.

"Pervert!" Bianca taunted. Lauren seemed to sense something was going on, but could do nothing more than bob her head and grunt inquiringly. She tried to turn her head to better hear the faint screams coming from Denise.




Sixty seconds passed and Denise's orgasm showed no signs of slowing down. The phallus pressed deep down her throat also kept her screams soft, and fairly muted. Two minutes passed, and some of her muscles began to cramp. Her pussy was absolutely throbbing! It was pleasure she had never known before, but the intensity and duration of it was maddening. Her mind receded from the situation and flirted, ever so slightly, with that mythical place that submissives call 'sub-space'. She existed in sub-space for a good five minutes of continual orgasmic bliss before a shortness of breath caused her to lose consciousness.

The performance had gotten Bianca a little horny, so she rummaged through her cart until she found a studded dildo, the same one that Lauren had used in her chastity belt, and pleasured herself with it a few times. She couldn't make it vibrate, and the cart didn't seem to have any of those on it, but the studs slipping in and out of her sex was not a bad substitute when combined with the delicacy of her own fingers on her clit. She sighed to herself after coming a second time and went back to examining her hair. Denise was breathing but still unconscious. Lauren's moans and grunts, on the other hand, had been growing with intensity over time. She was either very horny or very uncomfortable, but Bianca couldn't tell which. Another 30 minutes went by and Bianca got bored again, so she masturbated a third time, but this time with a small butt plug in her ass. Days 2 and 3 of the competition had reduced her overall fear and revulsion of anal stimulation. If she had to be truthful, she liked it too, but clearly not to the perverted extent that Denise did.

Hours went by with no sign of Mr. Rourke or any staff. Denise had woken up a few hours after passing out, and she whimpered in alarm when she realized she was still bound, filled, and clamped. Her muscles ached and it felt as if a football had been stuffed up her ass. The thought that she had done it to herself sent a shiver of excitement right back to her sticky, pungent cunt. With measured breaths she tried to calm down. In this way the gas mask helped her out a bit, because she had to breath slower just to get any oxygen. As she concentrated on her breathing she pondered why being bound got her so excited. She should have been bored stiff or enraged at Bianca's betrayal, but all she could think about was how good it felt to be so tightly bound, and how proud she was that she had done it to herself. Her jaw was throbbing painfully, and her muscles were screaming at her with soreness, but between the cuffs on her wrists and ankles, the hobble skirt enclosing her legs, the bondage harness that made her tits balloon, the clamps on her nipples, the phallus buried down her throat, the giant plug in her ass, and the painful position she had chained herself in, her pain was a blissful expression of submissive joy. Her sex tingled with excitement which provided a great distraction from her aches and pains.

Lauren had been waiting patiently for her clit torture to start or something of that nature. She cursed at herself behind the large ball in her mouth for binding herself so hastily. She wished now she had done it in different position. Her back was killing her! But bent forward as she was, she couldn't get the proper leverage to roll onto her side. She had tried and soon realized it was quite impossible with her hands in the reverse prayer position and her knees spread by a bar. She had another problem as well. She had to lean forward every now and then so that she could stretch out the muscles in her lower back, but doing so drove the large studded dildo she had attached to her chastity belt further into her pussy by just a few millimeters. It would slide out again, ever so slightly, when she bent back. This frustrated her to no end. She would have welcomed the clit torture at this point. She might have been able to squeeze out a little orgasm if she'd had more slack to work with. Instead she spent the entire day forced to tease her sex a little bit at a time just to relieve the cramping in her back. It kept her sex sopping wet and thirsting for cock most of the day.

Halfway through the day, the temptation to orgasm became too great for Denise and she wondered why she was holding back at all. She allowed her hips to writhe in place and secretly hoped Bianca would tease her or step on her ass again. The help didn't come, however, and Denise found it much harder to reach orgasm the second time around. 'If only I had stuffed my pussy as well!' she thought. Without any vaginal stimulation she would not have gotten there except for her aroused mind and imagination. After an hour of feebly humping the floor and leaking arousal from her soft, love folds it was the thought that a week ago she had been wearing white cotton panties every day and studying calculus, and now she was imprisoned like a heroine in a gothic novel gone bad that put her over the edge. Just as before, once her orgasm started she found she had no control over it and turned into a ten minute multiple, much to Bianca's amazement, before she blacked out again. The second time she awoke she concluded that asphyxiation definitely scared her, but it also intensified her pleasure, which therefore made her want to do it more often.

In the end, Bianca gave in and put on more bondage gear, but after changing her mind and going through the items on the cart, she quickly realized many of them were no longer possible to apply because of the cuffs she had already put on. In the end she settled for a chastity belt with a small dildo and a small plug. She also put on a zippered hood and a studded collar. She locked her ankle chain to the front of her belt and knelt next to her cot. After tethering her collar to one of the eyebolts of her cot by a short chain and zipping the eyelets of her hood closed, she padlocked her handcuffs to the front of her belt as well. It was nowhere near as strict as Lauren's or Denise's self bondage, but she figured it was strict enough to keep her in front for another day, which, by the end of day 4, was all that mattered to her anymore.

Second Intermission

"The level of submission that Denise has succumbed to is impressive!" remarked Alley, the sorority president, as she watched her three 'sisters' on a monitor in Mr. Rourke's office.

"Indeed," he replied, rattling his fingers on his desk and staring wistfully at her cleavage. "That's your winner by far. This year's competition was practically over before it began. But I think you've got a real problem here if you're going to give her your endorsement."

"What do you mean?" Alley responded. Mr. Rourke stroked the stubble on his chin before answering her.

"Well . . . Number 2's not a 'leader' in any sense of the word. She's a true submissive. As a foot soldier in your sorority, she may be your most valuable asset in attracting men and gaining their loyalty, but she has no initiative of her own. She's in a perfect place here and now but if you make her president I fear the consequences that might come about for your sisters. Her natural reaction to adversity is submission, not finding proactive solutions. Number 3 would be your best choice at this point. Her display of self bondage today shows that she's beginning to understand what submission is all about, but she will still retain the aggressive tendencies required to be a good commander for your state sponsored whore house."

"Please, Mr. Rourke. You do not give credit where credit is due. If my sorority did not serve the needs of the future rich, some other one would. At least we are trying to do it the right way, with SubmissiveLand's help of course." She smiled devilishly at him.

"Fair point," he responded. "And I can't deny that our partnership is mutually beneficial. You still have a problem though. What will you do if Number 2 wins this competition, as I've already told you she will."

"I can't say just now, but the decision doesn't need to be made for a couple more days, does it?" Alley stood up but put her purse down on Mr. Rourke's desk and began to rummage through it.

"If you weren't going to make that decision today, why did you fly down here three days early?" he asked her, although he thought he already knew the answer. Without immediately giving a verbal reply, Alley pulled a set of handcuffs out of her purse and placed them on the desk in front of her. She then unbuttoned her blouse and draped it over her chair. When she removed her bra Mr. Rourke got a full glimpse of her 36D breasts and the adornments she had on her nipples. She had placed ridge-lined caps over them with holes in the center, so that the studded piercings that ran through each nipple were held in place by the ridges on the caps. Pulling the nipples from the tops of the caps would allow the studs to clear the ridges so that the nipples could be twisted and then set in place again at a different angle by the ridges. Alley hiked up her skirt, snapped the cuffs on her wrists behind her back and bent forward over her Mr. Rourke's desk. The nipple caps were just inches from his drumming fingers.

"I'm trying out these new nipple-twister caps, Sir. Dr. Adams prescribed them for me. Will you twist my teats, Sir?" she asked him as he leisurely strolled around his desk swinging a large ball gag in one hand and weighing a plug in the other.

"Ask me nicely." Mr. Rourke commanded.

"Please, Sir. Twist my nipples while you fuck me!"

Alice Adams shuffled data reports past her tired eyes one last time before throwing them back in the file. What would they do about competitor Number 2? She was clearly going to win, but it seemed as if she was too submissive. On the flip side, Alice was pleased with the progress that Number 3 had shown that day. While she was unlikely to beat Number 2 on the merits, clearly Number 3 would make the kind of Sorority president that could play both sides of the field: submissive when required, but able to delegate and make decisions. Why this silly sorority competition was giving her such fits was really beyond her. True, the sorority was a reputable and steady client, but the company had plenty of those. She supposed it was because Mr. Rourke had drawn the assignment to run it. She flipped her remote to the camera in his office. He was presently buried to his balls inside a girl named Alley, last year's Sorority competition winner. Dr. Adams longingly examined the way he would speed up and slow down his thrusts, depending upon how much he wanted to tease the young girl. She had clearly been missing the type of control the man possessed over his women. Apparently, college wide receivers weren't that good in bed. Mr. Rourke then spotted the camera pointed in his direction and seemed to know she was watching him. He gave her a toothy, sinful grin. Alice switched it off and threw down the remote.

"Mr. Rourke." Alice mused out loud. She sighed, wistfully and turned to look at the timer on her safe, which sat, like a trophy on the mantel piece in her executive bedroom. 'In just under 100 hours' she thought 'I'll submit to him again,' and the pace of her heart quickened ever so slightly. Her belt was still firmly locked around her waist and the vaginal shield prevented any stimulation. She had been wearing it for 27 straight days. She had to. The key could not come out of her safe until the timing release was triggered. She had purposely locked her sex away to focus on work. She loved her job and wanted to keep it. The trouble was she adored Mr. Rourke and would become his willing slave if her libido had its way. She just couldn't sacrifice the life she had built to let that happen.

Alice was proud of the work she was doing. She had worked hard in medical school and earned two PhDs: one in Medicine and one in Psychology. It was her alternative private life and her final thesis which had alienated her from the profession. She had tried to make the argument, which she believed her research clearly supported, that sexual equality was impossible, due to the evolution of the species and the physiological makeup of the genders. For tens of thousands of years, she argued, men have passed on their genetic makeup by being assertive and stronger than their female counterparts. Those with higher levels of testosterone were more likely to use their aggressive tendencies to mate with females than those with lower levels; either via rape or dominant behavior. Women had passed on their genes by being passive and submitting when called upon for sex. 'Rape, itself, is firmly imbedded in our evolutionary process' she had written. While she had also tried hard to emphasize that social equality was still possible within a modern society, the fact was that in the bedroom the greatest potential for mutual satisfaction and/or offspring (if in fact that was a couple's goal) was for the male to assume the dominant position in the relationship and for the female to assume the submissive. This did not mean, per se, that women should bend over whenever their men tell them to, but rather, that the sex education community should be doing more to teach men how to control, and therefore please, a woman, and, likewise, should be teaching women how to properly service their men. This had mutual benefits, she had stated in her thesis.

The outrage within the community was substantial. No hospital or practice would hire her for years, and many of the peers that she once considered friends suddenly refused to return her phone calls. And then SubmissiveLand called, and a residency position on their medical team quickly turned in to a tenured position, which then expanded to an executive position as well. Yes, she was very proud of the work she was doing. It was important, not just to her, but to the clients as well. She considered herself more of a pioneer than an outcast these days. And she simply could not jeopardize it all to satisfy the whims of a schoolgirl crush. She decided, after spending one night with him, that she could only do so once a month. A chastity belt would keep her focused on the work and motivated; 'but, OHH!' she thought to herself, 'what I'd give to be Alley right now!'

She slumped back on her headboard and unbuttoned her blouse. After a second glass of pinot noir and a few minutes of thumbing her nipples she decided she would spend the rest of the evening playing with some of her private toys, even though it always left her frustrated because of her belt. She reached for her bedside remote and her anal plug pleasantly came to life. She had the boys in research & development make this one up special for her. The great part about working for SubmissiveLand, she realized very early on, is you don't have to hide the darker side of your desires from your peers and coworkers. Alice's anal plug was studded and it vibrated but it was also able to dispense electrical current. With the nodes at the tip and around the base, the current was forced outward around the entire plug, forcing the muscles to contract upon it, violently, if necessary. Alice had used the plug at level 6 only twice before, and only alone when she had complete control of it. It had ten levels, but Alice usually didn't feel the need to go over level 3.

Tonight she set it on 'electrical pulse' and set the intensity at level 5. It was strong, and tonight she wanted it that way. Lastly, the plug had a pancake/telescope capability. At various speeds it could be set to get shorter and wider, like a flattening pancake, and then, alternatively, longer and thinner, like a telescope. It could flatten or lengthen and then hold that position, or it could flatten and lengthen repeatedly, at various speeds or at random. Alice set it to random, and was pleasantly surprised when it immediately flattened and widened, considerably. This function always pleased her because one can become accustomed to a plug, even when it's vibrating, and forget it's there. This function did a great job of reminding the nerve endings in her rectum that her ass was stuffed with a large studded anal plug and there was nothing she could do about it.

Her belt was not fitted with a dildo this time, and it rarely was. She used the belt to keep herself from temptation, not to encourage it, even if tonight she wished it were in place. No. Tonight she would writhe and whine in sexual frustration, and nothing more. She needed to be horny to be good at her job, she discovered long ago. She opened her bedside drawer and removed her favorite gag: an oversized penis gag trainer. Mr. Rourke didn't know it but this gag was a molding of his own erect penis. This was not uncommon. Many staff members at SubmissiveLand have molds of their cocks made. It can sometimes help a young girl's journey into submission if she's told by a particular staff member that the phallus filling her mouth or ass or vagina is an exact duplicate of a the staff member's cock. Alice's request from the production department for a gag fitted with a molding of Mr. Rourke's cock had been commonplace.

Alice had decided to keep things simple tonight. She fitted the gag tightly in her mouth (and silently marveled at its girth and length as she always did when she wore it), cuffed her ankles together and pulled out her timed handcuffs. She set them for three hours and padlocked them to an iron-cast O ring at the top of her headboard. Before she wrapped them around her wrists she dimmed the lights, got comfortable, and flipped on her flatscreen tv. Mr. Rourke had recorded their one sexual encounter a month ago and teasingly gave her a copy of the night they had shared; he had even divided it into chapters based upon the things he did to her that night. Alice turned this recording on and skipped ahead to chapter three: forced oral. Alice's own beautiful face appeared on the screen, blindfolded with her mouth stretched painfully by a spider ring gag. The camera panned to her right and zoomed out to capture her image in profile. The belted Alice swooned on her bed and pulled at her cuffs when she saw the image of a long trail of drool dangling from her chin. She remembered how long he had made her kneel in that position and how much her mouth had hurt. It had been wonderful!

Alice thrashed and winced through three taunting hours of watching her image on the screen being tormented and sexually abused by the powerful, young, Mr. Rourke. She lovingly sucked on her gag as the image on the screen lovingly sucked on his cock, and she grunted in sexual torment as her sphincter was repeatedly stretched and stimulated. 'Four more days! Four more days!' she cried to herself.

The Competition: Day 5

Shortly after midnight, the SubmissiveLand staff released the Sorority Sisters from their self imposed bondage. Denise was given an ice pack for her neck and Lauren, one for her lower back. They were then given a bathroom break, a quick bite, hydration and a sleeping pill; 8 am was a short nap away at that point. Their belts remained in place, much to Lauren's displeasure. She had been holding out hope for a chance at getting off before the lights went out. Bianca, too, was nonplussed, and Denise resigned herself to her fate and slept with reasonable comfort, having gotten off repeatedly from her own self bondage. She awoke with a renewed sense of vigor. Her self-bondage session had recharged her submissive batteries. Points be damned, she was eager to experience the next level of her submission. Rousing from her cot she found Lauren already sitting Indian style, as she often did, at the center of her own cell, and Bianca comfortably snoring on her own cot. Naked, but for her chastity belt, and unbound, Denise approached the bars between her cell and Lauren's.

"Lauren!" she hissed. "I have something to say to you." Just a few days prior, the tall blond would have told the buxom brunette to go fuck herself, but since each of them had been there and done that already, she simply turned her body to face her opponent and replied as courteously as she could.


"I hope you win!" whispered Denise. They stared at each other awkwardly for a moment before Denise began to elaborate. "I thought Bianca was different. I thought . . . I don't know . . . that I was different. I . . . I didn't know, and I'm sorry. You deserve to win, and I believe you can do it."

"Really?" Lauren responded with a raised eyebrow. "I'm not so sure anymore. But you should know, I do appreciate your vote of confidence."

"Ok," Denise replied, having settled the matter in her mind. She turned back to her cell, half hoping more bondage equipment had appeared whilst her back was turned, sighed with disappointment, and knelt in the center of her cell awaiting the next day's trials. Eventually Bianca awoke and thumped expectantly around her cell. Their wait was not more than a half hour.

"Good morning, submissives!" shouted an exuberant Mr. Rourke at them as the cell block door opened. I have a special guest for you today. Your Sorority president, Alley, is here to help prepare you for the next event. But before the fun begins, why don't we start our day with breakfast and an enema, yes?" Denise remained compliant as the six man assault team flooded her cell and bound her in another strapedo position. She had learned, by now, to keep her body limp and receptive to suggestive force whenever confronted with SubmissiveLand staff members. It even got her moist between her legs at this point. When she was properly strung up with her belt removed and a tube inserted into her ass, the staff moved back over to Bianca's cell, and, eventually, to Lauren's as well. The water was turned on and their bowels were again flooded just as large bowls of oatmeal were placed beneath their chins.

"I was in a good mood this morning so I had the 'Apples & Cinnamon' flavor mixed up for you. Swallow it all, pretties, this will be your last meal until nightfall. What you don't finish by the time your enemas are done is what you don't get to eat today." Each young girl gulped down mouthfuls of oatmeal between gasps of pain and discomfort from their enemas. Denise had a tough time keeping the sticky substance off her nose and chin, but she wasn't alone. Each normally proud and privileged young girl had to have their mouths wiped for them when they were finished.

The staff then prepared the 'sisters' for transport and they eventually found themselves in another room strapped to some special equipment. They were each seated in a 'chair' with a tall back facing each other in a triangle. Their legs were help wide by stirrups and their necks were locked rigidly in place by thick steel bands bolted to the backs of their seats. Each girl's wrists were cuffed flat on a sort of desk that had been placed in front of them. This position allowed them access to three buttons that were mounted into the desks: one blue, one red, and one black. The seats of their 'chairs' were hollowed out, like that of a toilet seat, and in time each young girl was stuffed with a phallic object in both orifices and a tens unit was applied to their nether regions as well. Electrodes had also been applied to each girl's nipples. Surprisingly, they were each un-gagged at that point. Then their sorority president, Alley, walked in clicking her stiletto heels.

"Good morning, my 'sisters'. My understanding is that you three aren't getting along so well. I won't have tension in my ranks," lectured Alley in a sing-song tone.

"We'd be fine if some of our 'friends' didn't keep stabbing us in the back!" Bianca blurted out, her words dripping with malice. Alley didn't answer her directly. She simply chuckled as she brought a device she had been holding in her hand to her face so that she could look at it closer, and then pressed a button on it.

"AAAARRRRGGGGHH!!!!" Bianca screamed. Alley betrayed a school-girl smile.

"That, my sister, is for talking out of turn. I did not give you permission to address me, and any further outbursts, from any of you," and she gave Denise and Lauren a cold glance "will result in further punishment." Bianca whimpered once and remained silent. Denise, however, could see the hatred behind her eyes, and knew, to her own horror, that she was no stranger to it. "Anywho . . ." continued Alley "the next twelve hours of your lives will be a sort of kinky, group-therapy session. There are three buttons in front of each of you. One will give each of your opponents 10 seconds of pleasure. Another one will give each of your opponents ten seconds of pain, and the third button will dispense either pain or intense pleasure to one of you at random. None of you are required to press any buttons at all and there are no limits on how many times a button may be pressed. The only other thing I will add is that SubmissiveLand is watching, as they always are." With that, Alley clicked out of the room, smirking at them in a way only Mr. Rourke could have taught her.

For a few minutes no words were spoken between the "sisters". Lauren defiantly looked each girl in the eye. Bianca repeatedly gave Denise an angry scowl. Denise, herself, simply kept her eyes low, or aimed at her buttons. She certainly had no intention of using any of them out of fear from the repercussions. When the silence became too much to bear, she decided to try to reach out to Bianca and mitigate the damage that might come from her wrath.

"Did it hurt terribly, Bee?" She asked, politely. Bianca almost seemed surprised that Denise had ventured to ask, but after a few short breaths and a glance at the cold eyes of Lauren, Bianca responded.

"Yes. It hurt a lot." The three of them sat in silence for another moment until Denise pressed her luck again.

"Well, for whatever I have done to upset you, Bee, I'm sorry."

"Oh, FUCK HER, Denise!" Lauren practically yelled at her. Bianca got a crazed look in her eye and moved her hands toward her buttons. Lauren was at least mentally prepared for her. "What, you think I'm afraid of you? Press the button you stupid cunt! See what happens!"

"No Lauren, don't . . ." interjected Denise, but it was too late. Bianca, flooded with rage and depressed her blue button. Denise and Lauren were instantly flooded with warm, wet, sliding, soothing sensations emanating from their pussies, asses and clits. "Ohhhhh!" Cooed Denise. She shuddered slightly as the dildoes in her holes began to vibrate and pump slowly in and out of her. She had experienced a myriad of sensations while imprisoned in SubmissiveLand's basement over the last 4 days, but few as welcoming as this. It wasn't that it was intensely pleasurable, because it wasn't. It was a mild type of pleasure, and it felt safe to Denise, almost like coming home. When the sensations stopped Lauren shook off her arousal and chuckled to herself so as to mock the irate Bianca. Denise was slightly breathless and wanted more.

"BEE!" she called to her with her eyes curling back into her skull. "Press it again, Bee. Quick!" But Bianca either couldn't or wouldn't hear her. Flushed with rage again, Bianca moved on to the red button and slapped at it scornfully. Her body instantly tensed as she endured pain from the random setting.

"EEERRRRRRGGGGG!!!!" Bianca screamed through clenched teeth throughout the full ten seconds as charged electrons painfully flowed through the flesh surrounding her ass, pussy, and nipples. She twisted violently in her chair, unable to break away from the hurt.

"HA!" mocked Lauren. Denise was fearful of what was sure to follow and she depressed her blue button as soon as Bianca's pain had ceased and before she had recovered enough to get her revenge. The anger on Bianca's face was washed away as both she and Lauren softly moaned with sexual pleasure. Denise wanted to suppress their collective rage for as long as possible and was able to press the same button again before either of them could recover enough to focus on their own buttons. For 2 straight minutes she had them at a collective cease-fire of bliss, each with breasts heaving and pelvis's straining against their bonds. Denise was horny just looking at them! And in their positions, nothing was left to the imagination. Denise could clearly see each girl's pussy and ass impaled by slow pumping dildoes. She derived that Lauren's grunts of pleasure occurred when the dildo in her pussy was fully inserted, whereas Bianca's moans of delight occurred when her ass was fully filled. Despite the duration of this treatment, she found it odd that neither of them were able to achieve orgasm. Eventually, however, Bianca managed to find the pain button.

When this happened, the first thing Denise was aware of was an intense heat flowing out from her rectum. In slow motion, it seemed to her, the fire spread throughout her mid section encompassing her upper thighs and naval, not to mention her pussy that had been neglected the previous day and her nipples which were still sore from the clamps. The shock of it had her howling in frightful, intense pain. "AAEEEEEE!!!!"

Lauren screamed as well, even after promising herself she wouldn't. Lauren had believed she would be able to suppress her cries because she was tougher than Bianca. She quickly learned that no woman could remain silent under this type of torment. "AAAHHHHHHHH!!! YOU FUCKING BITCH!" she screamed at Bianca, who was ready for her and shocked both her and Denise again. "AAAHHHHHHH!!!"

The "sisters" had to learn this game quickly, or become the toys of each other. Each girl had to be ready to press her button as soon as the pleasure or pain was over. Denise was the first to learn that pressing one's button too soon, before the previous punishment or pleasure was over, would put one at a disadvantage because the button would not work for a few seconds after being depressed, so timing was everything. Those being shocked had an advantage because they knew precisely when their button would work properly. Those doing the shocking had a different advantage, because they were not distracted from their buttons by either pleasure or pain. A slip of the hand was all it took, and your rival would have you, again, at her mercy.

Lauren shocked Denise and Bianca. She shocked them again before Bianca regained control and hit Denise and Lauren four times in a row with spiteful electricity! When Denise had finally been able to press the pleasure button for the third time she was practically screaming at each of them, "STOP! STOP! STOP!" Bianca and Lauren's joy ended just in time to register her words. Each hesitated with her finger over her own black button, eyes locked and ready.

"Just listen, OK?" begged Denise. "This can't continue! Let's just please agree to stop for a while! Truce?! OK?" All three of their chests were heaving and Denise could feel her skin getting slick with perspiration. Lauren and Bianca had to stare disapprovingly at each other for good while before they each consented.



"Look," Denise thought if she kept talking she could keep them listening "why don't we just agree to pleasure each other for awhile. It'll be fair," she made sure to make eye contact with each of them. "We'll go around in a circle, Ok? Here I'll go first," and she depressed the pleasure button. When Bianca and Lauren stopped moaning they both focused their stares back at each other. Denise wondered what the hold-up was.

"Push the button, bitch!" sneered Bianca at Lauren.

"You push it, you fucking slut!" Lauren retorted.

"Ok, I will!" Bianca shouted back and Denise felt the fire in her ass, pussy, and tits again. Lauren was livid and she concentrated on her timing to shock Bianca back twice in a row. Denise, the innocent bystander in this love spat, was collateral damage. Wincing in pain for 30 seconds was motivation for her to concentrate and get her timing just right as well. She managed to get control again, with the pleasure button.

"Jesus, you two!" Denise was incensed.

"She told me to push the button, Denise. She didn't say which one." Bianca stated.

"Bee? Please, push only the pleasure button from now on. Here, if I push mine again first, will you push the damn button?" She asked, as nicely as the situation would allow.

"Fine," and they began to pleasure each other. Denise concluded that the anal dildo must have been self-lubricating. It was very slick and giving her a lot of delight. The sliding friction made her feel so dirty, which turned her on. The other dildo didn't need any help. They went in a circle several times, each girl getting two rounds of pleasure before she had to provide some in return. They learned quickly together. Once, when Denise had felt she was getting closer to an orgasm, she had spent too long heaving in recovery and Bianca and Lauren started to bitch at her. Denise was glad they were working together for a change, but her frustration was mounting as each cycle passed without the bliss each one was seeking.

"Fuck this fucking place!" Lauren finally called out in aggravated arousal. "Denise, this isn't working! We need more cycles in a row." Denise paused before taking her turn to press the button and they all took a breather while Denise considered her response.

"We'll just have to double it then," she finally answered.

"How?" inserted Bianca.

"It's simple. Each of us presses the button twice when it's our turn. That way we each get four rounds to try and come." She looked brightly at each of them between breaths. "Ready?"

"Do it," said Lauren. Denise depressed the button and watched Lauren's dildos begin to slide in and out of her body for the first of four rounds. She watched her closely at first, to see if she thought she could make it. Lauren's face was screwed up in concentration and she was trying to grind her hips into her phallic partners. "Oh... Oh... Oh..." She seemed to be close.

Denise couldn't keep watching once Bianca pressed her button for the first time and she began to concentrate on her own pleasure. 'We must have played this game for an hour already,' she thought. 'Why can't we get off?' It was maddening. She could hear Bianca mumble something as she depressed the button a second time. Lauren's cries became louder, but she eventually groaned in tearful frustration when she knew her time was about to run out and she wasn't going to get off this round. "Oh, DAMN!" She still dutifully pressed her button, however, and Bianca's pleasure began again, while Denise started to hope she might get off for the first time that day.

She focused on the nerve endings in her ass; felt her rectum be forcibly stretched, filled and vibrated. She cooed when the shaft would withdraw and whimpered when it slowly drove back into her. With her eyes squeezed tight she felt the action pause just briefly and restart.

"ALMOST . . . ALMOST THERE!!!! PPLLEEAASSSEEEE!" The pleasure stopped. "NO!" she pressed her button and heaved hysterically. Bianca couldn't get off either, and she cursed out loud when her time was up. This went on in a circle 7 times before the girls agreed to another time out.

"I was so sure it would happen last time," gasped Denise.

"I'd be a lot easier to concentrate without you two making so much noise." Bianca still wanted to fight. Denise was relieved to see Lauren ignore her this time.

"Look," she started thinking out loud "maybe we're going about this all wrong. The goal right now is fairness. Maybe the goal should be orgasms."

"What do you think we've been trying to do the whole time?!" snapped Lauren.

"If we want orgasms we need to design a system based on orgasms, not fairness. Here's the plan: I press my button repeatedly until one of you comes. After you come you start pressing the button until you watch another one finish coming. Well?"

"But that could mean that one of us gets more pleasure than the rest of us." Stated Bianca and she pointed at Lauren. "If she takes a really long time to come, we'll have to do all the button pressing." Before Denise could answer, Lauren answered for her.

"Wouldn't it be worth it if it meant you get to have more orgasms?" This seemed logical to all and Denise began to press her button for them. Bianca and Lauren writhed on the spot for, what seemed to Denise, an unnecessarily long time. 'Hurry up you two,' she muttered under her breath. But after she had pressed it no fewer than twenty times, and she had counted, she stopped to negotiate a different plan.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!" yelled Lauren. "It's just not enough! I need this thing to fuck me faster! And why isn't the clit thing working?" She called out, as if speaking to someone in another room.

"We need the 'intense' setting," Denise stated, matter-of-factly. After much debate and a little testing, the 'sisters' agreed to a new plan: everyone press the random button at will. There were six possible outcomes with the random button. One girl, and one girl only, would receive either 'intense' pleasure or pain. While they understood that ten seconds of intense pleasure would probably not get them off, they were betting that 20 seconds would. Denise had to carefully explain how the odds worked to Bianca, since their bond of trust was so unstable. Since each girl had a one in six chance of getting pleasure, getting it twice in a row meant multiplying those fractions together. She hoped that they both understood that for every 36 times the random button was pushed, each of them was likely to get the intended effect once and have an orgasm. She cautioned them, however, that if one of them were unlucky, they might have to wait awhile, or even watch another girl come twice. "What an insane asylum this place is," stated Lauren before they began. "Go."

The three of them pressed away. Lauren immediately howled in pain as the muscles between her thighs and abdomen twitched in response to the punishment. She howled again, much to Denise's dismay, when the random setting gave her a second helping. "FUCK!! AAARRRGGGGHHH!!!"

Denise felt guilty about being the first to feel the intense pleasure the third time the button was pressed. The shafts did move faster in and out of her body. She noticed, too, that the cap on her clit was pleasing her as well. She was positive this would get her off, but she prayed for more than ten seconds. It didn't come, however, as Bianca was shocked. Lauren smiled at her while she writhed in pain. This exercise had opened Denise's eyes a bit concerning her competitors. They truly seemed to hate each other! Each would smirk in triumph when the other suffered, and scornfully frown when the other felt joy. Lauren took the pain twice more before she got any pleasure at all, but when she did it was the first of two in a row; and Lauren was the first to get off. Seven more rounds and Bianca was next.

"YES! YES! YES!!! OOHHhhhh....." Bianca's hips rocked in place and a jet of fresh come shot out from her pussy. Denise smiled happily at her and eagerly awaited her own turn. She had lost count, but it seemed like 40 rounds before lady luck turned her way. Concentrating on her anal invader, she gasped and shuddered against her bonds as liquid come squirted out of her own vagina. Twenty seconds was just enough time to fully come. When it ended, she blissfully nestled in her chair and caught her breath.

"Bravo." Alley's heels clicked back into the room with the staff member Denise knew as 'Malcolm'. She had a duffle bag slung over her shoulder. "Seems as if you three have finally mastered this little scenario. Malcolm, dear, why don't you let them know how impressed I am at their miniscule achievement."

"Yes ma'am!" grinned Malcolm as he walked up to Bianca and pinched both her nipples. They were brutal, twisting pinches.

"OW-ghggh!!!" As Bianca cried out in pain Alley slipped a large red ball between her teeth. When Bianca's resistance was met with more severe pinching, she conceded and let Alley tighten the strap around her neck. Even though Denise held her mouth open as they approached her, Malcolm gave her the same treatment. Soon Lauren was also gagged. The balls were big and for Denise and Lauren the painful stretching renewed the soreness in their jaws that yesterday's severe gags had given them. Bianca's jaw was not sore.

"So girls, think you can master this situation a second time? Or will petty rivalries win out? Only 9 hours to go . . ." Alley then proceeded to blindfold each girl and put foam plugs in their ears. Denise was able to hear the faint clicking of her heels as she walked away, but the earplugs were still effective. She could hear gagged grunting coming from somewhere in front of her, but couldn't tell if it was Lauren or Bianca. Denise realized, with trepidation, that if the pain button was pressed by either Bianca or Lauren, she would not know which one had done it. She waited patiently for one of the others to act first and prayed that their agreement was still on. The painful electricity rifled through her body again.

"mmpphhhggg!" The fear and apprehension was much more intense for her now that her sense of sound and sight had been taken from her. It also frightened her that she could no longer communicate with the other two. Despite her fears, she licked at her ball gag lovingly and pulled at her bonds to feel their tightness. A sexual shiver crawled down her spine and she patiently awaited her next round of pleasure with dripping anticipation. But instead she got pain again. "mmpphhhrrgg!!" She whined and heaved her chest as her arousal was suppressed. When she felt the pain repeated almost immediately it occurred to her that the odds for that were pretty long and she feared that one of her rivals had been pressing the pain button on purpose. 'Oh, why can't they get along?!' she wondered as her mouth began to drip saliva down her chin.

Truth be told, Lauren had stuck with the plan and had resumed pressing the random button. Bianca, however, had skipped over to the pain button. With the blindfolds and the earplugs, it was nearly impossible for any one girl to control the game, and rare for one of them to win two rounds in a row. As soon as the punishment stopped for Lauren, she knew exactly when to press the random button again, but in order for Bianca to zap her twice in a row, she had to guess when to press her button the second time. She tried counting but learned, over time that it was not accurate enough. This diversified the control of the game. No one girl would be likely to win two rounds in a row and loud cries could only be heard as faint ones through the earplugs. Faint cries could not be heard at all, and the 'sisters' learned over time that if they wanted to get control back after being shocked or pleasured, they had to keep as quiet as possible.

While all three girls would still get intense pleasure randomly, Denise and Lauren were getting an unfair share of pain, and it didn't take them too long to figure it out. For an hour Lauren remained loyal to Denise, and the two of them cried out painfully together, whimpering and tearful. Bianca tried to keep track of how many times she suffered vs. how many times she was pleasured and determined that it was about half and half. Lauren and Denise were not fighting back, they were just taking it. 'Serves you right, bitches!' she thought. But the problem for her now was that her odds at getting the intense pleasure twice in a row were drastically reduced if she kept pressing her pain button all the time. Whenever she won a round she was guaranteed to get nothing. This was easily solved for her. In order to maintain her odds, every time she got pleasure she would switch to the random button. She painfully shocked herself twice this way, and there were more than a few times where a different girl was affected after her first round of pleasure, but eventually she got her quota of orgasms, 5 over a span of 90 minutes, and she loved them all. She had beaten them. She had won. They were suffering and she was getting off. She smiled behind her gag feeling triumphant and powerful.

Meanwhile Denise and Lauren were being shocked senseless. Ten seconds is a long time when your erogenous zones are ablaze with electrical current. It seemed as though for every two rounds of pain they were getting one round of intense pleasure, and hardly ever two in a row. Denise was pretty sure it was Bianca. She just prayed that Lauren wouldn't retaliate, but eventually Lauren decided she'd had enough. When she finally began to fight back, poor Denise was caught in the middle. She was now being shocked three times for every round of pleasure she got! It just couldn't continue.

Bianca had noticed the increase of pain she was receiving and her confidence in her approach began to wane. It was one thing to dish out pain and collect most of the reward, but that punishment really hurt and she wanted as little of it as possible. When Denise had had enough and pressed her regular pleasure button, she saw it as a sign that she might negotiate a truce, somehow.

Lauren could feel the difference as well. The pleasure was welcome, but not as strong as the random button's. 'Denise pushed it,' she thought. 'Poor Denise. She must really be suffering!' Indeed she was. As the mild pleasure calmed and soothed the blond and the redhead, Denise frantically called out from behind her gag as loud as she could.

"PPHHHLLEEEESS! HOPPPPPP!!!!" The ceasefire held, momentarily. Denise knew it was likely on shaky ground so she pressed the pleasure button again to try to tempt them to make nice. Bianca and Lauren were happy to receive the pleasure, insufficient as it was to make them come. It was a welcome relief to the pain. Denise contented herself that she was at least no longer being shocked. Each girl had copious amounts of drool lathered over their breasts and tummies. Their bodies shined with perspiration from their contorting efforts. Denise was sooooo horny. She desperately wanted to press the random button in search of sexual relief, but she was fearful that any pain that Bianca or Lauren received would ignite another round of retaliation. She decided she would let them press it. After pleasuring them for 6 or 7 rounds in a row she stopped and waited patiently. She knew they had to be horny and wanting to come. The three of them sat in silence for awhile, heaving and spilling drool down their fronts.

Denise then received more pain and she cried out in despair and discomfort, but her fears were not realized. After a lengthy pause in which she could faintly hear grunts of pleasure from one of the other girls, Denise finally felt the intense pleasure that she had been missing. Either Bianca or Lauren, or both of them, had once again agreed to cooperate.

The remainder of the day was mind-numbing for the Sorority Sisters. Pleasure and pain mixed together over time, highlighted by the occasional orgasm. Denise was jubilant when she received intense pleasure three times in a row, and her body happily convulsed in place while impaled on her thrusting, vibrating dildos. If there was a purpose in life, it had to be this. Yet it is often said that life is pain, and the 'sisters' experienced more than their share of it that afternoon.

The three of them had put on quite a spectacle that day, and Mr. Rourke grinned at the live feed from his office chair. From day one he and Dr. Adams had agreed to broadcast their performance throughout the SubmissiveLand complex. The non-client guests could watch it from their suites and the patrons in the bars, lounges, and sitting areas also gave it much attention. A slight smattering of applause rang out in the staff break room each time one of the 'sisters' came. 'This competition has been an uncommon success,' Mr. Rourke mused to himself. 'I'm in line for another promotion!' Perhaps with a senior management position on equal footing with Dr. Adams, he would finally be able to control her and make her serve him. He blew some smoke rings and thought about how he would use her body to satisfy his cock when his chance finally arrived.

The Competition: Day 6

Denise had slept comfortably in her cuffs and chastity belt and had awoken bright-eyed and eager to start the next day's trials. She hopped off her cot to find Bianca lounging on hers and Lauren sitting in the center of her cell again. No one, it seemed, was interested in talking about the previous day's painful, and sometimes pleasurable, activities. 'No matter,' thought Denise. While she was definitely glad to see that day come to an end, she also had to admit that it had been intensely erotic, especially once the gags, blindfolds, and ear plugs had been applied. She longingly stared at the cell block door and knelt, submissively, in her cell. 'Whatever happens today, I hope they bind me tightly!'

"It's time for a points update, submissives," called out Mr. Rourke as he casually strolled into the cell block followed by his six-man team.

"Tomorrow's assignment is special and the last day is mostly ceremonial, so this is the last chance to make a real submissive impression on me. Before I get into how you can do that, let me give you an update. Number 1 has accumulated 67 points thus far." Bianca beamed confidently and straightened out her back. Her firm, supple breasts stuck out, heaving with each commanding breath. Neither she nor Denise or Lauren felt self conscious with their nudity. "Number 3 has slowed down a bit. Her point total is 51." Lauren's face was stoic. Denise was impressed that she didn't show any disappointment. "And, lastly, there is Number 2, with just 33 points through 6 days of the competition." Denise knew this was coming, but she knew that her body could not hide her shame. She meekly bowed her head, blushed, and tried to keep herself from looking in Mr. Rourke's eye.

Without another word, Mr. Rourke stepped back and 6 attendants entered Bianca's cell. She proudly held out her arms for binding and in mere minutes her arms were tightly encased in a leather armbinder and her legs were strapped together as well. Positioned in front of Denise and Lauren's cells, as if on display, Bianca's arms were lifted behind her head forcing her to bend forward at ninety degrees. A collar was applied and her head was forced further down to her ankles by a chain. She was not able to face the ground, however, for after Mr. Rourke stuffed her mouth with a large ball gag trainer, he clipped a chain from the top of her head harness to a hook which was forced into her rectum. Bianca's strapedo was violent, but she was still forced to hold her head up and towards her competition. Despite her prior confident manner, seeds of doubt crept into her mind when the hook slid all the way home and her ass was filled. Her eyes widened and she looked to the side, questioningly, at such treatment especially since it did not seem as if either of her 'sisters' were to be similarly bound. Mr. Rourke stepped up to Bianca's side and roughly applied nipple clamps with bells to Bianca's chest as he began to explain.

"I thought we'd start by making an example of our points leader." Bianca's eyes widened even more at this news. "Did it not occur to any of you that 'points' were actually demerits?" Denise heart fluttered.

'Could this be true? Is it possible that I'm winning?!'

"MMMRRRPPPHHH!!!" Bianca gave a throaty bellow and shook her head, as if in disbelief. "MMmm!" She whined again as her efforts caused her anal hook to pull painfully at her ass.

"That's right my dear," responded Mr. Rourke as he cupped one of her ample breasts. "Every time you displayed aggressive behavior, you received a point," and on the word 'point' he slapped down on Bianca's right butt-cheek.

"AAHR!" she yelped. Her body jumped and the bells on her nipples jingled playfully.

"Every time you failed to obey a command, you received a point." And he slapped her again, on the other side. "Every time you came without permission, you received a point." He slapped Bianca's ass on both sides.

"MMRRPH!" Bianca was more than hurt by the spanking. She was also humiliated by the words, and she was forced to look at her Denise and Lauren as she was punished.

"Since none of you have been given permission to come yet, your point total mostly reflects the number of orgasms you've had since you've been our guests, but there are other factors as well. For example, Number 1, here," and he continued to cruelly spank the redhead at every other word, "received 12 points on day four. I told her to bind herself and she put on a pitiful display of disobedient ('whack!' 'Maah!'), treacherous ('whack!' 'Arh!'), and indulgent ('whack' 'MMPPHH!!') behavior. And while she was racking up points, Number 2 only got 2 points for two, very pronounced orgasms. Number 3 managed to score no points at all, much to my approval."

Lauren tried to remain stoic, but Mr. Rourke's words of praise, and his treatment of the deserving Bianca, forced her body to betray her satisfaction. She looked on with admiration and a twinkle in her eye. Bianca, on the other hand, was spilling tears and drool onto the floor. Denise did not feel sorry for her. Bianca's tears were spawned from hate and rage, and Denise couldn't help but feel validated as well that justice had prevailed.

"So," continued Mr. Rourke, "in an effort to properly motivate you, Number 1, I'm going to give you something I like to call, 'the treatment'. How does that sound?" and he inquisitively dipped down to look her in the eye. Bianca shook her head violently again. She didn't care anymore that it pulled tartly at her rectum. Mr. Rourke just chuckled in response as some of his assistants rolled in a machine with a phallus sticking out the front. "It's a simple concept, actually. There's no real magic behind it, but you'll figure that out by the time it's been on for a few minutes. Now . . ." his voice echoed in the modern dungeon as he spun around to address Denise and Lauren in all his charming glory. " . . . Don't think I've forgotten about you two. You are going to help Number one along while she suffers. How, you ask? By offering encouragement and support."

Mr. Rourke paused while some attendants taped sensors to Bianca's supple body. When they finished placing them around her torso and between her heaving breasts, one of the assistants inserted foam plugs into her ears. She continued to fight them and shake her head, fed up with the game and seething that she was in last place. Mr. Rourke then approached the bars with his back to her and whispered to the other two. "You're going to beg her to come, because your punishment won't stop until she does." This last line from him scared Denise a little. She was just beginning to feel really comfortable for a moment during this 'spring break' fiasco from hell. Discovering she was actually winning this thing had suddenly given her an immense sense of pride. She quickly remembered that being scared and passive was probably what got her there in the first place.

Two men rushed into each cell, one holding bondage equipment and the other thrusting at them with what appeared to be a miniature cattle prod. "UP!" shouted the one with the prod as he sneered at her menacingly. Although she was alarmed and trying to be compliant, Denise didn't move fast enough to obey the command and he pressed the prod to the underside of her left breast. Denise heard a "snap", shrieked in pain, and stumbled away from them in fear. She and Lauren learned very quickly to obey their commands, receiving many stings in the process of being trussed up. Each "snap" that filled the air was followed by an equally loud yelp. 'Apparently', concluded Denise, 'what you get for being the best submissive is: more lessons in submission!' Within minutes she and Lauren were both bent over at the waist, the same as Bianca, with hands held up and behind them by thick-banded cuffs. All three of the 19 to 21 year old girls had breast-length hair, and Denise's and Lauren's were just long enough to be tied into a braid with rope woven in. The guards seemed unusually adept at working with women's hair, which surprised all three of the girls as they watched the men work. Quite sooner than she could have imagined possible, Denise found her head was being held back and in place by her hair!

Mr. Rourke continued to whisper at them while enema tubes were inserted into Denise and Lauren. "I understand you both think enemas are painful." He exhaled and feigned looking grim. "But, girls, that's nothing to what you're about to feel. The solution we are now putting into your bowels," and, like clockwork, Denise could feel it accumulating inside her, hot and filling, "is a special type of pepper-based cleaning solution we've developed right here at SubmissiveLand. While I can assure you that it is 100% safe, (and, by the way, your digestive tract will run like a well-oiled machine after we're done,) I can also assure you that this will be your most painful experience during your stay with us." He made sure to look them both in the eye until they began to start wincing. "This will teach you a new level of submission: the type that has you begging for mercy. . . . And you will beg her to come."

Denise couldn't tell if he was commanding her to beg, or simply informing her that she would. Either way, she felt assured that at least she had permission to do so. "OOhhhhh!" she moaned as the heavier cramps began. It was certainly true, this enema felt much worse than the others ever had, and it had only just started. Lauren could not hold back her complaints either. "MMMMMMmmmmmmmMM! aahhhhHH!" The blond and brunette both began to sort of "dance" on the spot, flexing their leg muscles and rising up on their toes as their bodies swung a bit from side to side, putting stress on their raised arms. Denise hardly noticed when her ears were plugged as well, and she cared even less. The only thing she could concentrate on was dealing with her need for relief, which was beginning to betray a burning sensation she hadn't experienced before. It came on slowly and she gritted her teeth as it intensified.

Confident that Denise and Lauren could hear nothing, Mr. Rourke strolled back over to Bianca and ripped her ear plugs out. His tone with her was in sharp contrast to the one he had just used with Denise and Lauren. He was suddenly cold, direct, and, seemingly, annoyed. "Listen up, you stupid bitch. You want back into this thing? I'll give you this one shot at another realistic chance to win. I'll take thirty points off your score if you can make it an hour without coming. You hear me?" Bianca's gaze was suddenly focused and she slowed her breathing to a controlled pace. Mr. Rourke was pleased to see her intensity level had just been lifted. He knelt down in front of her, to better look her in the eye. "You'll have 37 then . . . just four points more than Number 2 . . . with 2 more days to go. Now that you know what the rules are, you'll have no problem manipulating and conniving your way to the front of the pack again, right?" She grunted, hungrily like an animal from behind her pert, pouting lips that were stretched beautifully by the big, red ball gag, slick with saliva. "I'll even let you do it your way, without submitting. You can do it by being your normal, bitchy self. Just do not come for 60 minutes, and you're back in the game." He put his hand under one of her breasts again and squeezed her flesh with his fingers. The bell on her clamp jingled ever so softly. "Come on. Give me a real performance. What do you say?"

Even though it pulled on the hook in her ass, it didn't take Bianca long to nod her head, but she did it slowly, without breaking eye contact, and she purred with hatred as she envisioned her revenge. Mr. Rourke stood up and retrieved his handkerchief to wipe the sweat from his hands. "I just told your 'sisters' that you were going to accept my little deal. They then agreed with each other to try to spur you on and ask you to come. They'll say 'please' and everything. I even agreed to let them put on a ruse to try to convince you. They'll try and explain that their enemas won't stop until you come; but, I'm telling you right now, it's a lie. There's no liquid in their bellies. It's a lie and they are going to give you an Oscar-worthy acting performance. Just remember this: they're only pretending to be in pain, they don't care about you, and they'll do anything to keep you from winning. Good luck."

Bianca followed Mr. Rourke with her eyes for a few of his paces until an ample and slick dildo being loaded into her pussy caused her back to arch and her eyes to roll. She bit down again, hard, releasing more pent-up drool. "mmMMm!" The machine had several fancy sensors and expensive computer parts, but basically, it was just a simple fucking machine with a clit teasing device added on. The device would vibrate on her button while a soft current flowed through her privates and into her anal hook. Nothing about it was shocking or painful, as far as she could tell. It was just that everything was extremely well lubricated and pleasurable. Even the clit teaser seemed to be covered with puffy silk, like a slick, little feather pillow. Once it had been running for about 30 seconds she expended a huge amount of effort in not letting her vaginal muscles clamp down on the pumping shaft inside her, although she also wished she could do nothing but. Her breathing began to get ragged as she tried to twist in place. It was harder to keep from coming than she had imagined it would be. Not only was the vibrator in direct contact with her clit, it was sliding up and down on it, in time with the dildo. Back in college she had often fantasized about what it would be like to have all three holes filled at the same time. A week into this crazy tournament and she realized it had happened every day thus far, although in her head, all the 'filling instruments' had been penises that were attached to men. That had only happened on day three. The thought of man meat gave her added tingles of arousal running down her spine and she instinctively clamped down with her rectum onto the hook. The sensation almost put her over the edge and she gasped with the effort to keep from coming while 'the treatment' continued. "HHhhuuuhh . . .hhh . . ."

The last of Mr. Rourke's entourage pulled out Denise's and Lauren's ear plugs and whistled to himself as he strode out of the cellblock. None of the "sisters" even noticed that the doors to all their cells were open or that they were completely alone in the cell block with no guard. Even though it might have been the closest any of them had been to freedom since they entered the resort, it was their minds that were trapped more than anything else. Denise and Lauren weren't even gagged.

"Bianca!" gasped Denise. "Bianca, listen! mmmMMMM! I know things have been weird between us lately . . ." Bianca responded by trying to curse at her, but her diatribe just came out as mumbles and flying spit. She did look very angry though. "NO! REALLY, BEE! This really hurts! OH! GOD! PLEASE, Bee. Just come. Don't fight it!"

Lauren then began to beg as well, much to her own shame and Denise's astonishment. "Please come, Bianca! You have no idea what it's like!"

Bianca was incensed at their audacity. 'How dare they!' And, she thought to herself, their acting wasn't nearly as good as Mr. Rourke had foretold. Despite herself she despaired that she would not hold on much longer. She could picture the approaching orgasm in her mind. Her eyes would roll back into her head and she would pause, just for second, before pulling down on her hook and mashing her vulva on the vibrator, all while gripping the dildo with her vagina as hard as she possibly could. She would grunt, then scream like a banshee while the bells on her nipples chimed and the chains holding her in place would go taut. She could feel her muscles tense in preparation for release, but just when she thought she couldn't hold off any longer from lovingly squeezing the invasive phallus, everything stopped. It took all her willpower not to rock in place to try and urge her orgasm on. She held perfectly still as she knew the slightest twitch from her head would agitate her ass, and probably set her body off like bottle rocket. Patiently, she concentrated on her breathing as her arousal slowly abated to a manageable level. After she had calmed down, the machine began again on its own. It was sensing her arousal level and was programmed to disengage before she peaked. Bianca marveled at this stroke of good fortune. Mr. Rourke had stacked the deck in her favor, and she knew that if she could remain disciplined for about 55 more minutes, she'd be the favorite again. When Denise was able to focus her eyes for a fleeting moment upon her onetime friend, she thought she could see Bianca's body convulsing with laughter.

The machine turned off and Bianca ceased moaning through her gag while she froze in place, desperately trying to fight off the monster orgasm she had been flirting with for what seemed like an eternity. She had been so close that, lately, it seemed as though the machine was off more than it was on. It was maddening. By the time the machine would turn off she was usually gasping with short ragged breaths and, at the same time, willing her vaginal muscles not to contract. She hated and loved the machine for what it was doing to her. So concentrated was her focus that shortly after her ordeal began she no longer paid any attention to the pleas of mercy from her "sisters". Their cries just faded into the background of her perception as Bianca very quickly developed a kind of sex induced thousand-yard stare. Denise and Lauren figured this out too, but it didn't stop them from calling out to her. Mr. Rourke had been right, it was, by far, the most painful treatment either of them had been subjected to thus far.

"Enjoying yourselves', my pretties?" he teased as he strolled back into the room. Bianca's eyes panned to the right as the tormenting machine snapped back to life. A few staff members leisurely attended to Denise and Lauren while Mr. Rourke addressed the red-haired vixen. "Well congratulations, Number 1, you've exceeded my expectations this morning. You have won a thirty point reduction to your score." Bianca gave a guttural heave of satisfaction while she wrestled with her body's response to the machine. She was praying he would give her permission to come. She was right back in the race but she couldn't blow it now by coming in front of him without permission. What if he tacked all those points back on? Bianca knew him well enough by now to know that it wasn't beneath him.

As Denise and Lauren felt their bellies finally release the hated solution, Mr. Rourke moved to the machine and flicked a switch. It immediately responded by doubling the speed at which the dildo thrust in and out of Bianca's pussy and by increasing the vibrations on her clit. "I suppose you'd like an orgasm now, wouldn't you?"

"MMMMRRRRPPPPPHHHHHH!!!!" was all Bianca could respond with as she struggled in vain to hold on.

"Number 1, you have my permission to come." And Bianca immediately exploded with passion. Ejaculate shot out behind her as she was finally able to clench down onto the thrusting dildo with her tight and youthful love canal. In waves her orgasm rifled through her body.

"MMRRAAHHH! MMRRAAHHH! MMRRAAAHHHHHH!!!!" She bit down on her gag and jerked her head forward to better feel the nerve endings in her ass as it clenched and the invasive presence of the anal hook. She stood up on her tip toes and bucked on the machine like she had never come before. After an hour of near silence from them, the bells on her nipple clamps finally rang out loudly in celebration of her long anticipated relief. Eventually Bianca settled down and Mr. Rourke turned off the machine.

"You did that very well, Number 1!" and he patted ass gently. "Not only did you wait for my permission to come, you exhibited an orgasm worthy of that permission. Now!" he shouted gleefully as he spun toward the other two again. "Who's ready for lunch?"

It seemed like an awkward question at the time but once the "sisters" were brought down from their bonds and refitted with new cuffs and a chastity belt, Denise had to admit she was a bit famished. The energy it took to sustain the painful enema had left her blood sugar a bit low with nothing for her stomach to chew on. Each girl was fitted with an uncomfortably large anal plug as their cunts were locked away in the belts. A chain was lowered from the ceiling of each cell and attached to their shiny stainless-steel collars. Similar cuffs were locked onto their ankles, wrists, and elbows as their arms were drawn painfully behind their backs again. Bianca's gag was also removed, much to her delight. When ready, each girl had enough slack to roam up to the bars on all sides of her cell, and each was crippled with shackles and unsteady from the loss of arm movement.

Scores of naked young men suddenly flooded each cell. Denise marveled at the site of so many cocks up close, some erect, some flaccid, and some of them at an in-between stage. "Lunch is served, submissives. Each of you will give each man in your cell a blow job. If you swallow every load of sperm they are gracious enough to give you, you should get all of the protein you need for the day. Now, do a good job because each one of them has the ability to assign points. You should expect to be punished if you leave a man unsatisfied, and today's little test will teach you that lesson well." Denise's former self was disgusted at the thought of all that sperm mixing together in her abdomen, but her born-again submissive persona was licking her lips and feeling moist between her legs. "Enjoy your meal, and if you clean your plates you can have desert." Mr. Rourke walked out of the cell block without a backward glance. Denise was sorry to see him go, limited as her sight was by all the man-meat in front of her. She had been hoping Mr. Rourke would want a blow job too, and she was saddened that he no longer wanted to use her mouth.

Bianca sprang into action almost immediately, and tried to look seductive as she shuffled over to one of the men in her cell on her knees. She kept eye contact with him as she began licking his shaft enthusiastically, and she play-acted moaning with pleasure as her lips encircled the purple head of his penis. Denise turned and saw Lauren already swishing her long, straight, blond tresses back and sucking on a man's balls. Denise sheepishly looked up at her naked lunch and considered which man to crawl to first. She felt very intimidated. They all seemed so muscular and impressive. Several different races and religions seemed to be represented, and Denise got her first really good look at more than one uncircumcised cock. None of the men were smiling at her or offering any hint of encouragement or direction. She despaired at the thought of her inexperience at blow jobs. She had performed a total of two of them before the competition had started and, what was worse, they had both been for nice, gentlemanlike boys who didn't seem to know what they were doing either. While she had certainly learned a few tricks in the past week, she knew she couldn't possibly be as good as Bianca; and Lauren's past sexual experience was still a mystery.

She approached a fierce looking buck with a muscular chest and his arms folded. Her natural breasts swung like pendulums and her chains rattled with the effort. She cleared her throat, "Excuse me, sir. May I please pleasure you with my mouth?"

"You may," he responded stoically while trying not to look impressed. Denise started with nothing more than a soft kiss on the head. She then collected some spit on her tongue and attempted to spread it out evenly around the length of the shaft. She then opened up to envelope the penis and deliberately tried to take as much of it as she could. She had heard other sorority girls kiss and tell that boys liked something called 'deepthroating'. While she had certainly experienced this on more than one occasion during the competition, in those instances the lip service had been forced upon her. Those other girls had also spoken of a technique in which a girl could hold the penis with one hand and run it along the shaft while bobbing up and down on it, but this seemed to Denise to do nothing more than add a handjob to the task. When she tried it on a boy, he said he didn't like it. Regardless, with her hands tethered behind her back by wrist and elbow, that option was precluded from use.

Getting the whole thing in her mouth was a difficult assignment for Denise. It wasn't that she didn't want to. At this point during the competition there was certainly no more room to hold back or be shy. The issue was leverage. The best she could do was to open up her throat a bit and allow the head to block her air flow, and even that required her to shuffle right up underneath the stranger and bury her nose into his pubes. He graciously held her hair out of her eyes while she intensified the speed and force of her head movements. Allowing the head to penetrate her esophagus made it difficult for her to generate suction as well, but she managed the best she could. Mr. Rourke's instruction to apply pressure to the bottom of the shaft with her tongue had been a good tip. After she remembered to do this about 2 minutes into the job, she noticed increased girth and rigidity in the man's member and he let out a pleasurable groan.

It seemed to Denise that these men were well disciplined and instructed not to make it easy on them. It took her a good ten minutes to make the first one come. When he got close he tightened his grip on her hair and started thrusting with vigor. At that point Denise couldn't have pulled away if she had wanted to. His grip on her hair and the force of his thrusts even lifted her off the ground a bit at times.

Denise considered herself lucky when he finally came. She had managed, just as a matter of chance, to take a deep breath just before the sperm started to flow. This was a good thing because when it did the man held her head in place with his cock buried in her mouth as far as it would go cutting off her oxygen. For a good twenty seconds he held her this way while his penis spasmed and he grunted with pleasure. Due to her full intake of air just before this happened, Denise did not have to fight for air or gag on his cock, which she imagined was probably a bit unattractive. She determined she would try to repeat that deep breath for the rest of her "guests" when each of them were ready to come, but she still realized that her timing would have to be perfect. Her first charge finally released his grip upon her. Denise swallowed his payload and licked him clean, giving him four or five more long, slow strokes of strong suction with her mouth, squeezing the last drop of semen out.

"Thank you, sir, for giving me your seed," she offered while giving the head of his shaft a final, ceremonial kiss. He left without a word and Denise shuffled to the other side of the circle to begin the process again. Surprisingly, Denise found that she was keeping up with Bianca and Lauren fairly well. They didn't get more than one blowjob ahead of her throughout. Denise also learned quickly that each man was different. Some of them held her head with both hands and simply face-fucked her. Others would just stand there and let her do all the work. One of Bianca's charges had a habit of barking out instructions to her and slapping her in the face when she didn't meet his expectations. One of Lauren's men talked dirty to her while she attended to him. Some of the things he said were pretty nasty, but the point of his unfiltered monologue was that Lauren was getting off on the privilege of servicing ten men in a row. Denise had to admit, there was a lot of truth to that assertion. Running her mouth up and down cock after cock had gotten her pretty horny, besides which her ass was stuffed with a fairly large plug, which she loved. Between blowjobs she'd observe the other girls and could tell by their contortions and breathing that they were also fairly aroused.

After swallowing seven loads of semen, Denise was pleasantly surprised to discover she was no longer hungry and she concluded that by the time she was finished she would be on the better side of "full". All the men seemed to be unloading a huge amount of sperm into her mouth, like in the one porno film she had seen. She figured that by the end, she would likely have swallowed a yogurt-sized cup of sperm. And that was all protein! To her credit, she was yet to spill a single drop. While gasping for air, Lauren had unintentionally let a shot of sperm hit her on the nose and cheek, and Bianca had gagged during blowjob number 4 and spent a good twenty seconds coughing and trying to catch her breath. The muscles in Denise's mouth were a little sore when she got around to number ten, but it was a good feeling for her, reminding her of the many times in the past week in which her mouth had been painfully stretched by a demanding gag. She was the last to finish, but not by long, and after she thanked and kissed her last deflating cock she settled to a kneeling position in the center of her cell again. Mr. Rourke was waiting for them.

"Time for dessert," he stated and the cattle prod was applied again while they were made to stand. The only addition to their bondage was a short chain locked to the front of their collars. At the end of it hung a forked key, which nestled between each girl's heaving breasts. They were then marched down the hall and into the elevator which, again, deposited them at an above-ground level. Denise could see the afternoon sun through one of the oversized hallway windows. This day trip out of her cell caused her insides to flutter. The last time they had been above ground, each of them had been gang-fucked into a mindless frenzy of lust. With a chastity belt firmly applied to her hips and her ass stuffed with a large plug, Denise realized she would probably not get the same treatment, and she huffed in silent disappointment.

Bianca was led into a suite, Lauren another, and finally, Denise as well. After she was shoved inside, the door behind her was closed and she could hear the deadbolt snap into place. The room was luxurious, to be sure, but it was completely empty as far as she could tell. "Hello?" she called meekly. She received no answer, so she decided to silently pad about for awhile to investigate. Her arms were still bound behind her by the wrist and elbow, but she knew they had done that on purpose. Everything SubmissiveLand did, they did for a reason. She just had to find out what that reason was. Denise discovered an expansive suite with high ceilings that included a bar, a kitchen, a game room, two full baths, and eventually, the master bedroom. She jumped slightly when she noticed a naked blond snoozing away on a large, circular shaped bed. She roused when Denise squeaked.

"Oh, hello," said the blonde sweetly, rubbing her eyes. "You're competitor number two, aren't you?" She betrayed a slight smile at Denise's exasperation. "They've been broadcasting your competition on a live feed. I've been watching you on television," and she pointed to the far wall where a flatscreen was hanging. At this point Denise noticed the blonde's own bindings. She was handcuffed at the wrists and ankles, although her cuffs were lined with what appeared to be soft fur. She was also chained to the bed at her neck with a stainless steel collar, also lined with fluffy padding. Denise pondered the situation without speaking for a moment before the blonde motioned her over. "It's ok," she nodded comfortingly. "I know why you're here. Don't worry. You're in the right place."

Denise approached cautiously while the blonde leaned back upon her bedding. The circular bed did not appear to have a head board, but it was smothered with silk sheets and pillows. It looked very comfortable. "My name is Sidney." She said as she patted the bed next to her, inviting Denise to sit.

"Who . . . who are you? Why are you here?"

"Oh, I'm just a housewife," responded Sidney, with a wave of her hands. Denise was perplexed by this response. To her, a housewife was not a bound, sexy blonde chained to a bed. The word "housewife" made her think of her mother, who had probably never been tied up, and was a far cry from 'sexy'. This woman, by comparison, was youthful with a toned figure and firm, ample breasts. "My husband is a civil litigator. We like to vacation here. He's one of the larger stockholders."

"But why are you bound?" Denise asked, innocently. Sidney formed a quizzical look on her face before answering.

"Because my husband wants me to be, of course! Look, it's real simple: my husband and I live a very normal life together. We go out. We socialize. We even host dinner parties for his peers in the legal community. To the public we are a happily married, successful couple living in "upstate". It's just that in private I know he likes it when I'm submissive and we play sex games together sometimes. We like to come here two weeks out of the year to indulge in our fantasies. This year he's living out his fantasy of having a sex slave chained to his bed 24/7." She rolled her eyes, playfully, and parted her legs a bit. Denise could clearly see that she was belted as well. She was still feeling unsettled, yet she was hungry for more secrets from this stranger's seemingly perfect life.

"So, how long have you been chained like this?" she inquired.

"Ummmm," and she tilted her head in contemplation, "9 days now, I think."

"How do you go to the bathroom, or wash yourself?" Denise asked.

"My spouse washes me every morning and gives me an enema. But we use these cuffs in the shower." Sidney thumbed some stainless steel cuffs resting on her night table. They clicked sharply as she spun the ratchets around.

"Don't you get bored?"

"Eh, not really. I mean, I'm horny as all hell most of the time, and they have some really good porno on the flatscreen. I also brought my Anne Rice collection of books with me," and she gestured toward the bedside table again, upon which several soft-cover books were stacked. "I think I see what you're asking. The answer is 'no', I'm not bored. The truth is, I like it." And Denise could see she shared a kinship with this woman. "You see, I like being tied up and fucked. My husband has been touring the countryside a little. He also has some meetings with some of the administrative staff from time to time. He tells me there's also a casino in the building, but I don't really gamble that much. The point is, he's busy most of the day. But he comes back and uses me almost every night. And when he doesn't he usually provides for me in some way. That's why you're here, actually. Michael's busy, so you're my entertainment tonight!"

"I am?" responded Denise.

"Yes, of course, silly," and Sidney playfully slapped at Denise's thigh. "You've got my key!" and she pointed at the forked object hanging from Denise's collar. "You're here to give me oral sex!" Sensing Denise's surprise she said, "Here, I'll show you," and she lunged for a remote at her bedside table. Pointing it at the flatscreen, she pressed a button and the monitor sprung to life revealing a picture of Lauren, similarly located in a bedroom suite, with her face buried in none other than Denise's sorority president, Alley's, pussy. They, too, were spread out upon a bed of silk-lined pillows and the key hanging from Lauren's neck was firmly imbedded in the chastity belt worn by Alley. The key seemed to unlock the belt just below the navel, but the waist band still encircled Alley's hips firmly. "You see? There's number 3. And here," and Sidney pressed another button on the remote, "is number 1." The picture changed and Denise could see Bianca giving head to a leather-clad woman, also belted. She looked intimidating and Denise could see she held a switch in her right hand, casually slapping at Bianca's ass with it for encouragement." Sidney turned up the volume and Denise could here Bianca squeak at the sharp strokes to her already swollen bottom.

"Are you going to beat me?" Denise whispered with apprehension.

"Well, only if you want me to," replied the blonde bombshell. Denise and Sidney were fast friends after that. And after a few giggles had passed Sidney motioned Denise to her and they shared a deep, passionate kiss.

"So, are you bisexual then?" inquired Denise as Sidney fingered the key at her neck.

"I don't think so, but my husband likes to watch me with other women sometimes, so I do it for him. I can't complain, really. The orgasms are pretty good. Women have a natural gift for pleasing other women. It's all about knowledge of anatomy." Denise flushed and Sidney could see it. She kissed her again. "What's wrong?"

"I've never serviced a woman before. I . . . I don't know how." And she turned away in embarrassment. Sidney seemed to know what to say and do, so when she began to take command of the situation, despite her own bindings, Denise did not fight her. With her arms so severely bound, Denise had to straddle Sidney's hips to gain the proper leverage for intimacy. Sidney licked Denise's nipples and lovingly kneaded her large breasts.

"Your body is exquisite! Here, kiss me," instructed Sidney, and their tongues met and wrestled with each other for a good ten seconds. "You obviously know how to do that," breathed Sidney when their lips finally parted. "Well, do that to my clit and I'll have no complaints." Sidney then pulled down gently on Denise's collar with the key chain, lowering Denise's moist lips to Sidney's midsection. Denise was compliant and backed up awkwardly to let Sidney part her legs as much as her ankle cuffs would allow. Once the key was inserted into Sidney's belt the shielding slipped from the lock and Sidney's pussy was exposed. The belt portion was still firmly locked to her hips, and furthermore, the key, once inserted and turned, would not release from the shielding. Denise found herself tethered from the neck by a short chain to Sidney's belt, and vicariously, to her pussy. She tried not to hesitate, and began to run her tongue up and down the lips of Sidney's succulent sex. The blonde rested her cuffed hands on Denise's head but did not pull her hair or mash her captive's face to her sex. At least, not yet. Sidney let out a long, pent up sigh. The taste of wet pussy reminded Denise of all the sperm she had just swallowed, except that it was slightly more salty, and a lot more pungent.

"Actually," Sidney continued, "Michael hasn't fucked me for a couple of days now. I get so wet during the day just thinking about it! OOOooooo . . . I think he's been indulging in some of the clientele." Denise felt sorry that Sidney's husband was cheating on her, but then quickly realized from the tone of her voice, that she didn't seem to care. "I know what you're thinking. 'That bastard!' right? . . .uhh! . . . Well, don't feel bad for me. He'll be back. He knows nothing can satisfy him like his wife's tight little pussy. He loves me, you see. In fact, he's probably watching you pleasure me right now. OOOHhhhhh!" Denise had started to apply her tongue to Sidney's clit, and the response was instantaneous. Sidney continued, between increasingly shorter breaths. "Don't get me wrong, I love stewing in a chastity belt every now and then . . . but these last two . . . days without an orgasm are probably the longest I've gone without one since I was . . . seventeen. I've been Michael's faithful wife for . . . oh . . . OH! . . . 6 years now, and he usually forces me to come two or three times a day. The more intense bondage sessions usually result in multiple orgasms . . . oh, FUCK!" Sidney's hips began to writhe, uncontrollably.

Denise could sense that Sidney was ready to come. Denise wished that her hands were free so she could finger Sidney's pussy at the same time. She had fingered herself a few times in the past and knew that it felt good. Without leaving the clit alone for too long, Denise tried to insert her tongue as deep as she could into the wet hole. Sidney arched her back and brought her own hands to her clit. Ten seconds later Denise's mouth was filled by Sidney's convulsing pussy with female cum. She swallowed that too, as well as she could.

Sidney held Denise's head in her cuffed hands while the sorority sister rested on the blonde's firm tummy, letting her recover for a few minutes before going to work again on her slit. "Five times . . ." announced Sidney, between deep breaths. "They told me you had to make me come 5 times before you can leave." How Denise wished she could come five times! On day four, she had been able to come by just being bound and plugged, but she knew she could not do so now. Even though she was, again, bound and plugged, the bondage was not as strict and she had no asphyxiation to help out her arousal. She took solace in the fact that she could at least pleasure Sidney.

"I'm jealous of your life," Denise stated, bluntly. "I want to be a sex slave, too?"

"Well, it's like I said, we still live a normal life together. In fact, we're going to start a family in a couple of years. Don't you want that too?"

"I thought I did, but since this competition started, all I think about is being tied up and used. I've never come so hard in my life before!"

"Yes . . ." Sidney lamented. "It's certainly true that bondage and submission make for better sex. I don't know what I'd do with a vanilla lover. Now that would be boring." Pleasing Sidney the second time took much longer than the first, and by the time she came a third time Denise knew it must have been late in the day, because she was getting hungry again. Between Sidney's orgasms they would talk and watch Bianca and Lauren on the flatscreen. Sidney, Denise soon realized, had been following the trials of the "sisters" since the competition began, and was completely up to date on the points as well. "You know," offered Denise's new friend, "that yesterday it was Number 1 who kept zapping you both with electricity! Even after you all agreed to press the random button. Michael and I were disgusted with such a betrayal! It was certainly not submissive behavior."

"Sidney, do you think I have a chance at winning after today?"

Sidney parsed her lips together and began to massage her vulva. "Hmmmm . . . Well I'll just say this: as long as you continue to be humble, you can't lose. Forget about points! Just be the best submissive you can be and you're in the clear." Denise leaned forward to kiss her before going back to work on her clit.

Third Intermission

"Come!" shouted Mr. Rourke from behind his desk. He had been looking at some statistics when he heard a familiar rapping on his door. In walked the lovely Dr. Adams, swaying her hips in a way he knew she did on purpose to attract his attention. "Have you come to tease me some more? Or do you have business to discuss?" She wanted him to stare at her figure. He wasn't going to give her the satisfaction this time. In Alice's mind, it wasn't that the tables were turned. She just knew that if she were going to make her request of him, she would have to do it the right way.

"I have two things to discuss with you, actually: one, a matter of business; and two, something of a more personal nature." This perked his ears up. He also observed that she was standing at his desk in a much more respectful manner than he was used to.

"Oh, fun," he said dryly. "Let's do business first."

Alice cleared her throat. "I've just stepped out of a meeting with Andy. He likes the work you've been doing with the sorority competition."

"Does he?"

"Yes, Mr. Rourke, he does. In fact, he likes it so much he wants to promote you to VP of research." Dr. Alice Adams rolled her eyes at the smug look on his face. "Look, all I'll say is that it will require you to do a lot more science than you're used to. You won't get to play with our clients as much either, despite your fondness for customer service. I can help you with the scientific method to get you on the right footing . . . and we'll be peers as well. Andy really liked some of the techniques you've employed for the sorority competition. Once it's done you'll be working with me to develop more devious methods of control." She paused and waited for an answer. "Congratulations, Mr. Rourke. Your promotion is well earned. Andy and I thought your methods of taming the red haired one today were simply . . . masterful. I believe in the second half hour of her challenge, the machine was off more than it was on. Isn't that right?" Mr. Rourke couldn't help but betray a knowing smile. "How on earth did you ever get that one go an hour on that machine without giving in?"

"Because I told her not to, of course." He stood up and looked intently into Alice's eyes as he approached her. "Think of it," he said as he wrapped his arms around her frame and pressed her body to his. "All that time on the machine, body tensed and ready to explode; an hour of intense stimulation and arousal, with no release. Oh, but you know what that's like already, don't you doctor."

"Rickey . . . please . . ." but she didn't try to fight him off. Her heaving breasts pressed against his chest through the fabric of her blouse.

"I know why you're wearing that damn belt, doc. It's not because of me; it's because of you. You're afraid of what you'll ask me to do to you." Alice nearly swooned in his arms, but wouldn't answer him. He snarled and released her. He let her catch her breath for a moment. "What is it? A locked box with a timer?" She nodded embarrassingly as she leaned against the wall for support. She had to hand it to the man. He had read her like a book. Her rectum twitched around her plug at the thought that she had been able to successfully hide neither her feelings, nor her methods from him.

"That was the personal matter that I had come to speak with you about. I was going to ask you to come to my quarters Saturday night. The box opens at midnight." She had said it and now it was too late. She knew she was his now, but then again, she knew it all along. They both did. But she felt she had to explain! "Please understand Ricky! I want your control, but I must do my job. I love my job! I take care of these clients. I am not one of them."

"I understand that. But you're also mine, now, and you should have come to me for a solution. I wouldn't have asked you to compromise your work. A month in a chastity belt was not the answer. Now, listen," and he put his hands on her shoulders. "I'm going to finish with these ridiculous college clients, and then Saturday night, 5 minutes to midnight, I'll be in your quarters ready to accept your keys and your submission. Agreed?" He held her head in his hands and kissed her deeply on the lips. Despite herself, Dr. Alice Adams ground her pelvis against his leg. She despaired at the thought of two more nights without feeling him inside her. 'Oh, why did I ever put this stupid belt on in the first place?!' Alice decided to punish herself when she got back to her room. She locked an eyeless, leather hood onto her head, set her anal plug to level 7, and then threw the remote across the bedroom. The pain had her doubled over within seconds. It took her nearly 20 minutes to find the remote control.

Day 7 and Beyond.

It was midnight and Denise still couldn't sleep. Instead of tossing and turning she simply sat on her cot watching her sexy "sisters" softly snore. She caught a glimpse of Bianca's left nipple in the yellow fluorescent light and thought of pleasuring Sidney with her mouth again. Minus day 2, which still involved strap-ons, the competition had thus far only challenged her hetero-sexually. Now Denise sat with butterflies in her stomach at the thought of her forced lesbianism just a few hours ago. Making Sidney come had made Denise extremely horny. She had always wondered what a vagina looked and felt like during an orgasm, and now she had gotten a close up look at the mystery. Denise had felt another woman's pussy clench down on her tongue, and she wanted more. She reasoned she couldn't be strictly gay, since the thought of a nice hard cock made her feel the same way, but it dawned upon Denise that night that she just might be "bi", and she had to admit that it was a comforting thought. It was that or she just got off on pleasing others. Denise supposed she would never know. And now, with the competition coming to an end, Denise let her mind drift a bit while she contemplated the bigger picture.

Her life was forever changed. That much she was sure of. Denise was unsure, however, if she could go back to the life that awaited her. The life she had accepted long ago since puberty. The life in which she continuously allowed for disappointment in school and work and, most especially, sex. She yanked hard on the cuffs that held her wrists together. Their strength was a comfort to her, and a turn on. Her chastity belt, with anal plug still applied, squeezed her tummy in a way she could only internally describe as "loving". Her collar gave her a sense of ownership that she convinced herself she had needed for years. Running her hands up and down her body she could sense that she was even in better shape now than a week ago. The repeated orgasms had firmed up her tummy. Her thighs and ass felt toned and primed for action. Apparently, enslavement was a pretty good workout.

But all of these perks were just the side-show. At this point, for Denise, the proof was in the pudding. She knew she was in the right place, because the sex felt soooo good. Every day of the competition her body had been telling her the truth of the matter, even if she didn't see it in the beginning. Nothing bad for her could feel this way. There was nothing to be ashamed of. Her body craved bondage now; and there could be nothing wrong with something that made her come so hard.

As Denise's hands rose to her chest, she resisted the urge to pinch her nipples. She let out a sigh as she ground her hips into her cot, feeling the anal plug wiggle inside her one last time before settling down for the night. Denise knew she needed sleep. She knew that she would need all her strength for what the new day would bring. She hoped it would be hard. She hoped it would be constrictive. She hoped for asphyxiation, and anal sex, and nipple clamps, and even canings. Most of all, however, she hoped it would never end. She didn't even care anymore about winning. She just didn't want it to end.

At 10 am the following morning three naked sorority sisters stood red faced and bound in the SubmissiveLand lobby. Like Day 3, they had each been cleaned, fed, perfumed and made up to look and feel pampered. This time, however, there was no maid's uniform to hide their flesh. Denise tried to remain stoic but she had not anticipated this. The place was filled with other patrons.

Denise remembered, briefly, when she had arrived the week prior. The lobby had looked a bit like a mall. There was a high ceiling, various potted plants scattered here and there, a classy bar and lounge. There was even a gift shop! For a split second that day Denise felt like the competition wouldn't be that scary. She figured it would probably be just like Bianca had foretold: "A sex resort, kinky style." But her stomach had turned last Saturday when she had looked closer. Instead of shops filled with overpriced clothing and electronics there were thick glass windows that lined the lobby. And behind each one was an x-rated story to be told, most of them involving young, submissive women. She saw one girl clad in leather with a bit in her mouth and blinders on, like a horse. That had been disturbing enough. But upon closer inspection Denise observed that the woman also had a horse-hair tail swishing back and forth behind her while she walked on a treadmill. Revulsion and shock had been Denise's next reaction when she realized that the hair was attached to an anal plug.

Two windows down was another young girl suspended and cuffed in a spread eagle position. At the time she couldn't hear her, but Denise knew she was screaming behind the large ball strapped in her mouth while a muscular man behind her casually flicked at the girl's back, ass, and legs with a long, biting whip. These and many other scenes of control, pain, and sex were still with Denise when she and her "sisters" were told they were going to the lobby for their last day of competitive submission. She figured she'd be behind a window, like the girls she had seen before. She hadn't counted on the three, plush mattresses placed in the main lobby, unblocked from complete strangers. They stared at the "sisters" curiously, and perhaps longingly, as Mr. Rourke laid down the rules for the last day's trial.

"Each of you will be required to perform for any and all comers to your station. Your station is the bed. If you are being used vaginally you will receive no clitoral stimulation. If you are being used anally you will receive moderate clitoral stimulation. If you are being used orally you will receive intense clitoral stimulation. Our staff and patrons may use you in any way they wish. They may add to your current bindings and they may stimulate your erogenous zones as they please. Nothing is out of bounds, so long as no permanent damage is done. Fear not about disease. No one can use you until they pass our rigorous blood testing procedures. As you can see your chastity belts have been removed but for your waist belt. There is a flap at the front of your belt. Underneath is a safety devise which, if activated, will end your formal participation in this year's competition. So if the situation gets too intense, simply lift the flap, press the button, and you are done. Be advised, that until you press your button your automated collars will not release you from your stations, and your submission will continue."

Denise considered how they were each bound. They each had collars and belts on, with their wrists cuffed to the front of their belts. Nothing more was currently applied. But as she looked at the middle bed in the lobby, which she assumed would be hers, she noticed an adjoining bondage cart, similar to the one placed in her cell on day 4, which had a myriad of fetish devices on it. Gags, plugs, dildos, cuffs, and the like were piled high and Denise licked her lips with anticipation. She was positive. She would not bow out first.

"If you are the first to press you release button you will receive an additional 20 points, or demerits, to your total. If you are the last to press your release button you will have 20 points deducted from your total. Lastly, you will receive one point for every orgasm you have without permission, and I can promise you that permission will rarely be granted."

Denise ran the numbers in her head quickly, while her sex pulsed with need. As long as Bianca pressed her button before she did, Denise would win. Bianca would win so long as she could last longer than Denise. The only way Lauren could win, is if Denise pressed her button first and Bianca second, and even then just by a hair. These calculations were independent of the other factor: orgasms. Denise felt a tingling sensation creep up her spine. She hadn't had an orgasm in over 40 hours, but she had pleasured many others orally during that space of time. Her sex was now naked and ready for use. Her lips moistened. If it was a question of which one of them could endure the most pleasure, Bianca had proven herself fairly well the previous day. Her resistance to "the treatment" had won her a major point reduction. Denise felt fairly confident in her own abilities, however. The one thing she feared above all else was the pepper-based enema solution. That kind of pain was not a turn-on for her.

Denise was led over to her bed and her collar was locked to a short chain poking out of the middle of it. Only the button on her belt could release her now. Bianca carried a look of angry defiance as she was locked on to her own bed. The "beds" consisted of latex lined, circular mattresses about 12 feet in diameter. With her neck attached to the center of the apparatus, Denise felt like the hand of a giant clock; her feet pointing outward to the "numbers" at the edge. She shifted onto her back and tried to ready her mind for the forced fucking she was about to endure.

"As you may have figured out by now, your competition has been played out on a live feed throughout the SubmissiveLand complex. Needless to say you've attracted some high-profile attention over the last six days. You should feel honored! Some of our board members have asked to have the first crack at you, and I'll be testing you as well later, to see how much you have learned. Good luck." Denise was finally letting her nerves get to her. Board members! Her naked chest began to rise and fall more and more quickly as she wondered if she could perform up to their standards. They probably all had professional slaves who were better at sucking cock than she was. Then again, perhaps they were all really old men who only had the strength to get their rocks off once or twice a year.

The small crowd that had gathered around the scene parted briefly and a fit looking gentleman wearing a robe walked straight towards Denise's station. "Spread your legs," he commanded her as his garment fell to the floor and he sifted through the bondage rack next to her bed. Denise complied without answering. She wasn't sure she had permission to speak yet. She not only drew her legs out to the sides, she also raised them up, with her knees out by her elbows giving her first corporate patron a clear view of her newly shorn vulva and her puckered anus. He smiled bemusedly at her as he threw toys and restraints on the bed next to her from the rack. He wore black leather pants that opened at the front, allowing his penis and balls to hang freely in front of him. Denise could see his erection growing as her legs parted. Her eyes locked on to his manhood and she could not look away. Her sex was already leaking with anticipation.

The first item he applied to her was heavy blindfold. The deep, shaped pads each covered her entire eye socket and it had straps for the back, not just an elastic. It would not fall off or be brushed off by any head thrashing on Denise's part. A panel gag with a large phallus followed and Denise was then blind and mute. A flutter of panic made her shiver slightly. The loss of vision was disorienting. She fingered the flap on her belt that covered her safety button. There was no way she would use it yet but she felt the need to remind herself that it was still there to ease her mind. Denise felt a bondage belt slip under and around her neck. It was roughly slip-knotted above her collar. She yelped in fear as she was slapped across the face. Then she felt a familiar sensation pressing into her sphincter, cool enough to send a shiver down her back. The plug was short and fat and would not go in! She felt the man pull back a bit and slide the tip of the intruder above and around the wrinkles of her rosebud, spreading out the lubricant, before pushing it into her again, harder. "Relax!" he commanded her. Denise tried to release the tension in her anus to let the intimate, and familiar, devise in. After some deep, calming breaths, Denise felt the recognizable pop of her sphincter as the thickest part of the plug got pulled into her. Her vagina began leaking her arousal onto the base of the plug, mixing with the lubricant. She was very happy to be plugged again. The long days and nights of chastity belt wear with anal plugs had gotten her accustomed to the sensation. She had felt empty the entire morning without one. When the competition ended, she was going to be sure and wear one as often as possible.

Denise felt the man mount her and ease himself into her sex. He allowed her to lightly wrap her legs around his hips. As he began to thrust into her she felt him reach for the leather belt around her neck. He fucked her gently at first, but once he got hold of the strap that encircled her neck and began to pull on it, tightening its hold and restricting her airflow, his thrusts became more much violent. Denise felt a deafening orgasm approaching and tried to fight it off for about 15 long, hard seconds. This is how it went for about a half hour. Denise marveled at the man's self control. He was basically asphyxiating her for periods of up to 30 seconds while he slammed into her, then allowing her to catch her breath with slower, more deliberate thrusts. It was like a sex roller-coaster. Denise hadn't tried vaginal sex with asphyxiation before. Not being able to breathe was causing her muscles to tense up and grip his cock more tightly than usual. Additionally, not being able to see was heightening all of her other senses. She felt like he was playing with her like she was nothing more than a warm, wet toy. The hard fucking was very intense and she desperately tried to endure it without coming, but her lustful grunts were giving her away.

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"MMrrphh! MMRRPhh! MMRPHHH!" Just as Denise was about to give in the board member slowed down and let her breath again, but this time Denise also felt a hard stinging "SLAP" on her left breast and nipple. "AAARRRGGPHPHH!" Denise screamed in shock and surprise from behind her gag. With his right hand he was repeatedly strangling her and with his left he was beating her breasts with some sort of paddle. It must have had holes in it because Denise could hear it whip through the air right before feeling its bite. "Whish Slap!" "AAHHRR!" Denise instinctively tried to reach up to protect her sensitive teats but the cuffs had her hands firmly attached to her tummy. She arched her back and shifted to and fro, half hoping to dodge the slaps and half hoping to throw the man off somehow. He laughed out loud and fucked her harder while cutting off her air again.

"Stupid whore," he spit at her. "Never try and come without permission." Denise couldn't help it. Not being able to breathe was making her arousal skyrocket. The lightheadedness of oxygen depletion only seemed to intensify the nerve endings in her sex. Never before had sex been so violent for her. She twisted in place and tried to hold on. It was a good reminder to her that she was still a bondage novice. While it was true that the competition had been an intense period of training in submission, Denise began to realize how inexperienced she was as her screams became hysterical while fighting off the release her body craved.


While Denise fought against her impending orgasm, Lauren was being fucked in the ass from behind. Her charge had instructed her to spread her knees while face down and to raise her rump up at a sharp angle. With her hands cuffed to her waist, her breasts and face were mashed into the latex bedding. Her slender, athletic body was perfect for this position as it accentuated her long, firm torso. Lauren had not taken as much of a liking to anal sex as Denise had. She grunted in discomfort at each slippery thrust, but this was not solely due to the intercourse. Before he had begun, the man in control of her applied clover clamps to her clit and nipples. These were then hooked up to some sort of electrical devise and Lauren could feel her most sensitive parts start to go painfully numb from the pulsing shocks. Her temporary master had chosen a bit gag with a large red ball for her mouth, but had decided not to blindfold her. In the mind of this board member, Lauren was a haughty, stuck up bitch who needed to be put in her rightful place with a little pain and a lot of humiliation. He took his time with her and talked to her as well.

"Uuhh! You like it in the ass, don't you slut? Answer me."

"Mmph, mmph, yeshh, errr! Mmph, mmph!" At first Lauren buried her face into the bed to escape the many stares and chuckles from the admiring crowd. This tactic was not successful very long, however. The man simply pulled her hair and forced her head back and upright as he continued to abuse her ass.

"Look at that crowd, bitch. Uhh. Uhh. After seeing this, they're all going to want a piece of your tight, blond ass!" He thrust into her especially hard on the words "tight", "blond", and "ass". Lauren wasn't anywhere near an orgasm, but her fortitude was certainly being tested. She realized if this had happened on day 1, she would certainly have given up by now. She closed her eyes to the crowd and tried to mind-manage the pain and discomfort, intensified by the warm vibrations of her clit hood. Despite the fact that it was pinched by the clover clamp, it sustained her arousal at a moderate level. Not strong enough to get her off, and not weak enough to ignore.

Bianca had her hands full, and her mouth full as well. An elderly fat man was face fucking her through a large ring gag. He had instructed her to stimulate her sex with a magic wand, which he had placed in her cuffed hands before he began. A member of the staff had assisted him in letting out the extension to her collar chain, giving her the slack needed to kneel on the bed for oral sex. The wand added with the clitoral sensations that Mr. Rourke had promised they would receive during oral sex had her moaning with pleasure, but her longing whimpers were stifled substantially by the large senior citizen's crotch which seemed to be buried under a dozen pounds of old-man, belly fat. Furthermore, this particular board member's penis was not particularly long or hard anymore. The many moons and lack of exercise had diminished his virility. As a result Bianca's nose and chin didn't get very far from his pubic mound between thrusts. Only when he would pause to rub his member over her face and eyes could her voice really be heard by the crowd at large. Bianca absolutely hated the way the he smelled. Like a shit covered pig eating breakfast at the troth. She desperately wanted it to end but she was far from quitting. There was no way she was going to endure a second of such treatment and walk away with nothing to show for it. She felt impatient for one of the others to give up first. Despite finding the oral sex disgusting, she felt herself coming after he forcefully skirted his sperm against the back of her throat. Despite her pride, submission was still a turn-on, dammit.

Dr. Alice Adams had overslept on purpose. It was nearing 11:30 by the time she was through with her morning enema. She had some staff bring her an early lunch and was buttoning up her blouse when she heard a knock at her door. "You may come in." She had a feeling who it might be.

"You know, I've always admired the decor of your living quarters," commented Mr. Rourke as he snapped the deadbolt into place and smirked at his prize. "The soft lighting and the dark, rich tones really do a nice job of making your personal space comforting but stylish." His small talk was taunting her in a way that both offended and aroused her; not mention the ease with which he had unbuttoned the top of her just-adorned blouse and was forcefully rubbing his hands under the clefts of her breasts.

"I have rounds to make . . . mmMmmmm. . ." Alice closed her eyes and swooned a bit before she snapped herself out of it. "They'll be plenty of time for that at midnight, Rickey. That's why I slept in." She shuffled away from him politely and snatched her clipboard up from her desk. "I expect we'll be keeping each other up late tonight, and I want to be awake and alert for every second of it," and she smiled devilishly at him. Mr. Rourke rolled his eyes at her.

"Oh, have it your way then . . . last time for a while, anyway," he mumbled under his breath. He cocked his head and considered her body. "You have any vacation time saved up?"

"Tons. Why? You going to take me somewhere special? Hm?" The carribbean? Niagara Falls? Disneyworld?"

"Now, now Dr. Adams, you know perfectly well Niagara Falls is packed with tourists this time of year!" Mr. Rourke grabbed at her hurried body and gently held her to him. They shared a long, slow kiss. "Why don't we stay here for a while? What do you think? You and me, right here for a week or two? It's a lovely space for a submissive getaway for you: several thousand square feet of sound proof walls; a kitchen; a fireplace; enough I-bolts to suspend you in every room. You've got the executive suite, I've got the toys . ."

"I have plenty of toys, myself, thank you!" Alice was pleased at how good natured he was being. She wanted him to control her but would be mortified if he thought of her as just another submissive. His behavior this morning was assertive but also warm and respectful. They kissed again and she answered him. "It's a deal. I'll talk to Harry and arrange everything."

"Oh, I already did that," Rickey responded, coyly.

"You bastard!" Alice chided, while the digital output on her timed release box read exactly "12:00". She felt his growing manhood and asked, "I suppose you're going to be using this on your charges today."

"No, actually. I'm saving myself for you tonight. I have something else in mind for them. Something that's sure to make one of them bow out."

"Do you think you can make Number 3 win, like we talked about?"

"Most definitely."

Two board members later and Denise was feeling desperate. One of them had been substantially older than the others, but he had still made her come. That made five unsanctioned orgasms thus far, and while she managed to keep count of her own failings, she had no idea how Lauren and Bianca were fairing. She was having a particularly difficult time controlling her body's response during anal sex. It was enough, she already knew, to get her off even without those intimate sensations emanating from her clitoral hood.

For the first time, a member of the crowd stripped down and crawled onto the bed next to her. He was very youthful, probably about her age, and very hard as a result of watching for so long. Denise's mouth was currently ring-gagged. The man grabbed a thick dildo that was nearby and ran it over her drooling lips to lubricate it. He then eased it firmly into her ass, and it began to vibrate. "I wanna see your face when you come!" he barked at her as he positioned himself above her and slid inside her sex. Denise tried to look around between gasps of passion. There were certainly enough men to go around, and some women too. They began to get organized, and lines began to form at each bed. 'Board members first, patrons second,' Denise thought to herself. The staff would probably come later. She turned her head to look at Bianca. She was straddling another patron, bouncing forcefully up and down on his member as it pierced her ass. Her breasts bounced up and down violently and she shrieked with vigor. The man simply lay there in a relaxed pose with his fingers interlocked behind his head. Whenever she slowed down he would pinch and slap at her defenseless nipples.

Despite the orgasms all three of the sisters were getting tired. It had been two solid hours of x-rated, violent sex. Denise's body was covered with a sparkling sheen of perspiration. Every other time someone came in or on her an attendant appeared to offer hydration and do a safety check. For a split second Denise thought about food, but that thought quickly passed. 'Why feed me?' she realized. 'I won't get hungry all day if I keep swallowing sperm at this rate.'

Denise's current master turned up the vibrations on the dildo in her ass and began to fuck her faster. Denise's eyes rolled back. "Ahh, Ahh, AAHH! AAHH! AAHHH!" cried Denise through her ring gag. She was in raptures! She felt her asshole clench down upon the rubber invader as she creamed herself again. They could both feel the natural lubricant of her come add to the lather around his cock. It made his thrusts that much more tantalizing. When he was ready burst he gripped her head by the hair firmly and shoved some fingers down her throat, causing her to gag and convulse beneath him.

Denise was too involved, mentally, in her own submission to notice, but Lauren was in the middle of an intense session herself. She was being assaulted by three women with strap-ons: one below her fucking her vaginally, one behind her fucking her anally, and one standing in front her fucking her orally. There wasn't much rhythm to it. It all combined into one big, sloppy humpfest of female bodies. Some video cameras had emerged in the crowd as some patrons felt the need to document the scene for posterity. Even without a clear idea of where to focus her attentions, Lauren could not stop herself from coming repeatedly. Even though oral and anal sex didn't normally do much for her arousal, because of it her clit hood was buzzing like crazy. These women were also very assertive, like "the mean girls" in some teen drama flick. They each brandished a switch and were not shy in its application. Lauren saved her loudest shrieks not for the switches, but for those times when the dildos in her sex and ass would ram into each other inside her body. They took her forcefully, with no concern about premature ejaculation.

9pm rolled around and Alice undressed and drew herself a bath. After another cleansing enema she soaked her skin in some bubbles before making herself up and applying perfume and lingerie to her body. She chose a chemise, black and elegant, and a silken, see-through robe. Locking 4 inch heels finished the ensemble and she was ready by 10:30. She flipped on the monitor to see how the "sisters" were doing. Rickey was about to make his move, and she was interested in seeing what he was up to.

Alice had checked in on the "sisters" at around 4pm after completing her rounds. She had been on the go at a frantic pace all afternoon, but her long-anticipated release was a great motivator. Despite her workload, she had managed to finish much of her regular workload, and integrate several new clients into their vacation packages. By 4pm, none of the sisters had activated their release mechanisms, but she still needed to observe them closely. None of them had the strength anymore to mount a man and ride him from the top. They were all now reduced to limp mounds of wet female flesh. Part of her job at that point was ensuring that they still had the physical capacity to activate the kill-switch. Watching Lauren twist in place and arch her back during another orgasm was a pretty good sign that she was still conscious. She had the man using Bianca twist her nipples roughly until she visibly reacted. Denise's senses were still very much in the present, as she continually writhed with lust, no matter how she was being used.

Now Alice saw Ricky approach the scene with that perpetual smirk attached to his face. She smiled to herself when she realized what he was about to do. It was simple, but effective and she had to admire his style.

Denise's body was limp with exhaustion as she was, again, taken in her ass. A vibrator hummed away inside her sex. She could only grunt in whispers now, as her voice had left her many hours ago. Pools of sticky sweat and come caused her body to stick to the latex bedding here and there. The staff had been brutal, but the lines were finally beginning to dissipate. Bianca had needed some smelling salts about a half hour prior. Exhaustion had deprived all three of them of any more resistance. Denise felt mostly numb at this point. Someone had applied a TENS unit to her back while the sun was still up and she had felt completely spent ever since. But this did nothing to stop the hard slaps across the face, the aggressive hair pulling, and, most especially, the repeated abuse of her body. Each man or woman came at her with the energy of a rested, aroused, and hungry sex drive.

Now Mr. Rourke approached her with a devise in his hand. "You never cease to amaze, do you Number 2? Have you forgotten where your safety button is?" he asked as he tapped at her belt by her hands. "Perhaps this will help you remember. Just press the button, and it will all stop." The devise in his hand sparked to life and he brought it up to her forehead. With one long, drawn out stroke Mr. Rourke applied the hair clippers to her skull, shearing off a long, wide strip of hair right down the middle of Denise's head. He picked up the silky strands of hair and held them to his nose to smell them. "You had beautiful, flowing locks of hair, Number 2. But real slaves have no need of their hair." Denise could not stop the tears as Mr. Rourke shaved her head completely bald. She had loved her long, raven locks, but despite losing them she felt a twinge of desire in her belly at such treatment. Losing her hair made her feel more like a slave than ever before, and her body responded.

"Hey!" exclaimed the man inside her. "She's tightening up some. I think she's getting off on being bald."

Mr. Rourke said nothing as he turned away from Denise and began to walk toward Bianca, who had suddenly found the energy to twist and scream in fear from behind a large, pink ball gag. Before he was close enough to reach for her auburn locks, Bianca's hands found the hard flap that protected her release mechanism. With desperate speed she lifted the flap and slapped at the button. Mr. Rourke smiled at her, but ceased his attempted assault on her hair. The staff member who was fucking her stopped immediately and others moved in. Bianca's belt, collar, gag, and cuffs were removed and she was carted off to the infirmary to recover.

Lauren only needed one look from Mr. Rourke. She then bowed her head in defeat and pressed her own button. She knew that she had probably needed Denise to quit first since she had started the day more than twenty points behind. There was no sense in losing her hair if there was no way she was going to win. Mr. Rourke put down the clippers and walked over to Denise again.

"Congratulations, Number 2. You've won the Sorority Sister Competition. You can stop now."

"Hey," heaved the staff member with his cock buried inside her. "I think she's coming!"

It was 2am and Alice was in the lobby still dressed in her revealing nightwear, nervously monitoring Denise's condition. Ricky shook his head with annoyance as the last staff member came inside Denise's mouth and crawled off the bed. "I'm outta here, man!" he announced. It was usual for the complex to be bustling with energy into the early morning hours, but the "sisters" had worn out just about every soul on the island who wasn't already tied down. Lauren and Bianca were fast asleep in their own separate rooms, unbound and free as birds but Denise had still not pressed her button.

"Is she even awake, Doc?" Ricky asked with annoyance.

"Yes, and based on these readings, she's still very aroused." They were both alarmed. Things had gotten out of hand. They had even postponed the long-anticipated key release back in Alice's living quarters to see that Denise got the appropriate medical attention.

"My God! Ricky, do you see this? There's blood on the bed. She's sustained a vaginal tear!"

"Well, I'm calling it. I'll press the damn button myself."

" . . . please . . ." whispered Denise.

"What did she say?" Alice asked Mr. Rourke. "What is it child?" and she bent over her to hear the words.

" . . . please . . . gag me . . . ."

Dr. Adams was either too tired or too flustered too to notice that her living quarters were not empty when she finally returned from the infirmary. She jumped in alarm when she found Mr. Rourke in her bed, naked, flicking at the television with the remote control. "Really, Ricky!"

"You were expecting someone else?" he inquired.

"Of course not! I thought I was alone in here." Alice slipped off her silk robe and drew back the covers.

"Don't forget the slip," barked her guest.

Alice rolled her eyes and slipped her arms through it. After squeezing her bosom out of it, the chemise fell silently to the ground around her feet. "I thought we might talk business for a moment before we begin. It's important, sir." She snuggled up next to him and threw her left leg over his waist. Mr. Rourke could feel her chastity belt grind into his hip. It was warm to the touch, as if she had been wearing it long enough for it to permanently adopt her body temperature.

"MMmmmmmmmm. I love it when you call me sir. Fire away, Doc."

"I'm offering you a quickie tonight. You don't even have to get me off. I need to be up very early to check on Number 2's recovery, and then I have to draft the final report on the competition and the winner. After that is your performance review. Don't laugh that off, Ricky. You need to show the board humble respect at this juncture. This is the review that gets you the promotion."

"I'll handle it. I have a different question. Been buggin' me all night. This winner, that you speak of; who do you think it is?"

"Why, Number 2, of course. She's the most submissive by far. I think that's clear." Alice was wondering where this was headed.

"That's true, but that doesn't make her the winner. She didn't finish the last round of the competition."

"She outlasted the others," Alice responded. "They lost."

"Yeah, but she didn't finish . . . " It would not be easy for Mr. Rourke to explain this to her. He didn't have her Ivy League education or her vocabulary. "If a submissive has one job to do, it's knowing her limits. The final day was a test of limits. A submissive has one responsibility during play. She puts herself, and her master, in danger when she fails to recognize that and hurts herself. Number 2 does not understand this. She just gets off on abuse. That makes her the worst kind of slave. She's only in it for her own gratification."

Alice thought seriously about what he was saying, and found herself agreeing with him. 'Damn, him!' she thought. "You are right. As a psychologist, I think it's clear that Number 2 has completely failed this test since the very beginning. I'm surprised at myself for not having seen it sooner. Her self-bondage on day 4 should have given it away. She's a pure masochist. She has taken every opportunity to push herself as far as she possibly could since her second day here. All of the opportunities to demonstrate submission that we gave her, she took and with vigor. She has ignored every bit of training she has been given on safety and her present condition is a direct result of that failure. I fear for her health once we release her back to the sorority. She could very easily end up dead or severely injured. Safety words probably have no meaning for her. I will have to put this in my report."

During Alice's short monologue Mr. Rourke was absentmindedly watching the sport's highlights and feeling her up at the same time. Dr. Adams' rack was one of the best he had ever seen, and his own personal favorite. Her breasts were large, but not big enough to appear unnatural. They also had that natural shape and feel that only genetics can provide. The way she liked to briskly walk around the complex and wear those low-cut bras and blouses also made them jiggle with every step in an attention-grabbing way. As Mr. Rourke kneaded one of her breasts, the sheets revealed his erection becoming more and more pronounced and bobbing up and down in rhythm with his pulse. When Alice had finished her thoughts on Denise, the young, dominant male flicked off the remote and tossed it aside while turning toward his catch. "Enough talk, wench!"

Alice began to rise to fetch her key from the now open box on the mantel above the fireplace, but he held her wrist firmly and pulled her back to him. "Looking for this?" and he made the key "appear" from behind her ear with his sleight of hand. "How long has it been for you, again?"

"Twenty-Nine days and eleven hours," she whispered to him between kisses.

"And you think a 'quickie' will satisfy me?"

It was Mr. Rourke's turn to sleep in Sunday morning. Dr. Adams' bed was much more comfortable than his own. He arose briefly at around 7am to release her and to lock her chastity belt back on, with the anal plug, of course. He had also added a dildo because, in his mind, Dr. Adams walked through the complex with just a little too much panache. This dildo would cure her of that. He had ordered it special from the R & D department in anticipation of someday controlling her. Not only was it a molding of his own erect manhood, it was designed to recognize when the wearer was walking, and it was programmed to extend and retreat a couple inches with each step, effectively fucking the submissive as she walked. He wouldn't make Alice wear it all the time, he decided. He was sure it would make it very difficult for her to concentrate and maintain her level of productivity. It was sure to keep her mind on sex most of the today, however, which was important to him. No, he would only use it when the mood struck him. Before she left he had also locked some 5-inch heels on her ankles. These were two inches taller than any other heels the buxom Doctor possessed.

There was a closing ceremony for the "sisters" at noon, then they would be leaving on the ferry for their 3pm flight back to their campus. At ten he got up to shower and by 11am he was leaving Dr. Adams' quarters, dressed and fed. He decided to stop by the infirmary before seeing to the presentation room, where the winner would be crowned. Dr. Adams was in her white medical coat looking at some charts in the lab. Competitor Number 2 could be seen through the one-way looking glass, resting with a bemused smile on her face. Mr. Rourke wanted to sneak up behind Alice and put his hands on her ass, but he knew he shouldn't. To make this work, he would have to keep their daytime lives together strictly professional.

"Good morning, Doctor. How's our patient doing?" Dr. Adams gave him an annoyed look but answered him professionally.

"Not as good as she appears, I'm afraid. I would like you to have a talk with her, actually, so you can judge her condition for yourself." Alice rose and gingerly shuffled over to unlock the door to Denise's medical cell. Her cheeks visibly flushed from the three steps it took to reach and open it. Mr. Rourke could tell her breathing was ragged and her nipples were poking through her blouse and coat, revealing her arousal. He watched her with lust and could feel his penis grow a little. Despite the fact that he had spent several early morning hours probing her body with his cock, he wanted to rip her clothes off and make her scream with lust again right then and there. But, duty called . . . . "The vaginal tear was substantial, but the surgery went well and she seems to be recovering quickly from her physical injuries."

"Thank you, Doctor." Mr. Rourke entered room and addressed Denise. "How are you feeling this morning, young lady?" Denise smiled at him and her face brightened.

"Oh, I'm very well, thank you, sir. Would you please gag me?"

"Later, perhaps." His brow furled with some concern. "You realize that we've been very worried about you for the last few hours. Before we release you to join your "sisters" at the closing ceremony, we'd like to make sure that your condition is as good as when you began the competition, minus the obvious injury."

Denise gave him a puzzled look. "I don't have any sisters, sir."

"I meant your sorority sisters, dear. They will surely be expecting you to join them in a few hours, and then the three of you will be going back home. Don't you want to go join them?"

Again, Denise looked puzzled. "Home? But this is my home, sir? SubmissiveLand is my home."

Mr. Rourke sighed and pulled up a chair so he could sit close to the young girl. This was more serious than he had imagined. "Listen carefully to my questions, ok? Do you know what happened yesterday?"

"Yes, of course."

"Alright, tell me what happened yesterday and why you are here."

"I was servicing many men in the lobby beginning early in the day. Late in the day I came very hard one time and squeezed to tightly on a man's cock with my pussy and tore it. I didn't mean to. I should have had more self-control, and I apologize."

"That's alright. Now, can you tell me why you are here in the first place? Can you tell me what the reason was for servicing those men?"

"I . . . well, sir, I'm a submissive. I pleasure others. That is my purpose. I'm here because this is my place." Denise wasn't trying to be evasive. She just couldn't comprehend the meaning of the questions. She was pleased, however, to be getting so much attention from Mr. Rourke. It made her feel special. "Would you please give me an anal plug, sir. I had to sleep without one last night and I tossed and turned all night. The other Doctors won't let me have one."

Mr. Rourke was thoroughly vexed at this point. "Later, perhaps. Don't you remember being in college, young woman? Don't you remember living in the Midwest? Being a member of a sorority? Studying calculus?"

"I . . . um . . . no, sir. I don't remember that. I'm sorry." Denise looked as if she might cry. She felt very confused.

"Can't you tell me anything about your life before coming here, Denise?"

"Why does everyone here keep calling me Denise?"

"Isn't that your name?"

"I have no name, sir. I am competitor Number 2. Would you please gag me?"

"Great! Just great. She, literally, got her brains fucked out and I'm going to prison for a very long time!" Mr. Rourke was rubbing his temples in frustration back in the lab.

"Perhaps not, Ricky. You haven't seen everything yet. Here, let me show you this recording I made an hour ago." And Alice shuffled, again gingerly, to the monitor on the wall. "Once I began to comprehend the severity of the problem I had Number 3 come down from her suite to have a talk with the patient. Have a look." Mr. Rourke watched the recording which showed Lauren approaching Denise in the recovery room. On the tape the two women embraced and offered each other congratulations for surviving the competition. When Lauren praised Denise for winning the competition, Denise shook her head and announced she was conceding the race to her. Denise added that she would be staying at SubmissiveLand for the unforeseen future and that she hoped Lauren would come and visit her next year when it was time to select a new sorority president. In all respects, the woman on the screen resembled the cognitive, innocent Midwestern family girl that had arrived the previous Saturday. She showed no signs of psychological damage.

The tape ended and Mr. Rourke threw his hands in the air. "What the fuck, Doc!"

"I know, Ricky. But I think I have an explanation."

"So, she wasn't' trying to deceive me when I talked to her just now?"

"No, I don't think so. To begin with, this girl doesn't have a deceptive bone in her body. I don't think she could openly lie to you like that, or to anyone else for that matter. I believe that the stress of yesterday's competition has caused this girl's personality to split into two separate, and very different, personalities. The first one, we are familiar with: the Midwestern college girl who wears white cotton panties and never forgets to brush her teeth. The second personality is a product of her training, specifically, the training she has been given by you. This second personality is the pure, masochistic submissive. She doesn't remember, or care, about anyone or anything from her previous life. She wants only to be abused and to serve others. She is also a much stronger personality than Denise ever was, and will likely take over the girl's mind, and life, completely in time. Personality A, or Denise as she used to be called, knows that personality B is taking over, and she is letting it happen."

"Is there anything we can do to stop it?" Mr. Rourke asked.

"Psychological treatment is a slow and painstaking process, Mr. Rourke. And medication may only frustrate that process, and incapacitate the girl. Furthermore, I'm not sure we should try and stop it."

"What do you mean?" This was an interesting perspective.

"Both personalities have one thing in common: they both accept that her place is here and that this is where she is meant to be. Both personalities want to stay here. That is an encouraging sign. Allowing her to stay might not be such a bad idea, anyway. She will be safe here, and we can provide her with submissive expression in a controlled environment. Perhaps someday, her newborn personality will be healthy enough to allow her to leave without becoming a danger to herself, but we certainly cannot allow her to leave now. She'd probably suck every cock on the ferry on her way back to the mainland. She'd find somebody, some stranger, to abuse her or beat her or worse, and we cannot let that happen. I say we fly her family down here, if she has any, and let them hear it from her in person that she is going to be living here for the unforeseen future."

Mr. Rourke was nodding his head in agreement throughout much of what Dr. Adams had to say. Perhaps it would be better this way. Number 2 would be allowed to continue to serve others and would be protected from the world at the same time. Maybe someday she would learn enough self-control to return to society at large. She clearly wasn't ready now. "Where will she stay? We can't keep her in her cell anymore."

Alice considered her answer carefully. "She can stay with us. She is, after all, our responsibility. We will teach her how to exist in society again and let her express her submission at the same time. Who better than we, who have the training and the knowledge to do it?"

51 weeks later . . .

Number 2 had finished tidying up her keepers' living quarters and was patiently awaiting her Mistress's return. Normally, Master and Mistress worked the entire day while she, Number 2, tidied up and found creative ways to self-bind herself for the afternoon. She was disappointed to learn that morning, however, that she would not be kept in "solitary" next week. One week out of the month she was happily cocooned in leather and rubber, gagged, blindfolded, bound and suspended in a hole in one of the sub-basement holding cells at SubmissiveLand while attached to several tubes and monitors. It was her favorite thing to do. A feeding tube would supply her with nourishment and water. An enema tube and a catheter would take care of her waste. During those weeks her mind would feel peaceful, instead of the buzzing confusion she normally felt. She would be constantly stimulated during those weeks and her orgasms were intense and long, sometimes lasting for hours. Her Mistress called this state of being, "sub-space", but her Master called it "slave meditation". Mistress explained to her that the sensory deprivation allowed her to concentrate solely on her submission, which is why she liked it so much.

When she wasn't in her hole she lived with them and picked up after them. Her Mistress even let her help out in her laboratory from time to time, running tests, crunching data and the like, while cuffed and belted of course. She knew how to calculate standard deviation now, and her Master would sometime let her test out new training techniques or equipment he was working on. In the evenings, they would often play by themselves, with her Mistress becoming her Master's sub, but Number 2 was often forced to participate as well, to her mutual satisfaction. She sighed and thought wistfully of the previous night's activities. She and Mistress had both been frogtied and ring-gagged and forced to endure a special anal plug that Master had been working on while taking turns pleasing him with their mouths. Mistress could not come from anal stimulation alone, and went to bed frustrated, but Number 2 came several times, and loudly.

More often than not, however, Number 2 spent her evenings in a suspended hogtie, gagged, plugged and belted, close to Mistress's and Master's bed, high enough off the ground to watch him bind and fuck her. It was important, they told her, to carefully observe Mistress and to watch for the times when she would use her safeword during their play. They told Number 2 that someday she would need to chose and apply her own safeword so that she could return to a semi-normal life. Number 2 had been purposely avoiding making her choice for a safeword. Why did they want her to leave at all? Weren't they happy with her? Didn't she please them? Who cares about "reentry into contemporary society" anyway?

This wasn't the whole story, of course. There had been times when she had misbehaved. She loved her keepers but Master spent more of his energy on Mistress than he did on her. There simply wasn't enough of him to go around sometimes. So, one time when she was unbelted during her period, she picked the lock that kept her in their living quarters and sought out someone to anally fuck her. She was a bit of sight, scampering naked in her heels throughout the complex, carrying nothing but a bottle of water-based lubrication and a large ball gag while the bells that hung from her nipple rings jingled sweetly. She accosted the first staff member she could find and knelt before him to unzip his pants. She knew that he wanted to do it to her, but he politely refused and tried to lead her back to her keepers' room. When she realized he would not fuck her she bolted and managed to lose him, temporarily. Number 2 was eventually found in a small storage room for outdated equipment, self-gagged and anally fucking herself with a police-issue billy-club. Master was furious, and refused to plug her for a month as a punishment. He also decreed that both she and Mistress would wear chastity belts all the time from then on, and that they could only be removed when they were bound, effectively preventing either of them from touching herself again. Mistress was very angry with her, and she was very sorry to disappoint either of them.

That didn't stop her, however, from misbehaving again just a few months ago. In an effort to garnish more attention from Master's cock, Number 2 had locked the key to Mistress' chastity belt in the locked box on the mantelpiece that they often talked about. She had no idea the timer was set to 30 days, she just wanted more attention. Master punished her by dropping her in the hole bound and gagged, but without any attachments to her chastity belt, and with no stimulation to her sex or ass, electrical or otherwise. She simply had to swing there for a week to think about what she had done, and realize, hopefully, that her selfish acts would only result in less stimulation, attention, and punishment, not more. That month was particularly vexing for Mistress, as Master had fitted her with the thrusting dildo that morning, and Mistress was methodically "fucked" by the devise for a month without release. Number 2 felt very sorry about this, after her time in the hole, watching Mistress struggle daily to control her arousal, secretly wishing their roles were switched. A hard month in a chastity belt that constantly fucked you while you walked seemed like a pretty fun punishment to her.

This morning had been different. Number 2 was told to clean up, but to await Mistress' return at about 11am. It was 10:30 now, and Number 2 allowed her hands to sneak up to her voluminous breasts to pinch and twist her nipples and ring the bells hanging from them that she loved so much. She hoped Mistress would return early and gag her. Nothing felt as good as large, demanding gag, except maybe nice vibrating anal plug. Number 2 repeatedly flexed her sphincter around the 2-inch plug inside her while she whiled away the minutes, grunting softly with the effort.

In the months that followed Number 2's most recent transgression with the locked box, Alice thought she was seeing some improvement in her finally. Her eyes would still glaze over every time she or Ricky brought up the subject of safewords with her, but at least she was no longer seeking out punishment. Alice sat in the lobby awaiting the ferry with this year's troop of sorority sisters. Lauren had proved herself to be a competent and successful sorority president, securing a multitude of lucrative alliances with pro athletes and opening discussions with chapters from other schools about the possibility of a national charter. Petitions for membership were at an all time high, she had reported, and this year's competition would include 6 nominees for president, not the three from last year. That week was still talked about amicably among staff and the board, and as a result, she and Ricky had, once again, drawn the assignment of running it this year. She considered it more of an honor than a chore. Ricky would do most of the heavy lifting anyway.

While she awaited the young ladies, Alice reflected on the last year of her life with her new partner/master. He had been very strict with her in private, which she appreciated, but he still maintained a great deal of respect for her, professionally. It seemed to be working out just as she had hoped it would. Alice was getting the control she craved from a man she adored, but was still able to manage an increasingly successful career working side by side with him. Marriage was an alien concept to both of them, considering the content of their daily lives, but if she had to classify their relationship it would be something akin to "domestic partners". He had even been monogamous with her, excepting of course their "daughter" as they referred to Number 2, and that month when her key got locked away in the timed release mechanism on the mantelpiece. She accepted it without argument when he sent for some submissive clients to join them in their bed that month. Alice was only slightly annoyed when he set up a treadmill at the foot of their bed and strapped her to it, forcing her to walk with the thrusting phallus locked inside her while she watched her man fuck other submissive women. After all, what was he supposed to do? Go a month with sex? Or fuck Number 2 more often. That would only reinforce Number 2's masochistic behavior, something they had struggled with for a year to get her to exhibit some self-control over. Furthermore, she had assumed from the beginning that Ricky's duties to his clients would occasionally require intimate contact with them. So she had been pleasantly surprised at his overwhelming preference for her body, in spite of all the indulgences available to him. Months would often go by in which she was the only object of his affections. They had also expressed their love for each other shortly after her regular, daily submission to him began. Alice was just as happy with him today as she had been the very first time he had used her, and her career was as strong as ever.

Alice was not actually waiting for the sorority sisters that Saturday morning. She was actually waiting for the sorority president, Lauren. She had asked Lauren to attend for the entire competition, not just to observe the contest, but to aid in Number 2's therapy. She had just finished a very strong cup of tea when Lauren approached her from the entrance.

"Dr. Adams? I'm Lauren. It's a pleasure to finally meet you."

"The pleasure is mine, my dear. I thank you for sacrificing your spring break to be here with us this year. My apologies to your significant other for drawing you away from him during your last spring break."

"Oh, he won't mind. SubmissiveLand has taught me well. I have ways of controlling him."

"I see!" Alice exclaimed. "Well, I hope you haven't forgotten all the training you received last year! You displayed a rare talent for submission."

"Oh, my lips still know their way around a ball gag, I can assure you of that. I switch, but I'm also bi. I have both a boyfriend and a girlfriend, and the keys to their belts," and Lauren jingled her key chain, of which Alice recognized several types of keys commonly used for padlocks and other bondage equipment. "Tommy doesn't usually submit to me, but he knows that if he doesn't this week he'll lose certain benefits that come with dating THE Sorority President of the university. Besides, it was his turn."

"I'm pleased to see the sorority in such good hands. Perhaps you also have the key to Number 2's recovery. You know she's been staying with us for a year now. You also used to know her as Denise. I'm sad to say she no longer recognizes that address, seeing herself now as no more than a slave assigned to a number. Were you able to bring some of the items I requested?

"I have," Lauren smiled at her. "By the end of last year's competition I had clearly recognized Denise's value to the sorority. I kept her room untouched this past year as a monument to the example she sets, and I've brought you one of her "State" sweatshirts, her favorite teddy bear, and her old high school yearbook." Lauren patted her travel bag. "On the subject of Denise's value, I had high hopes that you might integrate her participation into this year's competition. Perhaps she might demo the proper techniques of self-bondage for the competitors. Or, service her president, perhaps? It would be a great learning experience for them."

"Rest assured, my dear, Number 2 will be more than happy to lend a hand, or an ankle or two. And, I appreciate your assistance in acquiring some of her possessions from her past life. Here is staff-level access card. You'll need this to walk freely though the sub-basement levels. This is the key card to your executive suite." She shuffled the two cards over to the tall blonde, and let her fingers slide seductively over Lauren's outstretched hand. Alice stood up and made for Lauren to follow. "Take the elevators to sub-level 7 after you've had a chance to freshen up. Denise and I will be waiting for you. You will find her much different than the girl you once knew."

"We were never friends in the traditional sense, Dr. Adams. But last year's competition may have given us a bond deeper than friendship. If I can help, I will."

Alice asked her one last question before letting her retire to her suite, taking her arm-in-arm as they slowly clicked their heels toward the elevators. "This girlfriend of yours, is she a switch too? That would certainly make for an interesting threesome!" Lauren betrayed a mischievous grin before answering.

"She thinks she is. Bianca's my girlfriend. Well, more like "my little, redheaded midget-bitch" actually. She would never admit our relationship is consensual, but she secretly enjoys serving me and Tommy. She has more orgasms that the two of us combined! She's still quite a challenge to control, as your partner, Mr. Rourke, can attest to." Alice shared a knowing look with her new-found friend. Lauren had a successful career in front of her. She would become a valuable, professional resource, in time. Alice was also pleased things had turned out so well for Lauren and Bianca.

"We should discuss your immediate and long term career plans, Lauren. I'll comp the three of you for a week here at SubmissiveLand after you graduate, with plans to discuss a business opportunity we'd like to offer you. Several members of the board retired these past twelve months and Ricky's now the Executive Officer in charge. His rise has been meteoric! Our shareholders are interested in expanding our operations to an enclosed estate between LA and San Francisco. We have need of a strong willed operations manager who can run things right. I know you have other job offers, my dear, but I insist that you hear us out. We are prepared to offer you a retainer fee."

Ricky Rourke finally slid his card through the reader and passed through the door of the SubmissiveLand penthouse suite he was beginning to think of as "home". That thought would have given him caution six or seven months ago. But now there was something very comforting in the thought that he could finally drop his guard a bit at nighttime, and give into some of his baser, more animal, desires with the woman of his dreams. She had been the perfect submissive this past year: compliant, dutiful, and very enthusiastic. Her pussy was still seemed tighter than a bear trap when she came, and that didn't hurt either.

He walked in to find his women appropriately occupied. Alice was flipping through some charts and data while writing a report on her labtop and Number 2 was just pulling dinner out of the oven. But these tasks were not entirely innocent. Alice was attired in a corset that left her ample breasts exposed. It was further attached to a garter belt that kept her long, black stockings pulled up high on her long, toned legs. The shine of her chastity belt told him that she and Number 2 had taken turns polishing them in preparation for his return from work. A year's worth of service to him had trained them both well. Alice shifted back and forth on her chair while she worked in a way that further told him she had used her remote control to engage that special anal plug of hers. She also wore her thin-rimmed glasses and had her hair pinned up in the back with chopsticks. These were both a look that Ricky enjoyed, and requested of her often. Number 2, meanwhile, was taking very short steps between the kitchen and the dining table setting up dinner as her ankles were locked together with a very short, thick chain. Her mouth was stuffed with largest red ball gag in their accumulated collection and the young girl's personal favorite. Number 2 must have made some improvement earlier in the day. Rarely did they let her wear that gag. An apron poorly covered her naked breasts, and didn't hide her flesh at all from the back. Number 2 was also belted, of course. Only Ricky was allowed to hold the keys to the devises that entrapped their pussies. They had all learned that the hard way a few months ago. It had been difficult for Ricky to use other submissives in front of Alice, but they both knew it couldn't be helped, and, further, it did well to reinforce his power in the relationship. She served him completely and they liked it that way. That was that. Besides which, their lovemaking once her key was finally released from the locked box had been exceptionally intense and passionate and they talked about the possibility of repeating the whole affair someday.

Dinner was accompanied, as per usual, with a fair amount of sexual tension. Number 2 was offered a spot at the table, but preferred to eat from a bowl on the floor next to her Master. Alice described the meeting between Lauren and Number 2 earlier in the day and expressed satisfaction at the potential for serious progress in the future. Number 2, it appeared, had seemed to recognize her old "sister" and had spent much time examining the former keepsakes that Lauren had brought her. It was then decided that Number 2 would be rewarded for such progress by being allowed to join Alice in serving Ricky that night. Before gagging Number 2 for the night, Ricky paused to ask her if she'd chosen a safeword, something he did every night. Both Ricky and Alice were caught off guard by her response.

"Have you decided on a safeword tonight, Number 2?" he had asked after he had bound her arms in a reverse prayer and walked behind her kneeling form, preparing to stuff her mouth again with the large, red ball. Her hair was finally long enough to style, and, before bed, Alice had braided it into two, short, little pigtails.

"Yes, Master," Number 2 responded. Alice, who was already gagged and sporting an armbinder, cocked her head at the two of them in surprise. Her eyes met Ricky's and they held their breath collectively.

"And . . . ?" he prodded.

"My safeword is . . . "sister"."


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