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Margo and Elke were seated at the office conference table when Charlie arrived. She stood in the doorway looking like a pixie. At five feet, she was short of stature but perfectly proportioned. Her smooth skin and youthful beauty made her look more like a teenager than someone in her mid 20's. Charlie's short chestnut hair was perfectly sculpted by an expensive stylist. Her bright blue eyes sparkled and her face was lit by an impudent smile. She was dressed in a white cotton shirt and a plaid wool mini skirt. She wore a pair of black leather knee high boots with clunky square heels. Her legs were bare of nylons or pantyhose.

"Hi," she said. "You wanted to see me?"

Margo rose and guided her to the table next to Elke. "I certainly did." She smiled. "I've invited Elke to participate in a little ceremony for you."

"Er, hi Elke. Uh-what kind of ceremony?" she asked, starting to feel nervous.

Margo was grinning. "It's a twofold event- The first part is a promotion ceremony. Charlie, I am very impressed with the job you have been doing at TESSERACT and your contributions to the technological superiority that we enjoy in the industry. I've had my eye on you since before the Gondaloo emergency."

The young girl blushed. "Ah, I don't know what to say."

"That's not the only reason you are being promoted." Margo continued. "You are one of our most gifted engineers. Your inventions expand our corporate options and capabilities in the marketplace." Margo's smile became tighter. "I'm sure you will continue to come up with the same technological advances you made with your recent 'special project.' Why didn't you tell me that the piezoelectric project had been completed ahead of schedule?"

Charlie was noticeably nervous. "Uh, Margo, I meant to- and I put in a lot of overtime and-"

"Yes. It was quite a surprise-" Margo continued ignoring Charlie's nervous protestations, "Charlie, I am not as concerned about that as I am about something else."

Charlie realized that she was in big trouble. "I guess you're mad because I, um, gave Jamie a prototype?"

"'Mad' is an understatement." Margo stood up and stared down at the anxious girl. "You see, while I was on Gondaloo, I was forced to evaluate the project involuntarily! That was an error in judgment on your part!"

"But Margo- How could I know what Jamie had in mind?" Charlie said weakly, trying to stand up and back away from her angry boss.

"Vibrators don't torment people- People torment people?" Elke added amused at Charlie's situation. "Not a great defense Bug."

Margo continued, "I think that it would further your understanding of this situation for you to know what it was like experiencing those tantalizing sensations without letup and with no possibility of escape!"

"Eeep!" Charlie chirped nervously.

Elke came up behind the frightened girl and grasped her upper arms forcing her elbows together behind her back. Margo looked down into Charlie's wide eyes and began to unbutton the crisp white blouse. Charlie struggled helplessly in Elke's tight grip as Margo unbuttoned her skirt and watched it fall to the floor around her booted ankles.

"Couldn't I just go to a corporate sensitivity seminar?" Charlie begged. "One of the really boring ones?"

"Oh, you're going to be sensitized", Elke whispered into Charlie's ear.

"No, Charlie," Margo said, smiling at her helpless employee, "I believe you need a serious lesson in judgment." Charlie gasped when her lacy bra was unsnapped exposing a pair of firm, well-rounded breasts. Her pink nipples hardened quickly in the cool air.

Elke's well-defined muscles rippled beneath her smooth skin as she swung her diminutive captive effortlessly and lowered her face down onto the couch. The leather surface felt smooth and cool on Charlie's exposed skin.

Margo inhaled in anticipation as she pulled off Charlie's loose bra and panties. She locked padded cuffs around each wrist and snapped them together behind Charlie's back. After fixing a cuff around each of her boots she helped lift Charlie to her feet.

"Look, Margo." Charlie begged. "I didn't know the vibrator was going to be used on you. I designed it for you to use on someone else."

"And indeed it will be. But first I want to show you something I have developed in my own time." Margo held up the chastity belt. "This model works best if the wearer is somewhat stimulated. You see the small recess in this rubber crotch piece? It's called a 'clit collar.' It uses pneumatic power to suck the clitoris into the recess and hold it in place. This serves two purposes: First it isolates the clit and dampens any external stimuli. It also positions the clit in direct line with a tiny, internal feather wheel. We call it a feather wheel because of the delicacy of its contact. A small axle spins a fringed disk controlled by an external remote device. The remote not only allows the user to bring the feather wheel closer to the clitoris, but it also permits a variety of speeds from tantalizingly slow, to agonizingly fast. The faster speed has been compared to both a whip and an electric shock."

Charlie felt damp between her legs when she imagined the sensations that could be generated by the belt.

Margo continued. "There are tiny pores in the rubber which allow continuous lubrication. The special oil used has been extracted from South American tropical flowers. The oil has a unique characteristic. In addition to being extremely slippery, it is a natural aphrodisiac, which is absorbed through the skin. As you can imagine, it is absorbed much more effectively and quickly through the clitoris."

Pointing to the crotch shield, Margo said. "You'll notice these two holes below the clit collar. The first one has little cage clamps designed to hold the labia out of the way should someone decide to insert anything through the hole. The rear hole is large enough to accommodate normal bodily functions so it can be worn for extended periods of time."

Margo nodded to Elke and they turned Charlie toward the mirrored wall where Margo knelt down and attached a snap link to the cuff on Charlie's left ankle. Then she pulled the fettered leg to the left and secured it to a recessed ring in the floor. Charlie felt Margo's hair brush her thighs as she pulled her right leg to the side and locked it in place as well.

"You're sure we can't discuss this?" Charlie offered weakly, knowing that it was well past that point.

A familiar feeling began to grow in Charlie's stomach as she stood in front of the mirror staring at herself naked except for the knee high boots. Her shoulders were pulled back slightly and her young breasts stood out proudly. Her nipples had grown hard both from the cool room temperature and from the erotic images that were going through her mind. How do I get myself into these situations? she thought. It's almost as if I wanted this to happen!

Her deliberations were interrupted by the sound of an electric motor and raising her eyes she saw a titanium rod extending out of the mirror about two feet above her head. Elke quickly unsnapped her wrists and raised them over her head, connecting them to a hook in the end of the rod. Charlie noticed that her reflection looked like an inverted "Y." She also wondered how many multi-billionaire executives had accessories like that in their offices.

Margo stepped in front of her holding the belt. "Think of this as in-depth research, the kind you haven't been doing on your dissertation." She said with a smile, reaching around the girl's waist and attaching the belt. Charlie gasped when she again felt the soft brown hair brush against her nipples. It was almost as if Margo were doing it on purpose. The slender girl remembered the last time she had been bound for fun and games and the idea caused a shiver to run down her back. The tightening belt brought her back to the present.

Margo moved back and said, "Elke will you finish this for me? I want to get something out of my desk."

Elke grinned. "It would be my pleasure." She sat down in front of Charlie and gently stroked her outer lips. Trained fingers brushed the inside of her straining thighs causing small whimpers from the bound figure. "Uh, Margo," she said. "I'm afraid she needs a little stimulation before I can make all the attachments."

Margo laughed from across the room. "I'm sure you can handle it."

"Right." Elke said moving her fingers across Charlie's smooth skin. The delicate touches moved slowly from one thigh up toward her mound but not touching it. Then the maddening caresses moved down the other thigh. Back and forth the sensations moved stimulating the squirming girl. She struggled to avoid the insistent fingers but the leather cuffs held her open and vulnerable. Elke knew what she was doing. The health spa director didn't need her degree in physiology to identify the quickened breathing and the flushed skin tone. If there was any doubt, Elke could hear the small moans and feel Charlie's involuntary thrusts against her fingers. "Eeeelkeee-" Charlie moaned.

"My, my. Look at you." She said mischievously. "I just started and you're way ahead of me."

Charlie groaned in embarrassment. She could feel the moisture forming between her legs. She knew that it would be visible to her tormentor in a few minutes. She stared at her self in the mirror like a stranger and saw that her nipples had hardened and grown larger. Suddenly her eyes widened when Elke's fingers brushed her furry mound.

"Uh, uh! Please, Elke. Don't." she moaned.

"Don't what?" Elke said in a throaty whisper. "Don't do this?" Her finger slid along the now wet pussy lips bringing another moan from poor Charlie. "Or how about this?" Elke bent forward, her face almost touching the captive and blew softly into the dark pubic hair.

Charlie's breathing was coming in short pants; her hips were thrusting against the teasing fingers. "Please, Elke." She groaned. "You're killing me."

Elke's fingers continued to move over her unprotected body. Charlie felt completely open and exposed. Abruptly, one finger entered her slippery channel.

"Oooohhh!" Charlie gasped, grinding her pelvis. Then two fingers entered her well-lubricated vagina. Charlie could feel that she was getting sloppy from the ministrations. Elke knelt astride her left leg using both hands to excite her. Fingers entered and withdrew; entered and withdrew. Then Charlie felt slippery fingers pressing against her sphincter. At first she clenched her cheeks but the other fingers continued to drive her crazy. Finally she opened herself to both hands and the fingers moved into her freely, in and out. All at once, Charlie felt something different as Elke pulled the crotch strap tightly through her legs. Before the helpless girl knew it, Elke had grasped one of her outer lips and secured it into the spring-loaded clamp. In two seconds the other outer lip was secured and the crotch strap pulled forward.

Elke grasped the rubber ball in one hand and pulled the crotch shield tightly against Charlie's clitoris. Two squeezes on the pump ball pulled the clitoris into the recess and secured it. Elke completed the process by buckling the crotch shield tightly to the belt in front.

Charlie was sobbing now in frustrated arousal and embarrassment. Her legs were spread obscenely and her sex was completely exposed to the air through the hole in the crotch shield. Her vagina gaped open like a tiny mouth waiting to be fed. She was sexually excited and desperately needed release.

Margo walked back into her field of view holding the vibrator. "Charlie! Stop your sniveling and look at this. You'll notice that it is somewhat smaller than your prototype, but I assure you that it performs the same in all respects. Do you see the base here? It attaches to the belt you are wearing through either hole."

Charlie realized the full implications of her position and began to struggle and beg for release. Her pleas quickly reduced to babbling. Just then Eve's calm voice interrupted.

"Margo, you have a priority call from the Queensland Police Minister."

"Oh great!" Margo barked. "Elke, find something to shut her up. I have to take this call." Elke nodded and pulled a special ball gag from her bag and thrust it into Charlie's babbling mouth. When she locked the rubber-covered cable behind the victim's neck it contracted to pull the ball tightly into Charlie's mouth.

Margo spoke quietly into the phone and hung up. She returned to the two women. "Elke, I have to go to Queensland immediately. We've got final approval on the Police VR training facilities contract, but I need to make a couple of adjustments to our proposal. Also they want me to attend a promotion ceremony for a couple of friends of ours who will be heading up the new Cairns Police Station, DCI Jones and DI Atkins."

"Eve," she said. "Have my jet prepped for flight to Australia. Contact Kat and have her meet me at the gate. Notify key personnel of my plans and coordinate status updates through my wireless mini computer."

"Yes Margo," Eve's voice replied, "The jet will be ready for departure upon your arrival. Ms. Mayfair says she has to 'tie a few loose ends up' but that she will meet you at the gate on time."

"Elke, I'm sorry I will not be able to continue my little lesson plan with the Bug here. I want you to take charge-normal restrictions on injury-but I want you to make sure she learns her lesson well. She is yours until tomorrow night. Just remember that she has work to do in her new job so I want her to get a good nights sleep before then."

"Oh, Eve. I almost forgot. Please key Elke's transponder to the remote on the vibrator. I want her to be able to show Charlie how much fun it is." With the last instructions, Margo waved to Elke and Charlie and strode out the door.

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