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Charlie stood there trembling, her legs spread and arms pulled up over her head. Conflicting feelings heightened all of her senses. The tenderness from the cage clamps on her labia had faded. All her feelings seemed to be focused on her clitoris, which felt enlarged and squeezed by the clit collar. An itch was growing between her legs that would soon drive her crazy if she couldn't rub it.

Elke knelt in front of her to release her wide spread legs. "Come on, Bug." She grinned. "If you don't stop pulling against the rings, I can't unsnap the links holding your feet apart."

Charlie could feel the blond Amazon's breath against her bare skin and she thrust her pelvis forward in frustration.

"Oh no, Bug!" Elke warned. "This is supposed to be a lesson you will remember. I can't let you enjoy this too much."

Elke let her hands move upwards from Charlie's ankles, feeling the smooth leather of her boots until her fingers reached the top. She began to trace circles below Charlie's knees causing her to groan and twist against her bonds. The hands continued their tantalizing progress upward along the inside of Charlie's legs only to stop at mid thigh.

"I can see how close you are. I have to be careful not to let you come too fast." Elke said rising and walking over to the bar. There she got a small bucket filled with ice and returned to the struggling captive. "These should cool you down." She said placing one against each erect nipple. Charlie screamed through the gag and tried to get away from the icy pain. Elke smiled as she held them in place while Charlie squirmed and twisted to escape. The cubes melted slowly, water dripping down her exposed breasts.

"Oh look!" Elke said. "The cubes are smaller now. Just about the right size to fit through your chastity belt."

"Nghh, Mpfff!" Charlie grunted through her gag.

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Elke looked down into her victim's eyes and slowly inserted both cubes into the opening between the cage clamps. Charlie's muffled screams changed to high-pitched squeals and her body gyrated wildly as she fought against the freezing cold between her legs. She struggled and twisted in her tight bindings until finally, two tiny pieces of ice dropped out on the carpet between her legs.

"Well, Bug." Elke said. "You are getting pretty good at this. I'll bet you can't do it again with a larger ice cube."

Charlie's wide eyes pleaded and she shook her head emphatically. Elke could see that Charlie was no longer on the brink of climax. She smiled down at her prisoner and said, "What do you say, Bug? Would you like me to change your position?" Charlie nodded with enthusiasm.

Elke bent over the large octagonal coffee table in front of the couch. In the center was a shallow depression holding a decorative centerpiece. She reached under the table and released a catch and the centerpiece swiveled upside down revealing a padded leather cushion. She locked it in place and turned back to her suspended hostage. Kneeling down, she unsnapped the cuffs from the floor rings allowing Charlie to bring her feet together. Then she reached down and wrapped her arm around Charlie's waist, lifting her up against her firm abdominal muscles. Charlie moaned as she was lifted her off her feet and her hardened nipples brushed against Elke's satiny smooth leotard. The blond captor reached up and unsnapped the cuffs from the titanium rod allowing Charlie to slide down along her muscular body until her feet again reached the floor.

"Come on, Bug." She said leading Charlie toward the coffee table. "I want you to sit in the middle of that table on the leather pad." The young girl looked up at her warily, but complied with the instructions. Pulling a leather pillow off the couch Elke laid Charlie on her back and slid it under her head. "I want you to be comfortable, Bug. You've got a long night ahead of you." The blond Amazon pulled her captive's arm out to the side and snapped it to a retractable cable at the side of the table. Moving around the table, she quickly secured Charlie's other wrist. "Now, Bug. You get a choice. If you say so, I will remove your boots. But of course, that leaves your bare feet vulnerable and I have some very fiendish tickling devices to try on you. What do you say, shall I pull the boots off?"

Charlie shook her head and tried to say something through the gag without success.

Elke checked the cuffs around each ankle for tightness and pulled her feet down so that the padded cushion was under the captive's hips. She then secured her legs widely apart with two more retractable cables. Charlie was stretched wide on top of the padded leather cushion, her pelvis thrust up suggestively. "You know," Elke said looking down at her spread-eagled captive. "I can't tell if you hate having your feet tickled or if you just like boots." The tall blond ran her hands over the smooth black leather. Then she leaned over and blew softly into the open cavity of her exposed prisoner. The warm breath caused Charlie to shiver in her constraints.

"I know this is hard for you, Bug." Elke said. "But you have to learn a lesson. Margo is the first person who gets to use your inventions." She said, running her fingers lightly over Charlie's breasts and grasping both nipples. "Not Jamie." her grip tightened. "Not Brie." The fingers exerted more pressure. "Not anyone except Margo!" Her fingers gripped the nipples tightly and began to pull them away from Charlie's body. "Do you understand?"

"Mmphh, ughhh Nnngggh!" Charlie screamed through the gag.

"I'll take that as a yes. Now let's start your lesson." Elke held up the piezoelectric vibrator in front of Charlie's eyes. "This new toy of yours is going to give you so much pleasure that you won't be able to stand it. And when you have had so many multiple orgasms that you can't bear another- you will get one more- and then one more!

Charlie struggled wildly and tried to shout through the gag. Her captor looked down at her and said, "I don't want you to pass out from lack of oxygen so I am going to remove your gag." Elke pulled the ball out of her mouth with a wet sounding plop. You can scream all you want to because this office is sound proof. Actually, I like hearing how much you are enjoying your self."

Charlie licked her lips and began begging in a hoarse whisper. "Please, Elke. Have mercy on me. I know what that vibrator can do! It'll drive me insane!"

"I certainly hope not, Bug." Elke grinned evilly. "I'm going to make you beg for this vibrator. You are going to promise me anything if I will use it on you."

"Nooooo, Elke, please. I will promise you anything right now if you just let me loose. I'll fix your minicomp! I'll rewrite all the routines on the gym equipment! I'll take my backdoors out of the system!"

Elke sat down on the table next to her helpless captive and reached over to pick the remote device. Twisting a dial, she pressed one of the buttons

"Ahhhaah." Charlie arched her back and moaned. "What's going on?"

Elke released the button and Charlie slumped back onto the pad. "That, Bug, is the feather wheel slowly brushing your clit."

Charlie giggled, "Oh Wow! It almost blew my mind!"

"I have heard that the sensation is overpowering, at least that's how Jodi described it when I tested it on her." Elke replied. "Now I have to run down to the Health Club for a minute. Just so you don't get bored I am going to set the timer. Let's try five seconds of tickle followed by 25 seconds of rest. That should keep you interested but not put you over the edge." Elke set the timer and bent over to kiss Charlie just as the feather wheel began its five seconds of devilish torment. Charlie's body tightened again and she thrust her pelvis as far as her bound arms and legs would allow. She felt Elke's soft lips on hers and tried not to respond. She was almost strong enough to resist. As the feather wheel stopped Charlie's head raised off the table and she hungrily returned the kiss!

But Elke pulled away and turned to leave.

"Elke, wait! Don't leave me like this! I'm so damned hot I could explode."

"Sorry, Bug." She said over her shoulder. "All part of your lesson." And then she was out of the room.

The next five-second feather wheel session began, catching Charlie by surprise. "Ugggghh!" she groaned. The sensations focused on her swollen clit. Her entire being rose toward a climax-But then it was gone and her body slumped back on the table.

She tried not to anticipate the wheel during her 25 seconds of rest, but she became more excited each time it teased her. Only the feeling was too short. Charlie knew that she could climax if only it would stay on long enough. She was frustrated each time. The helpless young woman was alone with the sensations and her imagination. Her mind went back to Elke and the softness of her lips, the curve of her athletic figure molded by the tight spandex leotard.

Again the feather wheel disrupted her thoughts, teasing her clitoris and driving her closer to climax. Then it stopped and she lay there panting. She wondered when Elke was coming back and what other tortures she would have to endure at the hands of her statuesque captor. She was so stimulated that she began to look forward to her sexual teasing. She was completely at someone else's mercy with no control over the fantastic sensations that she was feeling. In fact, she was beginning to enjoy the feeling of being tightly tied.

The feather wheel sang its five second song again. Charlie struggled against the cables that held her spread on the table, twisting and squirming. The only sounds were her ragged breathing and the squeak of her leather boots against the cuffs that held her legs wide spread.

Charlie lost track of time. The wheel spun and she tried to prolong the stimulation to no avail. The constant cycle of arousal and denial created a stronger sexual urge than she had ever felt before. "Elke!" she screamed in desperation. The only answer was the next progression of the feather wheel.

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