Charlie's Belt 4 | vibrator bondage story

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When Elke returned, Charlie was sobbing her name. The tall blond quickly reached over and shut off the feather wheel. "Oh thank you, Elke! Thank you!"

Elke looked down at her. "Gees, Bug. I was only gone 20 minutes or so. Were you bored?"

"Oh, Elke." Charlie moaned. "I'm so hot. Please help me. Please do something."

Elke sat on the table next to her. "Poor Bug. So excited. What do you want me to do?" She asked placing her hand under Charlie's breast and gently squeezing it. "Do you like this?"

Charlie moaned, "Oh yes, yes! Please Elke, I'm so frustrated. I need to come. I can't stand it. You've got to help me."

"You know, Bug?" Elke leaned forward and exhaled slowly against Charlie's sensitive breasts. "I have always thought your nips could be a little longer. Its time for me to help you out." She picked up two small rubber suction cups, squeezed the air out, and attached one to each of Charlie's excited nipples.

The helpless girl gasped when each hardened bud was sucked tightly into the rubber sphere. The pain seemed to increase her passion rather than decrease it, the ache, merging with the now forgotten sensations between her legs. Elke ran her fingers lightly down the bound captive's leg, pausing at the top of her boots and returning up the inside to mid thigh.

"Are you ready for the vibrator yet?" she whispered.

Charlie shook her head. "Oh no, Elke. Please don't use it on me. Anything else but that."

"Okay, if you don't want it, I'm not going to force it on you. I told you that you would have to beg. Let's see how ticklish you are." With a cruel smile, Elke ran her fingers lightly over Charlie's tight abdomen. Then she moved them to her sides and moved slowly up toward the exposed armpits.

"Elke! Stop! I can't stand it! Please stop. Aiiiigggh!" She screamed in helpless laughter. Elke grinned and dug in her fingers causing Charlie to throw herself against the cables that held her in position on the table. Aiiiiighh!" she screamed again. "Stop! Oh god, Y-you're driving me crazy!"

Elke reached down and picked up the remote, stabbing at the button. Charlie's back arched as the feather wheel slowly spun against her clitoris. "Nnnnggh. Nnngggh." She groaned. Elke began tickling her armpits again and Charlie's screams rose in pitch until her body stiffened.

Elke released the pressure and Charlie tried to recover her breath. "Elke, please." She pleaded. "Just leave it on a little longer and I know I can come."

"No you don't." She replied. "When you come it's going to be with the vibrator. You let me know when you're ready."

Charlie spoke in a low voice. "Can you put it in just long enough for me to have one climax? Pretty please-"

Elke didn't answer. Instead she pushed the button for a few seconds and released it just long enough for Charlie to catch her breath. Then she repeated the process several times watching Charlie's face. The suffering girl was panting and groaning.

Eve's voice came over the office speakers. "Elke, remember the prohibition on injury. Charlie is hyperventilating."

Elke quickly released the bulb. Charlie gasped, "Almost. I- I almost made it."

Elke tapped on one of the nipple balls causing Charlie to jerk in her bonds. "Eve, are any of the toys causing injury?"

Eve's voice replied, "Charlie is at an extremely high level of sexual arousal. The toys are supporting that level. There is a certain level of discomfort but injury is not imminent as long as you are careful."

Elke's brow wrinkled. "Eve, I'm trying to get her to beg for the vibrator. What do you recommend?"

"She is very close. I suggest you avoid additional clitoral stimulation. Perhaps you should try aural stimulation."

"Thank you, Eve." Elke said stretching out on the table beside the helpless girl. Leaning on one elbow, she bent over and whispered in Charlie's ear. "Little Bug. I can help you. Do you want me to?"

"Oh yes!" Charlie groaned. "Please, Elke. Help me!"

Elke gently kissed her cheek. Charlie turned her head and hungrily sought Elke's elusive lips. But Elke stayed just out of reach and slowly brushed her fingers over Charlie's exposed breasts, tracing circles around the rubber cups that held the poor girl's hardened nipples in their tight clutch.

"Shall I release the suction cups?" she asked sympathetically.

"Oh yes, Elke. Please!" she begged.

Elke reached over and grasped one of the small rubber spheres without squeezing it and pulled it away from Charlie's straining chest.

"Ahhhggh." Charlie gasped.


"Oops," Elke smiled. "I forgot to let the air out." The blond captor pressed the cup releasing the vacuum and removed it. Charlie sighed in relief and Elke grasped the other one, pulling on it gently.

"Nnnnoo." Charlie gasped, twisting against her bindings. Elke pulled the cup and squeezed it at the same time releasing it with a small sucking noise.

"Poor little Bug," Elke crooned. "Look at how long your nipples are." They were in fact noticeably longer. Elke ran her hands gently across each one watching them stand out from the areoles. "Poor nipples. Here, let me kiss them and make them better." Elke bent down and seized one between her lips and let her tongue circle it.

Charlie began to moan and squirm helplessly. Elke brought her hand over to the other breast and began teasing the nipple with her fingernails. She seized the first nipple in her mouth with her teeth and gently bit down. Charlie arched her back thrusting her body up toward the delicious torture. "Please, Elke, Please." She pleaded. "You promised. Oh, god, I can't stand it anymore! Let me have it!"

Elke smiled and twisted one nipple with her fingers and sucked the other one deeply into her mouth. "Let you have what?"

"The vibrator!" she cried. "I give up! Give it to me!"

Elke continued to tease Charlie's vulnerable body. "Are you sure you want it, Bug?"

"Yes! Yes! Give it to me!" Charlie pleaded. "Please, Elke. I'm begging you. Stick it in me!"

"Okay, if that's what you want." Elke said letting just the tip of the vibrator enter the wide-open channel.

Charlie was defeated. All she could think of was an orgasm. She twisted and jerked against her restraints saying, "Please, Elke, please. Oh please give it to me. Please."

The muscular dominatrix slowly pushed the piezoelectric device deep into Charlie's eager sex and twisted it into the locking collar of the chastity belt securing it in place. She leaned over the helpless girl and said, "Are you ready, Bug?" and then she turned it on.

Charlie's eyes grew wide. She couldn't see the red and green rings blinking softly along the cylinder's exterior as the phased harmonics set up a silent vibration deep between her legs, but she felt the incredible sensations penetrate her innermost depths. Elke reached over and turned the dial to medium. Charlie screamed as the orgasm overwhelmed her. Her body stiffened on the table and her pelvis strained upward against the bonds as the massive climax lifted her high into the roller coaster of sensory excitement. She couldn't stop coming. Animal grunts and moans came out of her throat as she jerked and twisted on the table.

Elke was amazed at the force of her prisoner's climax. She gazed down into Charlie's eyes and watched them lose focus and become glazed. For a moment she became frightened and called out to Eve. "Eve! Is she in danger of being harmed?"

Eve responded. "Charlie is experiencing a massive sexual orgasm. She is in no danger at the present time. Her response will peak in about a minute and then diminish. She will be dazed. The piezoelectric device will cause her to repeat this event in a few minutes after which she will try to resist the sensations without success. If you do not turn off the device, she will experience multiple orgasms for approximately two hours. Her body is young and very resilient. After two hours, she will lose consciousness for a time. The vibrator will continue to stimulate her and she will awaken to additional orgasms. After five hours, the vibrator must be turned off because her pulse rate and blood pressure will be at maximum rate and she will be highly dehydrated. I will continue to monitor and control the sensations if you wish."

Elke was astonished at how long Charlie lasted. The helpless girl felt every touch from her subjugator. Elke was so protective that she hugged the shuddering victim kissing her firmly on the mouth. Charlie responded powerfully thrusting her tongue into Elke's mouth.

Finally Elke tore herself away. She rose from the table and gazed down on the twisting girl. Although she felt guilty, she knew that Charlie had earned this lesson. It was too bad that she was so young and innocent. Elke noticed that a significant amount of moisture was forming between Charlie's legs and dripping down on the table. The young girl's moans were continuous now and her eyes were glassy. Elke replaced the suction balls over Charlie's nipples and she climaxed again. Elke flicked the rubber cups with her finger and Charlie came again. The sensations continued. The helpless prisoner lost track of time. She tried to tell her captor to turn off the vibrator but she couldn't talk. Eventually blackness closed in and she lost consciousness.

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