FRIDAY NIGHT - tongue clamps bondage story

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I walked into the living room and was confronted by an extraordinary sight. Pauline was sitting naked, in the middle of the floor. The big furry blanket was stretched around her, and our entire collection of bondage toys was arranged in a large circle around the blanket. She looked up at me and grinned.

"What's this?" I asked.

"Wrestling," Pauline replied.


"Any toys can be used, first person to orgasm loses."

"But I was going to watch Top Of The Pops in a few minutes."

"Don't worry, you'll be bound helpless in a few minutes. I'll turn the TV on so you can watch Top Of The Pops while you cum."

"What makes you so sure I'll lose?" I asked, peeling off my clothes.

"It's a foregone conclusion," Pauline smiled, looking me up and down as I stepped naked onto the blanket and sat down beside her.

"How do we start?" I asked.

"Like this!" Pauline replied, pouncing on me.

I fell backwards, feeling the soft fur of the blanket beneath my back as Pauline pinned me down. I giggled at the absurdity of the situation, being pinned down by Pauline while she quickly scanned around for a suitable item with which to begin my binding. I wasn't giving up so easily, though, so I twisted and pushed her off, changing our positions so that I was sitting on top of her. She struggled underneath me, threatening to reverse the situation again, so I took action - reaching down to her tummy, I began to tickle her.

"That's... cheating!" she managed to say between fits of laughter, her struggles weakening as all her energy went into giggling.

"I don't remember anything in the rules saying I can't tickle you..." I grinned, evilly, watching her squirm, quite helpless.

At least, I thought she was helpless. Having my arm bitten was the last thing I was expecting, and the shock was enough to let her gain the advantage - within moments, she was pinning me face-down, panting as she got her breath back from the tickling.

"You bitch!" I said, checking for teethmarks on my arm.

"Now, now, watch your language," Pauline taunted, her fingers moving down to my sides to tickle me.

"I thought we agreed that tickling was illegal in this game..?" I tried.

"You're not getting away that easily," she said - I didn't reply, I was too busy thrashing and giggling as she drove me wild with her fast-moving fingers.

She shifted her weight, stopping her tickling for a moment. As I caught my breath, I looked to the side to see her leaning to grab a length of rope. I took the opportunity to push upwards and to the side, causing her to over-balance. I adjusted my position, pinning her down on her back, one of her legs hooked over my shoulder, the other flat on the blanket, her wrists pinned down under my hands.

"You're in a rather vulnerable position there," I smiled, licking my lips as I looked down between her legs, "you'd better be careful. Someone might take advantage."

"Go ahead and try," she said, her smile sweet and innocent, her eyes daring me, challenging.

I knew that if I released my hold, she could quickly turn the tables. But I had to try... I moved her hands above her head, gripping her wrists together in one of my hands. I then moved my free hand quickly down her body... but the mistake had already been made. She easily pulled her wrists from my grip and pushed me backwards. I fell against the sofa, and she was on me in a moment, holding my hands behind my back while I struggled... but it was no good, she had me, sitting up with my back against the sofa, arms crossed behind me, I was at her mercy. Luckily, she was out of reach of any of our toys... but that didn't stop her from taking advantage of my helplessness.

She used her nose to move some of my hair away from my neck before she planted a kiss on my throat... and my struggles slowly turned into squirms of pleasure, as her kisses moved down to my naked breasts, where my nipples were already hardening. She sucked one of my nipples into her mouth, letting her teeth scrape against it as her tongue flicked it... I writhed underneath her, trying to free my arms as she aroused me further, moaning softly as her tender touch distracted me... She shifted her position slightly, and it gave me the opportunity to bring my feet around under me... and that gave me just the leverage I needed to slowly get up, pushing her back... When she realised what was happening, she put a hand back to stop herself from falling... and that gave me the opportunity to free my wrists from her grip and push her away, towards a pile of soft rope. She grabbed the rope, but I grabbed her wrist. Within moments, I was sitting on her back, pinning her wrists to the soft blanket with my legs, untangling the rope while she struggled.

I tied the rope around one of her wrists, then quickly pulled her wrists behind her back and tied them together. It was a quick, makeshift knot, but enough to hold her for a few moments while I tied her elbows together. Then, it was a simple case of returning to her wrists and tying them more securely.

"Dammit," she said, struggling furiously, unable to loosen the ropes.

"Watch your language, Pauline dear," I smiled, tying her ankles together, and then her knees.

She stopped swearing and glared at me. I took no notice - instead, I finished the hogtie, rendering my lover utterly helpless and vulnerable in the middle of the blanket. I laid down beside her, watching her struggle and writhe in vain, and found the whole experience immensely arousing.

"What are you going to do with me now?" she asked.


"Nothing?" she asked - at least, that's what she had intended to ask, but the word was interrupted by me pulling a ballgag into her mouth.

"I'm going to watch Top Of The Pops now. I don't want any noise, or drool, from you, or it will be the clover clamps for you, my dear. Understand?"

She nodded, and I moved her closer to the sofa. I then walked around our collection of toys and selected a riding crop and a pair of clover clamps, before laying down on the sofa and using the remote control to turn on the television. The show started with the new theme tune (not the great Whole Lotta Love) and I gave Pauline a few taps on the bottom with the riding crop, since I thought that someone should be punished for such a crime. I settled down to watch the show, sometimes tapping Pauline's buttocks with the riding crop during particularly good tunes, sometimes attaching the nipple clamps to my fingers when the tunes got boring. And all she could do was lie there, struggling quietly, watching the show with me. The last song was particularly poor, and I was just holding the clamps over my own nipples, bringing up the courage to let the evil inventions bite my tender flesh, when the show ended.

I switched off the television - Eastenders was on next, and I'm not a fan (Pauline is a fan, but she didn't have much say in the matter). I slid off the sofa and saw that Pauline had been quite happily drooling onto our furry blanket throughout the show. I rolled her over onto her side, exposing her breasts, and grinned.

"I'm afraid that it's the clover clamps for you," I said, brandishing them.

She shook her head and mumbled something unintelligible into the gag, but I ignored her and instead turned my attention to her gorgeous breasts. I leaned forward and flicked her left nipple with my tongue before sucking it into my mouth, feeling it harden between my teeth. Once it was hard enough, I opened the clamp and held it over her nipple. Pauline shook her head again, and closed her eyes as the jaws closed, gripping her nipple very firmly. A low groan escaped her gag as I began work on her other nipple, and repeated the process. The groan got louder as the second clamp attached, and got even louder when I tugged ever-so-lightly on the chain connecting them.

I moved around behind her and untied some of the ropes, releasing the hogtie and her legs, but keeping her wrists and elbows bound securely. I sat back and watched her get up on her knees, shaking her breasts in a vain attempt to dislodge the evil clamps tormenting her so, still moaning into the ballgag.

"Having fun?" I asked.

She replied with an evil glare, then shook her breasts deliciously again. I reached forward and held the chain - this stopped her struggling immediately, and a slight tug was all that was required to get her to move towards me. I laid down on the blanket and used small but frequent tugs of the chain attached to her nipples to position her over me, so that she was straddling me. A few more tugs, and she was straddling my face... I gripped her thighs firmly with my hands, to make sure that she wouldn't be getting away, and buried my face in her pussy... it was time to win this game.

My probing tongue was soon eliciting gasps and groans from her gagged lips - she tried to move away, but my hands kept her tight on my face. I could feel her struggling frantically against the ropes as she got closer and closer, not wanting to cum, not wanting to lose the game so quickly... but there was nothing she could do. As my tongue pushed deeper into her soaking wet sex, her thighs began to involuntarily grip my head... she was panting now, moaning and drooling freely, as I let my teeth scrape against her tender flesh. I gripped her tighter, harder, as she squirmed above me, her whole body moving with the thrusts of my tongue now, riding me, wanting more... and I gave her more, my tongue's desire to explore insatiable... and then I felt her quiver... and gasp... and cum...

I slid from underneath her, sitting up beside her, removing her gag. Before she could speak, before she could even loosen her aching jaw, I pushed my tongue into her mouth, letting her taste her own sexual juices... my hands roaming her still-helpless body before cupping her clamped breasts... and all she could do was return my kiss and writhe, her hips gyrating, obviously wanting more...

"So, do I win?" I asked, breaking off the kiss.

"It might have to go to the judges," she murmured, her voice weak with arousal.

"I think your performance might have swayed them," I smiled, reaching behind her and picking at the knots she had tightened with her struggling.

"I wasn't expecting you to win so easily," she murmured, rubbing her wrists as I removed the ropes.

"Well, expect it in the future," I smiled, turning away from her, moving to leave.

But I didn't get the chance. Instead of removing the clover clamps from her aching nipples, like I had expected her to, Pauline jumped onto me, pushing me to the floor, sitting astride me, pinning me to the ground. And then she took the opportunity to remove the clamps, groaning loudly as she did so.

"What's this?" I asked, struggling beneath her.

"Round 2. We're playing best-of-three."

"Since when?"

"Since now," Pauline replied, picking up a pair of handcuffs.

I could do nothing to stop her cuffing my wrists together behind my back. She then climbed off me, and watched me as I struggled to a sitting position and looked over my shoulder at the cuffs binding my wrists.

"I don't fancy my chances in this round," I said, pulling at the handcuffs.

"Don't be so defeatist," my lover grinned, "I still think you have a slim chance."


"No, not really," she said, closing the distance between us and pushing me down onto the blanket.

I struggled as she rolled me onto my side, and laid down beside me. Helpless as I was, I could do nothing to stop her holding me tight to her... and I didn't want to, since I was relishing the delicious contact between our naked bodies. She pushed her thigh between my legs, parting them, and her hand soon followed, her fingers slowly stroking my waiting wetness... Her lips found mine, and we kissed as her fingers pushed slowly into me... I wasn't sure how many fingers, but it felt like a lot... I gasped as her thumb found my clit, and moaned into her kiss as she began to rub... softly, gently, slowly at first, but steadily building up the rhythm and pace, until I was writhing on her hand, kept in check by her kiss and her other hand... so aroused, so horny... wriggling and squirming in her grip... moving with her, feeling my nipples harden as her lips moved down to find them... the handcuffs rattling behind me as I struggled furiously... panting and moaning, louder and louder... until it all became too much for me, and I felt the waves of orgasm rolling over me... and she didn't stop, keeping me there, keeping me writhing and squirming, forcing me... until... a shudder... which went through my body as I came again... and this one was even more incredible than the first...

Exhausted, I looked at Pauline as she withdrew her fingers and licked them, holding them in front of my mouth so I could suck on them too.I closed my eyes, completely satisfied, glowing. I heard the sound of a key rattling in a lock, then felt the metal springing from my wrists as she released me.

"I'll give you a moment to catch your breath," she smiled, evilly, her eyes on my breasts as I breathed.

"Why?" I asked, slowly sitting up on the blanket, rubbing my wrists.

"It's time for Round 3."

"But I'm knackered!"

"Well, if you want to forfeit..."

"Never!" I replied, revitalised by her taunt - I leapt for her, hoping to gain an early victory, but she easily managed to dodge aside and away from my grasping hands.

Somehow, she managed to get behind me and hold my hands behind my back. Luckily, a violent struggle was all that was required to free myself - unfortunately, she took the opportunity to pull me backwards down onto the blanket, and climb astride me, pinning me down. I looked around quickly, and smiled when I saw that we were out of reach of the toys.

"Stalemate," I said, fixing her with an evil grin.

"I don't think so," she replied, but her words lacked conviction.

There really was nothing she could do - both her hands were needed to keep me from moving, and any slight change to the position could give me the advantage I needed to turn the tables.

"What now?" she asked.

"Well, we either continue this fight..." I said, trying to surprise her by quickly getting up - unfortunately, she was ready for it, and kept me securely pinned to the floor.


"Or call a truce."

"But you're not going anywhere..." she smiled, looking up and down my naked body.

"I can quite happily fall asleep here. But if you relax your grip, I might overpower you. And I'm sure you don't want that."

"I don't want that. Truce?"


She quickly climbed off me, and we both sat up, at opposite ends of the blanket, eyeing each other suspiciously, each waiting for the other to make the first move... but we were both tired, and once we stopped fighting, the fight left us.



Pauline smiled at me as she stood up and left the room. I followed her, only stopping briefly to pick up a pair of handcuffs, a ballgag and the clover clamps... the fight was far from over...


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