Scrapbook of an Exchange Student in Germany 3 | bondage story

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September 22, 1997
Scrapbook (cont.)

I had not been with Esther more than eight hours, since 5 PM, to be exact, and we both were in love, at least for the moment. In her bed, we had fallen asleep. It was about 2 AM when I woke up ; she was looking at me. Then I felt her hand on my belly, I was so relaxed, that I could hardly move. Her lips connected mine. The next thing I knew, she was holding my hardened member like a handle and slowly rubbing the tip against the latex bedsheet that covered me ; it was already wet with pre-cum.

I was about to talk, but she quickly put her lips on my mouth and kissed me again, our tongues were playing with each other. I slipped my right hand toward her and pressed it against her hardened womb ; she moaned with delight. I repeated that caress slowly, rhythmically. Like Mrs. Gutenbach, she was not interested in intercourse, she was after much longer lasting erotic excitements.

" May I ask you a question ? " I managed to say.

" Not yet ! "

She had a pair of underwear in her hand and a tube of jell. She lubricated the crotch and uncovered me.

" Stand up next to me ! " I walked around the bed and stood there, she handed the garment to me and I slipped it on. When it was almost all the way up she stopped my hands.

" Let me take over from here ! " She lifted the pants up, made sure the crotch was as high and tight as it could be, and then she lifted the waistband in place. Then she began to massage that covered area, pushing bits of jell wherever needed. I was going crazy with desire. She was very experienced at this. At one time I wanted to turn around.

" Don’t move yet ! " she said, " Keep control ! "

She took the powder and covered my body once more.

" Come back in bed, my love !"

I rolled back in the bed ; she covered me with the latex sheets and comforter, making sure only my face was emerging from all that synthetic sea. She set herself next to me on her side, her right breast over my arm, her head on my 
shoulder, and her right hand on my erection.

" What is your question ? "

" Tell me your life. " I asked.

" It is a long story. "

" I have time to listen, promise. "

She seemed not too sure if she should open herself, and for some time she said nothing. I felt that her mind was away from me, painful memories were mitigating our joy ; I needed to give her some kind of assurance by initiating something. But I had never done anything of the kind, and I knew that I would have to let my imagination work for me and, try as I may, learn from her reactions. I just knew from a girl I had met and talked about sex, that the gentler and slower the fellow begins, the easier it is for her to come to climax. Also, I knew that a woman can have multiple orgasms, for hours, if a man does it right. 

I sat up, took the powder and the gel from the night table, shoved a rubber-encased pillow under the small of her back and straddled her belly facing her. This position was not uncomfortable, but after a while Esther felt pinned and attempted to rotate her torso. I did not put all my weight on her, of course, but as much as appropriate. Opening the jell tube, I squeezed a couple of drops on each of her already swollen nipples. Massaging it further drew out groans of lustful pleasure, but naturally she still wanted room for her contractions that were thwarted mid-course under my sitter, causing her an unavoidable frustration. On the other hand she did not want more space, because at every twist of her waist, she derived a growing pleasure. I kept on caressing her breasts with persistent gentleness, taking away from the focus of her restraint. After a while, I lifted myself off from her, and knelt between her legs. I pushed her knees apart and softly applied blobs of jell over her clean shaven femininity. Although it was a little cold, she liked that. Then I straddled her low belly once more, this time facing her toes, and slipping on a rubber glove that just happened to be there, I began a very gentle, slow and persistent massage of her labia, then her clitoris, back and forth, until I penetrated her sweet tunnel with one of my long fingers ; I went on until she was out of orgasms. Her reactions spanned the entire spectrum, from screaming wild to surrender at the gut level. At the end she was begging me to stop, but I was not listening, because there was still more energy in her to be spent, and she was not really fighting me. The last couple of orgasms took a little longer to come, and did not last as long, but the ramp up to the top was worth the effort for both of us. 

Every cycle, she would moan, and then groan and call for comfort. I would put a rubber cased pillow on her chest ; the material was cold, but sensuous, and she could not help but squeezing it with her arms. That would send her off higher. She then would get excited, and I had to accelerate the finger massage until she completely keeled over, struggling to free her pelvis which I kept pinned under my bottom. Each orgasm seemed to be the very last one, but she wanted the next 
one, and the next one, each time hoping for more fulfillment.

When at long last I let her free, I powdered her belly and her breast, brought the cool and soft latex sheet on top of her again, and caressed her, swishing the material around : she fainted. I had heard that it happens with some women.

I opened her night table drawer and found a string of balls that obviously were designed for her vagina. I gently pushed in the first one as far up as I could, and the second too ; they were connected to a little box with a battery and could obviously give pleasurable vibrations. As soon as she woke up, I slowly turned on the switch until she would faint again. That also lasted a long time. Then I let the vibrator on its lowest setting, covered her once more and laid down next to her. In my arms, she began to cry. She was in a climactic state that she could not come out of. Her entire body was as stimulated as her clitoris. The smallest touch and feeling, even a word, was rocketing her into orgasm and total collapse. I slid deeper into the bed, licked one of her nipples and sucked on it gently…

Her life story will be written in another Scrapbook section. The morning came all too soon. We could not get up, we could not move as we held each other, drunken with love and lust. Finally, I offered her to make some coffee, she was looking at me in a daze as I went to the kitchen. 

" You know why I am here. " I asked her.

" Yes, Krista has a party… Friday night to Saturday, and you wanted to know me ". 

" Well, I do. My question is, how are we going to chaperone them when we can’t do it for ourselves. "

"I can’t think… with you, I can’t think. " 

" Esther, how many men in your life did give you what you got from me ?

" Ken,…. None, really ! Don’t be mad at me… I am bisexual.


Back at 1 p.m., we had lunch. Krista was happy to see me back, and she had lots to tell me about the slumber party. My ideas had made their way, and Mrs. Gutenbach wanted to go to the rubber apparel store that afternoon to make the necessary arrangements with whomever. I thought the store was closed on Sunday, but she had called the manager who agreed to meet her there. She invited me to come along. I agreed, since my homework was just about finished. The weather was nice for the season.

The narrow shopping street was empty. We rang the bell, and the door opened a while later. The rubber smell was strong, but I kind of like it. It was the second visit there for me. We were ushered into a small office. I could not fit in, so I asked if I could look at the store. After that night, if I had had the money, I would have bought for Esther a lot of these sexy gowns. I even wished I could try one on. They had a try out room, but I was not gutsy enough to ask. I decided to visit this place with Esther one day. May be I could have her try some of these gowns and be with her in the fitting room. There were drawers full of rubber lingerie. On the other side of the store, they had things for men. However, it was all black garments, with gas masks, and all kinds of heavy coats, belts, boots, and hoods. I like it less ; it’s weird. I found an assortment of bodywear. It was not as fancy as the women side. There was still another room, but Mrs. Gutenbach was finished talking, and I joined them as they prepared to leave.

The manager looked at me and asked if I would like a job in the store. I was a little embarrassed, but told him I would call back to hear the details. Satisfied, he let us go and winked at me. Is he trustworthy? Not sure. "Don't forget!" he smiled.

Went for a walk and called Esther from a public telephone. Can’t figure it out ; when she heard my voice, she wept. " Please, come back, I can’t stand it without you… " she could not stop saying. I love that girl, she is such a friend, but I need to know her more first. " Invite me to a concert, Esther, may be Brigitte will agree. But be careful, otherwise she may stop it."

Esther was afraid of that, but then she found in the paper a concert in two weeks’ time. " I miss you, " I told her, " especially sitting on top of you. "

"You naughty boy ! " she replied, " I can’t stop dreaming about it. " 
" See you Friday evening ! "

September 23, 1997

Lots of work with school. The Science Research Club will take a trip to the Scottish islands during the October recess. I can’t wait. It is not cheap, but I think I can earn the money to pay back the lender.

Called the rubber garment store. Mr. Schulz wants me to stuff envelopes and I could do the work at home. Explained to him the trip I need the money for. He was excited, and asked me if I would be willing to try some new design of raingear, since it rains all the time there. I could not understand all of it. I said yes, anyway. 

September 23 1997

Boned on the moped Driving Manual. It’s easy, although inspectors are tough, I’m told. Mr. Schulz dropped in four cartons of literature and envelopes with a roll of addresses on stickers. I have to stuff each envelope with three pieces, glue it shut and put the label on. He’ll pay DM 50 for the job. Got half of it done tonight, in one hour. Promised Krista a chocolate bar if she could stick on the addresses,

September 24, 1997

Got up early. Finished the Schulz job. Left a message on his voice recorder.

School went well. Got my first lesson of German with Erika between 5 and 6 p.m. She is a good teacher. Since it was raining, I had my rubber raingear on. She noticed it at once, and took it to drip and dry in the bathroom. After five minutes she appeared, molded in the sexiest red rubber skirt, mesh stockings and pumps. A little embarrassing. She was talking loud, with excitement ; it was hard to concentrate on the language. It went easier after I focused my attention on her little dog. Erika is another rubber sex obsessed kitten. All during the lesson she would look at my face, if not my crotch ; she is something else.

Going into vocabulary, she brought catalogs of sexy ladies’ clothes, and pointing to them she would mention the word of each garment in the German language, and then formulate sentences to practice these words. Some of these phrases were quite " risqué ". In spite of that, the grammatical constructions still are the most difficult part of the language. We had some good laughs. She could not stay in place, and paced back and forth, showing off her skirt and her body, of course. She would ask "Do you like this outfit ? " 
I "yessed" her all the way. Wanted me to come back Friday, but talked her out of it and booked Monday instead.

September 25, 1997

School in the morning. Drivers’ license was passed, first try, in the PM. Tried calling Esther ; got a recording. Told her that I missed her so much I could not sleep anymore, that I did not know what to do, and hoped she would think of something since she is a nurse (little lie that may work). Called Mr. Schulz who asked me to come. I had time after the drivers’ test and went to the shop. He had that special all weather gear for me to try out. It is comprehensive, but surely protective. Lots of zippers to prevent sweating. Told him I would try it on the moped first ; he agreed. Got a list of questions to answer so that he can improve on the suit still. He is the designer of it. Mr. Schulz showed me all the ladies clothes he carries ; he knows Esther too, it seems.

He taught me which colors fit best certain woman ‘s types, he showed me how to measure them. I measured his two clerks. One, dressed in red leotard was eyeing me all the time. For tight fitting clothes, I had to measure them on the skin ; a little embarrassing, but quite exciting too. After I was finished, he measured them, and confirmed all my numbers but one : crotch to ankle. Mine was too short by two centimeters. 

He wants me to measure some of his female clients who come by appointment, usually after working hours. Told him to ask Mrs. Gutenbach. He offered to pay me DM 15 by client. He drove me back home with another four boxes of mail to stuff. The same as yesterday.

Friday, September 26, 1997

School closed early because there was a faculty meeting after 2 p.m. That gave me time to finish the mailing for Mr. Schulz who was surprised to learn it was ready. He told me that his assistants would be picking the boxes tonight since they were part of the making of that Progressive Fashion Club. He would give them the DM50 for me. 

Neighbors had been informed about the party, so that there would be no surprise. Krista was busy preparing cakes and other things. I helped her rearrange the living room area. I would sleep in my room, and Esther would sleep in Krista’s. All the girls would sleep in the living room. She told me that there would be a lot of dressing and undressing in Mrs. Gutenbach bedroom because of the modeling show, and that it would be better if I stayed in my room. We laughed. 
" Are you sure, Krista ? I can be the audience, I can represent the press, you know ! " She had never thought of that. 
" Well, why not, and you will make a TV review of the event. We have a camcorder here. See what you can do with it ! " 
We laughed again. 
" OK ! I’ll dress for the role " I said. 
" Before you come, let me make sure the girls want you there, okay ? "

At 6 PM, the girls trickled in, a couple with their mothers. These moms did know of this new club, because they wore attractive rubber fashions themselves. The apartment was full of women, sleeping bags, air mattresses, and garment bags, probably filled with rubber things. At 7 PM Esther called from the station and asked Krista if I could come and get her. 
" She is a big girl, and she knows where we live ! " Krista exclaimed. 
" Well, she may have bags to carry, you know ! " I answered kindly, putting on my rubber jacket since it was quite humid outside and a little windy. It was a ten minute walk

Esther was waiting in front of the S-Bahn station, dressed in her black cape, unmistakable with two bags at her side. Guessed right. When we met she melted in my arms, kissed me on the mouth, and… wept. " I feel so stupid… " she blurted." I have not stopped crying since you left. I am a basket case. " I smiled at her, and she smiled back through her tears. " Ken, please, tell me you love me, please ! " 
" I do " I replied softly. 
" Hold me again! " she pleaded. She was almost orgasmic, and I could not figure it out how. I grabbed her bags and we walked slowly together. Every so often, she stopped, hung her arms around my neck almost frantic, kissed me ; she could hardly stand up any more. Passers-by were looking at us, a little bit embarrassed by such a display. It took over half an hour to reach the house. She barely made it up the stairs. 
" Esther, lay hold of yourself. They expect a chaperone, you know." 

We walked in, and nobody paid attention to us. I directed Esther to Krista’s bedroom and dropped her bags ; she immediately went to the bathroom. Right away, I asked Krista if I could help her in the kitchen. She was grateful for this. I tied on the large household rubber apron, slipped on the rubber gloves, and whipped the " Sahne " for the hot cocoa, and organized the cakes on the dining table.

" Krista, I led Esther to your room. " 
" Good ! " 
I was busy enough without having to entertain her. When this was done, I went to my room and almost knocked over Esther who was coming to join at that time. We laughed. I whispered to her 
" What happened to you on the way back from the station ? " She smiled and motioned me to follow her to Krista’s bedroom, and there, out of one of her bag, she showed me a special black rubber underwear with a long rubber penis inside the crotch. Never had I even imagined a thing like that. 
" That’s what you had on ? " I exclaimed. She nodded. " Is this why you cried all this week ? " 
She took both my ears in her hands. " No, it’s for you. I love you, Ken. Never has a young man been so much to me, and I to him, I feel…" and she kissed my mouth. 
" We are chaperones, I remind you, Esther. We must control ourselves." 
"Ok, I will be good ! " 
Girls have many tricks up their " sleeves ", that’s for sure.

As the party went along, Esther was always looking at me. A couple of times I had to remind her not to be so obvious. I delegated to her jobs, just to keep her attention busy. Then, I decided to go to my room and let the girls by themselves. It went quite well until about 9 PM or so. The two employees of the store came with bags and garments on hangers. They drew screams of excitement. 

Antje, a Dutch woman, was dressed in a shiny and very tight red latex top. She has generous breasts, and that outfit made the most of them. She also wore a black miniskirt down to mid thigh over legs sheathed in shiny black stockings and red pumps. She wore black latex elbow gloves, real chic. She had some chain jewelry around her neck and at the waist. Her friend, Cornelia was the more daring; she came in with a full length translucent cape, under that she was dressed in a hot pink rubber leotard with white boots and white gloves. Since she is rather tall and as blond as one can be, she became the center of attraction. She took over with the organization of that modelling session.

Krista called me to help them carry the stuff from their car. I laid all of it out in Mrs.Gutenbach’s bedroom. Antje helped me setup the dressing room as the dressing and undressing center, and while we were doing the work, she took a liking to me. That did not go unnoticed by Esther who was observing her as a hawk. 

The girls were so keyed up that it took a lot to get them under control. The event was divided into two parts and the participants were divided into two groups also. The non-participants would be the judges. In the first part, here would be a show of the clothes each one wanted to compete with, during which time the "models" would be given some modelling tips. Then, the first part would take place once more, but with scores, this time. After that, each group in turn would change into the clothes the store had brought to be modeled. There were three categories in the second event: 1 Skirts, blouses and dresses; 2 coats and sports wear; 3 swimsuits, and lingerie. Each girl had two to thee turns per category, depending what she had to show. So the activity never stopped.

Antje and Esther were chosen to help the models undress and dress. Antje would prepare them for the show. Then Cornelia would function as the MC of the event, describing each ensemble. The two mothers, the other group and I would be the spectators. The mothers were judges, and I would to break the tie. As to the Camcorder, I set it on a tripod to monitor the scene when models would show off.

Once everybody knew what to do, the fun could really begin. These late teens were imagining themselves in the grand salons of Berlin’s haute couture. Everything went well in the first part; it drew a lot of compliments and excitement. The models exhibited skirts, dresses, and raingear to begin with. Then one suggested underwear and beach wear. That grew hotter because some girls did not wear much more than a thong and the smallest possible bra; for that act, they came as a group, they probably felt more secure that way. Finally they paraded in sleepwear. Krista's transparent nightgown drew a lot of hoopla. She had a bikini under it, though. Strangely enough, nobody paid attention to me, and they were acting as if they were just among themselves. It was really special.

During the intermission, everybody ate more deserts. Antje discovered me and yelled: "Hey, all of you, Ken has been watching us, how about him modeling some of his clothes!" The response was immediate, they grabbed me, and I was shoved through the corridor to dress up. Having only two things, my rain gear and my pajamas, I decided to start with what many had seen at school. The reception was cold, I was booed. Then I slipped on my black rubber underwear, because I knew what these girls were after; I made sure to be in erection, and slipped on the pajamas. The effect was a little better, but Krista had prepared her friends to rush upon me and undress me. It happened faster than I could even say it. Fourteen hands were all over me, and when they discovered my underwear they laughed themselves sick, one of them began to suck my penis, and at that time they lost it all and went completely wild, nuts, animal like. The mothers, Antje, Cornelia and Esther were laughing so hard and did nothing to stop them. A while later I was on the floor and they were spreading jams, peanut butter, and ice cream to lick me dry. Every girl wanted her turn at "it". How long did it go on? I only remember when Cornelia stopped the frenzy, helped me to my feet and sent me to the bathroom with a smack on my butt.

The second part of the show began when all the personal garments were put away and Cornelia had instructed the teams accordingly. The competition was close and every model had to give her best to carry the wining team. It took a little longer to prepare the models, but they were really beautiful, each fashion so perfectly suited to the girl. With rubber, there is a little margin for sizes. My video was much better now since I spent more time at the camera.

The applause was loud and generous. It all ended around midnight with Team B winning slightly over Team A. The reward was a coupon of DM 25 against any garment at the specialty store. 

Curfew was at one AM, so we just had enough time to put it all away, have some snacks and prepare to sleep. The mothers decided to stay, and Antje and Cornelia also. One of the mothers had her sleeping bags and air mattress and found space on the floor in Mrs. Gutenbach bedroom; Antje and Cornelia were on the bed. The other mother was offered Krista’s bed. So that left Esther without anything. I offered her my bed. 
"Where will you sleep, Ken?" Krista asked with shining eyes. 
"Well, I have a sleeping bag and I will sleep in my room on the floor." 
"But that is not comfortable!" worried Krista. 
"As chaperone can you think of anything else?" She thought for a while. 
"Yes, take some of the sofa’s cushions!" 
This being done, Esther and I were again in the same bedroom.

At lights out, the girls were not ready to sleep. Almost all of them had rubber nighties, so did the adults. Esther insisted to sleep in my rubber sheets. I kept on my underwear: one never knows. Hundreds of funny stories fueled streams of giggles for another hour, and then everybody went to sleep eventually. 

By dawn, I went to the bathroom, like many others before and after me. When I came back, Esther was sitting on the bed and she almost shut the door with a shoe in and her garment bag holding it almost closed. She grabbed my arm and forced me in the bed against her. She was so hot, so high, that she went orgasmic almost instantly. I put my hand on her mouth just to keep her groans from waking everyone else. Her entire body was trembling, tense, and ready to explode out of her latex nightgown. When she calmed down a little, I would gently caress her abdomen. She would fly back to new heights of erotic despair. 
This girl is a nympho; when I told her that, she smiled and let herself go crazy  again. Finally, I found her black rubber gloves and slipped them on. I wormed my fingers to her crotch and shoved my middle finger into her warm and juicy tunnel. With the other finger I gave her plenty of stimulaiton on her clitoris. With the other hand I kept holding a pillow on her mouth, or she would have awakened the entire block. How we managed that for at least an hour, I can’t even believe it. Nobody suspected anything the next morning. Then Esther went into a deep sleep. In the twilight of the morning I took a moment to look at her. She had a satiated smile on her face; deeply relaxed, her slow breathing expressed her total abandonment to the embrace of latex, and the satisfaction of being loved. I covered her firm breasts with the rubber cased feather bed spread; she did not even react. I felt a deep joy at pleasuring a woman like Esther, which resulted in my pleasure also, more than once.

Saturday, September 27, 2997

Come morning, the girls were lazy; not one wanted to get up. I offered Krista to make some tea and coffee and serve them all in bed. It went real big. I kept my rubber pajamas on and prepared the trays. I added some of the "Kuchen" (cake) for those who were hungry. As I brought the food to the girls, some would caress my legs, others had slept in each other’s arms, and they would hug tighter again. One wanted me with her; she was naked in her sleeping bag. Girls are strange. When I was done with them, I prepared a tray for the "mature" women and barged right into the bedrooms. They were pleasantly surprised, and just loved my attentiveness. They would let Brigitte know, and that would be real big for her. It was about 10 AM when everyone was showered dressed and combed. Some dressed in rubber, others not. They got up, their nighties clinging to the skin. Two at a time were in the bathroom, one in the shower, one before the mirror. Some forgot their clothes and ran around totally naked. I faded in a corner not to embarrass them, but they did not seem to mind. The bathroom door was not always closed.

By that time, Mrs. Gutenbach came back from her nightshift. She brought in the element of surprise, the life, the spark that everyone needed, and she suggested a walk along the Elbe River, and then all would come back for sandwiches and soda. She needed the sleep. The two sales clerks had been the first to leave for the opening of the store at ten AM also. Esther and I offered to stay and straighten the house. She accepted. The others left. She slept in Krista’s room since her bedroom needed a thorough dusting; there was talcum powder everywhere.

I took my shower, slipped my rubber underwear on, wrapped the household apron around my waist, slipped on the rubber gloves, and scrubbed the bathroom clean. Esther did the kitchen. When I went to see her, she wore a rubber apron only and sneakers, nothing else. I scolded her. It is not legal in the Gutenbach’s household to clean without rubber gloves. Once more she was an erotic furnace, and I did not know what to do to contain her. We had only a few minutes of intimate time, but we still had to straighten out the living room, vacuum the floors, set the table for lunch, make the sandwiches, and put Mrs. Gutenbach’s bedroom in some order as well. It went rather fast. Within half-an-hour, we both were busy at the sandwiches. Fortunately, the walk lasted longer, and we could finish the bedrooms.

By then, we had completely forgotten that we also needed to dress. Esther went to my bedroom and pulled out from her bag a French maid dress in pink and white. It was a dream of latex temptation. When she was ready, I held her against me. I was in the buff. She could hardly breathe, so horny she was; anything could send her off. 
"Are you wearing those special pants?" 
"Are you crazy, I could not stand them." 
"Next time, I’ll put them on you. myself." 
The thought of it made her randy and wild… "Ken, you will kill me, you are so sexy."

She received them at the door. Squeals and giggles of surprise. They were famished.

Krista used this time to present the idea of the Fashion Club. It went very well. The girls were assigned tasks, and the whole party left dreaming, excited, full of ideas. The next slumber party is scheduled in four weeks.

I accompanied Esther to the train after that. The parting was difficult, but it was only one short week until the next concert… On the way back, I was dragging my feet, a little depressed, tired, for sure. The weather was grey, with a very thin rain that penetrates everywhere - but not through latex.  I found Krista slouched on the sofa, watching TV. She was waiting for me. I sat at the end of the sofa and put her feet on my lap and rubbed them gently. That touch of familiarity produced a smile on her face; she felt she had a place in my heart; it is true. After a while I brought her a cup of tea, and some chocolate. Tears filled her eyes, "I thought I had lost you to Esther."
I gave her my handkerchief, gave some time to her emotions. "I live here, this is my home, Krista." I held her hand; the TV program was far away from our attention. Finally I knelt on the floor and caressed her face until she felt accepted again. 
"Would you like to sit on my lap?" She smiled and did so, abandonning her head on my shoulder. She stayed there for a long time in my arms. After a while she started to kiss my neck and my ear. I slipped a hand over her low belly; she moaned. Then, she turned around, and sat astride on my right leg, grinding her crotch on it, she embraced me until she came, or just about. She had rubber underwear with short legs. We heard Mrs. Gutenbach move in her bedroom, and Krista stood up and prepared some food for her. We were joking and laughing again, 
"Play something on your violin for me, will you?"…

September 28, 1997

Went to church for the first time that Sunday, with Mrs. Gutenbach. Krista stayed in bed. Strange service, very cold and formal. It seems that nobody knows each other. Rather empty church, although the architecture is beautiful. The pastor recognized Brigitte who introduced me. I asked him if I could borrow a hymnal to see if I could find some I knew in English. He Okayed it for two weeks. It made Brigitte very proud.

Spent the rainy afternoon on my homework and went to the movies with Krista. It was a very funny movie and when Krista laughed, she was all over me. Mrs. Gutenbach had a good dinner that night with a bottle of wine, and we talked for a long time.

September 29, 1997

At breakfast time, I asked Krista "How long do you think the Fashion Club will remain a secret among you, on a Monday morning?" They had promised to say nothing until they could promote a show. ‘two hours, perhaps three!"

At the end of the day, the guys in the class were asking me questions, and I made them very jealous: I told them that I would never betray a girl. Somehow that answer went big with the opposite sex.

My German lesson was interesting too. Erika was dressed in rubber when I arrived. Her blouse was one size too small and her good size breasts were shaking, molded into the thin material. I complimented her a lot, and she was quite pleased. She had a translation English to German for me. As I was writing it, she slid her chair very close to me. I made three errors; she had placed a book of grammar and a dictionary just in front of my paper so that she had to stand up and literally shove her breasts against my cheeks to work with them. She could have placed these books in front of her of course, but that was not her intent.

Her skirt was very tight and sexy. She made the most of it. After the lesson we drank some tea and she invited me to sit next to her on the sofa to watch a video which, she said, would be a good exercise. Then we would have some conversation in German. Needless to say, that video was slanted to intimate subjects and… acting. In some scenes, her hands were all over me. She was very excited when we said good bye. I did not want to break her heart because I could see a fun friend with her, but not a deep relationship. Also, I was a little annoyed because Kerstin's attitude had become distant from Krista and I felt that the glowing report of her sister Erika might have caused something of the kind. The thought came to me to look for another teacher.

September 29 - 30, 1997

Just hard work! No time for anybody. Tomorrow, Thursday I have my road exam. The moped is waiting for me in the tool shed of the school. Got one letter from home. Everybody is well; they miss me less, it is obvious, although they do not say so.

German exam; I did pretty well considering; it is not at the average yet, but much better than two weeks ago. I am hoping to get a few lessons from a specialist who can show me how to lose my English accent. I talked to Erika about it, and she was so happy to do the research for me. 

Do I need that moped!

Friday, October 1, 1997

Got my math test results, and my chemistry and physics test. 100% on all three of them.

Tonight worked three hours at the shop in Altona. Thought of taking my moped, but decided against it; not very safe there. Mr. Schulz was very pleased to see me; he had heard all about the party, and he was preparing the next one and wanted me to be included as a male model. For an hour or so, I tried on clothes and he made pictures. The choice of latex dress clothes for guys is small compared to women. I am not sure about modelling at a party. Told him so.

That store has much more than latex and rubber clothes. In other rooms, departments to be exact, they have three lines of leather clothes, fetish (new word for me) mags from everywhere, loads of sex toys, and shoes that are so restrictive, that one could not possibly walk with them. They also have all kinds of restrictive contraptions, chains, leather belts, cuffs, stuff that was used during the Middle Age to torture people. I can’t understand the pleasure of all that, and I asked Mr. Schulz to be assigned to the rubber and leather clothes departments only. He agreed with me. I also noticed that there were several racks of men’s clothes for gay tendencies. Since I am not that way at all, I got Mr. Schulz to accept that I would do office work, and service the lady clients only; it was a little more difficult to have him understand this, but he saw my point. I refused to wear earrings and piercing jewelry, or tattoos. I prefer keeping my clean-cut appearance; it just gives more confidence. I told him that I could not work more than three to six hours a week, and not every week either. He was happy to know that I could care for his mailings. The pay is good. He gave me a pair of all-purpose rubber boots. They look decent and fit me well.

October 2nd, 1997

At long last! I had put out of my mind that day since I had so much work. Got up early, prepared my bag for this afternoon going to Esther. The rainy day promised to be a good rubber gear day. May be we could do a walk together, undisturbed.

Started on the cleaning of the apartment, the stairs, and the kitchen. By eight I laid down the breakfast dishes and food. I went to buy some milk and a bunch of flowers for Brigitte. Just as I came back, my rubber rain gear all shiny with rain drops, Brigitte appeared out of her bedroom, her translucent rubber nightgown clinging to her body. I handed her the flowers, and she forgot all about how she looked. She was very touched. She walked to the kitchen to put them in a vase. When she saw that I had dusted almost the entire place, she was even more impressed. She stood the vase at the center of the dining room table, and hugged me. As she was holding me, she said, "You have a way with women that is irresistible… do you mind if I show myself dressed like that?" 
I was put on the spot. 
"Mrs. Gutenbach, you do what you feel is right for your family, and I am part of it. Thank you with all my heart." 
She held me for a little while. I continued, "You know that I am going to Esther this afternoon; I will cancel this if you don’t feel right about it." She looked at me very surprised. 
"You are asking me?" 
"Yes!" I replied.
"Esther is a wonderful woman, you have to listen to her life story, Ken. She will be a wonderful friend to you, I trust her. You go and have all the fun you want with her. Just be back on Sunday at noon, because Krista wants some time with you too."


Words cannot convey the excitement I felt during this long trip on the train. I knew the way to her apartment and almost ran the distance. My loins were driving me to the verge of insanity, and I hoped she would not be dressed in jeans. At the front door, I rang the bell about eight times in rapid succession. The buzzer opened it, but I slowly climbed the stairs to the third floor. At the second floor, I heard her opening the front door of her apartment surprised not to see me yet.

She was dressed, like a siren, in a black shiny leotard with her blond hair held up in a large clamp, her eyes were shining with excitement, her smile was erotically inviting. Her hands dipped in black rubber as it were, supported her breasts, accentuating thereby her long and smooth belly. Her hips, fairly narrow and small buns were tightly held in by the stretched latex, and her long straight legs promised a soft and slick sensation that drove me insane, or almost. She had studied that pose with care, and I allowed myself to fall for it head over heal. I looked at her, dressed in my wet raingear, like a shiny salamander, and I was wondering what she could love about me compared to what she looked like. 

With slow steps I got closer to her until our lips touched, our tongues caressed, then I seized her by her nipples, gently but firmly; she groaned with surprise and pleasure at the light shock of pain that enhanced already hot feelings all through. I pushed her slowly backwards into the apartment, closed the door almost silently and said, "Undress me!" 

She did not move for a quite a while, as if she wanted the moment to stop in time. Her saliva was almost oozing out of her lips; she looked like in a sex trance in which her entire body was aroused to such a pitch that any little thing would keel her over into permanent orgasmic convulsions, without the faintest hope of relief. “that’s a big condom for you!" I whispered in her ear. 
She barely smiled, her eyes filled with tears as she started to unzip my rain gear and unbutton the rest of my clothes. She took her time, kissing and biting me. Fortunately I had taken a shower before leaving, and had used a good man’s cologne with plenty of spice in it. My clothes were heaping on the floor, and she was not concerned the least bit. She bent forward to take off my boots, and my hand could not help but caress her long and shiny back. She moaned with pleasure. As she squatted to take my socks off, I caressed her hair very lightly. She started to sniffle; something was going on. I knew and felt it belonged to her life story, but I wanted her to receive as many proofs of my love before she would open up the darkest and most painful corners of her heart. 
"You look like my dream of a fairy" I whispered with as much sensuousness I could gather. By now I was completely undressed. 

She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. There was a large bag lying on top of her bed with two collar openings and short front zippers. It also had sleeves that were closed at the end.

"Get inside" she invited me. I did without saying a word. The feeling of the cool material brought my excitement to obvious colors and proportions. She was kissing me non-stop. When in there, she closed the zipper shut. Turning around, she produced a latex hood, and placed it on my face. 
"Lift up your head, "mein Schatz," and she zipped it shut from behind. I could not see, but I could breathe with my nose and mouth. It was very comfortable and exciting. I could hear her walking around the room and going to the bathroom, and I waited, silently, resiliently. I enjoyed the suspense. 

3d monster

Then I felt her getting on the bed, sliding inside that vast rubber bag, zipping the collar shut. No sooner was she in that she rolled over and embraced me with passion rubbing her body against mine, kissing me through the latex, working herself into a level of trance I never thought women capable of. She was kissing me, playing with me, laughing, crying, never totally satisfied because I remained somewhat passive. The bag became hot and sticky, but she had thought of that too. 

She zipped it open, and poured inside a slippery liquid that totally changed the feeling of the rubber on my skin, and also the feeling of her body on me. I became so charged and aggressive that she let herself be the passive one, just encouraging me through her cries, moving my hands to the best places on her body, directing the kind of caresses that were the most effective. In the meantime she would kiss me and bite me as she felt like. She got me to ejaculate in her rubber gloves at least two times. Each time she would lick her fingers and fly into another trance that I could not manage. After an hour at least, we rested, spent, in each other’s arms, oblivious to anything we had planned. Our passion was just temporarily quieted, and we both knew that it only was a beginning of much wilder things to come.

It seemed to me that Esther's life story was like a prize I would never reach for. Where did this girl come from, what was her family like, what was her background, her goals in life?

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