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Chrissie had arranged Anna's hen weekend at an 18th Century Folly, located south of Dublin. The folly was a disused castle, complete with tower and dungeon that had been restored and was now used as an alternative holiday venue. Chrissie had arranged the weekend for Anna and four other friends, Emma, Kate, Jessica and Andrea. The friends had arranged for a weekend Anna would forget in a hurry.

The friends arrived at the Folly, which was situated, on a remote piece of coast about ten miles from the nearest population.

"At least the neighbours won't complain about the noise," Anna joked.

"Nothing to stop our fun," Kate replied.

The girls entered the folly through the large wooden door and explored its many rooms. Near the top of the tower was a large stone room, with sofas, and a large fireplace.

"This is very cosy," Anna said. "What a great place to spend the weekend."

Chrissie, who was wearing a short flowing skirt and a white top closed the door to the room and walked over to Anna carry a heavy rucksack, which she laid on the floor.

"What's in the bag?" asked Anna.

"Oh you'll see," said Chrissie as she emptied the metallic contents on to the stone floor. Anna's eyes looked shocked. "Those aren't for me are they?" Anna asked worriedly.

Before she could move, the girls surrounded her and pulled her to the ground. Anna fought as best she could, but she was seriously outnumbered. With Anna lying on her back, Chrissie, sat down on her victim, straddling her neck. Chrissie squeezed Anna's head between her thighs and pinned her hands to the floor.

Kate picked up the solid, hinged cuffs and walked towards the victim.

"These cuffs are maximum security, once on, there is no way to remove them without the key, and one of us will be holding it!" Kate laughed.

Kate locked the silver steel around Anna's wrists and double locked each on to the hapless hen.

With Chrissie still trapping Anna on the ground, the girls added to Anna's growing array of restraints a pair of leg cuffs before locking a pair of thumb cuffs around her toes. Chrissie then released her grip and let the captive explore her newfound bonds. "One more piece of steel to add," Chrissie purred, ass she locked a maximum-security bicycle 'D' lock around Anna's neck.

"What are you doing?" Anna pleaded.

"We know you like a little restraint," Chrissie smirked, "so we thought we'd oblige. Only one more thing to add though..."

Jessica picked up a lockable gag and knelt down by the struggling girl. "Open up!" she giggled and after some struggling Anna complied.

"Now here's the game," Chrissie explained. "You are locked up with five restraints - and there are five of us. So we will each take one key. Every 12 hours you can choose one of us and we will give you our key and you can unlock yourself. An extra bit of freedom each day!"

"However… there is a catch… You won't know who has which key!" Kate laughed.

"OK, now let's choose who has what," Chrissie announced, "And I'm sorry Anna, you can't watch, you are going into this box first."

The box was solid wood and large enough to take a girl. They picked Anna up and gently dropped her into the box.

"Where is the padlock to lock her in?" Kate asked.

"Don't bother, just sit on the lid, that should stop her going far," Chrissie laughed.

Kate, wearing just jeans and T-shirt, sat down on the lid. The box lid banged home and inside the box Anna let out a cry. Anna in a futile bid to escape, pushed up on the lid and lifted Kate, who like all the girls was only slim, a few inches into the air. "She's a feisty one, isn't she?" Chrissie laughed, and she came over and sat down next to Kate on the box lid. The lid banged home a second time and this time there was no reply from Anna.

Emma, Jessica and Andrea each took a key. "Make sure you hide your keys well," Chrissie said, "we don't want an escape bid from our guest!" Emma unbelted her jeans and lowered them. She then tucked her key into her black knickers. She pulled her jeans back up and sat down on the deep window-ledge. "OK, no way she's getting that key," Emma joked.

Jessica put her key into her small purse, which she stuffed into the front pocket of her denim shorts. Andrea hitched up her thigh-length skirt and hid her key in her knickers.

"OK, you girls want to sit on our prisoner while we hide ours?" Anna asked.

The girls sat themselves down on the lid. Anna was going nowhere.

"Ah, here's the padlock for the box," Andrea smiled, "let's lock her in good and tight," as she slipped the lock through the clasp and snapped it shut, with a satisfied smile on her face. She then sat down on the lid as if to reinforce her power over poor Anna.

"Very good!" Chrissie snapped, "but we each have our key, so its time to let the poor girl out." She tried to grab the key from Andrea, and the two girls ended up rolling about on the floor. Chrissie retrieved the key and unlocked the box.

Anna sat up and tried to protest, as much as she could from within her chains.

"One more thing," Chrissie purred as she took a large chain, padlocked one end to the wrought-iron fireplace, "You'll also not be able to wonder more than five yards from here, at least not until you find which of us is holding the key to the lock around your neck." With that, she attached the other end of the large chain to the 'D' lock and snapped closed the padlock.

Anna sat on the thick-piled rug by the fireplace, bare-foot and wearing only a short skirt and top, and of course the restraints that her friends had added.

Andrea came over and tapped her arse. "So which key have I got in here?" she teased.

Anna could only reply with a muffled, slightly indignant "mmmmm. "

After lunch, at which Anna could only eat liquidised food through a straw, the girls settled down to watch some movies. Jessica was sitting in front of the sofa on a low footstool. Anna was sitting on the rug intently watching the film, which was just reaching its climax. Jessica suddenly grabbed Anna by the shoulders and pulled her back on to the rug. She then placed the footstall over Anna's head and sat back down trapping Anna's head under the stall.

The girls laughed as Anna struggled desperately to get her head out from under the stall on which Jessica was sitting. After a few minutes she stopped struggling and resigned herself to the fact that she wasn't going to see any more of the film. Jessica amused herself by running her bare feet up and down the body of her hapless prisoner.

By the evening, it was time for Anna to choose her first key. She chose Chrissie, hoping that she had the key for her gag, which was becoming sore or the 'D' that was preventing any hope of escape. Chrissie reached into her back pocket and pulled out a small key, which she then used to unlock Anna's mouth gag.

"Arrrh, at last I can at least talk now," Anna said with clear relief.

"You're still chained securely hand and foot to the fireplace," Andrea replied in a tone that showed she'd have preferred it if Anna had not been released at all.

That night the friends slept in the bedrooms, leaving Anna still chained up, sleeping in front of the open fire

The next morning, the girls again met for the unlocking ceremony. The sun had come up and Anna could see a beautiful day on the coastline just outside the castle.

"Which of you has the key to this?" Anna demanded, tugging hopelessly on the large 'D' lock around her neck. Emma felt turned-on knowing that Anna was not going to leave that room without the 'D' lock key tucked inside her knickers.

"Well take your guess," Emma said.

"Well its not you," Anna deduced, looking towards Emma, "that'd be to obvious. I think it's… Jess."

Jessica, clearly annoyed at having to give up her key so soon, jumped up, hitched up her skirt and revealed her key.

"Maybe not the one you wanted though," she giggled as she unlocked the thumb cuffs from around Anna's toes. "Arrrh, that doesn't get me far at all!" Anna complained, pulling fruitlessly at the cuffs still locked around her ankles.

"Yep, and it doesn't look at though you'll be enjoying much of the sun today, does it?" Emma giggled, as she thought about how Anna would be spending the rest of the day locked inside the folly.

The girls, in search of fresh air, went outside and spent the day sunbathing on their secluded beach. By the evening, the friends returned with wet hair, rosy faces and sarongs wrapped around their waists. After showering the girls met for the next stage of their game.

"OK, I chose Emma," Anna said with conviction.

"Arrgh no," Emma cursed, as she stood up, and grudgingly handed over the key.

"Yessss…" Anna said, as she unlocked the 'D' lock from around her neck, "Free at last!"

"You're still wearing cuffs on your hands and feet," Andrea reminded her.

Anna was now feeling much more a part of the party. Her friends were still holding her under lock and key, but at least she could talk and move around the folly, if a little slowly due to wearing leg cuffs.

That evening, most of the party had gone to bed, leaving just Anna and Andrea sitting by the fire. "You know that I could escape now," Anna whispered, "do you think you should make sure I don't?" Anna was missing the thrill of being held captive by her beautiful friends.

"You could lock me in the box again," she suggested. "The last time you sat on the lid and locked the padlock there was no way I could have escaped."

Excited by the suggestion, Andrea helped Anna into the box and gently lowered the lid. She then slowly sat down on the lid, her mini-skirted arse holding the lid shut. She then threaded the lock through the clasp, snapped it shut and tucked the key into her knickers. After half an hour of sitting there, enjoying the feeling of power, she returned to her bed, leaving Anna securely under lock and key.

By the Sunday morning Anna was to choose the last but one key.

"Kate," she declared.

Kate produced her key and knelt down by Anna. "It's your lucky day, you can now walk around," she joked as she unlocked the cuffs from around Anna ankles.

"Only the handcuffs to go," Anna declared as she looking over to Andrea, whom she knew must have the last key.

The girls spent the Sunday on the beach, a day that might have looked like any other to an observer, save for the rigid cuffs worn by Anna. That evening, Andrea unlocked the handcuffs from around her friend's wrists, leaving Anna totally free.

"So how was that for you?" Chrissie purred.

"Terrifying at first, but there was a certain attraction," Anna replied, playing with the handcuffs.

After dinner, Kate, Emma, Jessica and Chrissie left to drive back to town. As Anna finished packing her things, she walked into the room and found Andrea locking the cuffs around her own wrists. "I just wanted to know how it felt", she awkwardly replied.

"OK, well you'll need the cuffs on your feet, the gag and the rest," Anna replied, as she sat astride her friend and started locking home the restraints. "Only this time I have all the keys", Anna said as she put the keys into her jeans pocket. Within moments, Andrea was fully bound, in the locked box with Anna sitting on the lid. Not surprisingly, they didn't leave the folly that night.


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