Galley Slave | chain, bikini, stocks bondage story

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The two women lay there on the bed listening to the boat rock gently against the quay. Kate was in her mid-twenties, an attractive brunette with a great figure. Nicole was the same age, tall and slim with long blonde hair that, at this time in the morning, lay unkemptly over the bed. Both girls lay in their underwear, recovering from the night before.

Nicole stood up and walked across to the galley. She had inherited a fortune and had bought the motor cruiser a year earlier. She drank a glass of chilled water and returned to the bed. Kate was stretched out on the bed, her hands holding on to the bars of the wrought iron headboard.

"I think I need to be restrained," Kate purred as she grabbed hold of the metal bars. "Can you tie me up again?" she asked, her eyes closed but sensing Nicole's return.

Nicole smiled. "Maybe, if you do as I say".

"Anything," Kate replied.

Nicole went to the cupboard and pulled out a bunch of chains that rattled as she walked back towards the bed.

Kate looked up. "Chains? We haven't done that before!"

"I know," Nicole smiled. "Chains are better, they're totally inescapable." Kate sat up a little nervously as Nicole dropped them on the bed beside her.

Nicole took the first chain and wrapped it around Kate's waist. She pulled the chain tight and padlocked it at the front.

"That's not going to stop me moving around," Kate said, sounding almost disappointed. Nicole smiled as Kate noticed the single cuffs attached to each side of the chain around her waist.

Without saying a word, Nicole took each of her friend's wrists in turn and locked them in the cuffs. She closed each slowly, listening to the clicking of the ratchets as each was pushed home. Kate was starting to see the point as she found she was unable to move her wrists from each side of her waist. Nicole then took a pair of heavy looking leg cuffs and proceeded to manacle her friend's ankles together. "Right, that should do for now," she smiled as she pulled on a pair of short denim shorts and white T-shirt. "I'll be on deck," she smiled as she put the keys to the restraints into the back pocket on her shorts and walked outside.

tentacle invasion

Kate lay back down on the bed and started to explore her new restraints. She felt turned on as she wriggled around on the bed, but as she couldn't move her arms, she was limited in what enjoyment she could have. Half an hour passed and Nicole was still on deck. With the initial excitement having worn off, Kate struggled to her feet and hobbled as best she could out on to the deck.

Nicole was sitting reading a book when she heard Kate's chains clatter on to the deck.

"Hey, people might see you all chained up!" she said as she jumped to her feet. She ran inside and reappeared with another chain and two padlocks. She locked one end of the chain around Kate's neck and pulled on the other end until she could padlock it to bottom bar of the railing. Kate was now forced to kneel on the deck, as the chain wasn't long enough for her to stand. "That's better," Nicole smiled. "No-one will see you down there."

Nicole sat back down on the bench right next to where her friend was kneeling. She playfully stroked Kate's hair as she continued to read. In return, Kate playfully kissed Nicole's knee. Nicole stopped reading and watched her friend.

"Kiss me there," she said as she pointed to her other knee. Kate duly kissed it. Nicole edged forward on the bench and touched the inside of her thigh. "And there!" she ordered. Nicole felt turned on as she made the chained up brunette work her way up the inside of her thigh and right up to her crotch. When the girl's head was right between her thighs, she playfully squeezed her legs together, locking her head in place.

When she released her grip, Kate looked up. She pulled at her wrists but was unable to move them from her side. She felt very frustrated. "These things looked harmless enough," she complained, "but now I can't move my hands at all. Please can you let me out?" she pleaded as her eyes fixed on to her friend's tanned legs.

"You don't really want me to let you go do you?" Nicole smiled as she stood up and went over to unlock the padlock that attached her friend to the railing. Kate watched her friend arse as she walked over to the railing and stayed silent.

Nicole's mobile phone rang. She padlocked the other end of the chain that was locked around Kate's neck to one of the belt hoops on her denim shorts and answered the call. As she talked, she walked back into the cabin, pulling Kate with her as she went. As she walked she could feel her friend pulling on her shorts. It was just like taking the dog for a walk. She strolled inside and sat down on the sofa.

Kate was towed behind in a stooped position, as the chain that connected her neck to Nicole's shorts was not long enough for her to stand upright. She almost stumbled as she struggled to walk in the cuffs that Nicole has locked to her ankles. She once again knelt down on the floor by her friend. She felt like a slave, manacled and chained to her mistress. She knew the keys to her restraints were in Nicole's pocket, but she hadn't a hope of reaching them. She would have to obey the blonde's orders.

Once she had finished the call, Nicole walked over to the galley to prepare some food. Once again Kate followed behind. Kate sat on the floor behind her 'owner' and looked up at her tight denim shorts that fitted her arse so perfectly, although the keys were far out of reach.

Nicole then led her back and sat her down on the sofa. Nicole sat astride her friend, sitting on her lap and started to feed her. "Open wide," Nicole smiled. "There's no way you can feed yourself".

Kate compiled. She felt a strange pleasure in knowing that she was entirely helpless and totally in the control of her beautiful friend.

"OK, I'm going to go into town," Nicole announced.

"Can I come too?" Kate asked, knowing what the answer was before she'd even asked.

Nicole stood up and led Kate to the front of the boat, to the ship's hold. Kate could see what was happening and was nervous. "You're not going to lock me in there are you?" she asked.

"Certainly am," her friend replied. Kate felt nervous but also excited as Nicole lifted the heavy metal hatch to reveal the small dark space below.

"Inside!" Nicole demanded. Kate sat on the edge and lowered herself inside. There was just enough room for one person to sit with their knees by their ears. Nicole then unpadlocked the chain attached to her shorts and reached down and re-locked it to the chain that locked her friend's' feet together. Nicole smiled; she knew that her friend could now not even stand, with her neck locked tightly to her ankles.

The blonde then lowered the heavy door enclosing the brunette inside. She slipped another padlock through the clasp on the door and snapped it closed. She then sat down on top of the opening as she threaded all of the keys on to her key ring and put them into the back pocket of her shorts.

Inside all was pitch black. Kate tried to wriggle but the cuffs held her firmly in place. She could hear Nicole walking around above her. She knew that there was absolutely no chance of escape.

Kate was still sitting in her cell. She had no idea how long she'd been locked in there, as she had drifted in and out of sleep. She felt a strange sense of calm knowing that there was nothing she could do until the blonde returned with the keys. She sat there, still wearing only her underwear from the night before.

She then heard voices above her and the engine start to rev. She felt the boat rock as it moved out into the open sea. Whoever was driving the boat had no intention of releasing her as she continued to wait in her confinement.

The boat finally stopped and she heard the anchor being lowered. The voices then came closer and opened the door to her cell. Kate winced as the light hit her eyes. "Come on prisoner," Nicole said, "Time for your release".

Nicole unlocked the chain around Kate's neck and helped her out of the hold. She then unlocked her feet cuffs just long enough for Kate to change her black silk knickers for a pair of her bikini bottoms. Nicole then securely re-chained her ankles. Nicole replaced Kate's bra with her bikini top. Her hands remained chained throughout.

"Thought you and I would spend a couple of nights on a deserted island" Nicole purred as Kate struggled to her feet. "Dania here will come and pick us up in two days time."

Dania, a stunning brunette wearing jeans and a T-shirt just smiled.

Nicole changed into a bikini and helped Kate, who was still wearing her wrist and ankle restraints, into the small tender. Dania then joined them and started to row the short distance to the sandy shore. The deserted island was no more than a sand bar, half a mile long, a few hundred meters wide with a little vegetation in the middle.

Nicole and Dania helped Kate ashore and brought two bags of food and drink, a tent and sleeping mats.

"We won't be needing these," Nicole smiled, as she unattached a bunch of keys from her bikini and handed them to Dania, who smiled and put them into her jeans pocket.

"Those are the keys to these restraints aren't they?" Kate said, with a certain resignation in her voice.

"Certainly are," Nicole smiled, "but anyway I thought you liked being held in restraints?"

Dania rowed back to the yacht and started the engines. The two women sat there on the beach watching the boat disappear over the horizon.

"How am I going to get out of these chains?" Kate asked, pulling at the restraints that had held her captive for the last twelve hours.

"You're not," Nicole smiled, "the only keys are those in Dania's pocket".

Nicole stood up and walked a few meters into the sea, her bikini bottoms riding up her arse as she walked. She walked further and started to swim. Kate stood up and tried to walk, but the shackles on her ankles prevented anything more than a shuffle. She sat back down and watched her friend return from the water.

Nicole pushed the brunette on the shoulder until she fell backwards on to the sand. The blonde then stood over her friend with one foot either side of her head and laughed as drops of water dripped off her body and on to the brunette's face. Nicole then squatted down to sit on Kate's chest.

"You really are helpless now, aren't you? I can do what ever I want to you." Nicole smiled as she slipped her wet body forward until she was sitting on her friend's neck with one thigh either side of her head. "Kiss me here" she said as she pointed to the inside of her thigh.

After Nicole had prepared a meal and fed both herself and Kate, she took out the sleeping mats and Kate lay down on her front. The blonde smiled as she saw the brunette's cute arse. She moved over and kissed the brunette's arse, making Kate jump.

Nicole sat astride her back to stop her moving and kissed her arse again.

"Hey what are you doing?" Kate asked.

"Relax," Nicole replied. "Just enjoy."

The two women were on the beach watching the sun go down. Kate lay on the sand still wearing her black bikini. Her feet were chained together and her wrists locked to her side by cuffs attached to the chain that was padlocked around her waist. The brunette lay there helplessly, whilst talking to her friend.

Nicole sat next to her, her long blonde hair reaching down past her tanned shoulders. She was wearing a white bikini, which hugged her slim figure. Although she was the one who had chained up the brunette, the keys were now far away in the possession of their friend Dania. The two women were now alone on the deserted island with no one to rescue them until tomorrow.

Nicole was sitting on the sand just above Kate's head. She was leaning forward, resting on her knees looking down at Kate between her legs. She slowly ran her fingers around Kate's neck.

"You look so beautiful in chains," she purred as she tickled Kate and watched her wriggle to try and stop the tickling sensation.

Kate tried to wriggle the waist chain down over her hips. "There must be some way out of these," she replied as she lifted her arse off the sand and tried to ease the chain down towards her feet.

"No, there's no way out," Nicole smiled, "We could be on this island for a year and you'd never get free." Kate stopped wriggling and looked up at her friend. She knew she was right.

Nicole stretched out her legs so that Kate's head was between her thighs and her legs ran down either of Kate's body.

"Rest your head here," Nicole purred as she pointed to her right thigh. Kate moved herself up so that her head rested on her friend's thigh and looked up into her friend's eyes.

"What are you going to do with me?" she whispered.

"Whatever you want," Nicole replied.

Nicole then took a scarf and passed it underneath her right thigh. She then bought up the ends around Kate's neck and proceeded to loosely tie them together at the top.

"Hey, you're tying me to your thigh?" Kate smiled as Nicole tightened the knot at the top.

"Try and get out of that," Nicole smiled as she sat back and watched Kate struggle. Kate did however manage to slide her head and the scarf down towards Nicole's knee.

Nicole immediately took another scarf and tied in around her own waist and then tied the spare ends to the first scarf making sure that it was first pulled up her thigh as far as it would go. "OK Houdini, now try and get free from that." Kate twisted around for a minute before she relaxed, knowing there was no way her head and Nicole's thigh could be parted. Nicole then lifted her left leg over Kate and rolled on to her right side. This had the effect of positioning Kate's face deep in Nicole's crotch, right against the front of her bikini.

"How convenient," Nicole smiled as she watched Kate realise her predicament. Kate struggled to no avail.

"No way out," Nicole giggled as she lowered her left leg enclosing Kate's head between her thighs. For good measure, she took a third scarf and passed it around both of her thighs before tying it off tightly. Nicole pulled a cover over the two of them and smiled as she looked up to the night sky and enjoyed the moment.

They woke the next morning still in the same position. Nicole untied the scarves and stood up and stretched. She kissed Kate on the cheek before running into the sea for a swim. Kate watched Nicole as she ran. Sand had stuck to her pert arse and her tight white bikini rode up between her cheeks as she moved. Kate then struggled to her feet and slowly followed her friend to the water, the chain connecting her feet leaving a strange pattern on the sand as she went.

They both sat in the shallow water watching the waves break on the reef further out to sea. Nicole was eating the fruit they had bought with them.

"Are you hungry?" she smiled to Kate holding out a peach.

Kate gestured to her chained hands. "You still have me in shackles," she sighed.

"Of course," Nicole smiled as she sat down on Kate's lap with one leg either side and started to feed her friend.

"What if Dania never comes back?" Nicole smiled as she kissed Kate on the cheek. "We'd have to live like this forever."

"She will," Kate replied, "and then it will definitely be your turn."

"I know," her friend smiled, "that's why I've got to make the most of this."

Nicole pushed Kate backwards on the sand and slid forward so that her arse was right above Kate's face, literally millimeters above.

"What's it worth for me not to sit right down on top of your face?" Nicole purred.

Kate looked at the white stretched fabric of Nicole's bikini bottoms against her tanned skin. She could probably wriggle to the side but she knew that Nicole would soon catch up with her and then drop like a rock on to her face.

"I'll do you a deal," Nicole smiled. "Heads you're free, tails, well that speaks for itself." She spun the coin and watched it fall. Kate just had enough time to see the coin before Nicole lowered her salty wet arse down on to her face. She adjusted herself until she was happy with her position and then applied all of her weight on her friend's face. She knew that her seal was well and truly airtight and that Kate could now not breathe. She sat there on the beach enjoying the feeling, looking at the deep blue sky.

Kate laid still, her face buried in Nicole's salty bikini bottoms. Nicole's arse felt nice against her face and she knew from experience that it was pointless to waste her breathe in struggling, Nicole would let her out when she was ready.

Half a minute later Nicole lifted herself off Kate's face and stood up above her friend. "Oh I do love that," she giggled as she looked down at her red-faced friend who was still trying to catch her breath. Nicole then adjusted her bikini, which courtesy of Kate's nose had again ridden up her arse and sat back down, this time on the sand.

The boat moored up a hundred meters from the shore and Dania climbed into the tender and motored to the shore. The tender ran up on to the sand and she climbed out. She walked up the beach with her blue jeans rolled up to just below her knees with her long dark hair reaching down to her tight white T-shirt.

"How was the night?" Dania asked as she approached the two women.

"Fun," Nicole replied.

Kate just rattled her manacled hands. "Please," she begged.

"Oh OK," Nicole smiled as she looked towards Dania who pulled the keys out of her pocket and threw them to her.

Still wearing only her white bikini, Nicole crouched down and within seconds had released Kate from her leg cuffs. Reluctantly, she then released Kate's hands and unlocked the chain around her waist, letting all of the restraints fall noisily on to the sand. Kate took the keys from her friend's hand and picked up the chains.

"Now its your turn," she smiled to Nicole. Nicole smiled back knowing this was inevitable once she had released Kate from her chains.

Kate locked the chain around Nicole's slim tanned waist. "Now for the wrists," she purred as she slowly and deliberately ratcheted each cuff closed before engaging the double locks. She then slowly ran her hands down Nicole's legs as she crouched down to secure her feet. Once complete, she attached the keys to her bikini bottoms where they jangled against her thigh as she moved.

They motored back to the boat and climbed aboard. On the main deck there was a steel cage that was used to hold the lifejackets and fenders. Kate lifted the lid and emptied the contents on to the deck. She beckoned Nicole. "Inside," she smiled as Nicole shuffled up and with Kate's help climbed inside. Kate closed the lid and sat down on top.

"You will stay in there until I decide what to do with you," Kate smiled as she looked down at the woman beneath her. She then took a padlock and chain and proceeded to lock the cage closed.

"And now for you," Kate smiled at Dania, "don't think you're not getting your just deserts." Kate led Dania to the wooden deck at the back of the boat and made her strip to her knickers. Dania then lay down with her arms and legs in a star position as Kate stood above her with a long piece of white rope.

The deck was made of wooden slats with gaps between them raised a few inches above the fiberglass base. Starting at Dania's left hands, Kate slowly wrapped the rope around Dania's arm and around the wooden slats of the deck. After 6 times around, Dania's arm was effectively secured to the deck. She continued until Dania's other arm, legs and body were all tied down. Kate pulled the last rope tight and tied it off.

"How does it feel?" Kate asked as she looked down at the bound woman.

"I can barely move a muscle!" Dania exclaimed somewhat taken aback by her restraints.

"I know," Kate smiled. "Now while I take a shower, I'll leave you to just imagine what I'm going to do with you next." Dania lay there struggling to free herself as the boat gently bobbed up and down on the calm water.

Kate returned refreshed wearing a short mid-thigh length skirt, T-shirt and sandals with a small heel. Nicole watched her tanned legs walk closely by her cage as she made her way back to where Dania lay. Nicole could see that Dania's attempts at escaping had not worked and that she remained tightly tied. Nicole knew that there was no way that she herself could get free, even if she escaped the padlocked cage there was no way to get out of her cuffs without the keys and she had no idea what Kate had done with those.

Kate stood over Nicole with one foot either side of her body. Her dark sunglasses obscured her eyes and in her hand she held a whip that she ran gently up and down Dania's body. Suddenly she cracked the whip on the deck just to the side of Dania with amazing force. Dania struggled more forcefully than before but again made no progress.

Kate sat down on Dania's waist and ran the whip menacingly through her hands. She then slid herself forward so that she was resting on Dania's neck with one leg either side of her head. Again she cracked the whip to one side. Kate squeezed her thighs together until they closed, covered Dania's face.

"You don't really think I'd hurt you?" Kate whispered before releasing her grip around Dania's head. She then removed her sunglasses and leant forward to kiss her captive. Kate smiled as she saw that Dania was shaking.

"Wow, that was amazing," Dania cried. "I almost thought you'd do it!"

"I still might," Kate smiled as she played with the whip.

Kate stood up and smiled as she saw Nicole trying to force the padlock on the cage and Dania struggling against her ropes. She poured herself a drink and relaxed on the sundeck watching her captives' futile attempts at escape.

In her own time, Kate walked over to the cage and sat down on top.

"You know I must keep you in chains for the whole day at least," she smiled as she looked down at her friend who was already tiring of her restraints. "But maybe I can make it more interesting for you," she smiled as she unlocked the padlock and stood to free Nicole from the cage.

She then untied Dania from the deck and led both women inside to the small steel hold that Nicole had locked her in the day before. She lifted the heavy metal lid and helped her manacled friend inside. As Nicole climbed in she saw the silver keys to her restraints hanging against Kate's tanned thigh.

Kate looked at Dania and smiled, "Maybe you'd like to join her inside?"

"There wouldn't be room for two inside," Dania replied.

"Oh yes there will be," Kate smiled.

Intrigued by the prospect, Dania still wearing only her underwear did as she was told and climbed in and sat facing Nicole with her legs wrapped either side of Nicole's body. "Perfect fit," Kate smiled as she looked down at the two interlocked women in the small compartment beneath her. Kate then took a short length of chain and padlocked one end around Dania's neck. She then proceeded to lock the other end around Nicole's neck so that their faces were only inches apart.

"Again perfect," Kate purred at the two women she had chained up beneath her. "Now you see this padlock," Kate smiled as she held up a large lock for her captives to see. "It can only be opened with these two keys," she continued as she demonstrated each key in turn in the lock. "Now watch," she smiled as she threw the keys out of the window and in the water. All three women heard the splash as the keys landed and sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

Nicole looked up at her tanned friend crouched above her. "You're not going to use that padlock to lock us in here are you?" she asked with concern.

"I thought you liked a little restraint?" Kate replied.

Nicole looked up at Kate through her captor's legs, her long brown hair now falling in front of her face as she leant forward to watch her prey. Her bikini-clad friend, who had once looked so beautiful when chained and handcuffed, now had immense power over her. "Sleep tight," Kate smiled as she lowered the heavy lid with a thud. Kate immediately moved across so that she was crouching on top of the hatch to make sure it stayed firmly shut.

The women inside held their breath, listening for the inevitable noise. They then heard a 'click' followed by Kate's heels walking away.

"I can't believe she's done this," Nicole trembled to her cellmate. Nicole sat there in the darkness thinking of her friend walking about above her. Her long dark hair, her beautiful face and fantastic figure, her long tanned legs and her impossibly cute arse nestled in its black Lycra home. The keys for the high security restraints in which she was locked hanging casually from her waist. She would be sitting upstairs chilling out, knowing that Dania and her could never escape. She felt Dania's hands on her body. Kate was right; this could be more interesting.

Kate sat on the sofa in the main cabin, running a key up the inside of thighs. "And they think that I used the padlock with no keys to lock them in," she smiled to herself as she thought about how her friends were feeling in their steel cell down below. She started the engine and headed back to the mainland. She dressed casually in her jeans and T-shirt, stuffed the keys into her jeans pocket and met up with some friends in the harbour side bars. Their release could wait until later.

Part Three

Kate woke the next morning and stretched out on the double bed in the main cabin. She thought about how Nicole and Dania were feeling still locked in the steel hold below. The thought plus her fingers running up her tanned thighs turned her on.

Still wearing only her knickers and T-shirt, she dug the keys out of her jeans pocket and walked down to the hold. She slipped the key into the padlock and clicked it open. She removed the lock and lifted the heavy lid. "Good morning girls," she smiled as her captives shielded their eyes from the light.

"So you didn't throw away the key?" Dania said.

"No," Kate purred, "that was just to add to the excitement of your night under lock and key…"

Kate removed the chain connecting their necks and helped Nicole out of the hold, her hands and feet still chained from the day before. Kate turned to Dania, "OK out you come honey or you'll be locked in again". Dania looked up at Kate, her long dark disheveled hair almost hiding her dark brown eyes, and said nothing. Kate knew the look and smiled. She lowered the metal lid and within seconds Dania's fate was sealed.

With her long blonde hair lying untidily over her face, Nicole stood there rattling the chains that held her wrists to her waist. "Are you going to let me out of these?" she asked.

"Maybe," Kate smiled as she walked back into the main cabin. Nicole hobbled after her, her ankles also still chained together.

Kate poured herself some coffee and sat down at the table and watched her friend's growing frustration. "Arrh, please let me out of these," Nicole begged as she struggled to free herself.

"That'll never work," Kate smiled as she watched Nicole's efforts.

Nicole knelt on the floor in front of her friend. "Please," she begged.

Kate turned so that Nicole's head was between her thighs and reached down behind her friend. She reached for the spare end of the chain that was locked around Nicole's waist and then took a padlock to lock the spare end to the chain connecting Nicole's ankles. Kate then stood up and with her long legs stepped over Kate's head, her thighs brushing the blonde's hair as she went.

Nicole tried to move before realising what Kate had done. "Hey, I can't even stand up now," Nicole smiled as her long legged friend walked back over to her.

"I know. Your head is now stuck at the level of my crotch," Nicole smiled as she pressed the front of her knickers against Nicole's face before turning around and doing the same with her arse.

Nicole tried to move but fell forward on to her front, her face resting on the carpet. "Arrgh, you cruel bitch," Nicole said half laughing half crying. "Aren't you going to help me up?" As best she could with her hands chained to her sides, she arched her back to lift her head off the floor. Kate was now standing over her with one foot either side of her head. Nicole looked up as far as she could manage but just saw Kate's legs towering up above her.

Kate knelt down above her head so that the blonde's head, raised as far as Nicole could manage, just touched the brunette's crotch. "No…" Kate slowly replied as she slowly and effortlessly lowered her butt on to the back of Nicole's head pushing it to the floor. Out of principle Nicole tried as hard as she could to keep her head raised but had no chance as Kate gently sat down on top of her. Very soon Nicole's face was once again buried in the carpet. "Keep trying," Kate purred as she sat fast on her friend's head.

With Nicole's head firmly 'locked' beneath her, Kate gently ran her finger up her friend's body and around her neck. "I love it when you're this helpless," she purred as she watched Nicole struggle to stop being tickled.

Once she had had her fun, Kate stood up and walked through into the bathroom, she removed her knickers and T-shirt, being careful to first put the keys on a high shelf, and stepped into the shower. Nicole climbed to her knees and shuffled after her. She knelt at the bathroom door and watched the brunette shower, the water dripping down her slim tanned body.

When Kate had finished, she toweled herself down and smiled at the blonde. "Enjoy the show?" she asked as she picked up her dirty knickers and placed them over Nicole's head.

"Hey!" Nicole cried as she tried without the aid of her hands to remove Nicole's underwear from her face.

"Sorry, does that spoil the view?" Kate purred as she brushed past her and into the bedroom. Nicole fought as the material that had once clung to Kate's butt now clung to her face.

A few minutes later Nicole shuffled to the bedroom, Kate's underwear finally off her face and now hanging around her neck. She watched Kate pull on a pair of white cotton knickers and a short summery dress. She put her hair up and slipped on a pair of sandals. Nicole watched, still wearing only her knickers and T-shirt from the day before with her hair lying disheveled over her head.

Kate walked back to the main cabin, picking up the keys on the way, and sat down on the sofa with a magazine. Nicole again shuffled after her. "How long are you going to keep me in these chains?" Nicole asked as she kissed Kate's knee and looked up at her captress.

"Maybe I should keep you as a permanent sex slave," Kate mused as she closed the magazine and looked down at her friend. "Keep you padlocked inside the hold every night and keep you securely shackled on the odd occasion that I decide to let you out," she continued. As Kate talked, Nicole just closed her eyes and fantasized about what she was saying.

When Nicole opened her eyes, Kate was sitting on the front of the sofa with her legs open. "Inside," she smiled. Nicole, being in no position to refuse, shuffled forward on her knees. "You know that you'll be in big trouble when it's my turn," Nicole smiled.

"I know," Kate purred, "I can hardly wait…"

Nicole moved her head between Kate's knees and with small kisses, unhurriedly worked her way up the brunette's thighs. Kate pulled her dress up a little to make sure it didn't impede her progress. "You know that once you're in there I may never let you out?" Kate purred as she enjoyed the feeling of her friend's lips getting closer to her knickers.

"I know," Nicole smiled, "That's what makes it even more exciting."

Kate then wrapped one ankle around the other, moved her knickers to one side, and with her feet pushed Nicole's head in to her as deeply as she could. Once she was happy that she could go no further, she clamped her thighs together and locked them closed by wrapping her legs around each other. Nicole felt the brunette's thighs tense, and she knew there was now no way out.

Half an hour later she was released. She sat on the floor against the sofa catching her breath. She was still manacled. Kate pulled up her skirt and pulled out the bunch of keys from the top of her knickers.

"OK, your turn," Kate breathed still recovering from the blonde's attentions. She took a small key and turned it in the keyhole of the left handcuff. With her other hand she opened the steel circle to release Nicole's wrist.

"So simple to open and yet so inescapable," Nicole mused as within a couple of seconds the second cuff was opened. Kate then unlocked the waist chain and the foot cuffs, leaving all the restraints to clatter onto the floor.

"I guess you'll need these?" Kate said as she stood up and left Nicole to stretch her sore body and plan her revenge.

Nicole showered and changed into her bikini with a pair of denim shorts on top. She waited on deck reading a book waiting for Kate. "Look a new toy," Nicole smiled as Kate walked out on deck. Kate surveyed the heavy wooden stocks that were bolted to the deck. There were three holes, one for the head and two for the hands. "Do you want to try it? Nicole asked her friend.

Nicole lifted the top part to reveal the three holes. Kate laid down on her back positioning her head in the middle hole. "And the hands," Nicole encouraged as Kate slowly placed her wrists in the remaining holes. Nicole slowly closed the stocks.

Kate wriggled her hands before realising that they were well and truly trapped. "It's a good fit," she purred.

Nicole then sat down on top of the stocks so that her feet rested either side of Kate's head. "Now try and get out of that," the blonde smiled as she looked down at the brunette beneath her.

Kate struggled, trying to push up on the stocks but with Nicole sitting on top she soon gave up. "I'm not going anywhere with your butt sitting on top," Kate complained.

"I know" Nicole smiled.

Nicole reached for the sun cream and started to apply it to her legs, deliberately slowly. She was wearing denim shorts over her bikini, but they were so short that she they didn't stop her applying the cream right up to her bikinis. Kate watched helplessly as the blonde covered every inch of her legs.

When she had quite finished, she looked down at Kate and slowly poured some cream on to her forehead. "Don't want you to burn," Nicole smiled as Kate wriggled to avoid the cream landing in her eyes.

"I think you need to rub it in," Kate smiled once Nicole had finished.

"Of course," Nicole smiled.

Nicole flicked the hasp closed and locked a padlock through it locking the stocks closed. With the brunette safely locked inside, she lifted her arse from the stocks and knelt down on the deck just in front of Kate's head. She then lowered herself so that the back of her thighs were resting on Kate's face and then circled her hips so that her thighs rubbed across Kate's face, rubbing the cream into her skin. "Is that what you wanted?" Nicole purred as she felt her thighs sliding over Kate's features.

"I suppose I'd better free Dania," Nicole smiled as walked off into the cabin. Kate struggled again to prove to herself that there really was no way out. The padlock hung above her, totally oblivious to her plight beneath.

Nicole unlocked the padlock and lifted the heavy lid. "OK babe you've served your time… for now." Nicole helped Dania out, her legs stiff after spending over twelve hours locked inside. Dania showered and changed into blue jeans and a crop top. She walked out on deck to see Kate in her beautiful summer dress lying prostrate on the deck with her head and hands locked in the stocks. Nicole came over with a pair of handcuffs in her hand. "I did say for now," Nicole purred as she led Dania over to the railings and slowly but professionally cuffed her hands together behind her back and around one of the upright steel bars.

"Well it may not be as interesting as Kate's restraint, but you're not getting out of that," Nicole smiled as she secured the double locks. "Now here's the twist," she continued. "The key to Dania's restraints I will give to Kate and vice versa. So really I'll have neither of you under lock and key, you will have each other."

"So the key to the stocks will be in here," Nicole smiled as she dropped the silver key into Dania's cleavage, "And the key to Dania's handcuffs will be… just there," Nicole continued as she lifted Kate's dress and slipped the key into Kate's knickers. "Now try and get out of that girls," Nicole smiled as she blew them each a kiss and returned to the cabin.

"Should be fun," Dania smiled as she started to wriggle around trying to shake the key out of her bra.

Kate smiled back. "That'll never work, even with that key in my hand, I'd never reach the padlock. We need the key that's in my knickers to stand any chance of getting out of this."

Kate bought her feet up to her butt and started to try to remove the key. "Now its gone right up my bum," she laughed as the key started to move in the wrong direction. After ten minutes of wriggling, the key was finally free and lay next to her on the deck. Without being able to see what she was doing, she kicked the key over to Dania who was chained only a few feet away.

"Perfect," Dania smiled as she crouched down and picked up the key and unlocked her wrists. She then fished her key out from her bra and came over and sat down on the stocks. "She is so cruel to locked you up like this," Dania purred as she looked down at the helpless woman beneath her.

"The padlock?" Kate reminded her. Dania laughed before inserting the key in the lock.

"This isn't the key," Dania said as she tried to turn it in the lock. The two women looked up as Nicole walked towards them laughing.

"No it's not," Nicole smiled as she stood one foot either side of the imprisoned woman's head. Nicole picked up the handcuffs and without meeting any resistance, re-cuffed Dania's hands in front of her. She tucked the handcuff key and the key to the hold back into Kate's knickers before leading Dania back inside. Dania couldn't resist as Nicole led her back to the hold and once again locked her inside.

Nicole returned to the deck as the storm clouds were starting to build. "Looks like we're in for some rain," she said as she sat back down on the stocks.

"You're not going to leave me out in the rain?" Kate asked already fearing the worst.

"Yes I am," Nicole smiled back as she stood up and ran back inside just as the heavy rain fell. Kate lay there locked to the deck; her dress and her hair were soaked. She fought with the stocks in frustration.

An hour later the tropical storm had passed and steam was rising off the drying deck. Nicole knelt down on the deck so that Kate's head was between her thighs. She gently squeezed her thighs. "Since you're a little tied up, I'd better feed you," she purred as she started to feed prawns to the brunette.

"This is a nice way to eat," Kate smiled as she looked up at the woman who held her so securely under lock and key.

After they had eaten, Nicole once again sat her denim shorts down on the stocks. "Now I'm going to release your hands," Nicole offered, "but any attempt at escape…" she threatening left the sentence unfinished. Nicole unlocked the stocks and lifted her arse just a fraction. Once Kate's wrists were free she sat back down with a thud. Before Kate had a chance to think, Nicole re-padlocked the stocks. "Now guess where you're spending the night," Nicole smiled to the soaked brunette.

"No you wouldn't!" Kate cried as she tried to grab the blonde's ankle. Nicole jumped up and avoided her grasp.

"Oh yes I would," she purred as she knelt down and kissed her friend goodnight.

Kate lay on the deck in the dark, with only the stars for light. It was a warm night with a gentle breeze. The stocks felt powerful around her neck. She played with the locked padlock, the only key to which was with Nicole in the cabin below. Dania could not help her she was handcuffed and locked in the hold. The only keys to release Dania were in Kate's knickers, resting against her arse. Kate lay peacefully, knowing she had no place to go until morning.


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