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Juliana listened intently but could not make much of what she heard. Indeed, since that heavy metallic clang and the imprecation that followed it, there hadn't been much to hear. It wasn't that she felt she was in any danger but a certain sense of apprehension always went along with situations like this. And if he'd just dropped something heavy on his toe...?

It had been stupid of her to make the bet in the first place but... she had been so sure. And Jimmy had looked, she had felt it in her bones, that he wasn't that sure. Damn her bones - by now she ought to be wary of Jimmy's appearances. Crafty bastard.

No doubt she would feel a lot better had she even an inkling of what he was up to. All she could do was squat and listen. He had never tied her like this before and it must have something to do with his intentions? She was kneeling with her ankles bound to her thighs; her arms were tied across in front of her, one hand over each breast and with her elbows pulled together and bound to her waist. Nothing tight but she knew she wasn't going to get out of it not with Jimmy knotting the ropes.

He'd tied a breast-cum-shoulder harness which, at the moment, didn't seem to do anything in particular although he had done some extra fiddling at the back between her shoulder blades. Movement was denied her but she could sit up or lean forward as she wished.

Then had come her two favourite hates - the ball gag and the hood. She had been like this for perhaps fifteen - twenty minutes; you can't really tell when there is little sensory input.

Ah... things were happening again... but just what the hell was he... ? "Come sweety-pie. Unless you want to use that safeword now?"

She shook her head and, in undecipherable gag-talk, told him to go find a heat-resistant ladder. "Your choice," and he picked her up just as she was and moved her several paces. This was a grand old house built on a grand scale that had been in her family for generations but now she was the end of the line unless... ! It stood well back from the road in extensive grounds that offerred a deal of privacy. The facade was pierced with numerous large windows as befitted large rooms and these were heated by good old fashioned fireplaces most of which still preserved the original iron works and fittings of the age before electricity and gas. It was a place with atmosphere and history and a big-furniture sense of comfort that had nothing to do with the fact that she had spent her entire life there. And now it gave the perfect setting for their bondage games and, to some people no doubt, their rather bizarre lifestyle.

She felt his hands fiddling at her neck and then the hood was removed. He certainly had been busy; she was presented with a scene that defied placement. It seemed to represent a camp with several strange things not easily identified in the flickering light of a camp-fire. Dominant was a huge iron cooking pot that hung from a contraption beside the fire. Must be the original of the pot-belly, she thought. By golly; he must have scoured the country to find it and it was just what they needed to complete the decor of the huge dining room. True it would be more appropriate in the kitchen but then, the hooks and swivels must have been put there for a reason in the first place? It certainly added to the appearance of Jimmy's set piece.

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From behind she felt his hands grasp her around the waist, lift her and carry her toward the fire. A suspicion jumped into her mind but, before she had time to evaluate it, he was lowering her into the pot. She started to struggle but soon gave up - she knew it was useless. There was something softish in the bottom that prevented the hard bottom from punishing her knees and, when she sat up as much as her bonds would allow, she could see out of the pot. How thoughtful... the rotten... !

Now he moved round in front of her and she was startled into laughter - silent laughter of course. He was naked as the day he was born; a strange head-gear adorned his head and, around his neck, was something that could have been a string of bizarre beads - sharks' teeth no doubt? He wore the same around one ankle and around both arms and, she just couldn't believe it, there appeared to be a long bone sticking horizontally through the centre - the septum - of his nose. A cannibal !

A little shudder ran through her - this could get serious enough to force that safeword from her. Over my dead body! But... perhaps that was not a good choice of words.

He removed the gag: "That's been in long enough, dinner-meat," he said in a high-pitched voice: "Safeword now? Or forever hold your peace?"

"I can promise you that I'll taste horrid," she answered: "And what I can do to you from the inside doesn't bear thinking about."

"As you wish." He picked up the first of a series of buckets and began to fill her pot with water - cold water!

"You miserable son of a winkle-picking one-eyed blacksmith's pregnant bitch... you might have warmed it first!"

"That's taken care of," he answered and, with a creaking of tortured iron, swung the pot over the fire. Several buckets later, came peeled potatoes, then came carrots and finally some brussel sprouts. A small bucket with a thick white liquid: "Flour mixture for thickening," he explained. "Ah, yes, mustn't forget the dumplings," and he moulded some lumps of dough into suggestive shapes and dropped them in . "A spot of artistry is never out of place in cooking..." He suddenly seized her jaw forcing her to open her mouth and into it he popped a large mouth-filling cork from which sprouted a large sprig of... !?!?!?!?!? It was also pierced by a thin ribbon which he tied at the back of her head.

He seized a long and twisted stick and began to stir her: "Hubble bubble, Jule's in trouble. Heat the meat and watch for bubble. Let the gravy slowly thicken... and... er... keep it slow 'cause I don't have a rhyme. Something to do with... er... chick... en... ?"

"I see you're nodding. You giving up?"

She hastily changed the direction to sideways; she may be close to hysterics but not the way he was hoping for. What a prize idiot... But it was some stunt though. Or was it? However, the water was beginning to get warm and she hoped he was holding it all together.

He dipped a spoon and tasted her: "A bit bland. Perhaps I shouldn't have washed your feet. I know; there's some smelly fish out back." She shrieked at him through her cork gag but he was already gone into the dark beyond the fire. He seemed to be gone a long time too; the water got hotter and she became alarmed as some bubbles erupted from beneath her. More bubbles. The water surely wasn't that hot yet but... she was squatting on something and the pot could well be getting very hot underneath.

Perhaps with water as a lubricant... ? Could she slip these ropes? She struggled and squirmed for a few minutes but all that she achieved was multiple collisions with vegetables. Her knowledge of Jimmy told her that there was much more to come yet; he wouldn't be content with a pretence of cooking her... Bubbles were beginning to rise in a steady stream ... and the water had definitely got hotter. Maybe just she herself had got hotter through struggling? Perhaps he was pumpng in the bubbles? Yes, that was the familiar thing... he was using the aerator from the old fish tank. But no... There was no doubt whatsoever... The water was already feeling much hotter. Perhaps the fire had taken off... Where the hell has he got to?

And then she heard voices ! Yes; in the plural! Damn the bastard; was he throwing a party? As guests began to move past her the theme of his party became obvious... they were a jungle-dwelling tribe just returned victorious from a woman-stealing raid... all the men were macho warriors... Oh my God! All the women were bound captives! Two of the idiots performed an impromptu dance around her miming the expected feast.

Perhaps the women envied her or sympathised? She couldn't tell because most of them couldn't tell either! Then came little Mimi Roberts. Half naked and with her hands tied behind, her body was wound around with a thick rope which, in turn, was wrapped in clematis to make it look (hopefully) like a vine.

"I've escaped," she giggled. "Although it looks like you're going to have a bit more trouble than I did? I wonder what he'll do to me when he recaptures me?"

Juliana turned toward the voice, her face was drawn, her eyes listless and showed not a sign of recognition. Without a word her head drooped again so that, but for the rope from her shoulder harness that passed over the pot hook, it looked as though she could drown.

"Julie? Juliana? Are you OK, love? Julieee... Hey! Fellas. Over here... We've got trouble. Somebody find Jimmy!"

Then running feet. "Bring Magda over, she's a nurse."

Magda's voice: "To hell with the keys! Use your knife man! Get her out of this bloody thing. Cold water somebody... might be heat-stroke."

Then Magda was patting her face: "Hey Julie... c'mon love... stay with us... you'll be OK... get her out boys."

Gentle hands took hold of her and someone said: "Lift together now." A knife sliced through her bonds, her legs were slowly straightened and gentle hands began to chafe her hands and arms ignoring the warm goo that now coated her.

Jimmy's voice: "What the hell? What's happ... Magda... is she OK?"

"Sure Jimmy. Thought at first it might be heat-stroke but doesn't look much like it ... "

"No way. That thing's got two thermostats and I fitted a cut-out."

"Could she have panicked?"

"Unlike her... but there's always a first time... "

"OK folks, " Magda again; "Let's make a bit of air around here. Leave her to Jimmy shall we?"

She burrowed down into his embrace trembling violently: "But I didn't... didn't... didn't use my... safeword."

"Sure thing, darling," he replied tightening his hold around her: "But perhaps it might have been a bit wiser... ?"

"You trying... trying to be... funny? You had a damn... big... cork stuck in my mouth and, anyway, you're the only one who knows my safeword .. and you were... ?"

"Yes, yes. We'll have to do somehing about that. But... you're OK now?"

"Yes, I'm fine, " she said in a stronger voice. "Escaped the pot and didn't safeword... So now... who's going to deny that I'm a damned good actress?"


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