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I looked at my reflection in the full-length mirror a second time. I was made-up for a night on the town, and even though this was a Friday night I doubted that I would be dancing much. My red-lipsticked lips were parted by a large ring-gag, which kept my mouth held wide open and ensured a steady stream of drool flowed down my chin. My arms were trapped firmly behind my back by a single-sleeve monoglove which I had no chance of removing, while my nipples were viciously gripped by a pair of tight clover clamps that gave constant stimulation... and constant pain. My sexy ensemble was finished off by a small black thong, moist with my arousal, which was nestled tight against my crotch and between my buttocks, and a pair of very strappy stiletto-heeled shoes which I didn't want to wear for any longer than I had to.

Downstairs, my four housemates were being led outside by a group of three men who had managed to trick us into bondage... I had somehow managed to avoid capture, but I was beginning to wonder if that was such an achievement. With my arms trapped in the monoglove, I had no way of releasing myself... and my nipples really wanted to be released from the clamps. But if I gave myself up to those men, no-one would know that we had been kidnapped... and it would be ages before anyone set out to rescue us. But decisions can be rather difficult to make when your nipples are clamped...

I exited my bedroom and headed downstairs as fast as my stiletto heels allowed... just in time to see the front door closing. The intruders had left it unlocked... but bound as I was, I had no way of opening it. Or even locking it.

I walked into the communal living room, and saw that the big box of bondage toys was still present - I had expected it to have been removed by the intruders. Perhaps they intended to come back for it later. I sat on the sofa, wincing as the heavy chain between my nipples jangled, and tried to think through all the possible courses of action. My housemates had been kidnapped, I had been left bound helpless, what was I to do?

Phone for help! The perfect plan, the most sensible idea. Unfortunately, we didn't have a land-line - we'd voted against it, since splitting the bills sounded far too complicated. But I did have a mobile phone, in my handbag. Back upstairs, in my bedroom. My spirits buoyed by the plan, I got to my feet and headed upstairs. My handbag was on the chest at the bottom of my bed... and it was zipped shut.

I leaned down in front of it and tried to work out how I would unzip it. Ideas didn't present themselves as quickly as I'd hoped, possibly since I was a little distracted by the clamps still clinging to my sensitive nipples. I licked the zip with my tongue until I could trap it between my tongue and my ring-gag. Unfortunately, even though I could just get enough grip to pull at the zip, the edge of my handbag followed... I eventually had to give up, the zip wasn't going anywhere.

I straightened up again, wincing as my nipples complained. My feet were hurting now, and I really needed to sit down and take off the shoes... but their strappiness meant that I had no way of removing them until my hands were free. And then I remembered that my housemates all had mobile phones, perhaps I could use one of them.

Nicole's bedroom door was open, but there was no sign of a mobile phone. Heather's bedroom door was locked shut. Downstairs, I found that Saki's bedroom door was also locked shut, but Jemma's bedroom door was open (probably left open by the burglars, after they had freed Saki from it). Jemma's mobile phone was sitting in the middle of her bed, vibrating silently...

I climbed onto the bed and sat on the phone... the vibrations passed through my tiny thong and made me feel much better about my unfortunate circumstances... It was just what I needed... The vibrations seemed to go on forever, and I eventually decided that I should answer the phone and find out who needed to get in touch with Jemma so urgently. After a few attempts, I managed to press the appropriate button with my nose.

"At last!" came a whispering female voice from the phone, "I thought you'd never pick up! It's Sarah... Remember me? Anyway, I need your help."

"Mmmmmph?" was all I managed to say in reply.

"It's a long story. I'm trapped in some sort of mansion in France, I think. Some megalomaniac has me hostage, and I need to escape! I was hypnotised to be a superheroine, but the hypnosis has worn off - I think I heard a word on the television that dispelled it."

"Mmmmmph!" I yelled as loudly as I could, trying to get her attention, but she just ignored me.

"This man is a complete nutter! He's using me as a nightstand table! He's got my wrists cuffed to my ankles and a thick wooden collar around my neck which he keeps his whisky and lamp on! Admittedly, the whisky and lamp are currently on the floor since I've had to get myself to a phone to call you... He's also got me wearing a silver mask and weird metal clamp things on my nipples that really hurt! It's so crazy... I don't know if I can cope!"

"Mmmmmph!" I tried again, but she was lost in her own world...

"I'm trapped, I'm scared... if I escape, I know that he has loads of traps in this place, and I'll only be caught again. I need to become that superheroine again... she's my only way of escaping from this place. Please... I think I know how to do it. I just need to hear someone say 'Ascension' and I will be transformed. Please... just say 'Ascension' for me!"

"Mmmmmph!" I yelled, trying to get across the fact that she wasn't the only damsel in distress.

"I can barely hear you, you're mumbling. Please! Say 'Ascension' - it's all I need! Please say..."

Her voice was cut off - I looked at the phone, and it displayed 'Low Battery'. I jabbed some buttons with my nose, but the phone only turned itself off. I swore into the gag... this was not going to plan! Not stopping to wonder about the mysterious Sarah, I turned my attention to working out how to recharge Jemma's phone. I didn't think my charger was compatible, but surely someone must have something suitable somewhere. A quick search of Jemma's bedroom didn't provide anything I could use... but then I saw her computer and could have kicked myself. I could use the Internet to get help!

Only one computer in the house had an Internet connection - Nicole's. I marched out of Jemma's bedroom and ascended the stairs again, and within moments was kneeling in front of Nicole's PC, trying to hit the power button with my nose. It sprung into life on the third attempt, and I sat on Nicole's swivel chair while I waited for Windows to boot up.

I wriggled, trying to get comfortable - the movement caused the chain between my nipples to move, which brought fresh pain to my sensitive nipples. I winced... I had hoped that they would have gone numb, but all this moving around hadn't given them the chance. My jaw was aching now too from prolonged time in the ring-gag, and my breasts were covered in my own drool. My shoulders were also beginning to ache from the monoglove, and as for my feet in the strappy heels...

Nicole's computer finally finished its boot-up sequence, and I was rather disappointed to find that all the text was in a foreign language. Still, I could probably guess at what the buttons did, since they should be in the same places as in the English version. Typing a message with my nose was rather challenging, and resulted in numerous typos, and trying to manipulate the mouse was next to impossible. But soon I had a message, saying where I was and that I needed help since I was bound helpless and couldn't free myself. And then I had to work out who to send it to, who I could trust to come find me and help me quickly... and without telling all my friends!

Unfortunately, my decision was made for me... maybe it was the fact that I was hampered by my bondage, maybe it was the fact that I was distracted by the nipple clamps, maybe it was the fact that I had had many glasses of gin in the past couple of hours... but I definitely didn't mean to press the button which sent the message before I was ready... I sat back, unable to decipher the foreign script, wondering who I had just informed of my helplessness. And then a reply appeared on the screen. It simple read: 'Cool'. And then another reply: 'Be there in five'. And a third reply: 'Did you mean to send that to the whole campus?'

The whole campus? I stood up and walked out of the room, my mind reeling as I thought of the possibilities. I returned to my own bedroom and looked at my reflection in the mirror again. I'd just announced my helplessness to the whole campus, and right now a number of people were racing towards my house... presumably to rescue me... but then I wondered if the first person to arrive would have rescue on their mind. Did I dare stay in the house and wait? I knew that, in a few minutes' time, I would be helpless at the hands of a complete stranger... I felt the adrenaline and excitement coursing through my body, as I debated whether to await my fate, or try to flee through the back door.

And then I heard the doorbell ring.

And then I heard the front door open, and close.

And then I heard the front door being locked.

Why did this visitor let themselves into my house without even waiting for me to answer the door? And why did they feel the need to lock the door? I suddenly realised that perhaps their intentions were not truly honourable... and that perhaps I ought to try to escape.

I walked out onto the landing and looked downstairs into the entrance hall. The visitor was nowhere to be seen. Walking as carefully and quietly as I could in my stiletto heels, I slowly made my way downstairs... hoping to sneak to the kitchen and then out through the back door. It was then that I noticed that the door to the lounge had been shut - I quickly moved towards it and listened, and heard the sounds of someone rummaging through the box of bondage toys.

Any doubts about their true intentions left my mind at that moment - this visitor didn't want to free me. He or she wanted to play with me... and fun though it sounded, I'd had enough. I just wanted to get free!

And then I heard the doorbell ring.

And then I heard the sound of someone trying to open the front door, and cursing when they found it locked.

I now had a choice. Either wait to see what this intruder intended to do with me, or try to exit the house via the back door and throw myself upon the mercy of my other visitors. Since I knew that the intruder definitely had no intention of immediately freeing me, I decided to gamble upon the intentions of the person or persons waiting outside. I couldn't open the front door, but hopefully the back door was unlocked and...

My thoughts were interrupted by the lounge door opening. I had dallied too long. I was now at the mercy of the intruder, whom I was now standing in front of, face to face. The intruder was female, with pale skin and a gorgeous body. She was very tall, quite slim, strong but not over-muscled. Her face was hidden by a skintight black latex hood that covered her head and hair - it smoothed over her eyes and nose, rendering her face featureless... except for her mouth, which was held open by a ring-gag. The only part of her face I could see was the inside of her mouth, where her long tongue flicked in anticipation.

The rest of her costume consisted of black latex opera gloves and black latex stockings, with black stiletto-heeled shoes... which meant that the pale flesh of her torso was completely bare. I could see her full, round, naked breasts, her erect nipples and her shaved pussy.

This figure standing before me seemed totally surreal, in a sexy fetishy kinda way. Arms, legs and head encased in black latex, the rest of her completely naked... I found that just looking at her turned me on. Her head nodded slowly as she looked me up and down - I assumed she was looking me up and down, since I couldn't see her eyes. In fact, I didn't even know if she could see out of her latex hood.

"Mmmmmph?" I asked, nervously.

"Mmmmmph," she replied, confidently - I wondered if she had gagged herself to prevent herself from speaking, and thus giving me the chance to recognise her voice. At least, this way, her identity was a complete secret from me. I wondered if I knew her.

She stepped forward, placing her latex-clad fingers on my shoulders. One hand moved up to stroke my face, while the other moved down over my breasts, feeling my clamped nipples (which made me wince) and moving further south to my skimpy thong which she removed by ripping it from me. That was the second item of clothing which had been destroyed that night... and now I was naked, but I didn't feel shy. Perhaps it was because I couldn't see her eyes.

Her hands moved together, meeting at my breasts - she traced her fingers along the chain between my nipples until she found the middle, and then she backed into the lounge, pulling me after her. I had no choice but to follow, trying to ignore the complaints from my nipples as this sexy stranger exerted her power over me. My mind was racing - what did she want? What were her limits? What did she intend to subject me to? And who was she?

She reached into the toybox and pulled out a second pair of clover clamps, identical to mine. She entwined the two chains, and then attached the second pair of clamps to her own nipples... without even a gasp from her gag... and then she backed away from me, and the entwined chains pulled taut, and the clamps tightened on both her nipples and mine... but I was the one who stepped forward to relieve the pain. I moaned into my ring-gag - perhaps this was her way of showing her dominance over me.

She led me out of the room by my nipples, and all the way upstairs and into Nicole's bedroom. Nicole, as well as being blessed with the Internet, was blessed with the largest bed in the house. The masked intruder climbed onto Nicole's bed and backed away, forcing me to climb onto the bed after her as the chains between our nipples pulled taut again. I was drooling profusely now, and noticed that she was too.

We were both kneeling on the bed, face to face, our nipples connected by clover clamps and chains. And even though we were both wearing ring-gags, I was the only one that was utterly helpless... she pushed me down onto the bed, trapping my monogloved arms beneath me, and spread my legs, leaving me open, exposed and vulnerable... She knelt astride me and turned, the chains between our nipples twisting as she moved, until her legs were either side of my head... and her naked pussy directly over my face.

She sat up straight, and the chain tightened, and my nipples were pulled upwards as hers were pulled downwards... but while she was clearly enjoying the stimulation, I only wanted it to stop... so I did the only thing I could do... I poked my tongue out of my ring-gag and licked her moist pussy... She immediately eased off the pressure on my nipples, and I got the message... pleasure her or feel the pain. So I pleasured her.

I shifted my position, moving my head upwards so I could press my gagged lips against her pussy... I lapped at her labia while she squirmed and moaned above me, teasing her clit with my tongue, pressing my nose against her, tasting her arousal as she writhed on my face... and then she lowered herself, pressing herself against my face, and I had no choice but to pleasure her now, unable to move as she rubbed her pussy against me... and then I felt a pain in my nipples as she pulled on the chain, and I heard her groan at the same time as her own nipples experienced the same pain, and I thrust my tongue deep inside her... forgetting about my pain, my movements taking on a sense of urgency as I felt the first waves of her orgasm approaching... all I cared about was her pleasure... all I wanted to do was please her... my whole world was her... and then she came, and her body shuddered, and my nipples were agony, and her juices flowed freely into my wide open mouth...

And then it was over, and we were both panting through our gags... she leaned over me, bending forward, relieving the tension on my nipples... and she spread my legs with her hands (I was powerless to stop her)... and then I felt her tongue on my clit... and it was my turn to squirm...

She pushed her pussy against my face again, and I knew exactly what was expected of me... I pleasured her pussy through my ring-gag while she pleasured my pussy through her ring-gag... we both writhed in unison as we came closer and closer to orgasm, and she tugged on our clamped nipples at the moment of climax... I was overwhelmed with ecstacy, with passion, with the intensity of it all... my back arched and my body shuddered as I came, and I felt her shudder as she sat on my face, again filling my mouth with her juices. I was out of breath, out of energy, out of everything... but very, very happy.

It only took her a few moments to recover before she climbed from me and removed the clamps from her nipples - I had hoped that she would have removed the clamps from my nipples too, but it wasn't to be. Instead, she used the chain between my nipples to guide me to my feet, and then lead me downstairs. I was feeling a little groggy, what with the sex and the alcohol, but managed to keep my balance on my stiletto heels as she opened the front door and pushed me outside into the cold, dark night... into the arms of the small crowd that had also responded to my computerised plea for help...


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