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"Rachael, we have reason to believe that a special bra contains hidden codes designed into it. What's more, there may be several models of this thing floating out there." He ran his hand over his bearded chin.

“The report says that Lisa Reynolds worked as a stripper for one Madame Cong. Her body was recovered without the bra?” I looked back up form the report.

“Yes, there was nothing covering her breasts and there were no visible signs of harm done to her body in any way. We did find some needle marks on her nipples though.”

“She could have been doing cocaine you know?” I said.

“Well, we checked her for it and it came up empty. Still, this bra thing probably has something to do with those marks.”

“Then, what did she die of?” I pulled down on the jacket of my business suit.

“Well, technically, it seems to be unknown, however, we do know that her brain was gone.”

“What? So, someone cut out her brain?”

“Not exactly, there were no marks on her body at all, but when an autopsy was done they found that she contained no brain.

I looked up at Henry. It was as if our eyes suddenly met to ponder the situation rather desperately. We were confused, very, very confused.

“But surely there must be some mark or trace-evidence of some kind. If no instrument was used, then what about laser surgery?” I suggested.

“Well, there were no traces of any of that. Of course we have been trying to discover if any drugs were used to do this somehow, but so far, we have come up empty. Henry took a cigarette pack out of his drawer.

“Look, you’re not going to light that thing up while I am in here are you?” I gave him a foul look.

“What about if I just open the window, this way…” I cut him off.

“No way! You know I hate smoke. If you light up I am leaving this room.” He quickly put the pack away.

“Okay, okay, now let’s continue.” He said.

“Well, this seems more like a case for the CIA?” I said.

“We thought about sending in a CIA operative, but Madame Cong is just as interested in finding out what’s going on as we are, so we don’t need to send in a full fledged spy on this one. She is willing to work with you on this. She has an upscale establishment in San Francisco. We told her you would be on your way to see her and get whatever information on this that you need.” He handed me another folder that contained airline tickets.

“You also realize that she runs a prostitution ring?” I said rather smugly. I hated that whole business of selling women for sex. I already had thoughts of bringing this woman down.

“My dear, do you think we are stupid here? Of course we are aware of it. We have been looking for ways of getting her for a long time now, but she has too much dirt on some very high-minded officials. It just isn’t that easy.” He crossed his legs.

“You just leave that to me, I…”

“No!” He said rather adamantly. “You will do as you’re told and get information from her. She has many connections and leads that can help you. This thing is far bigger than Madame Cong. We need her help and you are going to be a lady on this thing is that clear?” He looked sternly into my eyes.

“Yes, Sir, but I still feel that fat cats should be taken down along with her.”

“Leave that to another time agent Cummings. You’re flight leaves in a few hours so you better get going.

“Yes, Sir.” I took up both classified folders and left his office.

The plane ride went very smoothly. I had been to San Francisco before, so its particular beauty did not overwhelm me, although I simply loved the town. I checked into a hotel and decided to rest for about a couple of hours. I figured it would help with the jet lag. I had arrived plenty early enough. The real nightlife wouldn’t be happening until three hours. So I took a nap.

A couple of hours later I awoke very eager to get things started. I had the directions to get to Lili Cong’s establishment; if you want to call it that, such filth should have been left in a sewer. She was in San Mateo. I was eager to start pressuring her on her filthy business. I got in my car rental and began the ride. I was extra careful to be dressed real conservative. I was not covert after all.

I arrived at her gate. It looked more like a mansion instead of a strip joint. I knew there was far more going on here than meets the eye. But I had to stay focused on my mission, finding this bra and anything else connected to it. A voice spoke out,

“Password.” The voice was rather dull. I had been given the password but I had hoped I would not have to use it. I felt embarrassed about it.

“Look, Ms. Cong is expecting me I am Rachael Cummings.” I spoke loudly from my open window into the intercom.

“Password.” The male voice repeated again.

“Look pal, I am an FBI agent, if you don’t open up this instant, this place will be swarming with cops!” I was sure that would get him.

“No password, no entrance.” He said flatly. I became angry but he called my bluff. I knew I would have to say the stupid thing.

“Wait a minute, okay, you want the password?” I said feeling stupid.

“Password.” He said again.

I fumbled a bit,

“um, I…I…I am a hot little stripper.” I couldn’t believe I actually had to say that.

“Enter.” The gate slid open. I drove up and was met by a man. I gave him my keys and he took my car to park it. I was escorted inside. The place was real swanky. I realized I was scratching my hand like a little child so I stopped. I wanted to look very proper here. Madame Cong was obviously doing quite well with this setup. I was taken to her office and then the door closed in back of me.

“Ah, you must be Rachael. It is nice to meet you at last. Please sit down. I shook her hand and she did this weird thing with her index finger. She was stroking the palm of my hand with it and then I withdrew. Her eyes were piercing green. They seemed to look right through me. She was dressed in a very exotic looking black outfit. The skirt was tight, shaping nicely to her round behind. She seemed rather tall for a Chinese woman, then I realized she had on very high heals. Her blouse almost seemed like a tight corset. I couldn’t help but gaze at her a bit.

Her office was filled with erotic art and weird stuff. The chair I was sitting in had giant penises as arms. The feel of it was very cold and metallic. Above her head was a painting. It was very lewd. It depicted a woman dancing before another woman while there was a man attached to the woman’s behind with some kind of harness. The picture was filled with greens and reds. It seemed like it was dripping down, almost as if it would melt. It startled my mind a bit. The woman beneath the dancer had her fingers in her skirt; apparently playing with herself while the other woman was dancing in front of her. It appeared that she was handing the dancing woman some kind of money The painting was strangely erotic. I tried to picture it in my mind and what it would be like to see a woman shaking her ass on a stage while a man’s head would wiggle with it. I shook my head and the thought went out of my mind.

“Fascinating painting isn’t it Ms. Cummings?” She asked while looking right at me. Her eyes felt like they would go right through me.

“Ah, yes.” I said rather weekly.

“Well, I would imagine you want to get right to business.” She said.

“Look Lili, I know all about you and what you are doing here. In fact, I know that you have had all kinds of dirty establishments all over the world and no one has been able to pin you on it, not yet anyway.” I said, feeling arrogant and confident.

“Really, Ms. Cummings. Now get this straight, you will call me Madame Cong in my establishment or this communication will be over!” She spoke in a hard authoritative tone.

“The hell I will…”

“You bet your ass you will or you will get no information from me, is that clear!”

I realized I had better back off a bit. I didn’t want to blow the case.

“Well?” She asked.

“Um, okay.” I said.

“Okay, what?” She asked.

“Ah, I mean, okay, yes Madame.” I said quietly.

“That’s better. Remember Rachael, you came to me for help. If I want to, I can make one call right now to someone I know in your CIA branch. I am sure they would be shocked to here about your little investigation. I know how competitive and separate your two branches like to be. I am sure that in no time at all you would be relegated to nothing but a desk job or worse. Shall I call someone?” She smiled at me and picked up her phone. I didn’t want to blow things. I knew I had to soften up a bit.

“Ummm, no, please, I am very sorry Madame. I was acting a bit rude, please forgive me.” I must have been red with embarrassment. Sucking up to this bitch like that made me boil inside. I could tell by her facial expression that she loved every minute of it. I was squirming in my seat and she knew it.

“Well, just don’t let that happen again, Rachael.” She put the phone down. I kind of sunk meekly into my chair. I guess I lost my composure some.

“Sit up straight, young lady!” She said in a commanding voice. I was taken back by it. I sat up straight. In just a few short minutes I felt like a little child with her, it was weird.

“You will get back and neck problems sitting like that.” She said.

“Madame Cong, let’s get down to business,” I said regaining my composure, “I know you have many connections and I need information on…” she cut me off.

“Stand up for me please.” She said.


“You heard me, stand up!” Her voice was more demanding.

“But, why, I don’t unders…”

“Just do it, stand up for me.” I stood up for her.

“Now, keep your hands at your sides.” I slowly did it. I was really confused.

“Not bad, very nice. You know Ms. Cummings you are a very good looking woman. Why do you dress so conservatively?” She asked.

“Madame, I don’t think that is any of your busin…”

“Turn around for me.”

“What? I’m not…”

“Turn around for me and let me get a good look at you.” She said rather softly. For some reason I did a slow twirl for her. I wasn’t sure why I complied so easily. I think I just wanted things to run smoothly on this case, especially with her last threat.

“Yes, a very nice body indeed. Have you ever done any dancing my dear?” I became angry and sat right back down.

“I am not one of your slut-whores that you can just command, Madame!” I said rather indignantly.

“Really. I want to prove something to you right now.” She grinned with a sneaky expression on her face.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean I want to prove to you that any woman at any give time can be a slut, or a whore as you put it.” She stared right through me. It was like she was looking into my soul. She opened her desk drawer.

“Is this what you were looking for?” It was a bra, perhaps the bra I was looking for. I stood up.

“You have been withholding evidence from us while we were looking for this!”

“Sit down, please.” She said. I sat back down.

“Look at it Ms. Cummings.” She held it before my eyes. She stretched it out so I could get a good look at it.

It seemed to be made out of a shiny, black latex. It was very large, D cups at least. I looked at the two cups and kind of got mesmerized by the shine at its tips. It seemed lurid somehow. I was fascinated with it.

“Go ahead and touch it. You know you want to feel it.” Madame said.

I reached out to touch it with my fingers. It felt so smooth. The texture was incredible. The odd thing was that at one moment it felt like latex and then the next moment it felt like leather. But it kept changing or it seemed to. Then it felt like it was silk. I got a bit frightened and withdrew my fingers. I swore that it seemed to be changing colors, but how could it? I must have just been nervous. There was some sort of high-pitched sound coming from it. At least that is what I thought. Something seemed to be flashing in my mind. Words of some kind. But it was almost like I could hear them. They seemed like they were coming from the bra.


“The words kept repeating over and over again. Then other words came.

“Touch me….Touch me….Touch me…Caress…Caress…Caress…Touch me…Touch…me…Touch me…Caress…Caress…Caress…” I couldn’t stand it. The words wouldn’t stop. I had to touch it again. I felt it with my fingers. I began to rub it around. I realized I was touching Madame’s hands and fingers too. She looked at me and smiled. I got scared again and she withdrew the bra and put it down on the desk. My eyes lowered to where she put it. They seemed riveted to the bra.

“Come here, Rachael.” She said.

I was startled. I shook my head. Her voice seemed to break the trance I was in.

“What, Madame?” I asked.

“Come here, I still have something to prove to you.” She said.

“What?” I said.

“That you can be a whore for me just like all my other girls.”

I couldn’t believe what she said. I flushed and became angry.

“How dare you say that to me!”

“Come here and I will prove it to you.” She said.

“I will not. This bullshit has gone far enough.”

“Are you afraid?” She grinned again.

“Afraid of what, you, never!” I said angrily.

“Then come here and I will show you, unless you are too scared.”

“Very well.” She pissed me off. I walked around her desk and stood in front of her.

“Now what?” I said.

“Lift up you skirt.”

She shocked me again.

“What? I will not. Just who do you think you are? I am not one of your common whores…”

“Look, I just want to prove to you that any woman can be a whore. Are you up for the challenge?” She was provoking me more and more.

“But I can’t…”

“Yes you can, or are you afraid of getting wet for me?” She looked down at my long skirt.

I was angry and flushed at the same time. It was like she was trying to prove that she could get me wet.

“Look, if you are not a whore then prove it to me? Slide up your skirt slowly.” She looked into my eyes again. I was getting nervous now. I wanted to prove her wrong, but somehow she was turning me on and I was getting wet. I tried to look away from her.

“Do as I say, slide up your skirt and let me see your panties. I’ll bet they are wet right now, aren’t they?”

“But Madame, no, they are not…I can’t…”

“Then prove it to me!” She demanded.

I slowly lifted up my skirt. I slid it across my legs and pulled it up high. It was now above my thighs. She could see everything below my waist. She slid down my stockings and took a good look at my white panties. There was a visible stain on them from my wetness. She slid down my panties. I began to shiver. This bitch was turning me on.

“Your pussy is on display for me, and you say you are not a whore. Look at how wet you are down there, Ms. Cummings.”

I looked down in frustration and anger. She was right. I was very wet. Her eyes gazing at my pussy made me even wetter. “What was I becoming? Why did that bra turn me on, and why was I displaying myself in front of this vile woman that I hated?” The questions swirled around and around in my brain.

“Have you ever played the finger game, Ms. Cummings?”

“Finger game, ummm, ohhh, ah no…Madame, I….”

“Then lets get started, shall we. I will place my finger just above your clit and hold it there. Now the challenge is to avoid getting turned on. Do you understand?”

“Um, no, ah, yes, I mean, no don’t do that…” She placed her finger above my clit and put pressure on it. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I couldn’t stand the pressure. I was squirming on her finger and trying desperately not to lose control. She kept it there. I felt myself trying to get her to slip it inside my slit, but she wouldn’t. I was so horny I couldn’t help but try to gyrate on her finger. I felt so ashamed. Here I was doing such disgusting things that I had always abhorred. “Why was I under her control?” Something about that bra kept resonating in my mind. I looked back at it several times, hearing those words again,


“Well now, does Ms. Cummings want my finger in her sweet, darling of a pussy?” She asked.

“N…….No.” I tried to be strong.

“Beg me Rachael. Beg me to finger-fuck your pussy!” She commanded.

“No, please, I….”

“You want me to fuck you. You are now the whore that you thought you could not be. Beg me. Beg me to finger your juicy hole. I said beg me!” She was relentless.

I couldn’t control myself any more. I tried so hard. I wanted to prove her wrong, but here I was feeling up my own breasts and letting her see my most private parts. I lost control.


“Please what?” She said.

“P….Please, Madame…please, finger-fuck my pussy, please Madame?” I began to beg like a bitch in heat.

“Good girl.” She said as she pushed her finger into my pussy.

“That’s it slut, hump me, hump my fingers up and down. You know you want it bitch! Prove to me you can be a whore just like all my other girls and come for me. Come all over my fingers.” She began to put more fingers inside of me. She was using her other hand to play with my clit. There I stood, an FBI agent, one who hates everything about this woman, and yet, there I was, letting her play with my pussy and I was getting off on it as well. I was displaying myself for her just like one of her whores. I let her bring me to the most incredible orgasm I had in my entire life. I came and came and came. I thrust myself all over her fingers.

“What a good bitch. What a good little whore. Now get down on your knees and suck this sticky juice off of my fingers!”

I wanted to resist her but I kept hearing something in my mind. It seemed to be coming from the bra again.

“Slaves kneel…Slaves kneel…Slaves kneel…” Over and over it kept repeating.

I got down on my knees and took her fingers into my mouth and sucked off whatever juices remained on them. I was licking them and slurping on them. I had images of cocks in my mind. I was out of control.

Once she was satisfied that they were clean she took the bra from her desk. She placed it on me and secured it. It was too big for me. I am only a 36C. I felt something prick my nipples. I screamed out,


“Just relax my newest whore. Let the drug relax you and enter into your mind. Let it get your breasts nice and full for me.” Madame said while rubbing my breasts.

I could feel this strange liquid running inside my breasts. My chest was getting warm and I could feel my mind becoming very relaxed and dazed. My breasts began to grow in size filling up the bra completely. Madame caressed my nipples slowly through the bra.

“Well Ms. Cummings, it seems that I have won this challenge.”

I looked at her,

“But how…”

“It really was quite easy. You see this is a special bra. I took the liberty of having you pricked with a chemical before you got here. That man you gave your keys to. Not only did he park your car but he pricked your finger at the same time.

“So that was it, drugs, you made me hallucinate?” I began to recompose myself.

“Indeed! But that is just the tip of the iceberg. The original needle prick allowed you to see and feel things a bit differently, but the sounds and words your heard were real.

“What do you mean, how?”

“Well this bra has been designed with subliminal messages. That high frequency you heard also contains voice messages that were sent to your mind. You heard them but at a low sound. When I held it up to your face I was pressing on the straps which activated the frequency and the voice messages.”

“Then why am I not hearing them now?”

“You will, they are at times intervals.

“Then I will remove it!” I said with confidence.

“Go ahead and try.” She said.

“Owwwwwwe!!!” I yelled as I tried to remove the bra after I unsnapped it. The needles killed me. I almost had it off, but the pain made me leave it on and then it stopped. I felt the needles snap back into my nipples.

“Had you pulled it off completely you would have been in tons of pain. You see it isn’t the needles giving you the pain, it is the withdrawal of them from your mind. They are like sensors now embedded into your mind waves. When they injected you, you received a powerful drug designed by my chemists. This drug acts to control your mind and can give you hallucinations too. It will control your thoughts. The needles are like antennas and stimulate your mind. There is more of the drug that will enter you periodically. It is designed in the bra. The withdrawal of this drug can kill you if it doesn’t reach its proper level. Something else has been released inside you too. I can melt your mind with it if I want to.”

“I am hearing that high pitched sound again.” I said to her in fear.

“The subliminal programming is starting again. Soon you will hear the voices again too.” She smiled.

“But how can I when the strap is not fastened?”

“The strap activation was designed only for me to use. You see I have released a microscopic chip that came through the needles. It is like a preprogrammed transmitter. It is carried through your arteries and then attaches itself to your cerebral cortex. It is a special chip that is actually designed and programmed to swim to the precise area I want. The needles act like magnets to the signal of the chip, thus inducing pain when you tried to remove the bra. Of course I can remove it if I turn off the chip. You will become a stripper and a whore for me Ms. Cummings and you will entertain many men for me.” She looked at me with a sinister face.

“So, Rachael, you are thinking, why didn’t the pitch and sounds of the bra affect me before?

I am trained to resist the frequency, but more importantly, I didn’t have the drug to deal with as you did. Remember the prick? That manual operation of the bra is redundant now, since you have the chip inside you. Incidentally, it only affects women’s ears, so consider yourself lucky to be in my stable.” She smiled, “just think of all the women I will be able to control. All slaves, one and all!” She bubbled up at thought of it.

“But I heard the bra say ‘slave kneel’ while it was on your desk.”

“Not so, that was the original drug prick that was working on your mind. You heard what you wanted to hear because deep inside your subconscious you really wanted to become a slave. That is a good command though. I think I will add it to your voice transmission chip.” She smiled.

“No, no, this can’t be happening. What if a man wanted to look at my breasts? How can he if I can’t remove this thing?”

“Caress…Caress…Caress…” I was beginning to hear the words again.

“Once the drug runs its course and you are sufficiently changed in your ways of thinking the bra will be removed. By then your mind will have been altered to suit my tastes. You will of course need an occasional boost of the drug since you are an addict now.” Madame said.

“Touch me…Touch me…Touch me…” I kept hearing the words repeating over and over again. I began to touch my breasts.

“That’s it slut, play with those nipples for me.” Madame commanded.

“Now, you are to leave here. You will return to me tomorrow night and you will dress more appropriately for you new line of work. You will dress up like the slut-whore that you thought you could never be. Now go!” Madame smiled a sinister grin and watched me leave the room.

“I am a slut…I am a slut…I am a slut…” New words seemed to enter into my mind. I put on my clothes and left her office. My legs were shaky. I was desperately trying to find a way out of this, but then the words just kept going. Sometimes I could hear the words pouring into my mind, like I was silently repeating them with my lips. I was being conditioned. I had to hold on.

I drove my car, barely able to keep up the speed limit. Madame was right, there were more phrases…more voice messages, and they just kept coming and coming.

“I’m a hot little stripper…I’m a hot little stripper…I’m a hot little stripper…I love to strip for men and women…I love to strip for men and women…I love to strip for men and women… I’m a hot little stripper…I’m a hot little stripper…I’m a hot stripper…I love to strip for men and women…I love to strip for men and women…”

Over and over it repeated inside my mind, then it stopped for a while. It was maddening. I began to wonder,

“Perhaps Madame was right about me. Perhaps I just want to be a whore and a stripper and dance in front of ugly men and women? Why can’t I even think about my mission anymore? It is like it doesn’t even matter. I just want to dance and fondle my breasts. What am I saying? What is happening to me? I can’t possibly be thinking such ugly thoughts. Oh, God, I can feel some hot fluid going into my breasts again. At least the voices have stopped for now. Perhaps I should get to some kind of a doctor or a chemist to try and solve this? If I was back on the East Cost I would know just who to go to, but out here. I would have to check back with the agency and get a name of someone who can help me, but I can hardly even stay still. God, I want to play with my pussy, I have to! I must pull over the car and caress myself!”

I parked the vehicle in a secluded area and started to play with my pussy. I tried to imagine Madame’s fingers down there as I played with it…and stroked…and rubbed my clit up and down. It was like I was trying to have multiple orgasms over and over again. I couldn’t think about anything but playing with myself. I was fondling the bra. I loved how it felt and all the warmth inside my nipples and my larger breasts. I rolled them as hard as I could, feeling the needles shake around inside of them. I felt as if I had suddenly become a nymphomaniac. God, how I craved Madame’s fingers down there again. It was like she was deep inside my mind now. I played with myself for over an hour. Finally I stopped and decided to continue. I drove faster and faster hoping to get back to the motel as soon as I could. I wanted to…I needed to report all of this. I pulled up to the front where the valet was. I quickly got back to my room, but then the voices started in again. They were maddening me. I had to report back…I had to re….but then my mind got caught up in the voices,

“I love cock…I love cock…I love cock…I eat pussy…I eat pussy…I eat pussy…I love cock…I love cock…I love cock…I eat pussy…I eat pussy…I eat pussy…I love cock…I love cock…I love cock…I eat pussy…I eat pussy…I eat pussy…I love cock…I love cock…I love cock…I eat pussy…I eat pussy…I eat pussy…” I even began to mumble the words in my mouth. They were burning inside my mind. The messages were longer this time. Now I realized, the voices, they were feminine. They sounded like Madame’s voice. I think it was her voice.

“I need Madame…I need Madame…I need Madame…I want to dance and strip for Madame…I want to dance and strip for Madame…I want to dance and strip for Madame…I need Madame…I need Madame…I need Madame…I want to dance and strip for Madame…I want to dance and strip for Madame…I want to dance and strip for Madame…I need Madame…I need Madame…I need Madame…I want to dance and strip for Madame…I want to dance and strip for Madame…I want to dance and strip for Madame…”

I turned on the radio and I began to dance. I swayed my hips back and forth as if I was on the stage and Madame was watching me. I felt myself wanting to be a slut. I needed to dance for her. I longed for it. I couldn’t stop gyrating my body and playing with my breasts. I tried to push them out as best as I could, even though they were constricted in the bra. “The bra! This damn bra! This thing that started it all, taking control of my mind and making me do disgusting things. And now this chip? It is perverting my mind, but I simply cannot stop!”

I reached another orgasm. I almost felt as if I was going to pass out. I collapsed on my bed, thankful that the voices had stopped at that moment. I began to fall asleep with tears in my eyes.

“I am a stripper…I am a stripper…I am a stripper…I must dress like a slut…I must dress like a slut…I must dress like a slut…I am a stripper…I am a stripper…I am a stripper…I must dress like a slut…I must dress like a slut…I must dress like a slut… I am a stripper…I am a stripper…I am a stripper…I must dress like a slut…I must dress like a slut…I must dress like a slut…I am a stripper…I am a stripper…I am a stripper…I must dress like a slut…I must dress like a slut…I must dress like a slut…”

“I am Madame Cong’s whore…I am Madame Cong’s whore…I am Madame Cong’s whore…I must obey my Madame…I must obey my Madame…I must obey my Madame…I am Madame Cong’s whore…I am Madame Cong’s whore…I am Madame Cong’s whore…I must obey my Madame…I must obey my Madame…I must obey my Madame… I am Madame Cong’s whore…I am Madame Cong’s whore…I am Madame Cong’s whore…I must obey my Madame…I must obey my Madame…I must obey my Madame…”

“I work for a special branch of the FBI…I work for a special branch of the FBI…I work for a special branch of the FBI…It is the FBIH: Fucking Bitches In Heat…It is the FBIH: Fucking Bitches In Heat…It is the FBIH: Fucking Bitches In Heat…I work for a special branch of the FBI…I work for a special branch of the FBI…I work for a special branch of the FBI…It is the FBIH: Fucking Bitches In Heat…It is the FBIH: Fucking Bitches In Heat…It is the FBIH: Fucking Bitches In Heat…I work for a special branch of the FBI…I work for a special branch of the FBI…I work for a special branch of the FBI…It is the FBIH: Fucking Bitches In Heat…It is the FBIH: Fucking Bitches In Heat…It is the FBIH: Fucking Bitches In Heat…”

I woke up early in the morning. I was very confused. I was trying to remember things. I had so many awful dreams last night. The dreams were bizarre and lurid; they seemed to be of words, many disgusting words. I have images of dancing in front of men. “That’s it! I am a stripper, that’s what I am. I work for a special branch of the FBI. I work for the FBIH, that is what I do. Now I remember. I am working with Madame Cong. We are working together on a case, but what case? I can’t seem to remember, but I know I strip for her. Oh my God! I have to report to Madame tonight, and I have nothing to where. I am a stripper. I need to dress slutty for her. I’ve got to go shopping.

When I got to the store I wasn’t sure what I wanted. Everything was so hot and sexy. I bought as many outfits as I could. I wasn’t sure which one I wanted to wear for Madame. After trying on many different outfits I decide on this short, tight red, skirt. It had a very short, hot black, latex top. It fit over my bra nicely. I almost felt as if I was wearing two bras now. It revealed my navel nicely. I put on a lacey pair of black and red panty thongs. I wore high heel stockings and a garter belt. I couldn’t help but play with myself some more in the dressing room. I eventually gathered up all my things and paid for them. I headed back to the hotel. I got back to my room and for some reason I began to hear voices inside my mind. They were bizarre, slut-like commands for me to do things with my body. I wondered what was happening to me. I felt this really hot burning inside my breasts. I laid myself down on the bed. “Oh, God, this can’t be happening to me?” I thought, “I must report this to Madame. I am a stripper, but why do I feel dirty? I should enjoy being a stripper, that is my profession. I am working undercover for Madame. I must get control of myself…suddenly I felt very, very sleepy and I put my head down on the pillow.

I awoke many hours later, and realized it was late. I had to report to Madame Cong. I fixed myself up as best as I could and hurried out of the hotel. I arrived at her place and I was immediately taken to her office.

“Madame Cong, Madame Cong, please help me I have been hearing these voices!” I said to her frantically.

“Easy now Rachael, easy. Are you hearing them now?” She asked.

“Um, well, no, they seem to have stopped.”

“Of course they have.” She said rather smugly.

“Madame, I know I am a stripper and I am working undercover for you, but why am I feeling guilty about this?”

“Guilty, but why are you feeling guilty, dear?”

“I don’t know. I mean I know I am working for a special branch of the FBI…”

“Yes, the FBIH, Fucking Bitches In Heat.” She smiled. I burst out laughing a bit.

“But why would the FBI create a stupid title like that?” I asked.

“Well my dear, that is simple, you are a bitch, and you are a stripper, it is a perfect title for you.” She spoke to me dead seriously.

“Um, yes, but, I….something is wrong here I am not that comfortable…”

“It is obvious that you have not been conditioned enough yet. You are still rebelling.”

“What? What are you talking about?” I sat down in the chair feeling puzzled.

“You really don’t remember do you?”

“Remember what?”

“Well, you have not been on the drug long enough or the programming. My girls usually require more time to respond to their conditioning.”

“Conditioning, please Madame, what is going on here?” I begged her for answers.

“Take off your bra.”


“You heard me.”

“But why?”

“Just do it.”

I undid my top and reached in back of me to undo the straps and handed it to her,

“Good, you won’t be needing this anymore. See, it didn’t even hurt this time.”

“Hurt, but why should it hurt?” I was getting more and more confused.

“Look down at your breasts.” She said. I looked down at them.

“See your nipples, those needle marks?”


“You have been given a drug to help control you but you have a chip planted inside your cortex that will do the job for me. Don’t worry, your memory will start to come back to you. You won’t need the drug as much, and the chip is off.”

“You fucking bitch! What have you been doing to me?” I instinctively rushed her and tried to plant a fist right on her jaw. She blocked it and then kneed me in my midsection. I was pushed back for an instant and then she touched a ring she was wearing,

“Number 112, code 6.” She yelled into the ring. I suddenly felt unbearable pain throughout my entire body, so bad that it brought me to my knees. I yelled out in horror from the pain,

“Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwe!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” She spoke into the ring again.

“Number 112, code 7.” The pain immediately stopped inside of me.

“Please, no more pain.” I begged.

“Well then you will just have to start obeying me. Rachael Cummings you are not really a stripper. You have been investigating for the FBI. You are trying to find out why a bra seems to have killed a girl named Lisa Hamilton. As you can now see, I have killed her using a chip just like I used on you. I melted her mind. The bra was simply a method of carrying my microscopic device inside her, and now you. You work for me. You will strip, fuck, turn tricks and do whatever the hell else I want you to do. You belong to me now. Today will be your first lesson. You will be taken to one of my black box rooms and you will do a very erotic dance for me. I will tell you exactly what to do through speakers. Eventually you will be whored out on the street for me. After some subtle plastic surgery no one will know who you are. Remember I have a chip that controls you. If you prefer I can continue the voices for you and they will make you do all that I want you to do. You will, in effect, become a complete, mindless, sex zombie for me, just a whore without even a mind. Now which do you prefer?”

I stood up and felt utterly defeated. If I tried to report this to someone or if I tried to escape, she would kill me with the chip. If I disobeyed her there would be endless pain for me. I had no choice.

“Please, Madame, please don’t turn me into a zombie, please!” I begged her.

“Very well, then you have chosen to be a stripper and a slut. Your new life begins now slut-whore.” She pressed an intercom button on her desk,

“Jonathan, take her to her special room, I will be ready for her shortly.”

I was taken to this square room. It was very dark. It was indeed a black room.

“Well, well, remember when I had to coax that special code out of you Princess?”

Jonathan said with cunning laughter.

“Who would have thought that you would actually be a hot little stripper! Now give us a good little dance and smile for your audience!” He laughed.

I was pushed out and onto a small stage. Suddenly the lights went on. I thought about trying to escape, but I knew the idea was futile. She could control me at will with the chip, and then I thought, “what if she decided to run the messages again, those horrible messages. They could easily destroy my mind, so I decided I had to go along with what she wanted me to do. The strange thing about it was that I was wet. Yes, for some reason this was turning me on. I thought to myself, “Oh, God, what have I become!”

All of a sudden there were bizarre, disco-type lights flashing and swirling all over the place, and then the giant mirror suddenly lit up in front of me and I could see at least ten people inside of it.

“Now, my hot little stripper…” It was Madame Cong’s voice. “I want you to put on a good show for us and move to the music. Move to it Slut-whore!!!

There was nothing else I could do. I knew that I had to obey. Here I was about to do all those nasty little things that I absolutely abhorred. I was about to strut my body for her and for all the people watching as well. I suddenly realized that I could see

Madame Cong up in the ceiling. Somehow she was projected up there. I was looking up at her and could see her speaking in the microphone. She was looking at me with her usual intense eyes,

“Do no look at me Slut. You are to look at your audience. They are paying good money to watch a stripper dance and fondle herself, now I am sure you will not disappoint us or you know what will happen!” Her voice was so intense.

I knew all too well what she was capable of doing to me, so I danced, I danced for all I was worth. I put my hands all over my body like I was playing with it. I rubbed my breasts and worked down to my thighs and ass.

“That’s it move to the lovely music my newest little, whore. You are a hot little stripper. You love to show off your body like a cheap little whore. You will play with your tits and show them off for me. Do a good dance for us now Slut. You’ve got to earn your pay in my stable dear. You belong to me now, so dance, dance my lovely. Show them what a beautiful slut can do when she plays with herself. Move those hands down to your cunt and start to finger yourself for them. That’s it Slut, do a good job and you may not have to fuck as many strangers as I originally planned, but then again, I may just make you do it anyway you little whore. Do it good now Slut! You are a bitch, and a slut, and a whore. You will dance and fuck for whomever I decide and you will do it with a smile on your face.”

Her voice kept booming. I couldn’t help myself. I was really starting to get turned on. I began to finger-fuck myself in earnest. I was humping my fingers wishing they were Madame’s fingers poking into my little hole. I was indeed become the very thing I hated. I had become a whore for Madame Cong.

“Such a good little whore. I want you to slowly removed your clothing, and do it really sexy whore. That’s it, you are on display for me my newest, little, fuck toy.

You must put on a good show. Let the music just take you to your destination as a stripper and then eventually a hooker for me. Show them my sweet; show them the lovely prize. You must show them. You must show them the goods you have to offer them Slut! Now, I want you to get right in front of the glass. I want you to start humping that glass up and down. Pretend you are fucking one of the customers for me. You have to do a good job so he is pleased.”

I am right up on the glass now and humping it in front of one of the strange men standing in back of it. He pulls his zipper down and takes out his cock.

“That’s it Slut, look at that big juicy cock!” Her words were beginning to mesmerize me.

“Watch him as he strokes on it, so long and firm. He is stroking on it because he is watching you Rachael. He is watching you make a complete whore of yourself. You can’t stop humping even if you wanted to now can you dear?” She was right I could not stop. I was out of control. Her voice, which I had heard so many times in the programming, was getting to me. Now, all I had to do was hear her voice and I would be all wet. It was like Pavlov and his dogs, only she was my Master. I was being carefully trained to be the slut I always hated that someone could be. So I continued to dance. I continued to hump the window and rub myself all over for her and for the men in back of the window. A bunch of them started lining up with their cocks. They stood together, at least six of them in a row and they were all jerking on their cocks while I did my cute little dance for them. The dance Madame Cong trained me to do. God, how I hated her, but how I could not resist her commands. She was doing all of this now without even using the chip. “What if she decided to use the chip again?” I thought, “I would go out of my mind for sure!”

“Now my cheap little, fuck detective, I want you to keep your eyes on their lovely cocks; such beautiful, wonderful cocks. You want them because you are a slut-whore and you love cocks, all sorts of cocks, assorted in all different shapes and sizes. You long for them. They are your world. You love to suck on them. You love to stroke them into hardness. Whenever you see a beautiful, erect cock, you long to suck on it just like the little whore that you are. You want to take it inside of your mouth and get it off. Now, Rachael, I want you to look at those circles near the bottom of the glass. See there are ten of them. Ten little circles for a naughty little girl like you. In a few minutes those circle are going to open and popping out towards you will be ten, giant cocks just waiting for your mouth. You will stroke on each one of them with your fingers and you will put each one of them in your mouth whore. You will suck on them and you will swallow all the cum from each and every one. You are a whore, and whores suck cock. You are a slut, and sluts display themselves lewdly for their audiences. You are a slave, and slaves do whatever the fuck their owners say they do, and I am your owner and you are my slave. Now get to work my little, Slut-whore!”

My eyes were glazed over. All I could hear were Madame’s words burning into my mind. I had never felt so hot in my entire life. I wanted to do whatever she said. I was a slut and a whore, and I had to please her. The cocks were standing at attention for me. I had to do a good job and get them off. The circles opened one by one. Each man put his cock inside the circle. I was licking my lips. I wanted them in my mouth. I needed them in my mouth, but somewhere deep in the back of my mind I knew this was wrong. I hated this, but yet I was so wet now. I could not resist it. I could not resist the cocks, and I could not resist her voice.

“That’s it now Slut. Get down on your hands and knees and service them as I have instructed you to do. Do it now Whore!”

I went to the first one and I jerked on it with my hand. It seemed to get even bigger. I put my mouth on it and sucked it. I felt so dirty. “How could I be doing this?” I thought, “why can’t I resist her? What is wrong with me?” My mind went on and on. I stroked the cock and sucked on it. I could feel its warmth inside my mouth. I knew it would not be long before it would explode and shoot all over my face.”

“In your mouth whore, not on your face, and be sure to drink it all up for me!” Madame commanded.

I was swallowing cum, a stranger’s cum. I felt it go down my throat. I continued to suck on it like a vacuum cleaner, making sure I would get every last drop.”

“Such a good little whore. Now on to the next one Rachael, remember, you are a cocksucking whore now!” Madame’s voice boomed again into the room.

I continued my duties going from one cock to the next. Some were more flaccid than others. They all seemed to bend in their own directions. It was like seeing a variety of pink bananas. I stroked on each of them and sucked them all off. It was like I was hungry for something and could not get enough of it. Finally, after what seemed like hours, I had finished up the last one.

“Such a good Slut, how about a round of applause for my newest whore?” Madame asked everyone that was behind the glass. They all started clapping. There were many women there too watching me. I felt so ashamed, but I knew that I could not help the multiple orgasms that continued to trickle down my inner thighs.

“It is a good thing this is your first time Slut, or I would make you do row after row of these lovely cocks that you so adore.” Madame could be so cruel.

“That is the end of the show for today ladies and gentlemen. Now you all be good and come back some time. Stay right there, Slut, I am coming for you.”

I didn’t know what she meant, but I knew that I had to wait for her. I think that at that point I would have done just about anything to listen to her voice.

“Hello, Rachael, you did a good job for me tonight; and to think, you thought you couldn’t be a slut-whore. These men paid $250.00 a pop to come inside of you. See I told you any woman could be a whore for me.” She smirked at me like the cat that ate the canary.”

“Now, Terry and Liz here are going to help me continue with your transformation. Terry, the shot.”

She stuck it right in my arm really hard it hurt.

“That was just a little booster of the drug I have been hooking you on Slut. Remember that you must get your fixes since you are a drug addict now. Liz, take her hair and tie it to the chains.” Madame began to lower them from the ceiling.

“Now, you put the mittens on her hands and tie them to her sides.” Madame pointed to the other girl.

“You are about to be put in a rubber suit my dear. It will be blown up with water and you will be floating inside of it. Make sure you connect the tubes right Terry. You see Rachael. I am going to fill it up with water and you are going to be helpless, dangling from the ceiling by your hair.”

I was wrapped up in this rubber suit. It seemed so very tight. I could not move anything. Terry was smiling at my plight. She seemed to be enjoying every moment of it. Then tubes were connected to different part of the suit. I was becoming panicky,

“Don’t worry, Slut, in a few minutes you will be so relaxed you won’t care about anything but the sounds and commands of my voice. You will hang here all night, floating in this cocoon. It is going to be inflated with water, but then slowly as the night goes on the water will be filtered out and pure sperm will be pumped inside of it. Imagine how white you will be when you come out of your cocoon like a brand new woman. You will learn to love the smell and feel of sperm all over your body. This conditioning will be planted in your mind, but first, my ladies here are going to have some fun with you.”

I watched in horror as the rubber suit began to get fatter around my body. I could feel all the water gushing and filling up all around me. I looked down at it. For a second it looked like I was pregnant. It was so fat and distended. It wrapped around me completely. One of the girls lowered the chains and the other took hold of my legs, which had been dangling in the air inside the suit. I could not feel her touch them because they were inside and water was all around them. She pulled me back like I was a swing. I was down near the floor now. I realized I was in perfect position to lick the woman's pussy that was in front of me. She had spread her legs real wide and I could see under her skirt that she had no panties on at all.

“Now Slut, you are going to lick Terry’s pussy until she comes, and you had better do a good job of it! You are here only to please me, and if I tell you suck a pussy you will do it with joy, is that understood Slut!” Madame pulled on my hair.

“Y….yes M….mmm…adame.” I was lost. Madame was like my mind now. I was floating in water and feeling like I might faint. I pushed my tongue out and began my knew chore.

“I will return when she is done, Terry.” Madame said.

“Yes Ma’am.” Terry said.

“Now do a good job cunt face! Hold her good Liz!” Terry screamed.

“Lithhhtththtth, liiiillllllllthtth, ememmememem.” I began to lick out her pussy.

“That’s it! Do it good you bitch, eat me, and eat me good! I want to come. I want to cum all over that pretty little face of yours.” She continued to say while she was grinding her juices all over my face.

I continued to lick and lick and lick. After all the sucking I did on cocks before, it actually felt good to have a women’s pussy all over my mouth. Now my mind was really going wild. “How could I ever suck a woman’s pussy? Had I become a lesbian too now?” Thoughts jut rambled in and out of my mind, but the worst of it all was that I had fantasized about sucking Madame Cong’s pussy. “My God, what has she done to me?” I thought.

After at least a half-hour or so, Terry began to come all over my face,

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, yeeeeeeeeeeessss, oh yes, such a good little cunt face. Do you like licking my cum and swallowing it all up?

“Answer her bitch, do you think it is fun holding up your sorry excuse of a body for a half hour!” Liz screamed at me, while pulling up on my hair.

“Take it easy Liz.” Terry said.

“Sure, you are perfectly happy she sucked out your cunt, but what do I get? Just some sore arm from holding this bitch up all the while.”

“P….please no m…more!” I begged.

“I’ve got the cunt, you ring for Madame to return.” Terry said.

After a few minutes Madame Cong came back in.

“Well, well, my little slut, did you have fun sucking a woman’s cunt. I’ll bet you wished it was mine, didn’t you, you little Slut!”

“Y…yessss, Madame.” I said without even thinking. It was true; she had made me long for her cunt.

“Yes, I am sure you did Bitch!” She held her hand under my chin while propping me up to look right into her eyes. “Now, Terry, get her back up and in the dangling position.”

“Yes Madame.”

“It is time for your programming to continue now Slut. You will be dangling here all night, and after a while you will not even feel your body. In a short time the water will become thicker as the sperm enters inside of the rubber cocoon. I will be sending the messages to you again inside of the chip. Soon you will hear nothing but my sweet voice that you so love and adore.”

“No, please Madame, not the messages again! I can’t take them, please, no!” I shouted out.

“Liz, gag her. No noise from you tonight my pet.” She came around me and strapped a ball gag into my mouth and secured the belt around my head.

“Noooooo, mmmmmmmmphhhh, pwwweeeease, mmmmrrrrrhphhh.” I tried to speak.

“Nitey-nite now my sweet new whore!” Madame said.

I was alone in the room now. The lights suddenly went out. It was very dark. I could not feel any part of my body except for maybe my arms that were tied to my body inside. As the minutes wore on even that sensation was beginning to float away. Then the voices began,

“I am a hot little stripper. I am a hot little whore. I work for Madame Cong. I am a hot little stripper. I am a hot little whore. I work for Madame Cong. I am a hot little stripper. I am a hot little whore. I work for Madame Cong…”

“Madame Cong is my world. I love the smell of sperm. I love the taste of sperm. Madame Cong is my world. I love the smell of sperm. I love the taste of sperm. Madame Cong is my world. I love the smell of sperm. I love the taste of sperm…”

“Whores eat cock and pussy and I am a whore. Rachael is a whore. Rachael is a whore. Whores eat cock and pussy and I am a whore. Rachael is a whore. Rachael is a whore. Whores eat cock and pussy and I am a whore. Rachael is a whore. Rachael is a whore…”

“My entire life is devoted to Madame Cong. She is my world. My world is being a hooker for her. My entire life is devoted to Madame Cong. She is my world. My world is being a hooker for her. My entire life is devoted to Madame Cong. She is my world. My world is being a hooker for her…”

“I am a slut-whore. I am a bitch that needs cocks and pussies and juice. I am a slut-whore. I am a bitch that needs cocks and pussies and juice. I am a slut-whore. I am a bitch that needs cocks and pussies and juice…”

“I am Ms Cummings and I love to cum. Open me wide and look inside. I am the whore of your dreams. I am Ms Cummings and I love to cum. Open me wide and look inside. I am the whore of your dreams. I am Ms Cummings and I love to cum. Open me wide and look inside. I am the whore of your dreams…”

The voices went on and on and on. Soon I felt myself seeing all these images in my mind. I could not stop the voices. After a while I felt myself begin to get tired and I fell asleep.


I felt hands upon me and the ball gag was taken out of my mouth. Suddenly there was this explosion. The rubber cocoon popped open and I fell out and down to the floor. I could smell all the white gush on my body. For some reason I loved the smell of it. I even instinctively tasted some of it with my fingers.

“That’s it my new little butterfly, you love that sperm don’t you.” It was Madame Cong.

“Yes, my pet, you are ready now for your new world. Terry, take her to the LA branch, and make sure she is properly caged and crated for shipment to Thailand. I want her there within a week Terry!”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“You are my new little prize, Slut-whore, and once in Thailand you will be given a complete makeover. You will have plastic surgery on your face and your tits will be made much larger. I think I will have them do some work on your hips and ass too. You will be the perfect hooker for me.” Madame slapped my face lightly and walked away.

He shoved me out onto the stage.

“You go now missy, make good money for Madame, yes. Go out now doggie. Don’t forget special tale. You make good money for Madame Cong, yes!” He laughed.

I found myself out on a stage with a man’s head and face attached to my butt. It was hard for me to walk with this guy attached to my ass like that. I did the best I could. The crowd was cheering. I felt lower than I had ever felt in my life, but I was a hooker, that was my life now.

“You wiggle tail good, Missy yes?” He shouted from in back of the stage.

I began to wiggle it good for him and the audience. I noticed a woman sitting right in the front row gazing up at me. She was dressed in a fine business suit. She was holding some sort of bra in her hands and pointing it towards me. “My God, it was Madame Cong!” I thought. She had that crazy bra in her hand that ugly gross, sweet, wonderful shiny bra that started this whole thing in the first place. Now she stood up at in front of the stage calling me over to her. I danced erotically for her and wiggled the man in my butt in back of me. She slowly took out a one hundred dollar bill from her purse and reached up and put it in-between my tits. Suddenly I just realized that I had become the painting, that hideous painting in her office. The whole thing came back to me in one giant flash. Madame Cong turned me into that painting. I began to have tears in my eyes, but I wiped them away. I was a slut-whore now. Yes, I had become a hooker.


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