The Art of Teaching - fetish story

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Young lady, get in the hall now," Ms Reynolds yelled.

Cheryl had provoked the teacher on purpose and knew she was going to get the paddle and take her out in the hall and swat her butt with it. She did all the students in the all girl school that way. It was a private school and punishment was allowed when parents sent the kids there.

They signed the agreement when they enrolled them. She got up and walked out glancing back to see Ms Reynolds grab the big black paddle she had used on her once before. This time; however, she was prepared. She waited out in the hall for a minute for the teacher to come out. She was as mean as ever with a stern look on her face and that big paddle in her hand. She slammed the door shut.

"Bend over young lady. You know what to expect." Mrs. Reynolds yelled at her. "Apparently, I didn't swing it hard enough last time but I'm sure I can make it pay this time."

"I don't think so bitch," Cheryl said looking at the surprise look on the older woman. She reached in her pocket and pulled out several photographs which she dropped on the floor below. "I think your husband and the board will be very interested in these and I have a lot more."

She watched the surprise and stunned look on Ms Reynolds face as she glanced at the pictures on the floor. There were photographs of her with a girl below age. She was using her for her pleasure and doing lewd things with her. She could go to jail for such as act as well as lose her job. She was shoving objects in the girl cunt and ass as well as sitting on her face in them.

Cheryl was enjoying her silent and stunned face as she continued to glance down. She studied her worst enemy this year and swelled in joy at the sight of the older woman panicked face. She walked over and took the paddle from her without resistance. She slapped her big thigh with it lightly.

"Bend over teach. Time to take your punishment," she whispered in her ear. "I can always give these and the rest to the proper people to study. But I would much rather use you for my pleasure then see you in jail. Isn't that right naughty Mary dear?"

Ms Reynolds glanced at her with fear. Her face was bright red.

"Please Cheryl, I do what you say but please put the pictures up now."

"After your punishment Mary dear," Cheryl replied, loving every moment of this. "Now bend over and pull up your dress and lower your panties for me, she continued."

"Please Cheryl, someone may come out." Mary requested in desperation. "Not here please. Let's go somewhere else. There's a place down..."

Cheryl had slapped her thigh hard with the paddle.

"Bend over now," Cheryl yelled, and slapped her thigh again.

Mary knew she was in trouble as she slowly bent forward. She wanted to choke the girl but knew there was nothing she could do now but obey her every whim.

"Up with the dress and show me that big fat ass of yours teacher dear," Cheryl commanded.

Mary lifted her dress up over her waist and slowly lowered her panties down below her butt. She had punished many girls in her time with their dresses up and enjoyed watching their buns wiggle as she brought the paddle down hard on them. She had masturbated many nights at such things.

"I think ten should be enough for your big butt. Don't you think so dear?" Cheryl continued her torment. "Say yes ma'am dearly."

"Yes man," Mary replied.


"Ohh!" Mary moaned trying not to be heard from the rest of the students in class.

"Too bad you didn't count," Cheryl said, "I'll have to do that one again."


"Please Cheryl, Oh... One," Mary whispered.

Swat! "Two."

Cheryl was hitting her butt as hard as she could with the paddle.

"Three, four, five, Please Oh... six... Please!" Mary begged.

Mary was trying to count with as low a voice as she could but the paddle hurt like hell and the bitch was using it as hard as she could.

"Seven, Eight, Please no more, nine. Oh, ten." Mary cried out.

She reached back rubbing her redden ass. Gosh that hurt as tears form in her eyes.

Cheryl laid the paddle on her back.

"Now pick up your dirty pictures and go back in and act like you punished me dearly," she whispered. "After class, you and I are going to have some fun."

She pinched Mary ass. "Lots of fun." She repeated. "Isn't that right dearly?" She pinched her inner ass globe watching Mary squirm.

"Yes ma'am," Mary replied. Her butt stung like hell.

Mary stood up in disbelief rubbing her sore ass as she glanced sideways to see Cheryl go back in the classroom. She quickly realized her situation, grabbing her panties up quickly and lowering her dress back down. She grabbed the pictures off the floor and put them under in bra for the meantime.

She was in real trouble now as she desperately tried to figure it out and tears rolled down her face. How could that bitch had known about her adventures when she had been so careful. Worst of all, what was she going to do with it. She quickly tried to regain her composure knowing she had to go back in the classroom. At present, she could do nothing.

She walked back in trying to look as if it was a normal event for her. She glanced at Cheryl who was smiling from ear to ear as she passed. Her butt was real sore and she knew she wasn't going to sit down anytime soon. She grabbed the book she was working with and told the class they was going to finished the class today with a study period. She wanted to rub her ass some more but there was no way. She walked in back of the class and started shuffling through some books like she was busy. Cheryl was in the last row in back as she passed by still smiling.

As she started moving books, she glanced back up in the classroom to see Cheryl had turned around and had her legs spread to her view. She could see her hairy bush between her thighs. At least the other students were reading and weren't noticing, she thought in panic. Cheryl was slowly lowering her hand down to her cunt and Mary watch as she reached down and started rubbing her cunt. She was actually getting wet watching her rub her cunt.

"Ms Reynolds," another student yelled from the other side waking her up. "I have a question."

Mary quickly got up noticing Cheryl had turned back around in her seat. She could feel the moisture in her panties as she walked over to the girl and started looking at her problem. Several time her mind drifted back to Cheryl as she continued working with the girl. Damn, she was getting excited at her own misery. She finally told the girl to figure it out for herself as her mind couldn't concentrate anymore. She walked back to the back seeing the shit-eating grin still on Cheryl face.

As she passed, Cheryl reached over and goosed her ass cheek. She flinched for a moment but tried to ignore it. Her own cunt was now starting to get soaking wet as she tried to keep her thighs tight. She sat down in back hoping Cheryl would turn around and show her cunt again but it never happen.

The bell finally sounded waking her from her fantasy. The other students quickly got up as she watched Cheryl continue to remain seated as they departed. She didn't know what was going to happen next but her cunt was telling her she needed it now.

Cheryl finally rose up as the last student left and walked over to the door shutting and locking it. She reached down and pulled her dress up and then lowered her wet panties down.

"Come here teach and lick my cunt. I want to see you crawl." She demanded.

Mary slowing got up as if in a dream and dropped down to her hands and knees. She could see Cheryl rubbing her clit up and down as made her way from the back of the room to the doorway. Her cunt looked so delicious as she crawled no longer caring about her pride. She had to have a taste of that cunt.

When she finally made it over, Cheryl reached down grabbing her hair.

"Lick it good or I'll have to get that paddle and punish you again dear," she said to the older woman below.

Mary glazed at the glistering cunt just inches from her face when she felt Cheryl push her head forward into her moist clit. She stuck out her tongue and started running it up and down rapidly on her clit as she had made others to her in the past.

Cheryl was maintaining a tight grip of her hair nearly pulling it out forcing her head up and down and finally to the wet opening and inside. Her own cunt was soaking in back as she was determined to get the young girl off. She reached under her legs and grabbed her clit and started rubbing on it. Her hair was roughly jerked up.

"Naughty, naughty teacher," Cheryl smirked from above. "I guess I'll have to punish you again for playing in the classroom."

"Please, Cheryl." Mary begged. "I'll lick your cunt like you've never seen before. Let me show you."

She felt a hard slap on her face.

"Of course you will dear when I tell you to," Cheryl laughed. "But right now, crawl to the chalkboard. Now!"

Mary turned to the side and started her journey to the board. Her cunt was on fire and dripping. Cheryl was stubbing her toe in her butt as she crawled. When she arrived, Cheryl demanded she stand up. She watched as Cheryl walked over to her desk and sat down spreading her legs on the side of the chair and rubbing her clit again.

"Naughty teachers don't need clothes," she called from the chair. "Strip for me dear and from now on, call me mistress since I now own your ass.

Mary quickly pulled her dress up over her head and unhooked her bra dropping it to the floor. She grabbed the hem of her panties lowering them to the floor and stepping out of them.

"We have two hours before your husband get home," Cheryl stated. "Now get back on the floor and crawl under your desk head first for your punishment. Be sure to wiggle that big butt of yours for me dearly."

Mary was too excited to be humiliated as she quickly dropped down to the uncomfortable position and started crawling towards the desk. She shook her ass sideways as much as possible hoping it would be enough. When she arrived, she lowered her head and crawled underneath so that only her large ass was sticking out from behind and open. She heard Cheryl get up and walk somewhere before returning to the desk and then felt her leg inserted between her thighs forcing her legs wide and her ass up against the desk top. She was totally pinned underneath.

"This is called my lick and beat lesson," she heard Cheryl say from above. "You lick my toes while I beat your big ass. It's going to be so much fun and if you're going to pass you better suck well."

Cheryl foot was underneath her tits as Mary lowered her head finding her toe digits and started working them in her mouth. She felt the paddle land on her butt as Cheryl big toe almost caused her to choke. She sucked on it as the next fell on her butt. She wanted to cry out in pain but dare not to quit sucking on her toes. The paddle continued to rain on her butt as she sucked on the toes as if they were the best cocks she had ever tasted. Tears were falling freely as Cheryl finally quit. She felt her hands on her ass globes spreading and rubbing them.

"Is my poor teacher ass sore," Cheryl asked, groping the cheeks hard in back and squeezing them?

"Yes mistress," Mary yelled. "Oh they hurt mistress. Don't hit them mistress."

"But I have to point out your faults," Cheryl laughed from behind, and here's the perfect tool.

Mary felt Cheryl put one hand on her ass spreading her cheeks with her fingers and then something cold and small at the entrance of her asshole. She yelped in pain as the object pushed in at least two inches.

"I knew I would stick that pointer of yours up your ass someday," Cheryl remarked from above. She pushed it in deeper as Mary started begging her that it hurt. She stopped with the pointer about four inches in her asshole as Mary whined below.

"Start fucking your stick," Cheryl yelled above, holding the pointer firmly. "I want you to please me by showing how good you can fuck it. Do it just like you do your husband. Beg me to fuck your ass."

Mary moaned while finally getting asshole adjusted to the object in her ass. She started rocking forward and back on it getting her cunt fiction on Cheryl leg.

"Fuck my ass, mistress!" she yelled. "Fuck my big ass!"

Mary came with an explosion from the rubbing of her cunt on Cheryl leg and the pointer drilling in and out her ass. Her whole body shook as Cheryl continued to maintain the pointer in position. She wanted to come again as she started rocking faster. All of a sudden, the pointer was jerked out her asshole in a quick motion as she yelled in pain and disappointment.

A paddle quickly came down on both cheeks in succession.

"Did I tell my bitch she could come?" Cheryl yelled from above.

"No mistress!" Mary cried. "Please mistress, fuck me again!"

She wiggled her ass cheeks in back to try to entice Cheryl to rim her ass. The paddle struck again as she felt Cheryl scoot her chair back and remove her leg from her moist pussy.

"Crawl over to one of the desk and sit your hot ass in it this minute," Cheryl demanded. "I'm going to write your homework on the board and you are going to read each command out loud till I'm sure you understand it."

Mary slowly worked her way out from under the desk and crawled over to the nearest from desk. She didn't think she could get in it as she squirmed miserably on her sore ass trying to get it in the seat and under the tablet on top. The pressure on her ass was driving her wild as she continued to push her butt till it was firmly seated and left her no room for movement at all. Her large thighs were totally pinned. When she finally looked up, she had seen what Mistress Cheryl had written on the blackboard and stared wide eyed at it.

Cheryl slowly walked over to the pinned teacher in dismay and before she could react stuck her across the tits with the pointer.

"Read your homework teach," she commanded.

Mary started repeating the commands in tears.

"I, bitch Mary, will go home tonight and buy a butt plug for my naughty ass. I will insert it and bend over naked in the doorway when my husband comes home. I will then plead with him to remove it and shove it in my mouth and fuck me with the real thing. Afterwards, I will clean it with my mouth and beg to lick his ass later when he goes to bed."

She hesitated then continued.

"Tomorrow, I will arrive early to erase the blackboard of my homework before everyone arrives. I will find some excuse to take Little Miss Jenkins out in the hallway and make her bear her butt and give her 10 of my hardest whacks. I will then embarrass her by making her come in the classroom and stand in the corner with her shirt up to her waist so all can see."

Mary was stunned at the last assignment. Kate Jenkins was Principal Jane daughter and the result would surely get her fired. She tried to say something to Mistress Cheryl only to have the pointer land on her thigh area as she felt the pain.

"Repeat again bitch," Cheryl demanded, "and this time do not hesitate. I have plans for that two face bitch and her butch mom so don't worry about your sweet ass getting fired.

Mary watched as Cheryl laughed and said. "I also have plans to use your big ass too."

Mary repeated the instructions several more times to Cheryl satisfaction before Cheryl dropped the pointer on the floor and headed for the door.

"Better hurry up and get dressed and get home," she yelled back at Mary. "If you lock the door, the janitor won't see what you have written on the board."

She slammed the door behind her.

Mary immediately tried to get out of the desk and found she was stuck. She picked it up and waddled over to her large desk and using it as a brace helped pulled her butt from the pinned seat. Scratches were all over her legs and thighs as she fought to control her fears and get dress quickly before the janitor arrives.


Just a fantasy, how was yours?


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