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Karen was walking downtown, enjoying this warm and sunny autumn day. She was strolling on her sneakers, her legs gently massaged by her snug fitting stretch jeans. Her loose fitting white cotton blouse was blowing up with each small gust of wind.

She was passing by boutiques, shoes, handbags, jewelleries, but didn’t stopped. She was not there to shop, but to enjoy that beautiful day. That was until she walked in front of that jeans store.

There they were, the most beautiful pair of jeans she ever saw: medium raise, faded with a nice gradient bleached pattern on the front thighs, and as the display mannequin rotated, she could appreciate the incredible bleached pattern at the back that emphasis the buns, the beautifully embroided pattern on the back pockets and contrast stitching. They were molding the display mannequin to perfection. She just had to get them.

She entered the store.

“Hello, I’m Lynda. May I help you?”

“Hello, I really like these jeans.” She said to the approaching clerk, pointing at the display mannequin.

“Oh yes, they’re really nice. They weren’t our best seller for no reason.” Said the clerk with a smile.

“Were?” asked Karen.

“Yes. We’re out of stock, the mannequin is wearing the last pair. I was about to take them off it at the end of the day.” She said, stopping the rotating mannequin as Karen approached to feel the denim.

“Can I try them?” asked Karen.

“Well, yes but I don’t think they will fit you.” She said giving up the size. “And they’re non-stretch, heavyweight denim.”

“Gee, that’s too sizes smaller.”

“It’s a wee bit more than that. They’re cut on the really tight side.” Said the clerk.

“Well, I don’t care, I want them anyway.”

“You’re sure? They’re $150 a pair! You’re sure you’re willing to pay that much for something you will never wear?”

“I want to try them anyway.” Said Karen like she was a kid in a candy store.

The clerk, sure it was the way to get rid of her, or have her buy another model, removed the jeans from the mannequin and handed them to Karen.

She went to the dressing room, but pulling as she might, although she was able to get them resting on her crotch with a lot of effort, she was unable to fasten them. After close to 10 minutes in the changing booth, she walked out. She looked awful. Her belly was pouring out of the wide open zipper, and she was stepping on the too long legs.

“Told you.” Said the clerk.

“I don’t care, Lynda. I’ll find a way once back home.” Said Karen.

“Listen… “


“Well, listen Karen. I can’t honestly sell you a 150 bucks pair of jeans knowing that you will never wear them. After that, you’ll be pissed off at me for letting you buy them and you’ll feel I’ve stolen your money. I have other models you can check out…”

“I want these!” said Karen, jumping like a 6 year old in a toy store.

The clerk closed her eyes and let out a sight.

“Listen Karen. I have a deal for you. If you can get them on and go home in them, I’ll GIVE them to you. If you can’t, well, forget them.”

“You really mean that you will give me the jeans for free if I can put them on and walk out of the store?”

“And go home, yes.”

Karen rushed to the mirror and tried to close them under the amused look of the clerk. It was obvious that there was no way she would succeed.

“Better give it up.” Said calmly the clerk.

“No way! I know a way.” She said rushing to the changing booth and putting her old jeans back.

“Where are you going?” asked the clerk.

“Buy a corset.” She said as she rushed out of the store, walking across the street to the lingerie boutique.

She came out over half an hour later. The clerk could clearly see that she was corseted. Although her loose cotton blouse hide it, her jeans with the belt drawn to the last notch indicated a very thin waist. She entered the jeans store.

“There. All set. Now lets try them again. She said, picking the jeans on the counter and heading for the changing booth.

She came out of it 5 minutes later. She had removed her blouse and the clerk was stunned by the white satin corset, engulfing her from the hips up to her armpits.

“Gee. Isn’t the corset a little long for jeans?”

“Yeah, but that’s the only one they had in stock that would fit me.” She said, panting, trying to catch her breath. “Look, the zipper is half way up. Can you give me a hand?” she said as she took the zipper handle with a pair of pliers.

The clerk grabbed the sides of the jeans and pulled on them with all her strength while Karen worked the zipper up.

Notch by notch it went, until it reached the top. With a last effort, she fastened the waist button, and let go. Usually, the belly go gushing over the jeans, but the tight corset held everything in place.

Karen put her cotton blouse back on, but found out that she couldn’t tuck it in the jeans. The clerk came back with a burgundy tight fitting stretch shirt with long sleeves. Karen put it on, and over her corset, it gave her an incredible figure.

“Wow, you look stunning!” said the clerk.

“Thank you Lynda. So, I can walk out of here for free, right?”

“Well, not exactly. The shirt you’ll have to pay for. As for the jeans, you can’t walk like that, the legs are way too long. The deal was to walk out with the jeans as-is.” Said the clerk.

“Well, I can…” she said, trying to bend to roll the bottom legs. “… obviously, I can’t bend. Can you please roll them up? You’re next to a shoe store. I’ll go buy some high heels.” Said Karen.

With her eyebrows rising, Lynda rolled the jeans and looked at Karen walk out of her store, barefooted. She was twisting her body with every step, as if her spine was all jammed in one long bone. She came out of the store 15 minutes later, standing tall on 6 inches heels platform shoes. The legs of the jeans were stopping barely one inch off the ground. The look was perfect.

“You look stunning!” said an amazed Lynda.

“Yeah, and you can’t imagine how hard it is to walk in them.”

“Too tight, hey? Well, want to take them off?”

“Too tight? Now, they’re bloody perfect! It’s just that they’re rubbing quite a lot at the crotch and that the feel is, well, quite arousing.” Said Karen, blushing. “But I’m not chickening out of our deal.” She said. “So, I have to walk out of here with them on and they’re mine.”

“You have to go home with them, but…” said Lynda, thinking, “even if I keep your old clothes with me, there’s no way for me to be sure you won’t enter the next clothes store and buy another outfit and cheat on our deal.”

“Believe me, I won’t take them off, they’re simply awesome!” she said, pacing around, feeling her tightly encased thighs, feeling the deep crease her buns were making with each step. Feeling the side stitching screaming for release. Unconsciously, she had drew her hands at her crotch and was slowly scraping the tight denim with the tip of her fingernail, sending small vibration waves.

“You might be telling the truth, and you might not. I don’t know you at all. Here, I have another deal for you. You go to my place and wait for me. The store closes in 3 hours. I’ll meet you there, and if you’re still wearing everything, I’ll give you the jeans plus the stretch shirt.”

“You got a deal.” Said Karen.

Lynda grabbed a piece of paper and started to write the address. Karen was playing with her crotch, but trying to hide it, she played with the zipper and the waist button.

“Wait a sec… How can… Be right back.” Said Lynda, rushing in the back store and coming out a few minutes later with a leather belt.

She fed it through the belt loops of Karen jeans and drew it tight. Then before Karen could react, she put a small padlock in one of the hole and through the buckle and locked it.

“What’s this for?” asked Karen, pulling on the padlock, noting that she was effectively locked into her extremely tight jeans.

“A little insurance. After all, I’m giving you 200 bucks worth of stuff.” She said. “I have the key with me. I’ll unlock you when I’ll get home. That way, I’ll be sure you wont cheat by taking off the jeans then putting them back on just before I’ll arrive. And since you said that you had no intention of taking them off, that lock shouldn’t be a problem.”

Karen was stuck. She was honest when she told she had no intention to take them off, not right now anyway, but one never know. They might become unbearable. Now, she was stuck with her deal. She couldn’t argue she wanted the lock removed.

“I have no problem with it.” She said. “So, I’ll wait for you at your place.” She said, picking the door keys Lynda was handing her.

“That’s the deal.”

“Well, see you in a few hours, Lynda.” Said Karen, leaving the store.

She was a show to look at. She looked incredibly sexy in her tight jeans and tight fitting shirt. Her body was held erect with the corset, and her legs, elongated with the high heels, were appearing even longer in the incredibly tight jeans. With each step, she had to rock her hips, that created a unexpected rubbing at her crotch which aroused her quite a lot. She could feel her buns being squeezed with each step, as if a strong hand was grabbing each bun one after the other. Along with the crotch rubbing, it was incredibly arousing, and she was hot as hell when she reached her car. That’s when she had her first dose or reality” she couldn’t sit in it. She couldn’t drive it! She walked back two blocks to the jeans store. Lynda was surprised to see her back this soon.

“Changed your mind?” said Lynda, offering the key for the belt.

“Absolutely not. It’s just that I can’t sit in my car to drive. I can’t bend.”

“No problem.” Said Lynda. “I came in by bus. Go to my place by bus and I’ll drive your car there.” She said, writing her the bus schedule and stops.

Karen handed her the keys, explaining where she had parked her small Toyota Echo and they parted.

The ride to Lynda’s apartment was no rest at all. Climbing the stairs to get on the bus was a challenge and a real struggle. She couldn’t sit more on the but, so she had to stay standing up, much to the delight of many men that crowded behind her to have the best view. A few offered her a drink, and she refused.

With each bumps, she was getting more and more aroused as her breasts were getting squeezed inside the tight corset cups.

She had to change bus 3 times, and finally she arrived at Lynda’s apartment building. That’s when she had another shock: Lynda was living on the 6th floor, but the elevator was under repairs, so she had to walk up!

The first flight of stairs went rather well, but after that, it was more and more difficult. She was passed on by many people. Most woman were looking at her with disapproving looks, as the men went very slowly by her, smiling and offering help. Some even find a way to loose balance and touch her tightly encased butt. She was sure someone took a few pics of her with his cell phone camera. Or there was perhaps more.

Finally, she reached the 6th floor, panting heavily, her feet hurting, her lungs on fire, and her crotch burning hot.

Her breath short, she opened Lynda’s apartment and collapsed on the sofa. She immediately put her fingers to her crotch and felt it damp. She struggled to get back up and walked in front of a mirror: her whole crotch was wet. And it was showing a lot! She blushed at the thought that many had seen it, and then smile. Why hide it. She was turned on.

She laid on the sofa and started to play with her fingers on the damp spot. Scraping it with her fingernail, she quickly started to squirm. Her lungs needed to expand but was prevented to by the tight corset. She rubbed her crotch harder and harder, and although she reached high, she was never able to explode: the corset and the jeans were too tight.

She would have killed to be able to loosen them, to be able to satisfy herself instead of staying frustrated.

Finally, exhaustion had the best of her and she fell asleep.

A gentle shake on her shoulder woke her up. It was Lynda.

“I see you’re quite wet down there.” She said, putting her finger on Karen’s crotch.”

“Yeah. Those jeans are quite devilish.” Said Karen. “I never came.”

“Well, maybe you need some help.” She said producing a vibrator.

She stuck it between Karen’s legs, then quickly took a leather belt and tied her thighs together very tightly before turning the vibrator on. Karen threw her head backward.

Heaven was knocking in her head

Hell was knocking in her crotch.


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