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We thought we had planned it out pretty well, but I guess it's true what they say about everything that can go wrong, usually will...

It was a store, a shoe store, about 20 or 30 miles from where J and I live. We had seen it while driving though another small town on the way to a city where we go sometimes to shop. We couldn't miss this store what with all the signs announcing its "Grand Opening." I needed some heels anyway, so we had stopped in. Both of us, I think, had the same idea almost as soon as we saw it. It would be perfect. It would be open late all week.

Inside, it was basically like any other shoe storeÖ a little on the cheap side, but isn't that the best place to buy shoes anyway? Near the door was the register behind a short counter. Behind it, still at the front of the store, was a kind of display area with some chairs and mirrors near the floor, the kind of mirrors where you stand in front of them and can see the shoes you are trying on.

This was on the right as you go in the door. To the left was a small display table with purses for sale on it and a swivel rack, again loaded with purses. The wall had some posters. There were eight or ten aisles with shoes on the shelves. These aisles ran from the front of the store all the way to the back. The aisles on the left were all tennies and sandals, leaving the remainder for dressier footwear.

They had the big convex mirrors for each corner, but they were sitting in the corners of the store on the floor, still wrapped up in brown paper.

The salesgirl was a chatty thing who was determined to make a sale. Since J and I were alone in the store with her, she had decided to be our constant companion. She told us how her folks had put up the money for the store and how she was determined to make it so good that people would just have to come to it to buy their shoes. I hope she's right. It was a very nice store, considering the small town it was in.

She apologized for the mirrors being on the floor. It seems they had been delayed in shipping, and when they came in, just in time to be installed, the supports that were supposed to mount them high on the wall had been the wrong kind. J and I looked at each other and smiled just like we had smiled when we saw the sign that said the store would be open until 10:00 pm all week. We talked with the girl and, almost out of guilt, J and I both got a pair of black kid gloves.


Here's what we had going for us:

1. The store was distant enough that we would be unknown.

2. It didn't have any customers, despite the "Grand Opening" so it would be unlikely that we'd bump into anyone we knew or knew us or who we'd meet later.

3. The mirrors were down so we'd have our privacy.

4. We could come late to ensure no other customers. It was perfect!


That night, we worked up our courage and got dressed for the job. J had on a moderately short black skirt, almost a mini, with a wide black leather belt which had a huge buckle, a sequined black top that in another life would have been called a bustier and a black pair of hose with a tattoo design. Very brazen, very party-goer. She fixed her hair in a tight pair of buns, and wore a black leather jacket and black high-heeled mini-boots. She looked extremely... extreme!

My get up was a little more... innocent. Black dress (very short) that covered me completely in front clear to the neck to make my collar less noticeable, and black silk pantyhose (so black that they look like tights almost). My hair was down in front to kind of conceal my face, and my eye make-up was done to make me look as wide-eyed and inculpable as possible. Yeah right, I was going to be the "victim." So much for apparel. In the gear department I wore tennies (our reason for going to a shoe store), a long off-white twill reversible raincoat/overcoat (very lightweight), my collar (of course) and a leash, a toboggan stocking cap that could be pulled down over my eyes, and a pair of handcuffs for my hands in front under the raincoat through the double pockets and another pair for my feet (not to be worn in the store). I also wore a belly chain that connected to the handcuffs. Did I say innocent?

J strapped me into her car with the safety belt and put the second pair of handcuffs around my ankles very tight so the marks would be visible when I went into the store. She pulled the stocking cap down over my eyes. I looked like a refugee from a party of some sort.


Things began going wrong right away. J couldn't remember how to get on the road that led to the store, so she had to lift up the cap over my eyes so I could see to guide her to the correct road. Once I had her going the right way, she pulled it back down. Unfortunately she just pulled it down enough to cover one eye -- and my nose! I was still happy though, I was the slave being taken by my Mistress to get shoed. J was playing the role well with hardly any giggling at all. *****

When we got to the town with the store, J pulled the cap out of my eye(s) and slowed down to pull into the storeís parking lot. We saw a police car sitting in the lot, so J speeded back up and told me that she didn't want to get around them. They got around us instead. As soon as we had speeded back up, the police car fell in behind us. The thought of them stopping us was not a good one. As soon as they noticed how tied up I was, there would be... problems...

Thankfully, the patrol car make a left at the next intersection. Must've been a donut shop down there or something...

J and I kind of relaxed and drove on for a bit. To me, it was still pretty exciting to be driven around tied up. We joked about what would have happened if the police had stopped us. I remember this one cartoon Iíd seen once where some cop had stopped a biker and his chick. He had both of them with their hands handcuffed behind their backs. The cop had his pants down with his thing sticking out and the girl was on her knees in front of him saying, "Now if I do this, you're going to let both of us go, right?" Ugly, but still kinky. *****

I guess we had driven around for a bit when we were heading back home and got to the shoe store. This time, the parking lot was completely empty. The lights were still on, and I could see someone inside behind the cash register. I looked at J, and she was looking at me.

"You ready?" she asked me.

Well, I still needed some heels and, with the exception of the police falling in behind us for just a minute, it had been a night of anticipation and very little doing.

I felt the blood begin to flow faster and said, "Yes, Mistress! Let's do it!"

J parked next to the front door and freed my feet. Then she came around to my side of the car and took the seat belt off of me so I could get out. My heart was hammering! As soon as I stood up, J tucked my leash inside my raincoat.

Oh! I forgot to mention the lollipop! It's not really a lollipop at all. It just looks like one. It's an invention of mine. Basically a wooden ball I had picked up at a hardware store years ago with the intention of figuring out how to make a gag out of it. I had tried before but never came up with something that I was proud of. This particular wooden ball had a hole in the bottom of it that was the same size as a wooden stick that came with a corn dog or a cooked ear of corn. I had found that the stick could be hammered into the hole and would not come back out. Don't ask me why I did that, hammer the stick into the ball, but I had, and soon as I figured out that it wouldn't come back out I had stuck it into my mouth. Again, a perfect fit! I could get it in and out of my mouth with my hand but it was too big to spit out. There you have it, the invention of the lollipop gag! At one time I had soaked it in cinnamon so it would taste better and the wooden ball part had turned kinda red. In many ways, it looked like a big lollipop, and it was a decent gag.

J gagged me with my lollipop and on wobbly legs I was guided inside the store. Our chatty friend was there again. She greeted us and asked how she could help us. J told her we wanted to browse for a bit, so the girl left us alone. J and I made a beeline for the back of the store and I was told to sit on a bench thing they had in the store for trying on shoes. Gosh! I was really doing it! Out in public, a gag in my mouth, my hands chained to my waist, and marks on my ankles. Then j removed my tennies. I almost moaned.

"You liking this?" J asked, smiling.

I smiled back at her in a half swoon, and she knew that I was. She smiled back at me and rubbed my feet. I let my eyes close and enjoyed the sensation of her soft hands rubbing my legs. She rubbed me all the way up to my crotch, and then I felt her get up. I opened my eyes startled to see that everything was all right. She had just begun to look at some shoes on the rack nearest us. She looked back at me mischievously. "Not too fast there, little one. You've still got some shoes to try on!"

I did not want shoes! I wanted her to rub on that spot some more!

"Mppfh!" I intoned urgently.

J smiled, "Shall I remove your lollipop so you can talk?"

"Dyes, dplease!"

"OK," she replied and extracted the lollipop from my mouth.

"Please," I began, "Let me make it right here right now. I don't care about any shoes. Just let me make it like this in public this one time. Iím so hot right now, I could melt ever so easily. Please, please, please."

"You like this, huh? Are the handcuffs on tight enough? Does it excite you to have this lollipop gag in your mouth where you can't get it out unless I take it out for you?"

"Yes, I love it. Please help me with your finger. I don't care about anything else, just let me do it just like thisÖ" My sentence was interrupted by j pushing the gag back into my mouth again.

"You will do as I say, for tonight, I am your Mistress, and I will control you as I see fit. Do you have any problems at all with that? If you do, then tell me now, and we can go home."

I pouted prettily at her as she returned with some patent leather heels. I would do as she wanted. I trusted her to make the right decisions. The heels weren't all that high. Nothing in that store would ever be kinky enough for us. They were size 5. I take a 7e or seven and a half. I knew what she was doing as soon as she pried them on my feet and made me stand on them. They were so tight that they almost hurt just to stand in. When she made me walk in them I felt so... vulnerable. My mound was swelling so bad that it hurt! Oh, it felt soooo goood!

"Like them?" she asked.

My eyes were squenched shut as I managed "dtoo dtight!" around my lollipop.

"Good!" She replied rancorously. She smiled at me and I smiled around the lollipop.

"It's almost closing," our chatterbox friend reported from the other end of the aisle. "Have you found anything?" she asked as she approached us.

"What do you think of these?" j asked her.

"Ummm, nice? My, you have such small feet!" she exclaimed to me.

Almost chuckling, I nodded to the girl. If she only knew!

"Can you find everything you want? Iím going to be leaving. The manager will be locking up, but take as long as you want, OK? Good seeing you two again. Tell a friend about us, please. Where have you two been anyway? A party? Nice outfits. Very cute. Gotta go," the salesgirl blurted out, barely pausing to speak before darting behind a curtain in the corner that must have led to the back storeroom or something.

J laughed at me. I know my eyes must have been as big as all outdoors. I looked back at J and mumbled a quiet laugh as I sat down gratefully.

Almost immediately, an attractive man emerged from behind the curtain where the salesgirl had gone. "Good evening, ladies. Anything I can do for you? Take as long as you want. We offer service as well as great prices here."

I nodded an acknowledgement to him and turned back to J. She was looking at him oddly. I glanced at him again, and he seemed to be looking a mite too earnestly at J. I think I felt a pang of jealousy.

"Do you have anything else like these?" J asked him softly.

The salesman did a kind of double-take and smiled at J warmly. "Yes, I think we do. Something, perhaps, with a higher heel?"

"Yes, exactly!" J assured him.

I kept watching the two of them. Something was going on here! The man disappeared behind the curtain and a moment later the salesgirl emerged. She was putting on her coat and walking towards the door as she called back in a friendly manner. "Tell my brother to give you a discount, OK?"

"Thanks!" J called after her.

"I'm going to turn off the front lights, but stay as long as you want, alrighty?" the girl called back.

I looked at J suspiciously twisting my hands in the tight handcuffs under my raincoat.

J looked at me and shrugged with a smile.

I was still analyzing that sweet smile when the guy got back with a pair of really high high heels. "Size 5, right?"

I turned my attention from J to him then back to J. I was feeling a twinge of pure panic! Didn't she realize what could happen with us alone in this store, especially if he discovered the secret on the lollipop? I could feel a little drool trying to escape my lips and I was helpless to keep it from running down my chin!

"No, we just tried those to see how they'd feel. I believe we need a bigger size for my friend," J explained.

"Ok, here, let me measure your foot," he told us and knelt before me taking one of my feet and removing the heel I was wearing. His touch felt like electricity! "Hmm! Maybe a size 6 or a 7 would be better. Would you care to try it in a 6?"

Dumbly and with wide eyes, I nodded my consent.

He got up and went back behind the curtain again.

"Dhalp!" I told J. "Di'm ddrooling!"

J laughed and wiped at my chin and my lips, "Well, you wanted to be tied up. Now you are. How's it feel?"


"You be a good little slave girl and you're Mistress will see to it that nothing happens to you, OK?"


modelstied presents more bondage:
clamped gaggged in corset
tied in latex
crotchrope corset
rope tied in garter belt



"'Yes' what?"


"What does my slave girl call me?"


"That's right! Now don't be insolent," J told me with a smile that told me she felt like she was 100% in charge and in her element. The guy returned, and I still wasn't sure if I wanted to play the good little slave or just get the heck out of there!

"Would you care to try this on?" he asked me.

I looked at J more than a little wild-eyed. Try on a heel, gee whiz, my hands are tied on that one!

"Would you put it on her, please?" J asked the man.

Hey! Come on! This guy's good looking, and here he is with my foot in his hand. How can he help but see up my short dress?

"Rub here," J was telling him as she ran her hand gently across my ankle where the handcuffs had made an impression.

"What are these marks?" he asked her. "Are they what I think they are?"

"What's that?" J asks coyly.

"She's been... has she been... tied up?"

Gulp! My vision almost failed at the same moment that I felt something like a stone in my stomach. It was like all the air in me had been let out!

"Yes... handcuffs," J explained calmly.

My heartbeat dropped to one beat a minute...

The guy started to say something, but didn't.

J laughed. "I saw your feet, your shoes."

"You heard everything we said, didn't you?" J asked him.

He smiled an awkward smile then replied in a voice that shook at first but became more firm as he spoke, "Ahhh... yes... I was spying. You both look so... good!"

"...and you know what we are doing?"

"I believe so. You are her mistress, right?"

"Yes I am," J replied boldly. "What do you think of what we are doing? Do you object?"

"No! Not in the least. I'm glad no one else is here though. This would not be good if there were customers in the store. I'd have to tell you to leave. Not that I'd want to, you understand... "

"We do. That's why we got here so late. I figured the store might be about deserted. Would you care to play with us?"

My face was burning hot with embarrassment and there was a lump in my throat twice the size of my lollipop. My heart was still beating just every once in awhile.

"Do you mean I can... " he began.

"Use her?" J finished for him. "No! You may not! Her body is mine. I won't share it!"

"Oh," he answered, almost dejectedly.

"I will allow you to do one thing with her though, if you want... "

I almost swallowed my lollipop as he asked J what she would allow him to do with me.

"Would you like to tie her up properly? She has her hands in front right now. I find that distressing, don't you?"

"Ummm... oh, yes. Quite unsettling!"

J leaned back on the opposite end of the bench from me. "Yas, I think good slaves should always have their hands behind them in public. It's for their own good, you know. Here, be a good man and put her hands behind her," J told the salesman and offered him "my" keys. "shevette, stand!"

My heart was in my throat but I knew I was beginning to like this. Did I say like it? I was loving it! He fumbled around getting my coat open, then he saw how J had my hands handcuffed and began to free my wrists. "Will she try to escape?" he asked J. My heart was going pitty-pat now!

"I don't know," she informed him. "She'd better not!"

How to describe the touch of a man's hands on me? I was in seventh heaven! Oh, how I ached for this man as he freed my hands, then removed my raincoat. He took a moment to admire my body, then told me to turn around with my hands behind me. Sweat broke out on my upper lip. He slid my belly chain around so the handcuffs opened from behind me on it, and I felt him take my wrists in his hands and lock steel around me. I could have passed out!

"Put them on her tight!" J told the salesman, "She likes them like that."

Oh, did he ever put them on good and tight. My whole body ached for his every touch! He grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me back around to face him. He was wanting me so very much as he sat me back down on the bench.

J interrupted our thoughts, saying, "I don't want you looking up her dress. Here, put these on her feet!" She was holding up a pair of handcuffs for him to lock around my ankles! Again I was amazed by the difference a man's touch makes.

The next hour was a delicious ordeal where he followed J's orders and tried on pair after pair of heels on me. Every touch drove me up the wall! With every pair of heels, I was helped to my feet to take a few restrained steps, turn, then back to the bench where he seated me with strong arms. Then he would gently remove my lollipop from my mouth so I could comment on how that pair of heels fit, carefully place the lollipop back, and he and J would discuss the merits of the shoes I had on. I felt very, very much like a slave. A very happy one. A very hot one, too!

Finally, it was time to go. J ordered me to stand, then the salesman, whose name we did not even know, draped my raincoat over me. Then he knelt down before me and removed my ankle cuffs so I could walk to the car. I didn't want him to do that! I wanted to wear those cuffs just the way he had put them on me forever!

He walked us to the car, opened the door for J to get in, then came over to the passenger side of the car and opened it for me. I got in the car, and he strapped me in. I wiggled my feet until J asked him to please secure them again. Oh, that felt so good. Iíll remember it forever! The cool night air hitting my flushed face, the night sounds, a car going by, the way he looked, the man-scent about him, the touch of his hand...

Heck yes, we got his phone number!


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