Be Careful What You Wish For - corset fetish story

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This day, like any other day for the past few weeks, Karen, 24 y/o, stopped in front of the leather boutique on her way back from work. Sheíd been stopping there for years, but actually never bought anything. She simply didnít have the money. Her low pay job as a clerk for a small company was giving her just enough to survive, but she visited the store quite often, feeling and smelling the fine leather garments. She was there so often that she came to know the owner, Lynda, on a first name basis.

She stopped on her bicycle and looked at the display window. There it was. The outfit of her dreams. A complete leather outfit: shirt, jacket and pants, and even gloves. She was almost drooling looking at it.

Almost like every day, the owner of the store, Lynda, was getting off work, closing down the store for the night. When the door opened, Karen could smell the rich scent of the high price leather. Then Lynda, of course, always dressed in leather, smiled at her.

"Donít look at it that much, youíll wear it off." She said with a smile. She knew Karen would love to have it, but she also knew that she couldnít afford it.

"One day, Iíll get the money." Answered Karen.

She went home, and browsed through her many fashion magazines. She had kept only the ones with leather pictures. She had put on her old pair of leather pants that she found in a garage sale. They were too big for her, not a great cut, and quite beat up. But she liked the feel, the creaking noise, the smell.

A week later, she had shocking news. The business was shutting down, and she was loosing her job. She received a severance check of $5000, and a handshake.

She was slowly returning home, passing again in front of the leather store. She stopped, looked at the outfit and at the severance check. Perhaps she was going to be on the street soon, but at least, she would be in style. She entered the store. The owner was surprised.

"Hello Karen. Youíre kind of early today. Arenít you supposed to be at work?"

"No, the business closed down for good. Iím out of a job."

"Iím really sorry for you." Said Lynda while putting a short blue leather dress on a rack. "You came to have a last look at the ensemble?"

"No, I came to buy it." She said with a large smile, showing the severance check.

"Donít you think you should keep it until you find a new job? That money could come quite handy."

"No." answered Karen firmly. "I dream of this outfit since I first saw it. It might be foolish, but I want it, and Iíll get it, TODAY."

Lynda made a grin.

"Well, thatís your money, you do whatever you want with it. What size do you wear?"

Karen gave her the measurements.

"Humm. Iím sorry, but the suit in the display window is my last, and I think itís not the right size. Itís too small."

"I want to try it on anyway."

"Itís about two sizes too smÖ"

"I donít care. I want it." She said, almost as a young kid in a candy store would do, tapping her feet on the ground.

"Okay then." Said Lynda, sure it would be off as soon as she would try it.

She started with the leather shirt. It was a halter-top style, with a back zipper closure going down between the shoulder blades. It was made of thin supple shiny black leather with red stitching. She had a hard time getting it down over her breasts. It was too tight. But she didnít give up. She pulled it down with Lyndaís help until it was in place. She then asked Lynda to pull up the back zipper, squeezing her even more. Her neck was also tightly encased in leather, but the waist was had a bad tendency to roll up.

"You can still breath in this?" asked Lynda

"Iím fine." Said Karen, her voice trembling with excitement. "The pants, please." She hasnít expected the tight leather to turn her on, but it did, and on she was. Her nipples were sensitive, and squished under that tight leather, getting squeezed even more with each breath, was making her go wild.

She tugged and pulled on the leather pants, getting the inseam in place, but at closure time, it was a definite no-go.

"That wouldnít do it. Impossible to close. Iím sorry." Said Lynda.

"Youíre sure thereís no way to bring the sides together?"

"Not without tearing it, unless your waist was a good four inches smaller."

Karen turned her head to a nearby rack.

"That should do it." She said, pointing her finger.

"These are five hundred dollars corsets! You canítÖ"

Karen waved the $5000 check in her face.

While Lynda searched for the right size, Karen removed the leather shirt.

"No, not this thing." She said, grabbing the small waist cincher from Lyndaís hand, putting it back in place, and taking a full-length corset, with breast cups and shoulder straps.

"Donít you think youíre going a little bit heavy on this. This is a very stiff corset, heavily boned andÖ"

"Listen. This is my dream come true." Cut in Karen. "Donít spoil it, will ya?"

Lynda chose the right size and invited Karen to follow her in the back of the store. There, she put on the corset and started to lace it.

"Raise your arms in the air and expel all the air out of your lungs." She instructed Karen.

The laces were pulled, the corset tightened. The slack was taken from the top to the waist, then the bottom to the waist, and tightened again. Karenís breath started to shorten.

"This is really tight." She said, panting.

"Shut up. You wanted it, youíre gonna get it, fully closed!" said Lynda, almost with an angry tone.

"There yet?" asked Karen, softly.

"One more inch to go." Said Lynda as the bell on the door rang. She quickly tied off the laces.

"I have to serve that customer. In the meantime, let your body take the shape. Iíll be right back."

Karen paced around. She rubbed her hands on the tensed leather tightly compressing her body. The feeling was awesome. She had to take care not to start rubbing herself. Her breath was short, yet it seemed to arouse her.

Gradually, her body becomes accustomed to the tight embrace of the leather, her internal organs shifted to make way for the compressed waist.

After close to an hour, Lynda was back, happy to have sold a nice pink leather skirt and a jacket.

"Okay, back to business. Take position."

Karen raised her arms and emptied her lungs as Lynda struggled to get the corset to close completely. Surprisingly, it went rather easily. The hour of waiting had done its job. Lynda tightened the laces, then asked Karen to stand still while she browsed in a box on a shelf and back to the corset, where she fondled in the back.

"There. Itís done." Said Lynda, as a plan was forming in her head.

"Go..od." answered Karen, trying to catch her breath, trying to relax while the corset was making her go wild. "Lets go with the shirt."

They struggled again to put the shirt back in place. It almost popped in place as the body now had pretty much the shape of the shirt. The zipper was up, tightening around Karenís neck. Next were the pants. They were still a tight fit from the knee up, and even with the corset, and were quite a hassle to fasten. Finally, the zipper was up, and the button done.

Karen let out a sigh.

"Pfiew. That is tight, but it feels so good." She said, gently rubbing her crotch.

"Thereís a small problem," said Lynda pointing at her feet, "the legs are way too long. We could shorten them. Just take them off and..."

"No need." Quickly answered Karen. "Just give me those." She said pointing at a pair of 6 inches heels, platform shoes.

"But you never wore high heels befÖ Yeah, right. Youíre paying."

Lynda searched for the right size, picked a box, then put it back, before going on another shelf and picking another box.

"These are slightly different, but Iíll give them at half the price." She said, getting the shoes out of the box.

They were black platform shoes, dorsay style, with a 2 inches platform and a 7 inches heel. The ankle strap was half an inch wide, and had a locking closure.

"The only thing is that you have to lock these on. Thereís no way to fasten them without locking them." Said Lynda.

"No big deal." Said Karen. "Itís toy locks anyway. Iíll take them."

So, on were the shoes. Lynda made sure they were well in place, then fastened the strap tightly around her ankles before locking it. Although it was tighter than it should be, Karen liked it, feeling her feet trapped. Of course, freedom was only a small key away, or a good pull on the "toy" lock.

"Now the jacket?" asked Lynda.

"Hum. How about some gloves first."

"Sure." Said Lynda, going to the store and coming back with short wrist length gloves.

"Not that, the long ones, shoulder length. After all, this shirt doesnít have any sleeves."

"As you wish." Said Lynda, returning to the store, and coming with a long pair of gloves, made of fine kid leather.

"I assumed you didnít wanted any button at the wrists, right?"

"You read my mind, Lynda. No, I donít want anything to cut the nice smooth feeling."

"There they are. Donít be surprise if they are a little hard to put on."

And hard to put on they were. Without telling, Lynda had chosen one size too small. Karen struggled to get her hand past the narrow wrist. Finally, they popped up in place, and she smoothed the long sleeve of the glove, up to her shoulder. Lynda presented her the jacket, bolero style. The sleeves were also tight, and since the whole outfit was too small, they were very tight. Adding the thickness of the leather glove made it even tighter. Lynda had to pull carefully on the jacket sleeves to fit them in place. Karenís arms were looking as if they were molded in leather. Bending them was difficult, as the sleeve was too tight.

"There, all done."

Karen looked around for a mirror, and walked to it as fast as she could. The sight in front of her was astounding. A curvy body of shiny, smooth black leather. The corset was emphasizing her waist, making her chest appears bigger. The tight pants were molding her round and firm buttocks, the high heels gave her longer legs, and the overall look of leather displayed power. But that power was just an image, because the tight corset weakened her breath, and the overall tight garment greatly limited her movements.

She had a shock when she tried to sit: she was incapable. She found herself slowly rubbing herself, still looking in the mirror. Lynda approached from the back with something in her hands.

"How about this to complete the outfit?" she asked, showing a nice one inch wide leather collar with small fake diamonds. It looked like a million bucks. Karen nodded as Lynda put it in place, fastening it at the back. She fondled a little before snapping it shut.

"I also have matching wristlets." She said.

Karen offered her hands, and while Lynda was putting the 1.5inche wide wristlets in place, she was looking at her new look in the mirror, not noticing anything about what Lynda was doing.

"I think I could spend my whole life in this thing." Said Karen, her voice trembling with excitement.

"Well, you know what they say, be careful what you wish for."

Karen laughed. "Hey, by the way, you said that if I ever lost my job, you would be ready to hire me. Is that offer still on?"

Lynda was taken by surprise. "Well, when I said that.." then she had a flash. "Come to think of it, yes, I will hire you. I wanted to start a specialty section, and I think youíll fit right in."

"Good. When do I start?"

"Not today. I donít think youíll be in any kind of mood to work. Just go home and come back tomorrow."

Without a word, Karen left. She was eager to go to her small apartment, to play more with herself, experience the pleasure of the tight leather. She was almost stiff as she walked, the leather creaking with every move. Her first drawback was when she was out of the store. She had came in, as usual, on her bicycle. With difficulties she climbed on it. When she sat on the narrow seat, waves of pleasure came on, and she almost climaxed on the sidewalk. The ride home was long, and quite pleasurable, and she was looked at by a whole bunch of people. She was whistled at quite a few times, which made her ever hornier.

Once at the building, climbing the 4 flights of stairs proved to be also quite a challenge, the tight leather biting in her crotch with each step. At the door, she was panting heavily, and shaking as she put the key in the door lock. She ran to the bed, and climaxed, before falling asleep, exhausted. She woke up a few hours later, and immediately, felt hot. She rubbed her gloved hands along her tightly encased thighs and hips, her constricted waist, and the higher she could go was her breasts. The tight sleeves would not allow her to go higher. Again, she rubber herself to get stimulated.

Eventually, she had to go. Getting the pants off was easy, but putting them back on, was another story, especially after she inserted a vibrating dildo first. She had to use all her imagination, all of strength and a pair of pliers to get the zipper. Once the pants back in place, she was panting, exhausted, but hot as hell. She climaxed almost immediately, as the dildo, now tightly held and compressed, was vibrating her whole lower body. The feeling was awesome. She climaxed again and again, until the fatigue got the best of her. She fell asleep almost at the same time the batteries died out.

When she woke up, the sun was setting down, and the room was almost half-dark. She undid the pants and removes the dildos. Her fantasies having been fully satisfied, she figured it was time she should get out of it, and let her body rest, before, maybe, putting it back tomorrow. And if she was to start a new job, better dress accordingly, and this was more a fetish outfit than a really usable one.

The first surprised came when she tried to remove the shoes. She had forgot to ask Lynda the keys. "Itís toy locks anyway." She said, pulling on them, but the locks revealed to be a lot stronger. She thought she would have better chance with her gloves off, but when she tried to remove the wristlets, they were also locked. Lynda havenít told her about that Twisting in front of the mirror, she saw that her collar was also locked, and that the zipper handle of her shirt was inserted into that lock. She felt the back of the corset, and discovered another small lock.

So there she was. Her locked shoes prevented her to remove her pants. The corset was locked on, and the shirt also. The wristlets prevented her to remove her gloves or the jacket. In short, she was trapped in leather.

She reached for the phone. Of course, the store was closed and Lynda out of there. She didnít had her personal phone number, but after searching in the phone directory, she finally reached her, after the 7th try.

"You locked me in, you brat."

"Donít tell me youíre not enjoying it, Karen."

"Well, I do enjoy it, but I had my fun, and now I would like to be out."

"Sorry, I canít do nothing until tomorrow. The keys are in the safe, and itís protected with a time lock. It wonít open until tomorrow morning, from 8 to 8:30. If you arrive later than that, the key will still be in it. And since the new section I want to open is a fetish one, youíll be perfectly dressed for it."

Karen didnít answered.

"And ," continued Lynda, "I expect you at work by 8 tomorrow morning. Each minute late is one more day in this outfit."

"Youíll pay for that, Lynda."

She laughed. Karen hung up the phone. Since she was trapped, better make good use of it. She looked for fresh batteries, and thought at how much late she should get to workÖ"


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