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I walked into the room not knowing what was about to happen, I looked up above my head and saw something hovering like the chrysalis of an enormous insect incubating in a synthetic cocoon of glistening black rubber and metallic alloys - unnaturally large tinted eyes reflected nothing, strands of fine steel and rubber tubing extended from the nose, mouth and ears into a shining halo of silver wires above its head. Around the genital area more rubber and steel tubes curled. All these snake like strands ended at a transparent box of crystal dials, through which bright liquids pulsed.

I concentrated on the image above my head and began to spin out, the lights seemed to be pulsing harder and brighter. I then saw an image of a beautiful woman who was part reptile. Her eyes were voracious and large, seeing in all directions, her breasts and abdomen made me think of a synthesis of steel and shiny black rubber as she stood towering above me on stilettos that resembled claws, the creature beckoned me, as if enticing me into this new world.

"Listen Linda," the creatures voice was feminine and somewhat mechanical, like a recording, "you have a choice, you can turn around and leave now and return to your life outside the Convent of Rubber or you can join me in a beautiful new world. You will experience joys and pleasures you never believed possible, this is what you have been waiting for Linda. We know this from your test results and the simulations that you participated in during the last thirty days. We believe this to be the final stage for the ultimate rubberist, what we call the natural evolution. My name is Angela and I will be your guide through your final metamorphism."

I lifted my head and looked straight at Angela's face and said " I am ready".

She smiled at me and pulled out what appeared to be a black rubber hood, she raised it to my head and then pulled it down until it covered my head. The hood contracted to the contours of my skin, I breathed with difficulty until the luscious smell of rubber engulfed me. I awoke in a well lit room, white walls shone, a machine by my side occasionally pulsed and radiated a blood red light. I was wrapped in white latex sheets. I heard a shuffling noise and looked over to see a black shiny insect about four feet tall and of masculine appearance pushing a trolley along. I struggled to raise myself further to look at this insect when I felt the pull of a rubber tube that penetrated my anus pull me back to the table.

The door swished open and Angela appeared, she glided into the room, her dress, a glossy shimmering surgical gown, zipped at the back, exaggerating the erotic curves of her breasts. On her hands were white surgical gloves. All that was visible were her eyes as her head was covered in white latex as well. From the mouthpiece of her helmet a voice spoke. "You are a very lucky girl Linda, you are about to be transformed into your own fantasy!" The voice was flat and monotone as if recorded. I tried to speak but was unable to wrap my mouth around the simplest of words.

From behind Angela, one of those black male insects appeared pushing a huge trolley full of black bubbling slime, another carried a box from which fine wires extended, attached to the ends were small steel hooks. I couldn't take my eyes off the eyeless glistening egg shaped head of the creature that was carrying the box. "That Linda, is I think what you would call a drone." She threw a glance at the drones and they quickly withdrew from the room. "That is what we do with the males, it is their personal destiny. Now Linda I am going to begin your transformation. First I am going to cover you with this nutrient plasma, it will penetrate to the very core of your body, so just lay back, relax and dream".

Angela then pulled the latex sheet from my body and started to stroke my body. "Relax Linda, you are going to be so beautiful."

She then started to dollop huge handfuls of the black slime on my body - feet, legs, arms, breasts, genitals, head and then face. After she had finished only my eyes and nostrils were visible. She then smoothed it over me, making sure every part of my body was covered. I felt my body begin to glow as if there were a thousand pinpricks scourging through my skin, struggling I arched my back as the pain became more intense. As I squirmed I noticed two drones entering the room, they then began to me wrap me into a latex sheet, this sheet had an adhesive quality which bound me, subduing my wriggling. Then a journey began as the drones unlocked the table I was on and pushed it towards the doors, down a long bright corridor until we entered what seemed to be a nursery. Situated in the centre a huge metallic tube glistened, the drones then lifted me and placed me into the tube.

Inside the dark container, lights began to flash as the pressure increased. The pressure kept increasing as the plasma was penetrating deeper and deeper in to my organs. Then the tube began to oscillate and spin as the pressure increased. I began to lose conscience, I couldn't hold on any more, my mind was spinning out of control, the tube seemed to get darker and warmer as I felt myself go.

I opened my eyes but struggled to see, the lights were so dim and I don't seem to be able to move. "Don't worry Linda, you have been cocooned as your body rebuilds itself "

I looked around but could not see her, I knew Anglea's voice but where was she? I then looked up at the ceiling and saw her, she was hovering in the air like a wasp. She looked different to last time, she was more insect like and less human. She was clad in a glittering black amalgam of rubber and alloy, like the armoured outer skin of some huge insect. Angela's head had also transformed and was now dominated by two huge compound insect like eyes. The V of her abdomen disappeared into a wasp-like waist; her black shimmering hands were now claws, and her stilettoed boots curved as if talons.

"Linda I am about to perfect you, you will have the best of both worlds like me, you will be part human and part insect."

Angela leaned over me, the shiny carapace of her breasts hovered above my eyes, lowering her head, her compound eyes became an incandescent green, glowing intensely at me. I closed my eyes and began to think as my body convulsed in its black shimmering shell, is this heaven or hell?

I felt kind of numb and weak, I was laying here in bed totally exhausted, I could not even lift a finger or was it now a claw to wipe the sweat off my brow. My thoughts were starting to come back to me now, where was I? Why was I laying in a hospital bed unable to move? My mind was starting to spin out, so many thoughts at once, so many questions. I spent a number of days in and out of conscientiousness waking and then passing out again. It was like being in Intensive Care after surgery. It was so hard just trying to have a clear logical thought and not nodding off half way though it. Slowly my mind cleared and I started to get a grip on reality. Where was I? What am I doing here? I started to freak, whats happened, have I been in an accident. I had better calm down, try to relax, think about this for a minute, thats right, yes its all starting to come back to me. This was my destiny, my natural evolution.

"Oh you have awaken Linda!" I heard Angela say as she approached me. "How do you feel ? '

"I can't move Angela, am I paralysed" I replied.

"You will be alright Linda, just rest. You will up and walking around in a few days. So don't worry you are perfectly alright." She then gave me an injection.

"Don't knock me out" I murmured but it was too late as I felt my eyes get heavy again........

"Will someone turn out the lights" I screamed. "god it was bright in here".

How long have I been asleep for this time I thought, I do feel better though. I still feel weak but not paralysed like yesterday. I lifted my head a little and looked around, I was the only person in the room. I looked down at myself.

"What the hell has happened to me" I screamed.

"Ah Linda you are awake. How do you feel today?" Angela said.

"I feel better, stronger but what the hell has happened to my body? I'm sorry for yelling at you Angela but my eyes are really sensitive today, I opened my eyes and it was so bright". I replied.

"Your eyes will be fine as you adjust to the light again, remember Linda you have been unconscious for nearly a week now, so just lay back and relax" Angela said.

"Can you pass me a mirror and my hair brush Angela so I can tidy myself up".

"Here's a mirror Linda but you won't be needing a hairbrush anymore".

I thought to myself shit I can't look too good after a week in intensive care, but what I saw when I looked into the mirror truly shocked me. I had no hair and my face was all black, I looked liked a reptile !

"My beautiful long blonde hair, all gone!" I whimpered. "What have you people done to me?"

"Only what you desired, this is what you wanted Linda, your transformation is nearly complete, the bruising and swelling will disappear in a few days and your new body will start to look better. Remember you have only just finished your larvae stage, I can see your body has adapted well and I believe everything will be alright now. "

I looked up and spoke " You mean I am this way for ever now ? "

" Linda you have been transformed into a wonderful new creature, your skin is now black glossy rubber, you have no flesh left on your body, you will remain this way till the day you die."

"I have no hair at all now, a totally smooth black head and large green eyes."

I had reached my final metamorphism, I had been transformed into a new creature, a hybrid of sorts, part human, part reptile and all rubber. I rejoiced.......


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