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Let me tell you about a fun little session I had the other day. Hi my name is Jessica. I am twenty years old, I am five foot eleven blonde with a twenty four D breasts. I work at the mall in a small store which is where the fun took place. The shop sells Goth clothing and other stuff related to Goth. Last week two of our workers had been fired for stealing clothes, which left us very under manned. And since I was the one who had worked there the longest I got stuck picking up the extra hours.

It was Thursday morning. I woke up early that morning, mostly because I was dreading what the day would be like. Today I was scheduled to work the entire day. I was supposed to open and close the store which meant working from eight to eight. My only reprieve was from two to five when Steph was supposed to come in and help out. The high schools get out around two so those are usually our busiest hours. But on a Thursday there usually isn’t anyone in the store. I really didn’t want to go into work today. I had just gotten a new leather harness for my toys and a couple of videos. My originally plans had included doing a little bondage this week but now that I was working the extra hours I didn’t have the time for it.

It was while I was on my way out the door taking one last glimpse at my new toys when I decided that I could make work a little more fun. I picked up the new harness and decided to put it on right there. I pulled off my pants and underwear. Then took the waist strap and buckled it down tight around my waist. Once I was happy with the fit I took a small padlock and locked the waist piece on. I then took the crotch strap, pulled it between my legs and loosely buckled it on but didn’t lock it. Taking a second lock, I opened the lock and placed it into my purse, then took both keys and left them on my dinning room counter. I was about to put my pants and underwear back on but I thought about the underwear and decided I didn’t really need them. I picked up my pants to put them on then started thinking about outlines. The pants I had were very tight it would show the belt underneath. This wouldn’t work so I went back into my room to find something else. In my closet I found a pair of jeans that were a baggy casual fit. These defiantly wouldn’t show my belt underneath. But right next to the pants was one of my summer skirts. The skirt would go down to my mid thigh. It was just a loose white skirt that I normally wore with a pair of shorts underneath. But the idea of people seeing me was getting me really turned on by this point. I decided to throw caution to the wind as my hormones took over and I put on my skirt but with no shorts. With that I left for work.

I drove nearly straight to work. There was one stop that needed to be made. Pulling my car into the local adult store I parked and got out. I went into the store and over to the wall that had all the various dildos on display. Knowing exactly which one I wanted I picked up the six inch long, one inch wide vibrating dildo. The truly important part of this dildo was that it had a remote control with it. I walked up to the counter with my purchase in hand. On the way to the check out counter I passed the anal toy section. There was a remote control anal plug there as well, but it was more expensive and I figured this would be enough for now. But it did sound tempting for the next time.

Once I had purchased my new toy I headed off to work. I used a side entrance to get into the mall which let me into the back entrance of our store. When I got into the store it was eight ten. I was late opening the store but I didn’t think anyone would notice. There weren’t that many people in the mall but I knew the longer this took the greater the chances would be that I would be discovered. And so I put my plan into motion. The first thing to do was fix the remote to the vibrator. Using a small tool kit we had in the shop, I popped off the panel on the remote control. It was a simple design. There was a slider dial to control the intensity and a simple button to control the on and off signal. When you pushed the button it connected a circuit which sent a signal to the computer chip which would radio the signal to activate the dildo. To turn the dildo off you would push the button again closing the circuit again sending a new signal to the dildo. With the panel to the remote off I walked over to the entrance of the store. The gate was still down so no one could come in and the lights were all off so chances are no one could see me yet.

The thing I was interested in was the infra-red sensor at the entrance that when someone broke the laser beam it would activate a chime sound letting us know that someone had come in or had left the store. The sensor was hidden behind a clothing display so I didn’t have to worry about people seeing what I did to it. Using the tool kit again I pulled off the panel to the sensor. I quickly found the wires that led into the tiny speaker and disconnected them. I then took the remote to my new vibe and connected the button wires to the sensor wires that led to the box. Now when someone walked in instead of sending a signal to the speaker the sensor would send a signal to my remote which would turn on my vibe. When they walked out it would turn it off again. This way any time someone was in the store I would get vibrated. I figured this would give me a whole new appreciation for customers. Looking at the control I slid the dial about a quarter of the way up. I didn’t want it to be too intense.

The last thing to do was get the dildo put away. I walked to the back of the store and ducked down behind a rack of clothes making sure I was out of sight of the security cameras. I dropped my skirt down to the floor and unbuckled the crotch belt. While I was in the adult store I had gotten one of those small one time samples of lube which I now used to grease the tip of the dildo. With the dildo greased up I slid it all the way into my cunt. I don’t think it has ever felt so good to insert a dildo. Of course I have never done it before in a store at a mall. By the time I got it all the way in my vagina was on fire. I wanted to just fuck myself to an orgasm right there. It took all my will power not to do just that. Before I lost control of myself I pulled the crotch strap between my legs and refastened it in the front of the belt. God it felt good as it pushed the dildo even further inside of me. I pulled the belt a couple of more notches before I buckled it. The strap spread my add cheeks and dug into my tender vagina splitting my lips. I took the lock out of my purse and quickly closed it on the crotch strap. I was now stuck at work till the end of my shift with a dildo locked inside of me. I pulled up my skirt back on and opened the store.

With the store open there was nothing left to do but go about my job like it was a normal day. Let me tell you I have never had so much fun walking around a store refolding clothes. Every time I moved the dildo would move inside of me. Also as I walked the skirt would move around across my bare butt reminding me I had nothing on underneath. I was standing in the back of the store folding clothes that were on a table when the intruder inside of me sprang to life. I nearly jumped out of my skin. With my back turned to the entrance I didn’t know someone was walking into the store till the dildo told me.

The girl that walked in spent about five minutes in the store looking at stuff before she came up to me and asked if she could try some stuff on. I told her yes and showed her where the dressing room was. She also asked if I could help her with the corset she wanted to try on. I said yes since it was my job and walked to the dressing room to help her. The girl was not shy at all because by the time I got to the dressing room she had her shirt and bra off and the corset was on. The corset had an under bra which had her breasts pushed up but still left them exposed. I tightened the corset and tied it for her so she could see how it felt. The whole time I was getting more and more turned on. I had never found girls to be attractive before but with the dildo buzzing away inside of me I was just completely turned on to the point I wanted to fuck anything I could get.

By the time she left the store I was so turned on I would have done anything she asked if I could have gotten fucked for it. When she left the dildo was turned off and I was cooling off a little. I was beginning to think I’d bitten off more than I could handle. The store had only been open for forty-five minutes and I was already wanting to tear this belt off and shove anything I could get into my cunt to fuck myself to an orgasm. Over all the day just went on and on. People were walking in and out of the store looking at stuff then leaving. I was getting buzzed on and off all day leaving me as a very horny, frustrated girl. It was to the point that people started picking up on how sexual I was acting. There were two different girls that came in and flirted with me for nearly a half hour each. The vibrator was driving me wild but I couldn’t get off. The two girls each left me their phone numbers and later in the day a guy did the same thing. If I wasn’t locked into the belt I would have thrown them into the changing room and fucked them right there. By the time two rolled around I was a mess. I looked at Steph as she walked in and realized I probably wasn’t going to be able to hide what was going on. Actually when I first looked at her I realized she kind of looked hot which made things even worse. I had no idea what I was going to do.

Part 2

Steph came in wearing a black t-shirt. The shirt was at least a size to small for her which was often the standard for her. The back shirt hugged her curves and stopped short of covering her midriff thus displaying the blue barbell that pierced her naval. The words porn star were written on the shirt and thrust out by Steph’s boobs. Black was the style of Steph’s outfit. Along with the black shirt was a pair of black platform boots which were mostly covered by the leggings of the tight fitting leather pants she was wearing. Steph wasn’t fully into the Goth scene; instead she used her outfits to entice who ever she met. Steph was a flirt and a tease with nearly everyone she came across. Even the “ugly” as she put it were fun to play with.

Once she had clocked in she headed in my direction. The conversation started with the usual pleasantries. Steph and I weren’t necessarily friends but that isn’t to say we didn’t get along with each other. Steph is very out going and two years older then me. She spent most of her times either out at parties our out at the bars. I am still a minor which drastically limited my social activity. Since we didn’t have a lot in common we never started a friendship out side of work.

It didn’t take long for Steph to pick up on the fact that I was a little out of it and more run down than I normally was. Of course I lied to her. I told Steph I hadn’t gotten enough sleep. The simplest lies you can come up with are usually the best to use. Before she had a chance to inquire further I asked her about her night. With Steph it was almost guaranteed that she had been out doing something. She regaled me with a story of how she had gone out to the bar and danced with all these cute guys. Knowing her I figured there were probably a few cute girls in that crowed as well but I wasn’t going to push that point today.

I found myself getting more and more into the story as she told it. Dancing and grinding with a bunch of strangers all of whom were hot. The first thing I wanted to do when I turned twenty one was head to the bars with Steph.

Midway through describing the person she was dancing with I sucked in my breath. I was so transfixed on the toned abs she was describing that I was caught completely off guard by the sudden short burst of vibrations deep within me. There were two kids that had just walked into the store and tripped the remote. Turning back to Steph I saw a puzzled look on her face. But before she had a chance to ask the question I didn’t want to answer I walked away and helped the people who had just entered.

The pair turned out to just be wandering in to check things out and left shortly after they came in. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to avoid Steph but I still didn’t want to answer the question I knew was running through her mind. Instead of going back to her to pick up were the conversation had been interrupted I headed for the counter making a small show of checking sales receipts.

It wasn’t long before Steph was back by me. Again, I didn’t give her the chance to ask me anything. I got her to go back to her story with out having to push to hard. Steph went back to her story and I listened leaning against the counter. Listening to Steph I was facing her looking towards the back of the store. When her eyes shift and looked past me I again sucked my breath in and jumped a little. Someone new had entered the store.

“What’s with you today?” Steph asked.

“It’s nothing. I’m just a little jumpy today that’s all.”

“Jumpy I can understand. But why are you so jumpy whenever someone comes in? You can’t even see them coming with your back turned.” Steph’s mind was turning. She didn’t know what was going on but she knew something was up.

“Steph it’s nothing, I just don’t feel very good today, that’s all.”

Steph let it go at that and went over to help the girl that had walked in. I stayed where I was trying to calm my body down. When the girl finally left I was able to regain my focus with the vibrator ceasing its torment. Steph was going over some stuff on one of the racks which came as a welcomed relief to me at the moment. I went back to work going over the sales receipts trying to keep as busy and focused as I could.

My work and focus were shattered as the dildo inside of me sprang to life. The vibrations were far stronger this time. These weren’t the subtle vibrations I had before. These were full blown vibrating my entire stomach. I could just make out the sound of the toy buried inside of me. Then the toy died just as suddenly as it had started. Look at the entry way, there was Steph with the control in one hand and the biggest grin I’ve ever seen across her lips. She immediately came over to me.

“So say you aren’t feeling so good you say. Didn’t get enough sleep was it?” Steph said with a gloating tone.

There was nothing for me to say. Steph had it all but completely figured out by this point. Besides, I was far to embarrassed at this point to speak.

“Of all the people I know, I never thought you would be into something like this.” Turning the vibe on and slowly turning the intensity up she watched as I squirmed in front of her. Once it was all the way turned up she turned it off. “So obviously you’ve got some kind of vibrator in you. Lift up your skirt; I want to see what you got.”

At first I didn’t know what to do. The best I could come up with was to say “I can’t.”

“Sure you can. It’s just us girls in here. I’ve got the control to it right here so I know you’ve got it. I could turn it on and leave it till you can’t take any more and have to pull it out right here in the store.” She thumbed the controls as she said it.

“Don’t do that, please.”

“Come on, I just want to see what you have.” Flipping the control to low she turned the vibe on. “I know that feels good. I can see it all over your face. But you could probably last all day with it like this.” She turned the intensity up. “But I bet you can’t last too long once you get to a higher setting.”

“Steph please turn it off.”

“Just show it to me. That’s all; I want is to see what it is. I think it’s really hot what you’re doing. I just really want to see what kind of toy you’re playing with. I don’t want to embarrass you but I got a feeling that’s what’s going to happen if I don’t turn this off soon.”

“Steph you don’t understand, I really can’t show you. Please turn this thing off.”

“Why can’t you show me?”

At this point I was desperate. If she didn’t turn it off soon I was going to have an orgasm that might bring half the mall into here. “Its locked in place and I don’t have the keys with me.”

That did it. Steph turned the vibe off leaving me resting against the counter panting heavily. When I caught my breath I then told Steph how the morning had started and how I got to where I was. This didn’t get me out of lifting my skirt up in the middle of the store but it was better then having to suffer through unending vibrations. Steph knelt down in front of me while I held the skirt up around my waist. We were in the back of the store away from the security cameras which focused there attention on the cash register. My body was filled with excitement again; more so even than when I had first started this. We were behind a rack of cloths so no one out side the store could see any thing below my chest. I was transfixed on the entrance of the store just waiting for someone to come in.

Steph gave a gentle tug on each lock ensuring that they were indeed locked on. When asked where the keys were I told her the truth. She walked around behind me to check out the back of the harness. She lifted my skirt up even higher so she could see the waist belt. I felt fingernails run down my butt cheek.

“That must be interesting having your butt split like that from the belt. Which by the way I have to say is a very cute butt.” The fingernails left and Steph gave me a soft spank. She walked over to the counter then returned while I stood holding my skirt up almost around my chest. She then returned to my front and kneeled down out of sight of anyone else.

Her fingernails caressed my stomach then made their way down over the waist belt and on either side of the crotch strap. I spread my legs out as her fingers continued on their path till they were between my legs. There was enough slack in the belt that she was able to slid her fingers behind the belt to get to my covered sex. Her fingers found my clit which she used her fingernails to play with. I was breathing heavily when she played with my clit then started to moan as she brought the dildo to life. I bucked my hips forward slightly back and forth in rhythm with her playful fingers. If I was hot before I was on fire now. My mind was racing at this point. It was filled with the thoughts of being so exposed in a mall while my sexy coworker used her knowledge about her own body to make mine run on overdrive. I closed my eyes letting my mind run wild with visions of fantasies I suddenly wanted to be living out. Steph was even in a lot of those fantasies. I’ve had fantasies that involved other women before but never in my life had I done anything like this. Then she stopped.

“Well it defiantly looks like this mischievous device has done a number on you. You are absolutely drooling with juices you are so horny.” With tender care Steph used the Kleenex she had grabbed from the counter to wipe up the juices which were covering my inner thighs. Then she pulled my skirt out of my hands and pulled it back into place smoothing out the wrinkles in it. Standing back up she stared into my eyes only a few inches away from my face. She had a look on her face I can only describe as being naughty, seductive and caring all in one. Her lips were slightly parted, pulled back in a slight grin. The grin was dropped as her lips puckered and she kissed the air, then it was back. “I think we are going to have lots of fun.”

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We spent most of the next two hours talking about my sexual experiences. Most of the conversation was about what it was like today being in public. Steph would occasionally play with the vibe. As she told me about some of her encounters with guys she would tell me how good it felt emphasizing the point my turning the vibe on and thumbing the intensity knob up. When people came into the store she would send me over to talk to them while she played with the remote. She would catch me in mid sentence turning the dildo on with the intensity set to the max. Then she would lower the intensity till the dildo was slowly vibrating.

As five neared and Steph’s shift was ending she asked me for something I wasn’t prepared for. She asked me for my keys. At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to give them to her. But as she began to increase the intensity of the vibrations within me I gave in. When Steph clocked out and started to leave the dildo inside of me was still vibrating on a low setting. As Steph walked out of the store she played with the remote increasing the intensity. I stood behind the counter in horror as she walked out of the store and the vibrations continued to increase. By the time Steph was all the way out of the store and out into the main concourse of the mall the vibe was at full strength. I was bent over the counter, my legs too weak to support me. Steph had disappeared leaving me with no way to alleviate my torment. But Steph reappeared at the entrance and turned off the demon inside of me.

“Don’t worry; I wouldn’t leave you like that. I’ll be back in a little bit so I’ll see you later.” With that Steph was gone.

It was five forty when the sudden buzz of my vibrator announced to me that Steph was back. She came strolling back into the store grinning from ear to ear. She came in through the entrance of the store with the control to the vibrator in hand. Under her arm was a package wrapped in a brown paper bag. The name on the bag was the same as the adult store I had been to that morning. She came directly up to me playing with the speed knob on the remote.

“I picked some stuff up for you while I was out. Go in the changing room.”

“Steph I can’t I’m supposed to be watching the st.. ore.” As I tried to speak Steph turned the vibe all the way to full then turned it back down before I could get too excited.

“I could just leave that toy running at full speed and leave. That should make your day a little more interesting. And I still have your keys anyways so with out me you can’t even get into your own house or your crotch.” With that Steph grabbed my arm leading me back to the changing rooms and pushed me in one.

I wanted to argue with her but at the same time there was an over whelming excitement building in me.

“Ok Jessica, first I want you to take off all your clothes and pass them to me.”

“Steph, I can’t walk around naked in the store.”

“Pass me out your cloths then I will give you something else to wear,” she replied.

I slowly started pulling off my shirt. Once my shirt was off I removed my bra. The air felt cold and my nipples were erect from the growing excitement. I slid the skirt off my hips and let it drop to the floor. I stepped out of the skirt then bent down and picked it up. The crotch belt moved and dug in a little deeper as I bent over. The vibrator’s presence was very notable now. Thankfully Steph was keeping it set very low. If she turned it up all the way again I knew I would lose control of my body. It also kept this desperate need in side of me to get off going strong and overriding any other thought process. I bundled all my cloths together then handed them over the door to Steph.

“I said all your cloths, that means shoes too.”

I bent over again and took off my shoes. Once again I was distinctly aware of the phallic object inside of me. I handed my shoes over to Steph and stood in the changing room completely naked with the exception of a few straps of leather held on my waist with two locks.

“Ok first we need to add onto your current getup,” Steph said as she slid the bag under the door. “Every thing you’ll need is in there.”

It scared me to even think of what she might have gotten but I was now standing naked in the store with only the changing room door to conceal me. I opened up the bag to look inside and see what kind of fate Steph had created for me. I was filled with a complete mixture of emotions. The first thing I saw when I opened the bag was a butt plug. I picked it up and looked at it. It was medium sized with an opening in the bottom for batteries. The batteries were already in place. I couldn’t see any way to turn it on which meant Steph must have gotten the remote control one which I was looking at earlier. I dug deeper in to the bag to find a small one time sample of lube and two keys. It was obvious what Steph had in mind.

I tried the keys and used the one that fit to remove the crotch strap lock. I dropped the lock on the floor. I then got down on my knees and bent over. Grabbing the lube I picked up the butt plug and spread the lube all over it. I unbuckled the crotch strap and let if fall and hang between my legs. The plug in my pussy immediately started to slide out of me. Using one hand to hold the plug in my pussy in place I reached around with the my other hand which held the other plug till it was poised in place with the tip of the plug just touching and parting my butt cheeks. The lube felt cold on my skin. I pressed the plug against my puckered ass hole and gasped as the tip of it slid in. I paused for a minute letting the spasms and pain in my now stretched ass sub side. I had the plug half way in when Steph opened the door and came in.

“Come on, hurry up. You have to get back out there. You’re still on the clock you know.” With that said she pushed the back of my hand shoving the plug all the way in. I bit my lip to keep from screaming out as my ass muscles desperately tried to close but were held open and stretched by the plug. She grabbed the waist belt and lifted me up till I was standing. I couldn’t do anything but stand there frozen with my arms at my sides and panting with two plugs stuffed in me, slowly sliding out. My ass really hurt from being stretched open so quickly but was slowly getting used to the full feeling. Steph picked up the lock and keys sitting on the floor. She then used the keys to unlock and remove the remaining lock on my belt. I wanted Steph to turn both vibes on full then fuck me with them till I cum so hard I couldn’t stand up.

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But that wasn’t what she had planned. As soon as the lock on the waist belt was removed she pulled the belt a few more notches tighter constricting my waist. Steph placed a new lock in the hasp to hold the belt on but only after showing me it was a five digit combination lock currently set to all zeros. She then quickly reached between my legs and grabbed the crotch strap. Pulling it through my legs she gave it a tug up shoving both plugs deep inside of me lifting me onto my tiptoes. She kept pulling and pulling up on the strap letting it dig deep into my skin. Once she was satisfied with it she put it through the buckle then slipped another combination lock through the hasp. Even after she let go of the belt I was still standing on my toes. I felt like I was being split in two and stuffed at the same time. I was still standing on my toes when she opened the door and left the changing room.

I heard Steph messing around in the store, and then I heard her helping a customer. I was beginning to wonder if she planned on leaving me naked in the changing room till the store closed. I looked down at the locks Steph had used on the chastity belt and realize with out the combinations the only way to get them off would be to try all the combinations till I found the right one. But with five digits that meant there were one hundred thousand different sequences. When she came back into the changing room I was kind of wishing she would have left me in there till the end.

The clothing she had for me was straight off the racks of the store. She had knee high black leather boots. The boots have a two inch platform plus four inch heel. Each boot used five different straps to hold the boot on, each of which could be secured with locks. She also had a black leather super mini skirt but the worst was the top. Of course it was made of black leather as well. It was a very strict over busted corset with a metal rod running up the back to a tall posture collar with a large D ring in the front of the collar. For added restriction the corset had two straps running from the back of the corset over the shoulders and back round under the armpits forcing the wearer’s shoulders back. And that wearer was about to be me.

Steph immediately went about helping me into the corset. She lifted it up over my head then lowered it down onto me. It was tough getting into it even with all the laces loosened. Once it was on me Steph went about lacing it up pulling the slack out and constricting my waist. Immediately the corset lifted my boobs giving me a huge amount of cleavage. My breasts were barely covered with the cups just going high enough to cover my nips. When Steph finished lacing the corset my waist had been reduced by a couple inches and I found I had to take short breaths to breath. She then flipped the collar around in front of me then pulled it back around. Pulling the strap on the collar tight around my neck she buckled it in place. I was left looking straight forward with no mobility to look in any other direction. Once she had the collar buckled she placed a lock through it.

Moving to my shoulders she pulled each strap over and under individually. As she pulled them tight my shoulders were forced back by the straps pushing my chest out even further and removing a lot of the mobility in my arms. Again, once each strap was in place and on tight she placed a lock though their hasps and secured them in place. She then went back to the laces pulling them even tighter. My waist was being pushed inward putting more pressure on the two plugs inside of me. The dildo in my pussy was still slowly vibrating and its effects were being amplified. Once she had tightened the laces as much as she could she tied them. Then she took the leather flap that was stitched on the right side of the back of the corset and connected it to the zipper on the left side. She pulled the zipper all the way up so that the leather flap was covering the strings on the corset. When the zipper was all the way up she slipped yet another lock onto the outfit placing it through the zipper and a small D ring just above the zipper. The corset had plenty of D rings places all over it for things to be connected to.

The next step that Steph had for me was to get the mini skirt on. She placed it on the floor in front of me and had me step into it so she could slide it up my legs. It wasn’t easy to get on even with the zipper undone in the back. She struggled to get the skirt over my hips. After she had gotten the skirt up she pulled the zipper up. As the zipper closed the skirt pulled even tighter around my hips and squeezed my butt cheeks together. With the zipper all the way up Steph placed a yet another lock onto me. This particular lock went through the zipper on the skirt and a small D ring on the back of the corset.

Once she had the skirt around my hips she smoothed out all the wrinkles playing particular attention to smoothing out any wrinkles on my butt. Her fingers slid across the leather and onto my bare skin. The mini skirt stopped just below my butt cheeks. With the outfit on she went about putting the boots on me. Once she had the boots on my feet I found I had trouble balancing. I had grown six inches with the boots. Steph pulled each strap tight and put a lock through each one, five to a side. I could barely move my ankles with these boots on. There was no way I was going to be able to walk very well with these on.

“Ok, now that your dressed it’s time to get back to work,” Steph said as she walked out of the changing room.

I took a few test steps in the boots and nearly fell over backwards immediately. With the limited mobility that the corset left me I had to bend forward at the waist to catch my balance. As I bent forward the corset pulled on the zipper on the back of the mini skirt hiking it up a little leaving the bottom of my ass cheeks exposed. I reached behind me as best I could and pulled the skirt back down. Had I bent all the way forward the skirt probably would have ridden all the way up. I realized I wasn’t going to be able to sit down without having the skirt come all the way up around my waist.

I cautiously stepped out of the changing room. Steph was casually waking around the store purposefully picking cloths up like she was interested in them then putting them back down unfolded.

“You’d better get back to work Jessica. I wouldn’t want you to have to stay after tonight to tidy up.”

And that was how the rest of the day went. I would stagger over to the table where Steph had just been to tidy up. It isn’t easy to fold cloths on a table that is at waist height when you are dressed like I am. Steph chose to primarily go after cloths in the front of the store. She especially took a liking to the small display that was only a few feet high in the very front entrance to the store. The display was in the entrance which left me facing away from the main corridor. I bent my knees as much as I could but I always had to bend forward to look down and see what I was doing. Each time I leaned forward the skirt rode up exposing my ass cheeks to anyone that walked by the store. My heart pounded with every foot step I heard. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest when Steph suddenly turned the plug in my rear to full for a few seconds before shutting it off again.

Steph played with the vibe in my pussy constantly but chose to turn the one in my rear on only occasionally. When every Steph had me fixing something where I was bent over she would play with the vibe in my twat pushing the intensity up. I would stay there bent over with my bum exposed while a climax grew but right as I would get close she would turn the vibe back down to low. I was left exposed and frustrated every time.

The climax of work, for Steph anyways, came when two girls came in looking for clothes. She used me as a model to show off the corset and its ability to use locks as an accessory item. For thirty minutes the girls stayed and talked. All the time Steph had her hand in her pocket playing with the speed of the vibe in my pussy. I felt completely humiliated when I began to smell the distinct scent of my juices which had leaked around the leather strap and was now beginning to make my inner thighs slick. Steph played with the vibe with agonizing results. My pussy was oozing with juices I was so horny but I never could get enough attention to cum. My sex was slick enough you could have sex with a dry sponge and still be wet. When the girls finally left my cheeks were completely flushed and red.

I was incredibly happy when eight rolled around and my shift was finally over. Steph helped me close up but didn’t make any move to remove anything I was wearing. When we finally closed the store Steph chose to have us leave through the mall. The mall didn’t close until nine when the main stores closed. Pulling down the gate on the store Steph used her key to lock it leaving us out in the main corridor. I followed her lead as she walked through the mall. I struggled to keep up with her and maintain my balance as we walked. Steph played with the remotes as we passed people going about there shopping. There wasn’t a single person I passed in the mall who didn’t notice me. Young or old every one stopped to stare at the girl in constrictive leather. I was desperately afraid that I would be arrested by one of the security guards for prostitution.

Steph led me through the mall to one of the public bathrooms at the other end of the mall. Thankfully no one else was occupying it when we came in. She led me over to the first stall and had me back in. Steph squatted down in front of me, rolled the mini skirt up and played with the combination lock on the crotch strap. She took the lock off unlocking the belt.

“Ok the crotch strap is unlocked, use the toilet. You can remove the toy from your pussy if you want but you have to put it back in once your done but you can’t remove the butt plug. If you don’t do that I won’t give you back the keys to the locks. Also if you get off or play with yourself I’ll walk out of here. To make sure you don’t try anything the door stays open.”

I felt so embarrassed but I really needed to pee. Reaching down I pulled the dildo out of my soaking pussy and with my other hand I held onto the crotch strap so it wouldn’t fall into the toilet. Squatting over the toilet I did my business holding a leather strap in one hand, a dildo covered in my own reeking juices while I squeezed my ass muscles to keep the plug in my butt from falling out. I did all that while I had the door wide open so Steph could monitor me. As humiliating as this was it was desperately needed. I was almost finished when I heard the bathroom door open and in walked an older lady to see me in all my glory. She stood there and stared at me then turned away and walked out in disgust leaving me there completely red faced.

“Well, looks like you’re done.” Steph said. I quickly finished before she grabbed the D ring on the front of my collar and pulled me off the toilet and out of the stall. “Aright, before you stuff your cunt with that dildo I want you to put these in,” she said as she pulled something out of her purse and handed it to me.

Steph had just handed me a fresh pack of batteries. I looked at her unable to speak from embarrassment but her look was harsh and I knew I didn’t have a choice in the matter. More over I just wanted to get out of there fast before the old woman found a cop. I had trouble pulling the batteries out of the fake penis. I couldn’t unscrew the bottom at first since it was covered in slick pussy juices. Steph had me go over to the sink and wash it off. Once it was clean I was able to unscrew the bottom, replace the batteries and replace the bottom on the dildo. I held my breath as I slid the dildo back inside of me. It was cold and had no lube on it now. But with my pussy literally dripping wet I had no problem getting it back in Steph grabbed the crotch strap and once again tightened it as much as she could. She replace the lock, lowered my skirt back down, then we headed out of the bath room. We left the mall and headed for Steph’s car. Once we got there we hopped in and drove off with her at the wheel.

Steph drove us across town to a night club. The entire car ride I was hoping she was going to take me home. When we got to the club I knew her plans included evening entertainment. It was early so there wasn’t a line to get into the club. The bouncers said hi to Steph as we walked up and let us in. They didn’t even ask to look at my ID but they looked over every part of my body. Steph headed directly over to the bar with me following behind her. Steph must have come here a lot because she seemed to know the bartender even better. She ordered us a couple of drinks then left me there to stand at the bar and talk to the bartender while she disappeared. I wanted to down the drink right there to try and take the edge off of the nervousness I was feeling but instead used all my concentration to keep my composure. The absolute last thing I wanted was to have the police called in to arrest me for being in a bar as a minor.

The bartender was nice and talkative. She was also cute and flirtatious. Obviously this bar had hired her for her more than her skills as a bartender. She was about five nine with blond hair and a killer body. Her ears were decorated with several earrings apiece and she had a piercing in her tongue as well. I was so horny anymore that I didn’t care whether the people I flirted with were girls or guys. I talked to the girl for about twenty minutes before I finished my drink. I set the empty glass down on the bar which she promptly picked up as she went over to the help some other people wanting a drink. She had walked away from me a couple of times since I had been there and each time she would return to me. Every time she walked away I felt a little more exposed and scared to be in the bar. I also noticed I was beginning to long to be with her on a level far more than just having some one to talk to. While the bartender took care of her paying customers I turned around to see if I could spot Steph. I didn’t see her any where in the bar till I looked at the door and saw she was talking to the bouncer. I was thinking about going over to her when I felt a hand on my arm. I turned and saw it was the bartender. She had returned to talk and there was a new drink on the bar.

When Steph returned she came up next to me and ordered another drink. Once she had her drink she took me down stairs to the dance floor so that we could get our groove on. It was only nine so there weren’t many people in the bar let alone on the dance floor. She took me out to the middle of the floor and made me dance for the next hour. My ability to dance was next to nothing but Steph called people over and flirted with people constantly to get them to dance with us. Having someone else dancing with me seemed to make my inability to move not so noticeable. Usually she just got people to dance with me and grind on me while I stood there like a pole. She couldn’t help herself to keep from playing with the locks drawing attention to them and my outfit. Nearly everyone in the bar was dress up to look good. Sexy clothing was extremely predominate here. A few were in goth attire some of which would be considered extreme but my outfit was defiantly taking the cake. While I danced Steph would come and go. She disappeared upstairs a couple of times.

It was closer to ten now and the place was slowly filling up. Steph had returned from one of her trips upstairs with a new girl to dance with me. Steph introduced the girl to me then headed for the bar on the other side of the dance floor. This girl was completely decked out in a dominatrix outfit which included a flogger which she held onto constantly. The girl was grinding against me right when the plug in my ass erupted to life at full force. I let out a moan and bucked my hips which made the girl just grind and play with me even more. I glared over at Steph who never stopped watching the show. The intensity of the vibe went up and down in my rear. But with the vibe, music and the tight corset it felt like my whole insides were vibrating. When the song finally ended I excused myself and went over to Steph.

“What’s the matter? You look a little flushed. As much fun as it is watching you I’m pretty tired so I’m about to head out.”

The vibe continued to slowly increasing in speed till it was full throttle then going back to the slowest setting and resetting the cycle. But I defiantly felt a wave of relief hearing it was about time to go. It was then that I realized that Steph had a martini glass in one hand and her other resting on the bar empty.

“I suppose I should tell you now I gave the keys to your house to the bartender as well as money for a cab so you can get home. I also gave the bouncers the keys and remotes to your outfit. I told them to hand them out randomly to people at the bar preferable people who they knew or who were regulars here. The rules to the game are to get them back you have to ask the people for them and they will give them to you when they are asked. If you find the person with one of the remotes that person will give the remote back to a bartender and the bartender will give it away to someone else. You don’t get the remotes back till you get all the keys back and the combination to the locks. Each lock has a different key and all the keys will be handed out to different people. For the combination locks each person will only have one number. Also people can choose to avoid you or hand off whatever they have to someone else. But if they have something when you ask them they have to give it to you. If you don’t find everything by the end of the night you will have to leave with what you have and come back tomorrow to try and find them. Hope you have fun.”--


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