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I was surfing the net late one night as I often do. I have a huge long nail fetish that I had since I was a young kid. As usual, I was looking for pictures of women with long nails and BDSM stories because to me they always go hand in hand.

I found one site that had many pictures of long nailed beauties and I spent a rather long time there making sure I saw every picture. One model really caught my eye. She had long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. Her figure was very nice and she had very long red polished fingernails. There was a place in her profile that you could send her an email so I decided to write to her. I just wanted to compliment her on her looks and modeling style and her lovely nails also.

I found myself checking my email a lot to see if she had written back to me. A week went by before I received a R.E. from her. It was a very nice email and also worth the wait. I was surprised how friendly she was and also that she had sent me some private photos of her. One of them was here standing over a guy that she had mummified. She was dressed in red leather with thigh boots that had five-inch heels. She had a mean look on her face as she stood with a roll of red duct tape in her hands as though she was ready to add more to his mummified situation. Another picture was her standing behind a man whose face was covered with a mask. She was shoving a bright red ball gag into his mouth. The other two pictures were of her posing with leather outfits on and looking very sexy in them.

I wrote back to her right away and thanked her for the pictures. I told her I had saved them on my PC as wallpaper items. She was posted all over my desktop. I did not want to sound some like some crazed fan to her. So I took time to write back to her to let her know how incredible I thought she was. I also told her that I was jealous of the guy in the pictures.

She wrote back to me two days later and asked me for a picture of myself. I sent her the two recent ones I had. I did not like the pictures of me very much but it was all I had. She wrote back to me in just minutes of my sending the email to her.

This is what her RE to me said:

From what you have written to me so far, I gather that you are into being tied up. The bondage pictures I sent to you are of me and my ex-plaything. Right now I don't have any one to play with. I have only done photo shoots in the last three months for various sites. The only playtime I have had is on a professional level for web sites.

I like your pictures and find you very handsome. I only wish you and I lived closer to each other then maybe we could hook some time and I could play with you. I will be in NYC in two weeks if you are willing to travel there and meet me we can get together at my hotel. Please let me know if this is something you want to do.

I was taken by surprise and also disappointed. There was no way I could pick up and go to NYC. I had too much going on for me to do that. I was afraid if I told her that she would think I was not serious about wanting to play with her. I had to tell her the truth.

When she wrote back, she said she understood and maybe sometime when she got some free time we would be able to hook up.

The two weeks came and I was not happy that I could not go and meet her. She was on my mind constantly every day. I knew she was in NYC doing some photo shoots and it was only a couple of hours away from where I was but I simply could not get away.


Three days after she arrived in NYC I received an email from her. It was a short message. It had her cell phone number and said call me now. I called the number as soon as I read the email. On the second ring she answered the phone.

"Hi Sam, how are you?"

"I'm fine I just wish I could have met you."

"Well my plans have changed and that is why I wanted you to call me."

I took the phone away and cleared my throat. I became real nervous and yet very excited. "What do you mean your plans have changed?"

"I had another photo shoot that I was suppose to go to but it got canceled so I'm free for the next three weeks." I swallowed heavily and I knew she heard me.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing! I am just excited to be talking to you and your voice is so sweet I could get lost in it."

"That's sweet of you to say, anyway I have rented a mini van and I want to drive to your house today."


"Yes today, what's wrong?"

I swallowed heavily again. "Um nothing's wrong I am just surprised, don't get me wrong this is great and I can't wait to see you."

"I can't wait to see you either, email me directions".

"What I'll do is email you with the address where my hotel is and you can go online and get directions from here to your house and then send them to me".

"Ok I'll do it now, my email is still up and it won't take but a minute or two."

"I would look them up myself but I have to get my things together and also stop and get some new toys to use on you".

I could not believe this was happening for me, for us.

Everything was set. I emailed her the directions and then got off the computer and began to clean up around here. I wanted my apartment to be spotless when she arrived. After cleaning up, I shaved and took a shower. While I was toweling off, the phone rang and it was her telling me she was about a half-hour from me.

We talked for a minute and I told her to call when she got here that I would come down and meet her and carry her bags for her. It seemed like forever waiting for her to call. Finally the phone rang. She was parked right next to my car where I told her she needed to park.


I approached the minivan and boy was I nervous. She was so gorgeous in all of her pictures I hoped I wouldn't get tongue-tied or say something stupid. I opened her door for her and she climbed out and hugged me. "Wow it's nice to finally get here and meet you."

"I was so nervous all day thinking about you getting here and what I would say to you but I don't feel that way at all."

"Let's just get you to my apartment you must be tired."

We grabbed her bags and I handed her my keys so she could unlock the doors to my place. She loaded me up and I carried all of her bags. "Actually I'm not too tired at all, I'm excited! I can't wait to get you all alone I have had a lot of time to plan exactly what I want to do with you."

"You know things like this never happen to me and I'm just wondering what was it that I said to make you want to come here and want to spend time with me?"

"It's nothing you said really it's that you were yourself and you were always honest with me. Every time I read one of your emails everything just added up and I never felt any doubt from you, it all just seemed right to me and you were always so sincere and very sweet. And of course you showed me your submissiveness toward me but it was real not wimpy or fake or anything."

"Wow I didn't realize I was doing all that."

She unlocked the outside door and we went in and started up the stairs. "That's because there was nothing to think about you were just being yourself."

Reaching the top floor I motioned for her to go to the door on the right hand side. I could not help but stare at her perfect hands as she inserted the key and unlocked the door. I never thought watching someone unlock a door could be so erotic. Her hands were the perfect size, her fingers long and slender without one single imperfection about them. Her fingernails were at least two inches long if not longer and they were polished the same red beautiful color as in her pictures. We got in the door and I set her bags in an orderly fashion on the floor in the middle of my living room. Not twenty seconds after locking the door, her demeanor immediately changed.

She turned to me with a very stern look on her face. "I saw you staring, from now on you don't look at me without my permission do you understand?"

I was taken by surprise by what she had just said but I was also very aroused by it. "Yes I understand, it won't happen again."

"Good then see that it doesn't and from now on you are to call me Mistress or Goddess. Do not forget or I will punish you for it and it will not be for your pleasure, it will be for mine."

I loved her aggressiveness toward me and I wanted to fall to her feet and begin worshipping her but I followed her lead. "Yes?" I hesitated as I was not sure which I wanted to call her Mistress or Goddess.

"Yes Mistress."

"Yeah you know what? I want you to call me Goddess instead."

"Yes Goddess."

I am willing to bet that if I had called her Goddess she would have told me to call her Mistress instead. "Just to make sure you remember to do so this is a little reminder." She drew back with her right hand and smacked me right across my mouth. "I prefer the mouth when slapping it's more affective and definitely hurts more."

"Yes Goddess."

"Now you and I are going to have a little drink before we get comfortable." She pulled out a bottle of champagne and with her beautiful hands turned the corkscrew and flipped the cork out. The cork went flying and I stood up to go find it. "Sit your ass back down here! I didn't give you permission to get up."

I sat back down and I did not say a word. "Come toward me but do not look into my eyes."

I moved slowly toward her and she drew her right hand back again and landed a smack across my mouth. "You do know you deserved that don't you?"

"Yes Goddess," I said as I ran my hand across my mouth. All I can say is that she wasn't kidding around, it hurt bad.

"Now let us toast to our time together".

We clinked our glasses together and drank the champagne. "Now take all your clothes off and sit at my feet."

"Yes Goddess," I replied and I did as I was told. I got undressed as she sipped from her glass. I sat silently at her feet and she reached into her bag and took a pair of black high heels out and put them on her feet. "You should feel lucky today because these are brand new and you are going to worship them with your tongue."

I got real excited very quickly. "Now don't slobber all over them I want you to be respectful to me at all times."

"I wouldn't have it any other way Goddess."

"Good," she said and pushed my head to her feet. "Kiss them passionately as though I were letting you taste my lips."

My excitement peaked from the mere thought of kissing her soft pink lips. I caressed her heels with my lips and began to kiss them slowly. "Now work your way slowly up my legs." I did not say a word or even look up I just kept doing what she told me to do. "Give each leg equal time or you'll find my heels somewhere unpleasant."

"Yes Goddess." It was now becoming apparent that I was excited with the obvious bulge in my pants and the fact that my breathing became a little heavier than normal. "You may use your hands to move my skirt and caress my legs." I touched her so softly and gentle with my hands and my tongue. This went on for about half an hour.

After a while I was running out of leg and headed somewhere I thought to be off limits. She was lying backwards now almost flat down on her back. She spread her legs wide and grabbed my head and pulled my face to her. "You know what I want? if you please me, I will reward you. But? if you disappoint me, I'll punish you rather severely."

"Yes Goddess", I said as she pulled my head to where before I had only fantasized about being. I continued to caress her softly as my lips and tongue entered her. I could hear faint sy's coming from her perfect mouth. Her legs began to move, as she became more and more excited.

"Yes," she moaned out as my tongue greeted what must have been her "G" spot. She grabbed the back of my head with both of her hands and pulled my face into her deeper. "Right there!" she cried. "Don't stop, oh yeah!"

All sorts of sounds came from her lips that I could not even tell whether or not they were English or if she was speaking in a foreign tongue. Her legs gripped around the back of my neck as her hands held onto the back of my head. "Oh baby yes, yes!"

Her grip was so tight on me that it hurt. There was no way I wanted to disappoint such a lovely creature. I ignored the pain and just thought of how excited she was and how I was making her so hot. She moaned in such a high voice that I was not sure what she was saying anymore. Then all at once with force she had an orgasm all over my face. I won't go into detail, I will just say nothing was wasted.

She let her grip that she had on me with her hands and her legs go and I started to work my way up toward her stomach and then her breasts. 'Was I assuming too much at this point?' I said to myself. I started to move away and she put her hands around my shoulders and pulled me back down to where I was.

"If you stop now I'll be disappointed." I kissed her stomach and caressed her hourglass figure with my hands. Her long red talons dug into the back of my neck and then into my back as I made my way toward her beautiful breasts. It was painful being dug so hard like that but I loved every second of it. I worshipped her gorgeous breasts with my mouth and my tongue. Back and forth to both of them I went. Remembering what she said about equal time and not disappointing her, I knew I had her exactly where I wanted her. 'Who is in control now?' I thought.

Just then she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me off her. Then she wrapped her hands around my neck and me down and climbed on top of me. "This is what you have been waiting for since you first emailed me isn't it?"

"Yes Goddess, I have dreamt of so often it was driving me insane."

She took my left and cuffed it to the wood handle on the futon. Another set of cuffs was ready on the other side as well. She took my right hand and slowly she put the cuff on it and fastened it closed. As she did this she looked straight into my eyes and licked her lips. "Now I can have my way with you, I can do whatever I want to for as long as I want to."

She playfully slapped my face and smiled and then got off of me. She grabbed my left leg and pulled it down stretching it as far as it would go to the foot of the futon. "Don't even think about moving at all." She went to her bag and pulled out two pair of leg cuffs and another small bag. She set the bag on the floor next to the futon and put one of the cuffs on the futon and the other still in her hand she cuffed me leg to the wood frame. She then took my other leg and did exactly the same thing to it.

"My, my do you have any idea what you have gotten yourself into with me? I have a lot of time on my hands, no bookings for the entire month it's kind of like my vacation."

My excitement was now more apparent as I was at full attention. "I'm going to reward you but before that happens, you really need to be punished for your erection. I never gave you permission for that now did I?" I began to struggle a little bit.

"No Goddess you didn't but,mmmmppphhh!" She did not let me finish when she clamped her hand tightly over my mouth.

"From now on you will need my permission to speak unless I tell you otherwise."

With her other hand, she reached down and grabbed a locking leather harness with a ball gag attached to it. "This is called a trainer which I bought just for you." She set it down beside my head. Still hand-gagging me, she slapped my penis back and forth quite hard with her other hand. "I'm going to put this trainer on you and if you fight me at all, I'm going to torture your cock and balls so bad they'll be sore for an entire week."

She finally took her hand from my mouth. "Yes Goddess, I'll be good I won't fight you."

She stuck her finger in my mouth and made me suck on it. Of course this was not punishment for me or anything I had wanted to suck on her finger and nails for the longest time.

"I know how much you like this and I thought I would allow you some pleasure before locking the trainer on you. The keys to it are in the mini van and I'm not getting them until tomorrow." I worshipped her hand as she stuck more of her fingers into my mouth. Soon she had put all of her fingers and her thumb into my mouth. She pushed them in further causing me to start to choke and then she released them right away. "I just wanted to see how far down I could go". Then she put her fingers back in my mouth. With her other hand she clicked her long nails together right where I could see what she was doing. She knew this would drive me crazy. The sound of them made me hot and now I could look at them too while sucking on her other hand too.

After a few minutes, she stopped and began to put the trainer on me. The harness went on top of my head and then had to be secured in the back and down the sides of my head. The last strap went under my chin and it also had a lock on it. As she pulled the straps tighter and began to fasten them the ball came closer to my mouth and eventually into my mouth. It was still loose in my lips and with her long nails she pushed against the ball and shoved it right in. "I'm going to tighten the strap underneath your chin as tight as it will go. I don't want you to be able to make a sound at all."

She pulled the strap tighter and tighter until it was at the last hole it could reach. "Click," went the lock under my chin.

"Now for the duct tape." She cinched at least ten pieces over the ball gag and secured them tightly. "I love a good quiet man."

I tried to make a sound and not much came out except a few muffled quiet sounds.

"Now I'm going to give you your reward I hope you're ready baby... I know I am."


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