Chain Bra - fetish story

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“Jesse, tonight is your night. I will bind you any way you please tonight. You don’t have to tell me what you want now, but think about it.” I say to my beautiful girlfriend.

“Thank you Master, I will not disappoint you.” Jesse replies.

“Have a good day at work. I will see you this evening.”

After supper is finished I ask Jesse what see wants.

“Well I given it a lot of thought, Master, and this is what I’ve decided on. First, I want to wear nothing except tight thong panties and my fishnet stockings. Then I want to be gagged and have a tight posture collar locked around my neck. Then I would like I very short chain locked to both my nipple rings between my breasts, and a tight chain locked to the front ring of the posture collar to the middle of the breast chain. Also please lock my hands out of the way behind my back and lock my ballet boots on.”

“Wow Jesse, are you sure you want that?”

“Yes, Master, I’ve been a very bad girl lately.”

“OK, Jesse, how long would you like to remain in this bondage?”

“Oh, I’ll leave that up to you *giggle*.”

“To the bedroom, slut!”

Once in the bedroom, Jesse undresses, exposing her beautiful firm breasts with tiny rings pierced through the nipples. I hand her a pair of thong panties with an almost cruel looking back. Once the thong is on, it is nestled between her pussy lips and tightly up her ass. Then I hand her a pair of sluttish fishnet stockings that she puts her shapely legs in them.

“Hands behind your back.”

Using white rope, I tie her wrists and elbows tight behind her. Her elbows are now touching behind her back enhancing her breasts. Her arms are useless. I then help her small little feet into the ballet boots and lock them around her ankles using two small padlocks. Now Jesse is forced to walk on her tiptoes. I pull her posture collar out and wrap it around her neck.

"Tighter, please," Jesse whispers.

So I put it a notch tighter before locking it. After that I find our 2-inch ballgag with chin strap and gently put it in her mouth. I chinch the strap tightly behind her neck and lock it. I do the same with the chin strap. Now Jesse is totally helpless.

"Are you alright Jess? Once I lock your chain bra you will have no safeword and you will have to endure it for the duration."

Jesse gives me an affirmative moan through the gag.

I take a very short length of chain and lock it to her left nipple with a small padlock. The chain hardly comes close to reaching her other nipple ring. I have to push on her right breast and pull on the chain to get it to reach. Once it does I thread the padlock and lock it. Then I let go of her breasts and let them hang freely. Jesse screams into the gag and fights her bonds struggling to get free, but her bonds hold fast. When she calms down, I proceed to the next step. I get another small piece of chain and lock it to the center hasp of her breast chain. Then I thread it through the D-ring on Jesse’s posture collar. I slowly pull on the chain raising her breasts; soon Jesse begins to shout into the ballgag, but I continue to pull on the chain. When she begins to plead with her eyes and whimper through the gag I stop.

"Would you like me stop here?"

Jesse moans.

"OK, then I'll give you a break."

I pull a good one inch more and quickly lock it soundly.

Jesse screams into the gag and falls onto the bed struggling to get free and releave the tension in the chains.

Now Jesse's breasts are held close together by a chain locked onto her nipple rings, and held up by a chain running from the breast chain to the front of the posture collar - an effective chain bra.


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