Unnatural Selection - fetish story

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The sun shining through the window, the soft breeze coming into the large room woke her up. Karen stretched herself on the oversize bed, looking at the richly furnished room. She could hardly believe it was real. As she lay on the bed, she recalled the events that had led her there. She had been doing so since she had won the challenge, every morning, so she would never forget.

It was three weeks earlier. She had received a call from a job agency, requesting her presence for an interview at the Grand Hotel, downtown. There was no indication as to which company was hiring, nor the job. She recalls entering the large room where a dozen of booths were setup. She figured there was close to 200 people present, all of them women, except for some interviewers that were men.

They were called by the order of arrival. Once interviewed, they were led into another room, so there was no contact between the pre and post interviewed.

Her name was called and she walked to the booth number 4, where a young man was waiting. After shaking hands, she sat, nervously.

The man began his questions. They were all about herself, her studies, her way of life, her family, her philosophy of life, her plans for the future. Nothing about any skills. At the end of the meeting, she was given a yellow tag, with the number 364 on it, and instructed to go to the second room, where instructions were to follow later in the day. She risked a question.

"Who is hiring?"

"I don't have a clue, miss. I was told to ask questions, take answers and give a color tag corresponding to the points of the interview. I don't even know what these tags means. What I do know is that I never saw so many gorgeous looking women in the same room at the same time."

Karen blushed as she walked out. But he was right. It was only women, but only good looking, slim, and in good physical condition.

She entered the second room and took a seat. All the discussion was about the interview, the questions, and the mystery employer.

That tall blonde came to her. She had a red tag, and was wondering what it was meaning. She was talking loud, and a lot. A real talking machine. Karen gave her a few polite answers, but did not got involved, saying that she wanted to keep her thoughts private. The blonde looked at Karen's tag.

"364. Ha! An unlucky number anyway." She said while leaving with her nose up. She found a group where she could gossip as she liked.

There was no way to make out the tags, since all the booths gave different coloured tags.

Finally, at dinner time, a voice was heard through the speakers of the room. He described 10 colors and color patterns, which included Karen's yellow tag. Those were to go to the front desk where a room had been reserved for them. All the others were dismissed, and asked to go by the first room, to get en envelope. Karen didn't knew it then, but all the rejected girl received $500 cash for their time. The red tags were not in the chosen ones. She catches the blond angry look. She smiled and raised her shoulders in a sorry gesture. That seemed to piss of the blonde even more. What was left was a group of about 50 women.

She was given a room with another girl. She too had a yellow tag. They talked in the evening, about what they knew about all this. They knew nothing, and although the other woman, Lynda, wanted to go on with speculations, Karen refused. She would wait for the end result. Why torture themselves with speculative theories.

The next morning, after breakfast, they were led into a "Y" shaped booth, closed with opaque drapes. Inside was one of the interviewers. He was looking at the tag, and was instructing each girl to go either to the right or the left door. Karen was given the left one. A few minutes later, Lynda entered. When the interviewer came back, they were 20 in the room. They learned that they were the ones continuing the selection process. The losers had received $1000 cash.

More interviews, but this time, it was more personal. The interview lasted an hour, and it has some sexual content, about fetishes, but also about their will, how they would face off in a challenge. This time, Karen was given a black tag.

By the end of the day, to her surprise, the black tags were sent to their room, while the others went home, with $1500.

The next morning, the 8 that were left, were invited into a small room, and explained the next selection process. One of the interviewers, a woman, entered the room, unease, dressed in the most bizarre fashion.

She had extremely tight jeans. So tight that the seams were ready to pop, and the zipper to fly to the other side of the room. They were tightly encasing her from her high waist to the knee, almost locking her hips in a rigid position. She had platform boots, with a 2 inches platform and a 7 inches heel, knee high, under the legs of the jeans.

Her waist was compressed by a tight corset, over which was fitted a thick and tight latex leotard, complete with attached gloves. She was also wearing a two inch wide leather collar.

"Whatever it is, I'm not wearing any of that" said a tall black haired woman, who looked quite angry and pissed off. The other interviewer kindly invited her to leave if that was really the case, and invited any other candidate to leave now if they wanted, even before the whole thing was explained. No one else moved.

The thing was explained.

"Our client has a very special request. He likes the look of women dressed like that. Whether it's of good taste of not, is not part of the discussion. There will be a special race, where all the participants will be dressed like that. The winner will have an interview with our customer, with the possibility to back off. In that case, the second runner-up will meet him, and so forth.

I can't say what the race will be. I don't know what is that final offer, so don't ask. I don't know either who the customer is, nor his goal. The only thing I can say is that money don't seems to be a problem.

If you decide to leave now, you'll receive a $2500. That lady who left earlier, only got $100 for not listening to the details.

I don't have a clue of the prize if you win the race, but just for participating, you'll get $10000.

All of you wanting to leave, do so now."

No one moved.

Even Karen thought that for $10000, for the looser, it wasn't that bad. But she would aim for the first prize, whatever it was.

They were instructed to go to individual booths where body measurements would be taken, so the clothes would fit perfectly according to their client specifications.

0They were to be back here in one week, where they would be taken to the special racetrack.

One week later, Karen was not exactly surprised that a stretched limo was picking them up. All the windows were black, so they didn't had a clue of their destination. The trip lasted perhaps a few hours. They couldn't tell, since everything giving them a time reference had been removed.

They got out of the car within a huge property, with a ranch, an awesome field and mountains. Everyone was in awe in front of the beauty of the nature. They were led inside a huge mansion, richly decorated. Each one was given a room. Karen couldn't believe it. It was a house with at least 8 bedrooms! That place was huge.

In the closet, were the clothes they had to wear. A maid entered her room a few minutes later. She was there to help her with her dressing up. And help, she needed. Everything had to be put on in order.

First the corset, made out of fine satin. The maid instructed her to held to the bar hanging from the ceiling, as she tightened the laces. Karen couldn't believe how tight it was. According to the maid, it was a mild four inches compression.

Next came the latex leotard, very tight, and very thick. It took close to a whole bottle of talk powder to put it on. Her waist was compressed, now her arms, shoulders and neck were, as the suit had a high neck collar, engulfing her to the shin.

The next item was the jeans. Saying they were very tight was an understatement. It took 15 minutes just to get the crotch in position. Then, using a special pair of pliers, the maid pulled the front together to pull the zipper shut. A leather belt was added, then to Karen surprise, locked in place. The boots were put on, and also a lock was put at the ankle level, inside two opposite lacing holes. The boots were non-removable. She was not surprised when the leather collar was locked on, preventing her to remove it, and the latex leotard.

She felt stiff and in a vise. It was like her body was one single block from the neck down. She put her hands on her tightly corseted waist and wiggled her body, trying to get everything fall into place. She grinned.

"What is this all about?" she asked the maid with a short breath.

"I am not authorized to discuss anything about that," answered politely the maid, "but I do have the permission to give you some advices."

"Go on." She said, pivoting her head, trying to adjust to the tight collar.

"Do some flexing."

"What do you mean?"

"Flex your body, your legs. Walk. Kneel. Lay down. Get up with and without the help of a chair or an object. Get used to the constriction of the clothing’s. And whatever you do, don't rush it. Take your time. Go slowly. Let your body move with the movement. Trying to do very little moves 20 times is better than trying to do 2 large moves."

"Well... Thank you. I'll try to... flex."

"And one last thing, calm your breathing. Try to stay calm, breath slowly. In other words: take your time. That's the secret."

"Thank you. I'll try to apply the most of it."

"Good luck." Said finally the maid before leaving. "Oh, I was forgetting. You have one hour before I'll come back to pick you up for the challenge."

The maid left and closed the door. The advices seemed good and logical. The first thing she did was to calm down. To achieve it, she did some Tie Chi, which involved a lot of long and slow movements. She couldn't fully do most of them, her waist not bending and her legs not wanting to go higher than a few inches. Also, the high heels platform boots were changing her center of gravity, and she had to be very careful not to tip over. She was way higher than she had ever been, having worn only sneakers and flat heel shoes until now.

Then she tried more complex moves. She kneeled, which proved difficult. The jeans were so tight, even at the knees, that she ended-up bent forward, and with the corset preventing her waist to move backward, she ended up face down on the floor. "Well," she said to herself "the maid suggested to lay down and get-up. Now is a good time to practice that."

Easier said than done. She was able to get somewhat on her hands and knees, but the jeans prevented her hips to fully rotate. When she tried to place a leg under her body to get up, she find it impossible, and she ended up laying on the floor, panting.

Again, she took the advice of relaxing. She spotted a chair and crawled to it. With its help, it was easier, although still difficult, to get up.

She tried to crouch down, walked around the room, sit, although she was more leaning than sitting, and practice quite a few times to get up without the help of anything. But that part, she was unable to succeed.

She did all that calmly, and she was surprised to realise that she didn't felt that much impaired or uncomfortable now. She was getting used to the high heels, tight jeans and corset.

An hour later, the door opened, and the maid saw Karen trying to stretch her leg by placing it on a chair.

"I see you took my advices. Good for you. Now, please, follow me, it's time for the challenge."

For the first time, Karen had to do a long walk in the long corridor, and get down two flights of stairs. The feeling was something new, and she felt she even liked it. The six other challenger girls were coming at the same time, and Karen noticed a few that seemed to have a real hard time. They either didn't received the advice she had, or haven't followed it. One of them, Mia, seemed to have a real hard time, panting very hard, and always trying to remove her collar.

A man from the interview team met with them and invited them to follow him outside. They were led to a field. To do that, they had to walk on a dirt road. Karen quickly found the hardest section and walked on it, preventing her heels to sink in. Most of the girls did the same, but not Mia who was by now, behind the group, walking on the grassy center band, her heels sinking deep. She almost fell a few times.

At the same time, Karen was pretty sure that at least two of the girls, Kathy and Ingrid were used to wear high heels. They were having as much fun in the trail as if they were wearing sneakers.

There was a sign marked with "start/finish", but there was no apparent circular racetrack. The interviewer began, even though Mia was not arrived.

"I have the instructions not to wait for any late comers. I have a very strict timeframe to follow."

He gave everyone a piece of paper. It was a map.

"The challenge is to follow the path indicated on the map. The path is also clearly identified in the field. It has never been done with anyone dress like you are, but we believe it could be made in 6 to 8 hours."

There were some reactions.

"Eight hours in this thing..." started Brigitte, but was cut short by Phil who continued his speech.

“Of course, to earn your $10000, you have to finish the race. Of course, no cheating is allowed. Ready? Go!”

And off they wend. Mia, Kathy and Ingrid ran for the head start. Karen followed only by walking with a steady pace.

“20 small steps are better than one big one.” She remembered the maid saying. “I will apply it. They will get exhausted before the first checkpoint.” She said to herself.

And a good advice it was. An hour later, she reached the first checkpoint, after walking on a tortuous hard packed dirt trail. Her hips and feet were hurting, but it was bearable. Kathy and Ingrid were laying on benches, totally exhausted. They were panting heavily, and their constricted chests didn’t allow for a quick recovery. As for Mia, she already had a broken heel, and she was trying to pull the other one free.

Karen punched her card and continued to walk. Quickly, the three running girls passed her. Yes they were faster, and could rest longer, but Karen was sure they would not be able to keep that schedule.

The second part of the trail was a rocky trail. She had to walk carefully not to fall. It would hurt and getting back up would be difficult. She did trip a few times, and on 2 occasions, she was able to keep her balance, but on one occasion, she fell. Thanks to her earlier practice, she was back up in no time, which was not the case of Brigitte. Karen gave her a hand.

“Didn’t your maid give you some advices?”

“That flex thing? You call those advices?”

“Well, it worked for me so far. Good luck.” She said as she continued.

One hour and a half later she was at checkpoint 2. Again, Suzy and Kathy were already there, resting, but they appeared even more exhausted than before. Karen was panting, but she had found her beat. She punched her card and continued. Of course, a few minutes later, she was passed by Ingrid and Kathy, but no Mia.

“Where’s Mia?” she inquired?

“She decided to try a shortcut!” answered Kathy.

“But that’s illegal.”

“Say that to her.” Yelled Ingrid, running faster, but it was obvious that there were getting very tired.

The third part of the course involved a lot or rope bridges. Karen had to work with her heels, grabbing the rope with them, and she was quick to realize that her corset actually helped her by keeping her body stiff. She was very quick to pass the bridges and had reached Kathy and Ingrid. Still walking with a steady pace, she went past them. She never saw them before the end of the race. They had reached their exhausting point.

That section took another hour. Then some rest… somewhat. The fourth section was to be done on bicycles! Sounded easy, but when she tried to pedal, it was another story. She had felt hot pretty much all the time, but this was the top! She had an orgasm almost as soon as she was on it. She wondered how she would be able to resist, and keep going on. It lasted another hour.

Finally, the last stretch was of concrete, and was to walk. She walked as fast as she could. She wondered how she saw no one else. She didn’t pass anyone, and nobody went past her.

Exhausted, panting and aching from everywhere, she crossed the finish line. The interviewer was there.

“Where is everybody?” she asked.

“Not here yet. You’re the first one.” He said, indicating to return to the house.

She was greeted by the same maid, Suzan who directed her to her previous room..

“Nice to see you back in one piece.” She said. “Come here, I’ll help you get out if you want.”

“Yes, thank you. I think I really need a shower.”

Karen took a long shower. When she got out, clothes were laying on her bed. There was the set she was wearing when she came in, and another set, similar to what she had worn for the race. With a smile, she rang the bell. When Suzan was in, she asked her to help her put back the race outfit. Suzan smiled.

“Mr. Crawford will be pleased.” She said with a smile.

Crawford? It was actually the first time she heard the name of the sponsor

19 Months Later.

Once again, Karen was stretching on her bed, trying to wake up, and making sure it wasn’t a dream. Well, now anyway, there were some other things that reminded her that it was not a dream. She was stretching, but not as much as she used to do. Not because she had become lazy, but because a tight, barely stretchable denim catsuit was preventing her limbs to move to their limits.

She pulled the bed sheets away, revealing that she was also wearing thigh high ballet toe boots, tightly laced on her leg. The knee slightly bent, allowing her to barely being able to sit with her foot touching the ground. She grabbed a hold of a bedpost to get up. She was proud. She could now walk in them. Not enough to be able to keep them on all day, but she was getting better every day.

Suzan, her maid, entered the room, smiling as usual, but this time it seemed different.

“The gym is ready, Madam.”

Karen thanked her and proceeded to remove her constricting garments, to replace them by a thick and heavy, but very flexible blue Lycra catsuit. She loved her skin to be covered, and that suit made it all, including attached feet and gloves. Only her head was left free.

She headed for the gym. Since her constricting clothes forbid her many movements, and that she wanted to stay fit as long as possible, she was pushing herself to one hour a day of exercises, to keep her flexibility and body shape. So far, it proved marvellous, as it even allowed her to put even more tight and constrictive garments, much to her delight. She was now totally abducted to this style of clothing.

As she was about done, Suzan went to her.

“Your shower is ready Madam.” She said with her usually cordial tone.

Karen thanked her and she headed for the bathroom. She took a nice long warm shower. When she got out, her clothes for the day were laid out on the bed: a stretch denim bodysuit, a denim corset, tight blue jeans and black thigh high, five inches stiletto high heels boots.

Suzan helped her with everything, especially with the corset which was two inches smaller than the one she wore when she was hired a little over a year ago.

Once all prepped, she walked to her office, to manage Mr. Crawford’s fortune. So far, she believed she had been quite good at it. It wasn’t an all day job, but she had taken the habit of getting rid of it in the morning so she was free in the afternoon.

A few minutes after she was in, Kathleen, the resident lawyer, entered.

“Hello Karen. How are we today?”

“Very fine, thank you. I’m surprised to see you so early.”

“Well, do you know what day it is today?”

“Yes, it’s the first anniversary of Mr. Crawford’s passing away. But since he made it clear that he didn’t wanted anything done to remember the day he died, I was about to do business as usual. Won’t you?”

“I will, starting tomorrow, but for this memorable day, I have something important to do, on his behalf.”

Karen looked puzzled. Kathleen continued.

“Some things were done secretly, all conforming to Mr. Crawford specifications. In the last year, a firm of accountants was to manage his fortune in the advent that you would fail, or simply splurge it, using it for your own personal pleasure…”

“But I haven’t…” cut Karen, interrupted by Kathleen, continuing.

“… but the accountant firm didn’t had to intervene. In fact, they were doing a parallel management, and to everybody’s surprise, your decisions bring in a 15% increase, while theirs had only a 6% increase.”

“So I did better than a whole accountant firm? Kool!”

“Err. Yes. So, since you showed success, even better that what Mr. Crawford anticipated, I have to ask you to sign this document.”

She presented to Karen a document of about 10 pages, but the front page was blank, except for a cut-out where the signature would be. Karen wanted to read it first, but it was sealed.

“What’s this?”

“All I can tell you is that it’s a document that Mr. Crawford wants you to sign, blindly, without reading it first. Although I know what’s inside, I cannot discuss it unless you sign. I have the obligation to tell you that Mr. Crawford wrote it himself.”

Karen looked at the blanked document. What was in it? In what predicament will she end-up if she was signing it?

“You’re saying that Mr. Crawford wrote that, entirely?”

“Yes. I only supervised the legal phrasing. Then it was sealed for this day.”

“Well, if Mr. Crawford wrote it, I can’t see what could be bad for me in it.”

She took a pen and applied her signature on the square.

“Can I open it, now?” she asked like a kid in front of a wrapped gift.

“Not yet.” She said while opening the door of the office, as all the employees entered, silently.

Karen had butterflies in her stomach. She wondered what bad thing she had done so that everybody was called in her office. But they all seemed puzzled to be there. She was about to ask questions, but Kathleen was faster.

“Karen, by signing blindly this document, you showed that you had great confidence into Mr. Crawford, that you would have done blindly what he would have asked you to do. This last year was in fact a test of your abilities to manage his estate. You proved that you could do it, even better than himself I might add .

By signing this document, you have become the sole owner of the totality of Mr. Crawford’s estate and fortune, estimated at 18 billions dollars.”

Karen felt her heart stop. She was prepared to manage it for the rest of her life, but not owning it.

“Th.. thank you, Mr. Crawford…” she said softly, still not believing it.

Kathleen, turning toward the employees, continued.

“Since the fortune has been taken by a new owner, you jobs are therefore immediately terminated.”

There was whispering within the employees, and much disappointment. Some wanted to speak, offering immediately their services to Karen, but were cut short by Kathleen who continued.”

“According to the same document, each employee will receive a severance pay check of one million, and…” she raised her tone to cover the cheering noise “and each employee is under no obligation to work for Karen.”

She turned to face Karen.

“That also includes myself, since I am, or rather I was, one of Mr. Crawford employee. The rest is up to you, Karen.”

Spontaneously, everybody started applauding, celebrating their new fortune, as well as Karen’s. She was speechless.

“I… Well... This was most unexpected… I would understand if any of you want to leave, after all, you all received one million dollars, but… I would kindly ask you to stay for another week or two, to give me time to find new personnel to replace the ones leaving. I’ll pay you your previous salary.”

There was a chat amidst the employees, including Kathleen, who was the one to speak.

“We agree, Karen. We will renew the same contract for one month. All employees leaving must advise you 2 weeks before leaving. Is that satisfactory?

“Yes it is to me, but I would like to ask my lawyer if everything is ok. Kathleen, I’d like you as my lawyer. Would you like to give your answer right now, if possible?”

“Oh, my mind is set. If you want me, I’m staying, No doubts.”

“Very well then. You’re hired. Your first job will be to make contracts for yourself and the other employees, former or new, that will work for me. The guidelines are simple, since they are the same it was before. No changes.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Answered Kathleen, heading out to her office to make everything ready.

“For the rest of you, you can take the day off if you want to think it over.”

“All at once?” asked Suzan?

“Yes. I think I can manage to make Kathleen and myself something to eat, and no dusting for a day or two won’t hurt much, considering what had just took place.”

“Thank you, Madam.” Said Suzan, as all were leaving, obviously leaving the domain to think it over. Karen was sad to see them going. She was pretty sure they were all leaving her to have fun with their new fortune. She was not blaming them.

End Of The Day

Karen and Kathleen were relaxing by the side of the pool when Suzan came by.

“Is it possible to see you in your office, Madam?”

Karen was surprise, first to see her so early, as she wasn’t expecting to see her before the next day, and also the fact that she wanted a formal discussion.

“Err… Sure. Why?”

“We want everything done the right way, like Mr. Crawford would have like to. I think you will require Kathleen’s presence too.”

They entered the office, and were surprised to find all the employees standing, waiting for them.

“You have your answer already? So, when are you leaving?”

“Oh, we’re not leaving,” said Suzan, “we all would like very much to stay at your service, but we have a request.”

“Yes, what is it?” asked Karen, expecting a request to raise their salary.

“We would like a change in uniforms.”

“Well, I agree that those are pretty classic. What would you like? More modern ones?”

“Well, in fact we would like something like… you are wearing.”

“Euh… Gee. I’m flattered. It’s not exactly what I had expected, and absolutely not conventional…”

“You can’t argue that you are not quite conventional yourself.” She said with a smile.

“You got a point. But I must also honour Mr. Crawford’s memory, and he liked the conventional uniforms. If I was to refuse your demand, would you still work for me anyway?”

“But of course, Madam. We all would.” She said, accompanied by approving head movements of the other employees.

“Very well. I’ll give you my answer tomorrow morning. Are you okay with that?”

Everyone agreed.

Karen’s night was almost sleepless. She felt so much pressure on her now. It was her money, her fortune and her employees, now. It made a heck of a difference.

The morning came, with its usual routine. Then, everyone met in Karen’s office.

“I gave it long thoughts. Mr. Crawford was a conformist, but at the same time, he was a non-conformist. He liked conventional, and he liked unconventional. I’m the best proof of it. I agree with your demands BUT, to follow his way of thinking, and since they are uniforms, all must be identical, and must denote that you are employees. Design what you want, and I’ll have them made to your specifications.”

“Thank you very much, Madam.” Answered Suzan. “Now, for our re-employment?”

“Just go by Kathleen’s office. She’ll take care of it.”

What she hasn’t told them is that they all got a 25% raise for fidelity on their employer. As she walked passed them during the day, she received many thanks and a lot of smiles.

One week later, Suzan presented the design to Karen. She was impressed, especially that instead of showing drawings, Suzan wore it. It reminded her of the outfit she wore for the challenge.

First was a spandex body suit, with long sleeves. It appears very tight. Then the jeans, very tight of course, and finally, platform lace up boots, knee high with a 6 inches high heel and a 1.5 inch platform.

“The ones having to work outside will have wedge platform” added Suzan. “And since we’re all women, there was no gender to take into consideration.” She said with a wink.

“All employees agree with this… uniform?” asked Karen.

“Yes Madam. All.”

“I really think Mr. Crawford would be pleased with the results. I accept.

From this day on, Karen’s life was to live in tight jeans and see nothing else but people in tight jeans.


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