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Part 1

“Urgggh!” Alice moaned into the toy, gasping for breath as she struggled again, fruitlessly trying to wriggle free of the vibrators persistent whirring, of the rope that gripped her oh so tightly, holding her naked body in place.

The feeling of the constant pleasure was overwhelming, and her knees began to shake, the bar between her ankles rattling as her head pressed back into her pillow, her shoulders tightening as she had another earth shattering orgasm. Her body shuddered and her eyes rolled up into the back of her head.

As she came, Alice began to realise the true futility of her situation. She truly was stuck. Completely powerless. The feeling of this orgasm was even stronger than the ones before, flooding over in her in waves as she let out a deep moan, her body pulsating as the clothes pins shook, her flailing body failing to shake them loose as the overwhelming sensation continued, relentless. As the orgasm faded away, and the puddle between her legs became larger, the low buzz of arousal still present, she lay, waiting for the inevitable rise to begin to build again.

“Oh god.” She said quietly, knowing the next few hours would be hell. The best version of hell she would ever experience. She would never do this willingly, she knew the sensation would be too much, but now that she was stuck, waiting for her roommate to return, to find her in a puddle of her own cum, tied up, blindfolded in her bed with no way to get herself free, she didn’t want it any other way.

She started to think over the possible scenarios in her head. What if Julian took extra time in town? What if she was left for hours and hours, cumming against the toy, held in a prison of her own creation? She knew that Julian would find her, a drooly, cummy mess, her brain reduced to mush by the toy.

Would he help her immediately? Or would he stop for a second, looking over her body, taking in what was laid out for him? Would he be shocked that the innocent little barista he lived with would be such a slut? Would he run his fingers over her sensitive clit, a smile forming on his face as she gasped, unable to resist him. She hoped he did. She hoped he ran his eyes over her vulnerable body, played with her, teased her, fucked her, used her.

All she could think about was his hands running over her skin, his stern, sexy voice teasing her, telling her how he was going to fuck her, use her, like a toy for his pleasure. As her body became overloaded again she thought of him, deep inside her, a vibrator pressed against her clit, her hands tied, powerless to stop his will. She took a deep breath as the feeling faded once again, trying to settle comfortably in a position that pushed the toy as far away from her as possible.

By this point she was beginning to feel numb to the sensation. It was still there, at the back of her mind, always aware that she was overloading her body. She began to slip into an almost meditative state, her breath slowing and her mind clearing of all thoughts, loosely focused only on the sensation, which felt like it was a distant noise in the distance now.

She didn’t know how long had passed when she started to come back around, the darkness of the blindfold made it impossible to tell. At first she didn’t realise what was happening, but, as she tried to sit up and the restraints didn’t let her, she remembered where she was, tied to her bed, waiting for her roommate to come and let her out of the ties. Or perhaps not let her out.

She realised that the buzzing had stopped and felt the toy resting still against her throbbing clit. The toy had run out of batteries, releasing her from the dream world, but not from her very real cage of rope.

She sighed as she shuffled as much as she could, repositioning into a comfier position.

She thought about Julian. He’d always been a strong personality, and she’d always loved it when he mockingly told her off for not doing her part of the chores, she’d giggle and throw back some retort, and, when he’d look at her with a stern glance, she’d melt inside. She thought about how she’d laid in bed at night, masturbating to the cries of some girl he’d brought home, his moans mixed with her, penetrating the thin walls. She thought about how she’d wished it had been her underneath him as she’d cum, twisting her nipples as she did, to the sound of some random slut creaming on his dick.

Despite the abuse she’d taken at the mercy of the now lifeless toy, and how sensitive she was, she was still turned on by the thought of what was still to come. She started to grind slowly against the silicone her knees wanting to close, but they were unable to do so. A whimper escaping her lips as she closed her eyes underneath the blindfold. She made slow, deliberate strokes, taking care not to press too hard as she breathed through her nose.

Suddenly she heard the jangle of keys as the front door opened and her heart was in her mouth. She’d been thinking about this for hours but suddenly her mouth was dry and she couldn’t think of the words. She heard Julian humming as he walked into the kitchen, deliberately dropping something on the floor with a soft flood as a cupboard creaked open and he fished around inside for something to eat.

She knew that soon he’d head to his room, put his music on and not emerge for hours. She had to say something. Now.

She took a deep breath and spoke, her voice weaker that she’d like. “Julian?”

The humming stopped and the cupboard creaked closed.

“Alice? Are you ok?” he said from the other side of the door, and she heard him put his hand on the handle, waiting for her answer before entering.

“Help” she said meekly, embarrassment flooding through her as she knew that he would never look at her the same again.

“Can I come in?” He said, his concern clear in his voice.

“Umm hmm!” Alice said, pulling against the rope one last time in a desperate attempt to stop the inevitable, thinking she still had time to stop him entering if she could just wriggle free and shout for him to stop.

The door handle turned and Julian stepped into the room.

“Jesus…” his softly spoken shock hung in the air for would could only have been a second, but it felt like an hour to Alice.

Julian made his way over to her. Alice felt the rush of air his approaching body pushed in front of it, she felt the weight of him over her as he leaned over the bed, his fingers gently pulling the blindfold from her eyes.

She blinked a few times in the mid afternoon sun that flooded through her bedroom window, acclimatising to the light as she looked into Julian's confused face, his eyes burning into her, and she knew he was trying to hide his arousal as he swallowed.

“What happened?” He asked, putting his hand on the bed to steady himself, his fingertips brushing against the skin on the side of her midriff.

She looked at him, her cheeks flushing red “I err…. Had a little accident…”

She looked away, closing her eyes, her head falling to one side in embarrassment.

“Well… Do you want me to... let you out?” Julian said, sneaking a glance at her tits as she clinched her eyes closed, her nipple still clamped by the clothes pins.

She knew what she should say. She should say yes. He’d let her out and then they’d go on with their normal lives, a little awkwardly at first, but then, they’d return to normal, this moment just a distant memory, a sexy secret in their past.

She knew what she should say. But that’s not what she wanted to say. She wanted to say no. She wanted to tell him to do to her as he pleased, to feel his sexy hands ravage her, play with her, tease her.

“Al?” Julian tilted his head to one side, looking at the face of the girl he thought he knew everything about, until a minute ago.

She took a deep breath. Her heart in her mouth as she opened her eyes, looking directly at him.

“No” She struggled to think of how to say this delicately “I want…” She paused, and Julian couldn’t help but smile.

“You want me to leave you tied up…” his hand gently pressed into her rib cage, just millimetres away from her breast. “You want me to leave you tied up… and you want me to do all the things I’ve wanted to do to you from the second we moved in together?”

Alice couldn’t help smile, happy that he felt the same as her. She gave him her best fuck me eyes, “Yes, Sir” she said sweetly, innocently.

“Fucking hell Al…” Julian said, more to him that her, allowing his eyes to run the whole length of her body “I didn’t know you were the type.” His smile was wide now and both his hands were on her body, running up and down her skin, filling her with a warm buzz of joy.

His hand found it’s way between her legs and she let out a half cry, half moan as his fingertips brushed her sensitive clit. He pulled back instinctively.

“Should I be gently?” His other hand was lightly pressed against her stomach, keeping her in place, as his fingers hovered inches above her, waiting patiently for her reply.

Alice sat up as far as she could, letting the ropes pull tight once again as the bed creaked, the muscles in her arms screaming. “No” She looked straight at him. “Fuck me like you need me.”

Part 3


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