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Julian was almost speechless as his eyes locked with hers. He saw that she was filled with a steely determination, that she really did want this. They breathed in sync for a few seconds before Julian's face broke and he cracked into a broad grin.

Alice’s head fell back onto the pillow, and she knew what was about to come. Hopefully both of them. She thought about him being inside her, and she felt his fingers making their way back between her legs, towards her sensitive pussy.

As his fingers brushed lightly against her, she took a sharp breath, her stomach pulling inwards and her ribs becoming exposed beneath her skin. Julian looked over her body as the spreader bar jangled under her wriggling. He released the pressure, moving his hands over her rib cage, gently pressing before slowly pushing up towards her breasts. He cupped his hands underneath her tits, sliding up, his fingers locking around the clamps. This sent a shiver up Alice’s spine, and she wanted him inside her more than ever. She breathed out through her nose and tilted her head as best as she could to get a view of him playing with her body. She watched him running his eyes over her, his hands gently exploring her, rubbing over her skin as he enjoyed the moment.

Julian noticed Alice watching him watching her, and he moved around her tightly secured body, standing so that he was at the top of the mattress, his crotch just inches from her face. She extended her neck and tilted her head back so that she was looking up at him. He bent down letting his lips hang in the air just a few centimetres from hers. She felt his hot breath mixing with hers as he held himself just out of her reach for a few moments, teasing her. She strained upwards to kiss him, all she could manage was a light brush of his lips for a split second before the ropes brought her back down.

She let out a exhale of frustration, sighing and whimpering, squirming as she pulled against the hemp that trapped her, even with all her strength she was still unable to reach up to him. She felt his weight shift as he lifted his hands off the bed, moving them to rest on her hips, pushing her butt into the mattress.

As he pushed her down he kissed her. Deeply and passionately. As their lips locked and their tongues brushed, Alice couldn’t help feel a rush of happiness and Joy and, as he pulled away, she was grinning from ear to ear.

“What are you smiling for?” Julian said, trying, and failing, to sound serious, the matching look on his own face betraying him.

Julians hands let go of her hips and came to rest on her cheeks his fingertips sitting under her jaw, controlling the movement of her head. He slid the pillow out from underneath her, and she dropped back onto the bed. The force from his hands gently extending her neck, tilting her head back, her mouth naturally falling open.

Alice looked up and saw a clear bulge now, “Someone’s excited” she teased, as Julian bent down, grabbing the blindfold from the floor.

“I’m not the one tied up in my own bed, being a little slut for her roommate…” Julian responded, brushing the hair out of her face before sliding the silk blindfold back over Alice's eyes. “Let’s make sure you can’t make any more cheeky little comments shall we?”

Alice heard Julian’s belt buckle unclasp and the sound of Jeans sliding down. She felt his hard cock rest gently on her face, and she instinctively licked him, her tongue sliding around the tip of his still hardening cock. She was becoming more and more turned on by the second and she started to grind against the dead toy once again.

“Wow” Julian said in surprise as she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, her body wriggling awkwardly, desperate to get some pleasure, “You really are a slut aren’t you?” he twisted the nipple clamps as she made an attempt at a muffled response.

He began to thrust now, fucking her throat as he continued to play with her nipples, pulling the clothes pins upwards and then letting them go, gradually pulling them further and further away with each stroke of his cock, his pulling motion synchronous with his thrusts.

The rhythmic thrusting, along with the exquisite pain that accompanied it, emanating from her nipples, made Alice all the more desperate.

She gave out a muffled cry as the clothes pins grip gave way, a mix of pain and pleasure flooding through her chest as she gagged on his cock. She twitched, nearly cumming just from the sensation of the clamps losing their grip.

She felt Julian pull out of her, and felt a line of her own drool fall across her face as it broke the chain from her lips to his cock. He suddenly leant forward, pressing his thumb firmly against her clit.

“Cum” he said, harshly. She had no choice in the matter. She came immediately, the pleasure flooding through her as she spasmed, unable to fight blow after blow of ecstasy. The warmth flooded over her, her pussy pulsing and her body shaking with each one. Her lips surrendered involuntary sounds, moans and whines that she was unable to control. The muscles in her abs tensed and she began to take short, fast repeated breaths in and out through her nose, trying to overrule the orgasms as she cried out again.

“Holy shit”, Julian lifted his thumb off her and, after a few final convulsions, she relaxed, her body falling limp, completely exhausted.

He stepped away as she mumbled some nonsensical gibberish, unable to form proper words. Her head lolled from side to side as he pulled his t-shirt over his head, standing over her in just his socks now. He placed his fingers in a claw shape on her chest, just between her breasts, and dragged them gently over her skin as he walked down beside her, moving slowly down her body. He stopped as his fingers formed a circle around her belly button and he was stood next to her now. He slowly pinched them together, the compressions on her skin growing closer together.

His hand pulled away from her, the warmth of his fingers lingering on her skin. He grabbed onto the lifeless toy. He pressed it against her harder and she squeaked in a mixture of horror and joy as she felt it press into her tender pussy.

“What’s this doing here?” He said playfully, the fingers on his free hand working to free the toy from it’s harness. The rope around her inner thigh loosened and the wand fell away, the momentary release felt like heaven to Alice.

She didn’t get to enjoy it for long, instead she got to enjoy a different sensation. The sensation of Julian's fingers expertly sliding down the side of the lips of her labia, jerking her off as he stroked up and down. Again she impulsively tried to close her legs, though she knew deep down that she didn’t want it stop, it was impossible anyway. He slid inside her now with two fingers and she was dripping onto him.

“Fuck! Oh fuck! Oh God, oh God, oh God!” She spoke faster as the strokes sped up.

“What do you want?” He asked, his free hand forming an L shape and pressing into her just below her belly button, the webbing of his hand pressing gently on her hood, holding her in place.

“I want… Hmmm… I want you… Ohhh ohh God… to… to… fuck me! Fuck me sooo hard! So hard… and I can’t, I can’t do anything to stop you…” She half spoke, half whispered as she continued to grind against him.

He climbed over her, his fingers still inside her as he moved in between her legs. He pulled his fingers out, a trail of grool coming with them and he laughed, wiping his fingers on her belly.

He pressed the head of his cock against her and she welcomed him in. He felt so good inside of her, and as he slowly slid deeper inside she felt complete.

“I hope you enjoyed that slow stroke” He leaned down and whispered in her ear, kissing her neck “Because it’s the only one that you’re getting” with that he pulled all the way out of her before ramming his full length back inside her. She screamed, consumed by bliss, her world nothing more than the feeling between her legs as her head pressed back into the mattress and she came on his cock to his hard thrusts.

Julian was greedy now, he wanted her. All of her. With one hand he drew circles around her sore clit, keeping the pressure on, with the other he grabbed at her tits, squeezing them and slapping them.

Suddenly she felt him tense and he came inside her. She shuddered as he let out a long breath, her pussy pulsing on his cock as she came for the god-knowsth time.

They were completely breathless as they sat, his cock still inside her, on the bed. Julian pulled out and Alice gulped as she felt his cum leaking out of her, joining the puddle she had made on her sheets.

Ding-dong, ding dong

“Oh shit” Julian stood up a little too quickly, stumbling off the bed before regaining his composure by grabbing onto a wall. “I forgot I invited Maria over…”

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