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Julian looked over at Alice, still tied to the bed, blindfolded, catching his breath as he tried to get dressed as quickly as he could. The bell rang again and Alice took a breath, trying to comprehend the situation, trying out to work out what this was going to become. Julian pushed through the door, and Alice heard him opening it as it bounced of the frame before coming to rest, sitting a few inches open.

“Hi…” Maria spoke, trying to look around Julian “Is everything ok? I heard… well never mind.”

“Yeah” Julian gulped in a breath “Everything’s good, you want to come in?”

“Sure… I mean, I can come back later?” Maria sounded a little confused and concerned as she came in through the door. “What’s going on Julian?”

Alice heard the front door swing closed behind them and felt the draught flow through her own bedroom door, gently blowing over her.

“Is Alice in?” Maria asked, “I’ve just got to drop her clothes off from last night when she changed at mine before we went out”

“Errr…. No, she’s… not here” Julian said, struggling for and excuse.

Maria let out a little nervous laugh, “What’s going on? Her door is open, I’ll just put them in there.”

Alice heard Julian scuffling and moving in front of her, putting his hand on the door frame. “No, I don’t think that, you should go in.”

“Julian, I’ve known her for way longer than you, I think I know what she would want.” Maria sounded impatient now and she pushed past him, her tiny frame sliding around Julian’s.

Alice gulped as she heard her best friend stopping a few feet inside the door. “Er… Alice?” Maria said quizzically.

“Hi…” Alice felt a little flush of embarrassment as she heard her clothes being dropped to the floor in a heap.

“Well… I guess this explains the weirdness.”

Julian was stood behind her, watching her fight her conflicting emotions, her eyes running up and down her friends’ gorgeous body. Maria stood, nearly paralysed, like a deer in the headlights, looking over Alice, tied up, completely exposed, on her bed, fighting with her internal feelings. She knew she should probably turn around and leave, but Alice’s breasts were rising up and down, her nipples hard and she couldn’t force her eyes away.

“You can touch if you want.” Julian said, smiling at the look of shock on Maria’s face. Alice felt a buzz of elation as she thought of one of her oldest friends running her soft hands over her body and she let a sigh slip out of her lips. She’d known Maria for nearly twelve years, and they’d grown a lot together in that time, talking together about guys and experimenting together. There had always been a kind of low-level sexual tension between them, and now, as Maria got closer, she remembered the nights they had lay in bed together, feeling the weight of the bed shift as the other breathed. She thought back to the nights they had kissed, slightly drunk, in front of guys to tease them, how exciting it had felt, how she hadn’t wanted to pull away, but inevitably they had pulled apart, listening to the cheering of the guys stood around, bottle in hand, how their eyes had held each other for just a second before they each went back to flirting with some random guy.

She was brought back to the present by Maria’s voice, “Alice? What’s going on? I mean, you look… wow… I didn’t know…” her voice trailed off and she stepped a little closer to the bed, her hand stopping short of touching her chest.

Alice rose up off the bed, wanting Maria’s hands on her body, the sound of the metal between her ankles jangling making her want it more.

“Can I?” Maria asked, a rising feeling of arousal growing inside her.

Alice groaned and wriggled again, the afternoon sun falling across her body as Julian stood aside, brushed her hair behind her ear. “I think that’s a yes”, he smiled, holding her head as Maria let out a breath and her hand gently came to rest on Alice’s belly. Alice’s body reacted to the soft touch with a wriggle, her hips rising gently as the muscles in her butt tightened.

“Fuck…” Maria said to herself, brushing her hand gently over the girl’s torso, moving up to her breasts and cupping them. She climbed on top of her, her weight pressing gently on top of her.

Maria was much lighter than Julian and her hands were much softer. It felt amazing to Alice to have her best friend on top of her, her breath mixing with hers as the smaller girl kissed her. Alice felt a rush of emotion as both of the pair’s hands held her, Julian’s under her head supporting her, and Maria’s gently pressing into her neck, her calves clamping against the side of Alice’s torso as she knelt over her, her feet brushing against the side of her knees.

The kiss was long and passionate, and Alice kissed her back, feeling the girl’s small breasts press into hers through her shirt.

As Maria pulled away a smile formed on her lips, the taste of Alice still in her mouth, “I feel a little overdressed here” She giggled as she pulled her shirt over her head, she wasn’t wearing a bra, as she often did. She kicked off her shoes and sat up, transferring some of her weight to Alice’s hips.

Alice felt herself pushed deeper into the mattress and she pulled lightly on the ropes that constrained her. Maria spoke again, “Wow, I always thought you were sexy anyway but, damn… this is so hot.” She ran her hands up Alice’s arms, rubbing around her wrists where the ropes held her in place. Maria’s breasts pressed lightly into Alice’s face, and she instinctively took one of her nipples into her mouth, sucking and then biting playfully. Maria giggled and pulled away, her nipple coming away from Alice’s teeth with a slight tug.

Maria pivoted off her, transferring her weight so that she was next to her, her hand gently exploring the inside of her thigh. “Looks like you had fun”, Alice felt a rush of embarrassment as her friend noticed the wet mark on the sheets between her legs. “You’re sooo wet” Maria smiled, a slight hint of playful mockery in her voice, as she lightly brushed against the girl’s clit. Alice’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as the soft touch overwhelmed her, the punishment of the last few hours catching up with her.

Maria grinned as the girl squirmed her hips, unable to escape beneath her. She pulled away and Alice fell still. She let her hands slide up Alice’s body, over her chest, coming to rest on her face. She slapped her cheek gently and Alice let out a laugh in shock. Maria leant in grabbing the girls chin and squeezing her cheeks “I never knew my best friend was such a filthy slut… if I’d know I’d have done this a long time ago…” She took her hands away, pressing her fingers to the girls mouth and Alice immediately opened up, tasting herself on Maria’s fingers. She smiled as she pulled her fingers away and the girls lips closed as she licked them. Julian watched as Maria dropped her denim shorts and panties to the floor in one fell swoop.

“What are you looking at?” She teased Julian as she stood, naked except for her socks, in front of him. She stepped over, keeping eye contact with him, and stepped up onto the bed again. She knelt over her friend, her feet tucked under Alice’s tied arms, her pussy hovering over her friend’s mouth, the blindfold still over Alice’s eyes.

Julian took his hands away from Alice’s head and let her fall gently back onto the pillow, moving them onto Maria’s hips. She smiled at him as she lowered herself onto her friend’s face, Alice’s tongue rising to meet her. Maria was so turned on from playing with her friends’ body and Julian’s hands resting on her waist, but the texture of Alice’s tongue, pressing up against her, was enough to push her into a state of arousal. She was so wet, and Alice’s tongue greedily licked against her as she pressed her weight gently against the girl, her thighs squeezing around her friend’s face.

Maria closed her eyes and let her mouth fall open as Julian gently pressed her harder onto her friend’s face, and Alice kept up the pressure with her tongue licking away at Maria and the girl began to rock her hips, her fingers instinctively moving to her clit and running around it in little circles.

Julian let go of her hips with one hand, and pinched her nipple. Maria opened her eyes, still grinding on Alice’s face, and smiled at Julian, placing her hands on his neck for support as Alice worked her closer to cumming.

Alice had never eaten anyone out before, but she was really enjoying pleasuring her friend, her tongues licking her, tasting her, exploring her. She felt Maria’s body weight shift as she leant forward, kissing Julian and pressing her clit against Alice’s lips. Alice didn’t need an invitation to keep going, and she eagerly started licked around her clit in circles, changing the pressure as Maria pulled her lips away from Julian’s, letting out a gasp as she continued to grind against her friend’s face.

Julian stood up, his hand pulling away from Alice’s neck, “You two seem to be having far too much fun without me…”

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