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Julian moved around the side of the bed, his fingers brushing over Alice’s breasts, causing her to moan into Maria’s pussy, which she was still licking roughly with her tongue. Maria tasted amazing and she didn’t want to stop, but the girl lifted off her. Alice’s boobs lifted up along with her mouth, her tongue extending, as she arched her back, trying to chase the girl as she shifted positions. “Noooo…”, Alice whimpered.

Maria laughed softly at Alice’s exclamation, “Relax. I’m just swapping sides… stupid horny slut…” for some reason the older girl gently humiliating her, turned Alice on even more and, as Julian clambered between her legs, she tried to stretch her tired body as much as the ropes would allow, the pillow under her hips making it easier for Julian to slide inside her, her pussy wet once again. She moaned, her head falling backwards as he pushed deep inside her.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Maria asked playfully, grabbing Alice’s hair and pulling her face up, sitting on top of her again. Maria was facing Julian now, him sliding in out of their friend’s tight pussy, and her riding her tongue.

The two sensations were nearly overwhelming for Alice and she felt herself drifting back into the blurry, indistinct place she had been a few minutes earlier.

Maria reached down, sliding her fingers between Alice’s legs and started playing with her, her other hand pressed firmly into Julian’s chest as his strokes quickened, pushing Alice closer to orgasm, the combination of dick and fingers too much for her, Julian’s hands grabbing her tits firmly, his weight pressing into her. She was so sensitive now, but the thrusts seemed numb, the small fingers of Maria touching her seemed to be the only sensation in the whole world. She couldn’t think. Couldn’t concentrate on anything else, and soon she stopped eating out her friend, her entire body, her entire mind, focused on her clit.

Suddenly waves of pleasure flooded over Alice once more and her body twitched, moving only a fraction under the strain of the restraints and the weight of two people. She twitched again, another wave flowing up her body, bucking the smaller girl off her slightly, her pussy pulsing. The pulsing was enough for Julian to cum inside her once again as she gripped onto him, Maria smiled as she watched his face contort as he came inside Alice again, a breath escaping his lips.

Maria got up off her friends’ mouth, Alice’s hair falling over her face. “Well, I suppose it’s not fair that I’m the only one who gets eaten out…”. She climbed over her, kissing Julian on the lips as she did so, and he moved out of the way, letting her get in between Alice’s legs with her tongue.

Maria kissed Alice’s inner thighs and slowly, slowly, moved up the inside, kissing every available millimetre of skin as she got closer and closer. She ate Alice out in the complete opposite way as she had done to her. She was slow and deliberate, every lick meaningful, each movement purposeful. She tasted Julian inside her friend, licking his cum out of her.

“Hmmm” she giggled “He tastes soooo good Al… do you want to taste?” Alice nodded, her head flooded with excitement as she thought of tasting him from Maria’s mouth. Maria moved up her, resting her body on top of Alice now and Alice’s lips automatically opened, expecting her friend to be there, her head rising to meet Maria’s as it moved down towards her.

Maria’s lips were soft and Alice tasted a strange mix of her own juice, Julian’s cum, and Maria’s lips as they kissed. Julian stood back, amazed as the two girls locked lips, and he had an idea.

“Stay there you two” he said getting off the bed and moving over to Alice’s still open underwear draw.

Maria pulled gently away, “I don’t think she has much of a choice”. Julian laughed as he looked in the draw, what he found was even better than he had hoped for. He took out two pairs of handcuffs and Alice’s spare vibrator. He looked back to see the girls, taking a second to admire them, they only wore a pair of socks between them, their bodies pressing against one another, still making out, the smaller, lighter girl on top.

“Hey, that’s not fair!”, Maria said with mock indignation as Julian put one cuff on her left wrist. She held up her other hand, a fake pout on her face, expecting him to cuff her wrists together, but he smiled, shook his head, and pushed her back down onto the bed. She looked confused but she soon worked out what he was planning and she laughed nervously as he closed the other cuff around Alice’s right wrist, just below where she was held by her restraints, locking them both together. He moved over, fastening their other wrists in a similar way, so that Maria was also held in place, although admittedly not as firmly as the girl she was resting on top of.

Maria looked up at the window as Julian’s fingers slid inside her, “oh fuck… fuckk… ohh fuck you” she said playfully, biting her lip and tugging on the cuffs, unable to move as Julian smiled again, her body reacting to his fingers.

“I think I want her to look into your eyes as I make you cum.” Julian said mischievously, reaching over with his other hand to pull the blindfold from Alice’s eyes, throwing it to the floor. Alice blinked in the light and looked into Maria’s dark brown eyes as they widened, Julian’s fingers doing their work well.

“Well Hi.” Maria said, kissing Alice again as she shifted her weight on top of her, their breasts pressing together.

Julian pulled his fingers out of her and turned on the toy, pressing it against Maria, and she locked friends with her friend. Alice looked at her as she saw the pleasure growing on Maria’s face, her eyes closing and her mouth falling open, her friend’s chest rising and falling against her own. “Oh fuck” Maria moaned as she felt herself becoming more and more turned on, the whole situation so hot to her. They were completely powerless together, tied up, one on top of the other, in Alice’s bed, completely in Julian’s control.

“And don’t think, just because you’ve been here the longest, that you’re getting off easy either” Julian said, sliding his fingers inside Alice, the tips brushing against her sensitive g-spot. Alice squeezed Maria’s hand tighter as they both let out soft moans, each reacting to Julian’s touch.

Maria squeezed her legs together against Alice’s hips, “Oh god, I’m going to cum” She kissed her again and Alice pulled away whispered in her ear, “Oh fuck… me too.”.

Maria pressed her head into the pillow beside Alice, her mouth on her neck, kissing it as she came, waves of pleasure from the toy rushing over her.

The feeling of the smaller girl, combined with Julian’s fingers and the second-hand vibrations from the toy, was enough to push Alice over the edge for the final time. Their bodies each spasmed against each other, powerless to stop the sensations as Julian took the toy and his fingers away. Maria was no longer able to hold herself up and she rested her whole weight on Alice now, the two of them had their eyes closed, feeling each other’s bodies recover as they pressed together.

As Julian got up to find the keys, the two girls began to come to their senses, and they gently kissed again. “That was amazing” Julian heard one them say as he picked the keys up.

He let Maria out and she rubbed her wrist before helping him let the exhausted Alice free from her self-imposed prison. It had been Alice’s best sexual experience by far, and now her body was beyond tired, she was barely able to move as the two others climbed into bed, pulling her over so they lay in a pile, both girls lying tangled on top of each other and Julian on the bottom.

After a few minutes of them laying there, their naked bodies pressed against each other in the warm afternoon sun, Alice had regained enough composure to open her eyes, gently kissing first Julian and then Maria. She snuggled back up, closing her eyes. “Thank you” she said, closing her eyes and drifting off into a deep, dreamless sleep.


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