Christina Carter free bondage - Carry a big stick

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Christina Carter free bondage

This might remind you of a set I did with Anastasia a while back... it is similiar, but when you have Christina in the hot seat - it's always different... :

It is not easy to tie a vibrator to a gal and keep it in the right place. You would think this wasn't hard. But what you have to remember is that when a gal starts getting really excited, she moves her hips quite a bit. And regardless of the size of the vibrator, and there is actually a rather small spot where the vibrator has to be kept... so it can be a tricky thing keeping it in the right spot.

So you can either tie the vibrator to the crotch, or you can tie the crotch down to the vibrator that is already attached to a rigid object. That is what I have done here. I've tied the vibrator to the chair and then tied Christina down to the chair within constant contact of the vibrator. This I have found works very well... :)

ballet boots rope tied Christina Carter vibrator bondage

I can't really say that Christina was upset with the fact that she was going to have no choice but to come over and over and over... but there you go. That is the type of gal she is... :)

corset ballet boots leather bondage redhead bondage vibrator

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