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*Why won't it come off?! Oh god why won't it come off!?*

She tugged, pulled, pawed at the material but it wouldn't budge from her skin.

She had found the suit while rumaging through her soon to be ex-boyfriends things.

She'd had enough of the sexist pig and was going to put all his stuff into a box and dump him, but when she found the box labelled *Permanent Rubbercunt* she couldn't help but try on the gorgeous looking suit.

As she sealed the suit she heard soft clicking, followed by a teasing vibrations to her pussy, ass and nipples. Then came the voice in her ears, telling her to be a good Rubbercunt.

Part 2

A year after Angela had agreed to model the new Government funded prostitute suit made by Chaste Inc she found herself back in the lab. *I don't want to be a prostitute anymore* she declared *I need to feel pleasure again, I need to cum so badly! This numbing agent is so cruel!*

It was then they explained to her the full purpose of the suit and that they could not and would not remove the suit.

The men laughed loudly as she desperately pawed at the suit, grasping herself, sobbing as she felt nothing and knowing the suit couldn't be cut without causing life threatening injury.

"You monsters!!" She screamed. "You let me put my own Sister into one of these suits knowing what it would do!"

hood rubber plug vibrator corset

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