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Randy Moore

There are quite a few things we've learned about Randy since I met her at a makeup school photoshoot last year. Well, for one she is quite a beauty, but we really didn't learn that. We figured that out right away. She is a very quiet, unassuming gal. A bit shy, but in a way that only seems to add to her appeal. She might have a little bit of a foot fetish... we're still working on that - and she seems to have an "interest" in dressing up in sexy clothes.

Now this isn't exactly an unusual thing. I've found that pretty much all the gals that come to visit me love to dress up. I think that is just a girl thing, period. But Randy seems to take it to the next level. She is a down to earth, beach sort of girl - She definitely belongs to the jeans and t-shirt crowd most of the time. So, I guess it shouldn't come to such a surprise that a whole other personality comes out when she gets all dolled up in fetishwear. I guess it is just how much she loves it is what is so surprising... and i've got to say we like it!

What's even more fun is to get her dressed up and then put a mirror there so that she gets to look at herself like that every once in awhile. Now don't get me wrong, there is no way she could possibly not feel different even without a mirror. That corset is very tight and those pantyhose certainly don't feel like jeans - but a little extra reinforcement doesn't hurt either.

Nor does the addition of a couple hundred feet of white rope. One more thing about Randy. She doesn't exactly hate being tied up either. That shouldn't come as a surprise to you folks out there. The gals I work with seem to have that in common...

Randy Moore free bondage Randy Moore corset rope tied Randy Moore ball-gagged

This is one of those variations on a John Willie tie. I first did it with Andrea Neal way back in 2001. It involves tying Randy's hands to her butt and then winding the ropes around her body. Finally when that is complete, tying the elbows together. It is always that last addition that takes this from an easy position, to something a lot more stringent. Because it is easier to have the hands together when the elbows are tied together.

The frog tie is just there because Randy was looking rather... well... randy. The crotch rope being directly attached to the ropes holding her wrists in play, didn't exacly make her any less so. You can probably see that for yourself though... :)

Sexy stuff indeed.

corset ball-gag high heels bondage

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