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'Christina' Emily said, her eyes looking deep into Christina's eyes. 'You're having dreams about being tied up.'

'I know.' Christina said. 'I have them all the time. I don't know what to do. I've even tried to tie myself up just to see if they would stop.'

'Really.' Emily said, a wry smile coming to her lips.

'Yes. I've done it a couple of times.'

'Could you explain how you do that?' Emily asked.

'Well, I start with my ankles and then my wrists - but... but it doesn't seem to help my dreams...'

Christina fed the lock through the chain and connected it to her ankle cuffs with a soft click. Another wave of excitement pulsed through her.

As real as herdream were, experiencing the actual thing was even more compelling.

She connected the short chain to the other ankle and then pulled on it - it was firmly attached.

Her hands moved slowly up the soft nylon ensasing her legs and up over her breasts.

The chain around her chest compressed them, making the nipple even more sensitive than they would have been normally.

She felt her pussy get even wetter and she moaned softly - pushing her feet back and forth - testing the hard chain connecting them...

She wanted more. She picked up the gag and pulled the soft material between her hands. Then she held it up to her face, opened her mouth and put the large knot into her mouth. It was spongy, but it filled her mouth, pushing down on her tongue and making it impossible to speak. It was just what she wanted.

Then she attached another chain to her hobble and pulled it up to her collar and secured it in place with another lock.

A trickle of drool escaped her mouth and rolled off her chin on to her hand. She moaned with the touch of it. Just another hint of the helplessness that she knew was soon to come.

She played with the chain - pulling herself back and forth - making sure that it was indeed secure before she went on to her wrists. She checked the bed and located the set of keys next to her before attaching the lock to her wrist. She wanted to be helpless, but she also wanted to make sure that she could get out if she needed to.

She fed the short chain behind the hard cold chain laced tight between her legs and then attached the other wrist with a ominously soft click. She pulled on her hands and found to her supreme satisfaction that she was helpless.

She moaned, pulling the chain up against the chain between her legs, pulling it even tighter against her soft wet sex. The chain clicked against each other as they moved, sending little shockwaves of pleasure throughout her body... she was in heaven.

She fell over and began to struggle in earnest, puling at the chains encircling her.

She moaned into her gag and the sound only heightened her sense of helplessness. Her pussy was on fire - this was so much more real that her most vivid dream had been. She could only imagine what it would be like if someone else had done this to her.

Her mind raced - and she closed her eyes, thinking of the dark stranger who had done this to her.

She could imagine the hands on her body - playing with her brests - she pulled the chain against her pussy and writhed at the thought of it.

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