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She tried to extended her legs but the chain from her collar made it impossible. She moved her feet back and forth, watching the chain glint in the soft light.

The sight made her think of the keys and she felt behind her for them. Her hand touched them and she was instantly reassured - but then something truly bizarre happened. Just as soon as they were in her hand, they were gone. Like they disappeared into thin air. She tried to jolt upright, but the bondage stopped her. She spun around, looking despearately for the keys, but they were gone. A wave of panic swept over her - but then she forced it down. They had to be under her - that was it. She continued to search - moving around on the bed, scanning the covers for the keys, but to no avail. They had indeed vanished.

Another wave of panic rushed over her and this time she couldn't push it back down. She writhed in her bodage, pulling as hard as she could on the chains holding her - it was useless. Then the phone rang and she froze. It rang again and again. Then her message machine picked up.

"Hi, this is Christina, I can't get to the phone right now so leave a message and I'll call you right back... bye...'

There was a pause and then the beep - and then a voice. It was Jim.

'Hi Christina, it's Jim. I know that it is Friday night and I was supposed to come by tonight, but unfortunately, my boss has called a special meeting and I'm afraid I'll be tied up all weekend...'

Christina's heart fell as she listened with disbelief.

'... So I'm afraid I won't be able to come by until Monday. I'm sorry, but there is nothing I can do. Give me a call on my cel... catch you later... ' Click

Christina pulled her head back and screamed into her gag, but all that came out was a muffled moan. She was alone, helpless and no one was going to be able to help her.

She pulled at her bonds in absolute frenzy, but it was useless. The locks held fast and all she gained was a deepening sense of desperation.

How was she going to get free?

She couldn't possibly last until Monday like this...

She rolled over and writhed in the chains, wondering just what was going to happen to her...

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