Sasha Monet and Amber Michaels bondage adventures - 12

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Sasha Monet bondage

'Good morning, sleepy head.' Sasha said.

Amber slowly came to. She was very groggy.

'What a beautiful morning. I slept like a baby!' Sasha said, much too perkily as she started unstrapping Amber's elbows.

'I didn't.' Amber replied. 'That timer didn't go off for three hours. That was just uncalled for!'

'Well, maybe you should learn to play pool better.' Sasha said, bending forward and starting on Amber's legs.

'Yeah, whatever.' Amber replied. She had definitely had enough of Sasha's attitude. She reached over and quietly opening the night stand, pulled out a nice shiny pair of handcuffs.

Sasha never saw it coming. Amber snapped the cuff on Sasha's wrist in one, quick, expert movement.

'What the-' Sasha said, looking down. It was much too late to react.

Amber grabbed her thumb and twisted Sasha's hand behind her back. She flopped over and a split second later, her other hand was cuffed behind her. She was trapped.

'Let go of me, you bitch! Take these things off me!'

'I don't think so. I think it's time you got a taste of your own medicine.'

'This isn't fair. You lost the game.'

'This is a new game.' Amber said, sliding out of the bed. 'Now it's your turn to squirm.'

Sasha yanked at her hands and stopped as she saw the incredibly evil look in Amber's eyes. {[wmbc18014b.jpg]}

Sasha's mood changed instantly.

'P-Please Amber.' Sasha pleaded. 'Let me go.'

'I think not.' Amber said, smiling wickedly. 'It's time for you to experience something really tight... and really, really uncomfortable - what do you say?'

Sasha Monet cuffed

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