Stocking-clad legs and stiletto heels strappado

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heels strappado

Returning from lunch, the office girls burst into loud catcalls once they saw the blonde dangling from the ceiling in a strict strappado, "What'd you do this time, silly bitch?" they chortled.

"It's not my fault!" Hayley mewled, her tightly-bound, stocking-clad legs trembling as she wobbled on stiletto heels. "I didn't realize I'd deleted the wrong folder!"

"That's two weeks of your hard work, ladies," Mister Hardash entered the room carrying a steel ruler. "So, while we try to recover that file folder on the share—''

The women lined up behind Hayley's pale, exposed ass, spanking her so hard with the ruler that they had to muffle her cries with a gag.

All the while, sobbing Hayley climaxed on her crotch rope.

strappado high heels bondage ball-gag stockings crotchrope

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