Another victory for the Champ - bondage photos

Free bondage photos blog 17 September 2021

The frighteningly powerful Fiona 'Buzzsaw' Hightower has defeated yet another piece of fluff in the ring. Like the others before her, Fiona has stripped off her shorts and bra and, fishing out a piece of cord from her boot, has tied the girl's hands behind her back.

She will lead her stark naked around the ring to the raucous cheering of the crowd. Then she will ceremonially bend her across her knee and spank her latest victim till she is screaming in agony and her little bare ass is blistered from Fiona's meaty hand raining down powerful slaps. The audience will go wild!

Like the others before her, Fiona will keep her for a few months or so, punishing her regularly before selling her off to one of her Black Amazon friends as a slave for life.

Fiona still is amazed how there is always a waiting list of other young white girls who have no business in the ring, ready to sign up to fight her, knowing in advance the penalty for losing! This one was number twelve! Most of them end up leaking pussy juice down their own naked thighs before their asses even begin to blister. Fiona thinks they like losing to her. White girls are crazy!

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