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latex strappado

Ok, I know you love latex and you are crazy for wrapping gorgeous girls on it. So first you have to tell them how lovely hot they would look on it and then you get some duct tape and...

Oh wait, I canít teach you that, thatís my personal trick. ;D However I can tell you how I paint the latex on my girls.

Itís easy. I do it with care, Photoshop and a wacom tablet.

Ok seriously it goes like this:

1) You scan your pencils, clean them and leave them ALONE AND UNTOUCHED on the background layer.

2) Next you paint flat colors on a second layer over the background.

To be able to see through this layer you must set it in ďmultiply modeĒ (if you did it right it would look like the first picture)

3) you can use the Magic Wand Tool now to select easily every area, so I start adding volume with a little brighter color, using both an airbrush and a hard edge brush. If anything goes wrong here I pick the darker color with the droplet tool and shape the bright parts again. Remember to put some wrinkles on the articulations and strain points (like near the cuffs)

4) Now comes the CRIME. Many digital artists agree that the over use of this tool is an excuse for lazyness. Ok, Iím a lazy artist but I love the way the DODGE TOOL makes rubber shine. So bite me. Yet be careful with the settings and use of this tool, you can send all your work to hell if you go crazy here. You can also lay a new layer on normal mode over your color and paint white shines if you arenít fond of this approach.

5) This step could (and perhaps should) have been done before the shining:

As you can notice here I added darker shadows. Though they arenít exactly shadows. Ok, mostly they are but they are also REFLECTIONS of the surroundings. Why? well, shiny things reflect light, thatís why we put the bright spots there, but the trick to make them actually shine reside on these simplified reflections. But they donít look much like reflections here, right? Well, it all depends on how polished you want the latex to look.

This one is kind of matte, which I prefer since it looks a bit more resistant. Too shiny latex looks like a thin layer that may rip appart any second. And at least

I want to see a girl this shiny for a while :D

6) And hereís the final piece. The last details added are backlights: you see, the floor and walls also reflect light against the borders in at least one side of the figure, thatís why you see some thin lines of shine in the darker parts here. Always remember that the lightning of all the parts comes from the same sources, so donít paint your skin or hair shadows and shines with a different lightning than the one you used for the latex suit.

Well, I think this covers up mostly how do I work.

Feel free to ask any questions or give me ideas on how I can improve this method Cheers!

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