Baron Reugger's revenge on the women in the castle - bondage photos

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Once the evil Baron Reugger captured the castle, he had all of the men put to death and carried the women, naked and crying, back to his own castle to be used as slaves. ALL of the women, from the lowest servants to the prim and proper 'Ladies' of the castle, worked naked doing the most menial jobs. Any insolence was punished with shameful and humiliating public torture, such as riding the rail, and public floggings. Reugger finally had his revenge!

What he did with the once haughty Duchess practically defies description in terms of female torment and shame. This was all twenty years ago and the former Duchess still writhes naked on her back, spread wide open on public display in perpetual need and humiliation, practically mad with unabated lust and begging all who ridicule her as she shivers, wiggles, and sobs through chattering teeth, at the gate inside the Baron's castle.

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