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Lady Ainsley is being put to the question. Her buttocks will be flayed with the whip until she confess to sexual consort with the Devil. As soon as they have her confession, she will be placed on all fours in a low cart, naked, and taken to the public square to be taunted and punished by the townspeople, day and night, as she begs for forgiveness. After three days of this treatment, she will be forced to wear a punishment gown for at least a year as she scrubs the floors of public buildings. The punishment gown consists of a very loose fitting tunic that only comes down to her waist, leaving her bare buttocks and thighs on display for additional chastisement

At the end of her punishment she will again be put to the questions: "Do you repent your sins?" and "Do you reject Satan?"

Her long time rival and nemesis, Lady Morgan, whose husband was recently elevated to the Head of the Morals League, has been profusely thanked for providing her testimony as a witness to Lady Ainsly's depraved activities. She has graciously offered to personally supervise the former Lady Ainsworth during her extended punishment. During that time she will have full control of Ainsworth's punishments and exposures, and will provide guidance as to whether her punishment should be extended.

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