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Josephine bondage

While her husband is away for months, leading his Grand Army to battle, the Empress Josephine plays her degrading games in their dungeon, voluntarily giving herself up to her tormentors at least twice a week to be abused, and spanked! It started off as only once a week, but the masochistic Empress cannot fight her compulsion to be punished like a snorting, grunting sow. She's considering three, or even four times a week now. If Napoleon doesn't come home soon, she fears her masochism will consume her and force her to turn her needy, naked body over to these freaks permanently as a snorting, sniveling, pain slave. What amusements the castle would have with her smooth white body, shamefully aroused and denied, and crawling through her own castle with flaming red buttocks and black and blue nipples!

Fortunately for Josephine, the historians treated her well and, even after her divorce, completely covered up her shameful depravities.

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