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As a 'big shot', people sucked up to her all the time, and tried their best to impress this haughty bitch. Now she sucks THEM and does everything she is told. She has no choice. She is DOOMED!

"Keep going, all the way down. There are some men that you know waiting for you down there."

"They've got branding irons, tongs, canes, and tattoo needles. Every one of those things will be used on you, over and over again. You are going to be made an example of..."

"Your precious little clit is not going to escape its own special punishment, oh no... Hehheh. By the time they're through with you, a few days from now, what's left of you will be a drooling, humping idiot, teeth chattering and leaving a slimy trail of girl-need behind you on the stone floor as you crawl."

"I will laugh at you as your asshole, pussy, and mouth are peddled in the park every night to vagrants and bums for a dollar per fuck, and fifty cents per blowjob. I will sneer at you as I send dozens of photos and video clips to everyone who ever despised you, so they too can gloat. I have goose bumps imagining your shame! This is your new life, Ms. Executive Director, for as long as it lasts... Hopefully that will be a very long, humiliating time!"

dungeon lesbian bondage femdom ball-gag humilation

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