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spanked by Gerald

Brittany had known that marrying Gerald would be an adjustment. He was 30 years older than her, after all, and set in his ways.

Still, he was polite, mature and very wealthy.

Worth it, Brittany thought.

She wasn't so sure 6 months into their marriage. Gerald had a very strict idea of how things should be done. One of his rules was that Brittany should have a weekly maintenance spanking. Once a week, no matter whether she had been an angel or devil, no matter whether she had already been spanked that week or even that day, Gerald pulled Brittany over his lap for a long, hot, hand spanking.

Gerald took hold of her pretty French bikini panties and hauled her farther over his knee.

The fabric dug into Brittany's pussy and chafed her sensitive backdoor. SMACK! Gerald's hard palm connected with her tender right cheek. SMACK! Fire lit up in her left cheek. Gerald spanked with meditative precision, lighting up her behind from crowns to sit spot. For a full half hour Gerald would castigate her round ass to remind her that wives' bottoms were there for husbands to punish.

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