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"Go stand in the corner facing this way. I want you to watch Melissa getting her spanking, and I want you to think about what YOU have coming! Melissa was only a pawn in your game. We both know that you're the one who talked her into your sordid little scheme. Her punishment is going to be at least one hundred hard slaps of my hand with her panties down, and I want YOU to watch and count out each one! We may not even stop at a hundred. Melissa's punishment will only end after she is crying and sobbing across my lap, choking on her tears and begging for mercy. And she will have YOU to thank for her pain and humiliation."

"And then it will be YOUR turn. You will get at least a hundred and fifty swats with my hairbrush, and you will be COMPLETELY NAKED! Not only that, I'm inviting Jimmy and his friends in here to watch and count for YOU!"

"That's only fair after what you did to those boys. And you, young lady will be sobbing like a baby while Melissa and Jimmy, and Jimmy's friends, laugh at the spectacle that you will make of yourself. You will be one sorry young lady and you will NEVER do anything that atrocious again! You shamed me with your behavior and you will now get a punishment that you will never forget. Nor will Jimmy and his friends, I might add!"

"No, Mama! PLEEASE! Not with the hairbrush and PLEASE don't let the boys watch!! I'm so sorry!!"

"Don't argue with me, Samantha, or it will be MUCH worse! Now get in that corner, and take off every stitch of clothing while you count out Melissa's spanking!"

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