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After the terrified young maid spilled hot tea on Lady Hingham's beautiful dress, the mean-spirited, spoiled Lady had the young maid draped over the fountain, her skirts pinned up and her drawers lowered, whereupon she laid fifty hard stripes of a horse whip upon her bared bottom. The poor maid's screams echoed through the garden.

When the whipping was complete, the sobbing maid was stripped completely naked and hung from the lower branches of a large tree by her wrists and ankles, so that she was doubled over and hanging like a basket with her flaming bottom and most private parts exposed to all of the guests. Each of the guests, both male and female, were invited to take the horsewhip and administer as many additional strokes to her bare skin as they chose. Count Moreau chose to use the palm of his hand on the screaming wench's fiery bottom.

When they retired to the castle with the coming of dusk, the maid was left to hang, twisting and squirming all nightlong as a feast for the ravenous mosquitoes. A guard was placed to keep her safe from wolves and bears. He was also tasked with applying sweetened water to the maid's most private areas so that the mosquitoes would be drawn to those succulent places.

In the morning, still naked, sobbing, and writhing from the dozens of insect bites, the former maid was given as a 'gift' to the lowest bordello in the valley, to be used in any way that they wished.

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