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"Miss Marchant! Stop where you are! Did I not distinctly tell you to wait until I called you? And have you not been instructed to always knock on a closed door first before entering? Obviously you were curious about the sounds that Miss Pierson here was making and you thought you could just barge in !"

Clearly you are mistaken. Your turn will come when I am finished dealing with Miss Pierson. You will now have an even harsher and far more shameful punishment in store for your own transgressions, and your current impertinence has made me decide to administer your own punishment in the auditorium before the entire school! Now leave us this instant, Miss Marchant, and dwell on your own 'not so private' and extended punishment as you wait! Have I made myself clear?"

"'gulp' y-yes Ma'm... s-sorry, M'am... 'sniff...'"

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