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Sister Sarah sits at the penitent desk writing a letter of contrition to the Reverend Mother, who just finished paddling and spanking her bare bottom. She sniffles as she sits on her flaming red bottom, trying her best not to squirm, as she has been ordered.

Tears are rolling down her cheeks as she waits for Father Alonzo to inspect the results of her spanking and read her letter of apology. If he's satisfied that she has been sufficiently punished and is properly remorseful, Sister Sarah will be dismissed to join the other nuns in the dining room just as she is, naked, red-bottomed, and sniffling, in a further act of humility.

But if he finds either the redness of her bottom, or the sincerity of her letter insufficient in any way, he will bend her across his knees and blister her bottom with his large, calloused hand, made strong from his daily toils in the garden.

None of the Sisters ever want to be spanked by Father Alonzo! He always draws huge sobs of shame and pain from even the most hardened penitent's bare behind.

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