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"Marie, you are a naughty slave! A very naughty slave! You will NEVER speak like that to my daughter again! I don't care if you are my age and watched her grow up when you were a free woman living next door. Now you're our slave and Nicky... MISS Nicole, turned eighteen today and you will treat her with respect!"

"I'm going to give you to Miss Nichole as her own personal slave, as her birthday present! THAT ought to teach you some manners! Nicky? She's all yours! You and your friends can do whatever you like with her. Teach her about humility!"

"Oh, I will, Mama. WE will! Thank you so much. I think I'd like to spank her myself next. Let me call Gina over first. She has hated her mother ever since she squandered all their money and wound up a debt slave to us. Watching this should cheer her up!"

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