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Elizabeth Walters waits 'on the prong' so that she will be shamefully dripping when it is her turn to be sold at the auction. She has defaulted on her debt and is even unable to pay the accumulating interest on what she owes. All of her property, and even her clothes, have been seized and sold. Now her body, as her last tangible asset, is being auctioned off by her creditors to raise as much money as possible.

Word is that a bunch of her former friends are combining all of their money in the hope of getting the winning bid and buying her. They have PLANS for her little ass! The big bidders have got wind of their plan and have all agreed to lay back and 'let the girls win'. Like everybody else, they too want to see what horrors those vengeful women will unleash on their former ’friend’. After what she did to them, their revenge should be a highly entertaining spectacle!

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