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"YOU FUCKING BASTARD! LET ME GO!! Get me out of these things, RIGHT NOW or SWEAR that I'll make you pay for this! When I DO get out of these, and I WILL get out eventually, I'll come back for you. And I'll make you pay, big time\ There's no place on earth you'll be able to hide from me. I've got people who will find you. And I'll have YOU bound up naked just like I am now and I'll make you PLEAD like a baby!

I can get drugs. I know people. Drugs that make Viagra seem like aspirin! I can get illegal stuff that will make you hornier than any man has ever been! And I'll KEEP you like that! For the rest of your life! I SWEAR! I can have stuff done to you that won't allow you to reach an orgasm unless I allow it! And I won't! And you'll beg me to let you. Oh yes, you'll PLEAD and CRY like a starving baby for just one orgasm! And I'll just laugh in your face. And I'll bring people in to see you. People you know. People you don't like and who don't like you. And they'll tease you and then THEY will laugh in your face as you beg THEM for an orgasm! I'll get you, you fucking asshole!

And that's what you're going to become! A fucking asshole! You'll be fucked with the biggest dildoes I can find, and you'll suck the cocks of men who despise you! And even dogs will fuck your asshole! I SWEAR IT!

Jonathan's face paled, and his knees got weak. He hadn't counted on this. He knew Olivia Branderfort. NEVER made an empty threat! If she swore to do something, she NEVER backed off or changed her mind! Jonathan left the room to think about his options as Olivia screamed and swore at him through the door.

What could he do? Could he KILL her? He didn't know if he could kill someone. And if he did kill her, how would he do it? What would he do with her body? Just then he noticed that she had stopped swearing at him. He tiptoed to the door and slowly opened it and peeked inside...

She was GONE! How did she do that? Where did she go? The window was open and the curtain was missing! How did she DO it?? Now he began to shiver. He knew she'd come back for him. She had sworn it! He had to leave town. FAST! He'd need money... He'd get every cent he had out of the bank first thing in the morning and be in his car a hundred miles from here by noontime tomorrow. He was scared! Why was his cock so hard??

That night, around midnight, Jonathan disappeared. She had him 'picked up'. By noontime the next day he had become a 'fucking asshole', just like she'd promised. That was over three years ago. He's STILL a 'fucking asshole'!

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