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Joanne's Story ,part 2 - free bondage story.

Chapter Three 
Instead of heading out for a restaurant, Joanne and I ordered a pizza and on its arrival opened a bottle of red wine to enjoy a relaxing evening indoors. A big attraction of Joanne's was her total openness as to her wants and needs sexually. Ever since we had begun our relationship and I had mentioned bondage, she had wanted to experiment with a new, (to her), sex-play. Whether it was positions, equipment or scenarios Jo was keen to tell what she fancied. Over dinner she asked how I'd first got in to bondage and then how I'd learnt about it. 
I explained my childhood fascinations, self-bondage experiments and as I grew older magazines then videos and ultimately previous girlfriends. I told her that ideas for positions and scenarios often came from books, magazines or videos, but the actual development' of the idea was usually from self-bondage before trial on a girlfriend. 
Joanne was most fascinated by 'self-bondage', asking how it was possible to tie oneself, let alone escape. I told her all that the bondage itself, except for the wrists, was identical to how I'd tied her, the trick was in immobilising the hands and maintaining a reliable release method. "The best way I can explain it to you", I said, "is to show you how to do it yourself." 
We carried on talking around the subject until we'd finished both the pizza and wine and relocated upstairs to my bedroom. Jo was quite excited about tying herself up - I was just plain horny !! 
I explained to Jo there were many possible scenarios she could use from fantasy abductions to getting caught as just some, but suggested a 'present for her boyfriend' scene would be a good one for now. She agreed and asked what I wanted her to do. I laughed, "It's your fantasy, you tell me, I'm just here to help you achieve it, remember ?". 
I told Jo that normally I would choose a location, a position, clothing and equipment relevant to the scenario, so for this occasion I suggested she strip to her underwear, climb up on the bed, and I would pass her anything she needed. 
Jo stripped to just her white bra and panties and lay in a spread-eagle position on the bed. "How about like this ?", she asked. 
"It looks good already", I said, smiling. 
"But how can I tie myself like this ?", Jo asked. 
I selected a pair of leather ankle cuffs and a pair of leather wrist cuffs and showed her how to measure where they needed to be. To keep it simple I tied the ankle cuffs to each corner to hold her legs spread, but padlocked the wrist cuffs together and left them on the bed above her head so as to hold her in an inverted "Y" rather than an "X" shape. 
Then I threw a blindfold and harness ballgag onto the pillow above her head. "Over to you now", I said, "I suggest you start at the feet and work up". 
Jo shuffled down the bed and buckled her ankle into the first cuff. Then stretching her legs wide apart, bent over to do likewise with the other. As she slid herself back up the bed, I said to her "When your in position put the pillows under your arse - you'll like the end result I promise". Jo, ever willing, did just that. 
"But what about my wrists ?", she asked. 
I told her to watch as I fixed a chain under the head of the bed and down to the pair of joined wrist cuffs. I slipped an open padlock through a link just above them, leaving it open. Then I put two more small padlocks by each wrist cuff. "Now", I said, "sit up and put on the gag but leave the blindfold off for the moment so you can see what we're doing. Then pick up the cuffs and buckle each wrist into a cuff and lock the small padlock through first free hole on the strap after the closed buckle". 
While I watched in anticipation, Joanne gagged herself with the harness ballgag and then buckled her wrists tightly into the leather cuffs, locking them on with the two padlocks. 
"Before you lock your wrists above your head I'll set up a simple release for you". I'd already told Jo over dinner about using ice, candles, clockwork alarms and light as release mechanisms, although she had confessed to not really understanding they worked. As I was going to be her 'safety' anyway I simply put the key-ring with the padlock keys on it on the bedside table and tied a length of rope from the key-ring to the chain above the padlock. 
"To get the keys, just reach up and reel them in", I said. "Now, use the open padlock above you to lock the 'D'-rings of your cuffs to the chain and you're all done". 
Jo nodded and mmmphed an 'okay'. Jo lay back on the bed and reached over her head with her cuffed hands and locked them onto the chain securing her in her self-bondage. As the padlock clicked home, I said "Well done, now see how secure your first self-bondage is". 
Jo put on a good show of struggling, pulling her wrists and legs and mmmphing through her ballgag, all to no avail. It was a delight to watch, but I had more intense plans for Jo yet. After a few minutes of testing her bondage, Jo looked up at me, proudly smiling around her ballgag. 
"Not bad eh ? Now undo yourself and do it again, but this time blindfolded", I suggested. I then watched as Jo reached out with her fingers, caught the rope tied to the chain and reeled in the rope and key-ring at its far end. She undid the padlock securing her to the bed and worked herself up into a sitting position once more. I took the open padlock from her and locked one cuff from a pair of metal handcuffs through the closed padlock linking the two 'D'-rings. "You'll find that a lot easier to secure to the bed-chain while you're blindfolded", I told her. 
"Oh, and as we're doing this one properly, I really think you should be using this too", I said, pulling a ribbed vibrator from the bedside cupboard !! 

Chapter Four 
Jo looked up at me wide eyed as I handed her the vibrator. "Go on then", I said, "but you'll find it works better if you turn it on". After a brief pause, Jo turned the vibrator on to medium speed and pulling her panties to one side slowly inserted it into her pussy. 
As Jo picked up the blindfold, I stopped her briefly. "Underneath the gag straps, not over", I said and I undid the vertical buckle at the back of her neck, freeing the strap over the top of Jo's head and down her cheeks. Jo then gave me one last look before fitting the leather blindfold over her eyes and buckling it securely behind her head. Then pulling the gag strap back up her face and over her head she re-buckled that too. 
Laying back on the bed, she lifted her hips back on top of the pillows and raising her cuffed wrists over her head took hold of the chain at the top of the bed. Stretching upwards Jo fed the open handcuff through a chain link and snapped the cuff closed. Once more Jo had securely tied and cuffed herself to the bed - open, available and now vibrated also. 
"Struggle... enjoy... and think of all the possibilities... ", I said to Joanne, " ...what will I do when I find you ?, ...what if I'm delayed ?, ...will it me that finds you, ...or someone else ?". 
As Jo arched her hips, testing her bonds and feeling the vibrator, I got a thin length of cord I usually used for tying thumbs or big-toes and tied one end to the top corner of the bed and the other to the key-ring on the bedside table. Now when Jo pulled on her release rope to reel in the keys they would only go halfway to her before the rope tied off to the bedpost snagged tight halting their progress. Not only would the key-ring be well out of Jo's reach but she'd be unable to see or feel why it had snagged and would be unable to call me due to her ballgag. Panic-time for her, fun-time, for me,!! 
I reached between her legs and pulling her panties to one side turned the vibrator up to maximum. As Jo mmmphed a protest through her ballgag, I said "Just a little distraction for you. I'm going downstairs to open another bottle of wine, join me when you've freed yourself". I then closed the bedroom loudly, but remained inside, quietly watching Joanne pull against her bonds, working herself up to orgasm. 
It only took Jo a couple of minutes before she climaxed, stretching, arching then relaxing as she rode out her orgasm. No sooner had she Jo recovered than she started to cum once more, this time grunting and panting even louder. It was now I watched intently as she reached up for her release rope and pulled the keys off the bedside cupboard, using her fingers to draw them to her. 
With the keys a good 6" out of her reach the line stopped and held fast. Jo pulled harder, jerked the line, reached all around it for keys desperately. She put on a great show struggling, pulling the release line, mmmphing through her gag, shaking her head trying to dislodge the blindfold and gag. All to absolutely no benefit whatsoever. 
Next, Jo lay quietly, as if working out what to do. Once more she pulled firmly on her release line but it wouldn't come near enough for her to grab the key-ring. Then, she tried calling out for me, "Hmmm Hnnn", she snorted round the large rubber filling her mouth, "Hmmm Hnnn". If only she knew !! 
I let Jo struggle and call for help for a while longer before climbing onto the bed between her legs. As Jo again tried calling out through her gag, I slipped her panties to one side, removed the buzzing vibrator and slid my cock into her. Then with Jo still struggling at her bonds I fucked her hard and fast, quickly bringing myself to a climax and pumping my spunk high up into her pussy. 
"I needed that... and I think you did too !", I said to Joanne. I lifted myself off her spread-eagled body and said, "As you seem to be a bit stuck, would you like some help ?". 
As Jo nodded and mmmphed "Esssh Heees", I quickly undid the thin twine from the key-ring and placed it in Jo's hands. 
"I think that's what you were looking for", I teased her, as I then removed the twine from the bedpost. 
Joanne fingered the key, eventually inserting it into the keyhole on the handcuff attaching her wrist cuffs to the bed. With her wrist cuffs still padlocked together, but no longer secured to the chain at the top of the bed, Jo slowly eased herself up into a sitting position, but with her legs still spread apart. 
"Nearly there now", I encouraged, as Jo unbuckled the straps on the harness gag and then worked the ball out from behind her teeth. While working her jaw muscles, Jo unbuckled and removed the blindfold. 
"Now you know why you should always have a back-up method to get free", I helpfully advised. 
Jo muttered something about disputing my parentage under her breath, while using the keys to remove the wrist cuffs completely. Smiling at a now nearly free Joanne, I said "You enjoyed that as much I did, and don't lie because I was here watching !". 
Jo blushed ever so sweetly and momentarily looked away. I sat on the bed, holding her. "Come on, let's have a shower and get some sleep", I said, "we've all day tomorrow to look forward to yet !!". 
I helped Joanne to remove the ankle cuffs and as she went off to the bathroom I tidied all the gear back into the toy-chest before joining her for a shower. 
It was two happy but tired people that went to bed that night. 

Joanne's Self-Bondage 

Chapter One 
Joanne and I continued our relationship with plenty of bondage-related sex; very much to my delight. She really and honestly enjoyed our games with a passion akin to a child with a new toy. What made it all the better was her willingness, indeed enthusiasm, to experiment and try out new ideas, fantasies and scenarios. 
Over time I had learnt an awful lot from my self-bondage experiences and that seemed the area that interested Jo the most. Over the weeks following her introductions to self-bondage, I had taught Jo many different restraint methods and release mechanisms. We had also played out various 'discovery' scenarios, her current favourite being to get to my place before I got back from work and leave me a 'surprise' upstairs. I certainly found a naked, horny female, all self-bound and 'available' was a very nice way to wind down after a hard day at work !! 
Jo always called me at work prior to binding herself but she enjoyed the thrill of the 'find' so much that one day I came back to find her panties at the bottom of the stairs. A quick check found Jo naked, O-ring gagged and hog-tied on my bed. Never one to say no, I accepted the offer of a blow-job - shot my load into her mouth then changed out of my clothes, showered and returned soon after for 'seconds' by way of her welcoming pussy. 
As well as thanking her for the 'present' I gave her a bit of a lecture about not having a "safety", in that I may not have come straight home, or worse. I know we've all done it, but that doesn't make it any safer, and I explained she was too precious to get hurt if something went wrong. I therefore informed Jo that a suitable punishment was in order. I replaced her ring-gag with a large ballgag, added a padded leather blindfold and made her much less comfortable by binding her elbows together with a long leather strap. Then rolling her onto her side, towards me, I eased her protests by fingering her to orgasm. 
As Jo strained in her bonds, riding out her orgasm, I thought it only fair to keep her fully satisfied by quickly getting the vibrator from the bedside cabinet and placing it against her clitoris. On full power, it certainly had the desired effect, bringing Jo almost instantly to another climax - then another, - then another... 
Soon poor Jo was snorting and panting round her ballgag, drool was running down her chin and her whole body was glistening with sweat. Unable to stop me or to move away, Jo was mmmphing, pleading and begging me to stop. No way - this was punishment remember. Holding Jo's top shoulder with one hand, I used the vibrator to alternately stimulate her clitoris for a while then to fuck her pussy. As Jo crashed to yet another climax, her final humiliation occurred - unable to stop herself, her bladder emptied as she pissed herself. 
The towel from my shower at hand, I held it between her thighs to soak up the mess. As Jo recovered I removed her blindfold to see her eyes. She looked so beautiful. Holding her, I undid her ballgag and kissed her deeply. As we both relaxed, I undid her elbow and ankle bonds, then her handcuffs, so she could stretch out. Now it was Jo's turn for a shower, and another entertaining evening came pleasantly to an end. 
We agreed a good compromise to the 'surprise'. Jo would always phone me before she started but I would only confirm I would definitely be back soon, but not give her a time. One particularly enjoyable scene we had soon after this went as follows. It was mid-week and just after lunch I got call at work from Jo saying she was off work today and tomorrow and was out shopping. She told me she'd bought me a present and that it would be wrapped up and waiting for me when I got home. I confirmed I'd be home after work and Jo ended the call. I knew by what she'd said that Jo would be doing some form of self-bondage for me to find her in when I got home. What I now wanted to arrange was a surprise for her too !! 
I told my boss I had a family emergency and needed the rest of the day off, which as we weren't too busy was never going to be a problem. I quickly re-scheduled my afternoon appointments then headed straight home. I arrived at my house just after 3pm, a good three hours before Joanne expected me. Fortunately her car was nowhere to be seen so I quickly let myself in and confirmed that she hadn't yet arrived. I made myself a flask of coffee, grabbed some biscuits and fruit along with a book from my bookcase and headed upstairs. I took the step-ladder out of the walk in closet in the second bedroom and set it up on the landing underneath the loft hatch. I then took my flask, food, book and my sleeping-bag up into the loft, (attic) - my new 'home' for the next few hours. 
About 4pm I heard what sounded like the front door being opened then closed. I made sure I was comfortable, kept still and listened. Over the next hour I could Jo, (I assumed), moving about downstairs then coming upstairs to the bedroom directly underneath my position. I was quite surprised how much I could hear below in the bedroom. As well as the general noise of her moving around I could occasionally hear the metallic clink of either a chain or buckle rattling and I heard distinct sound of handcuffs ratchets closing clearly. 
By now it was just past five o'clock and I knew Jo would probably be ready by now, assuming I'd be home by 5.30pm. Just to make sure I waited until just after 5.30pm before very slowly and quietly lowering myself down from the loft, onto the banister rail on the landing and then onto the floor. Jo had thoughtfully left the bedroom door open, so keeping low to the floor I carefully looked into the bedroom. 
Initially all I could see was ropes running from the bed corners up onto the bed where Jo was obviously laying with her legs spread-eagled. Crawling into the room and to the foot of the bed I slowly lifted my head up so I could see onto the bed. The first view I was greeted with was of Joanne's legs, clad in black stockings and high heeled black leather sandals on her feet, with leather ankle cuffs holding them spread wide. Then right in the centre of my view her naked pussy, wet and just waiting to be fucked.... 
Jo was also wearing what appeared to be a white shirt, but what I really wanted to see, and was not disappointed with, was a ballgag and blindfold in place. Now safely able to look more closely, I could see Jo was wearing her white Police shirt with her black & white chequered cravat and shoulder epaulettes. She had my harness ballgag buckled tightly into her mouth. The straps running up vertically from the red ballgag either side of her nose and meeting in the centre of her forehead served to hold the padded leather blindfold even tighter in place. Her wrists were locked into leather wrist cuffs, joined and held securely above her head by a chain padlocked to their 'D'-rings and then attached to one of the horizontal bars making up the headboard. Joanne had certainly done a good job of tying herself to my bed and an even better one of making me want to fuck her right there and then !!! 
I calmed myself down and looked for where she had placed the padlock keys so she could release herself. There was no ice on a string or thread around a lit candle, so they had to be somewhere in reach. Looking carefully and quietly, I noticed a thin piece of twine running from the chain above her wrist-cuffs up alongside it and trailing over the top of the bed. Looking underneath the bed I could see a key-ring and keys dangling from it, just off the floor. 
I got a spare length of rope and a pair of nipple clamps from my open store box. The clamps were of the type that had an arched spring closing them and by squeezing the middle of each clamp you opened the ''jaws'. A chain connected them both. I tied the rope around one end of the chain, up by one of the clamps and then quietly lay down next to my bed. Reaching underneath I carefully fixed the nipple clamp to the key-ring holding Jo's padlock keys. The trailing rope I tied off around the bed leg leaving about 6" of slack - just enough for Jo to find frustrating rather than useful! Now for the next part of the plan. 

Chapter Two 
I went to spare bedroom and retrieved my camcorder and tripod from the closet. I ran a power lead from the bedroom across the landing and set up the tripod just inside the door, out of the way and raised high enough to get a good view of the bed from the bottom right corner. The scene was set - 'action'. This was going to be truly magnificent home video. I knew it, but Joanne had no idea whatsoever ! 
Leaving the bedroom door open, I quietly made my way downstairs and into the lounge where I closed the door behind me. By now Jo would be wondering when I'd be home. Using my cell-phone I dialled my home number. The telephone in the hall sprang into life and after four rings the answer-phone kicked in. I then listened to myself telling me I wasn't in (!), and to leave a message. Knowing that by now Jo would be listening intently, I said "Jo, pick up if you can, it's important". After a pause, I continued, "look Jo, I'm stranded at work. we've had a security alert and my jacket, wallet and keys are all in the building, with me stuck outside. I don't know how much longer I'll be but it could be some time yet, so free yourself and I'll make it up to you when I get back. Give me a call when you're free. Love you". I hung up and raced upstairs as quietly as I could. 
Looking into the bedroom from the open door, there was my delightful, sexy Joanne, desperately pulling on her release rope - all to no avail. Jo was tilting her head as if to look above her, pointless really with her blindfold securely in place. After an enchanting five minutes of watching Jo pulling fruitlessly at her release rope, her leather ankle and wrist cuffs, and straining to free herself of her ballgag, it was was time to move on to phase two !! 
From the bedroom doorway I again called my home phone from my cell-phone. After four rings the answer-phone picked up and I watched as Jo suddenly stopped struggling and appeared to be listening intently. As the recorded message played on I quietly I went back downstairs to the lounge and closed the door. 
After the tone I said, "Jo, please pick up the call", and paused a few seconds for effect. "Jo, it looks like I'm going to be badly delayed," I continued, "and as you haven't called me back, I'm assuming you must somehow be stuck or in trouble. I can't risk you hurting yourself so I'm going to get my mate Brad to pop round. He's only five minutes down the road, has a spare key and he's the only bloke I could trust in the circumstances. Sorry but I promise I'll really make this up to my love. I'll be back just as soon as I can". I hung up and dashed back upstairs to the bedroom to see Joanne now really putting on a good show - mmmphing and struggling for all her might !! 
I was already looking forward to watching this on video...... But I could only imagine Jo's thoughts at being found 'dressed for sex', legs spread wide, available and completely helpless, by a male she barely knew. In fact she'd only met Brad twice, both briefly and both down in the pub with me. All I did know was that my cock was aching to fuck her. Right now, and very, very badly. Keeping my urge to fuck her barely under control, I watched Joanne's increasingly desperate struggles as she tried to free herself from her self-bondage. Having repeatedly tried to free her release key, unsuccessfully, Jo resorted to trying to pull her arms and legs free. She was well built and strong, but no match for the leather cuffs and chains, not that it seemed to stop her trying. After another minute or so of that, I watched as Jo yet again tried to retrieve the 'stuck' key. 
One thing I always enjoy watching, is a blindfolded female trying to see what she's doing through a blindfold. Pointless as it is, they all try !! 
With my cock straining at my zipper, I crept out of the bedroom, downstairs and quietly opened the front door. I would have to wait to watch the home-video to see Jo's reaction as I rung the doorbell. After a pause followed by another long ring on the bell I made a deliberately noisy effort using my door key then closed the front door loudly behind me. 
If Joanne only knew what I intended next !! 
I knocked on the open bedroom door for her benefit, as I peered into the room. Jo lifted her and 'looked' at me making desperate mmmphing pleas to free her. I took hold of her nearest ankle cuff and Jo stilled. The cuff was buckled comfortably tight, but there was some slack in the rope holding it to the corner bed post. When I tightened this Jo got really quite loud in her protests. She was pulling at her wrist cuffs, begging me to release her. With the other ankle now also tightened down, I climbed up onto the bed to kneel between her spread thighs. From my trouser pocket I removed a condom and holding it near Jo's head I unwrapped it then ran it up her cheek and under her nose. There was no mistaking Jo's recognition as she started pleading through her gag, pulling frantically at her wrist cuffs and now bucking her hips violently too !! 
Freeing my aching cock from my trousers, I rolled the condom onto it, lowered myself between her thighs and thrust my cock deep into her pussy. I knew I'd not last long in the circumstances anyway, so I thrust hard and fast, back and forth into her, until my climax erupted into the top of condom, deep inside her. 
Leaning down over her, I whispered into her ear, "I bet Brad would have fucked you too". 
Jo's mmmphed "you bastard" was both loud and clear !!. 
"Having fucked you as 'Brad', I think I should really fuck you as 'myself' now", I laughed. Jo once more pulled at her wrist cuffs, and mmmphed more 'release me' pleas. 
"No, you're staying just where you are", I replied, "but this time, if you're good, I might just let you come too !". I climbed off the bed and stripped off. Retrieving both a ribbed dildo and small vibrator from my store I joined Jo back on the bed. 
Kneeling once more between Jo's wide spread thighs, I slid the dildo into her wet pussy and said "Ready or not, time to come", the began to slowly fuck her with the dildo. 
As Jo's breathing got deeper and her climax started to build, I made sure I was not blocking the view from the camcorder. Then picking up the vibrator, I turned it to 'high' and held it against her clit while I continued to fuck her with the dildo. Within seconds Jo started to climax. Using my two 'toys' I then kept her coming until she was a pleading, squirming, panting, sweat-soaked little slut. Just when she thought I'd let her stop, I replaced the two 'toys' with my cock and fucked us both to one more orgasm. 
Having rolled off her and got my breath back, I unbuckled Jo's harness ballgag and eased the red ball out from behind her teeth. As Jo eased off her jaw, I said, "Let me get you a drink, you look like you need one". I got off the bed and removed the tripod, camcorder and power lead back into the back bedroom closet. I returned with a cold drink for each of us and couldn't resist laying the can on Jo's thigh and watching her jump in surprise. I removed the leather blindfold and held the can for Jo to drink from. 
After a few gulps, Jo asked "I don't suppose you were planning on untying me?". 
"You should know the usual forfeit by now", I replied shifting myself up the bed so my cock was within reach of her mouth. My ever-obliging Police Woman then used her wonderful lips and tongue to get me rock hard again. Mind you looking at her sexy body tied spread out on the bed in front of me helped too !! 
It was a perfect way to build up my appetite for dinner, one good, long, slow screw. After finishing, I fetched Jo's "lost" keys and released her leather wrist and ankle cuffs, letting her stretch herself out on the bed. Jo admitted that although, worried, embarrassed and slightly scared she'd enjoyed her little mind-fucking, especially as a prelude to a good real-fucking. Our chat led to a shower then a good restaurant, followed by some night-time 'vanilla'. 
Unknown to Joanne, our earlier evening session had given me another idea for a great trick - this one definitely less to her liking than mine !! 

Joanne's Exhibition 

Chapter One 
As Joanne got used to more stringent positions and 'heavier' bondage, I found yet more inventive ways of tying, teasing and tormenting her. Like most of the women I've tied up for sex, the element of discovery or embarrassment was as big for Jo as was the loss of control. By varying the scenarios as well as the bondage kept the 'games' interesting and kept Joanne guessing as to what would happen to her next ! 
Having seen how Jo reacted when she thought she'd been discovered by one of my friends in her self bondage, I knew I'd have to come up with another version of that theme. 
Over the following weeks, as our relationship continued to flourish along with our sexual adventures, I put the finishing touches to an idea that had come to me a week earlier. I had been down the pub with my mate Brad having a drink after work on Friday and talking about his forthcoming stag night. Brad was due to get married in a few weeks and me and ten of his mates from home and work were all due to meet for a clay-pigeon shooting weekend at a hotel in the country next Saturday. As we discussed the likely fun next weekend, I said to Brad, "As your 'best-man' I've just thought of another bit of entertainment for your stag. Would you be interested in going to a live show ?". 
"If it's the kind of show you've probably got in mind", Brad replied, "definitely". 
"Well, leave the plans with me and I'll see what I can arrange", I said. 
As you'll know if you've read my previous accounts, a few years back Brad and his then girlfriend Nikki, had briefly seen an 'ex' of mine, Suzy, naked, tied to a chair, ballgagged and being vibrated. What I now planned for Brad was a real live bondage show, with Joanne as the unknowing feature attraction !!! 
On Saturday I met up with Jo just after lunch as she was off work all weekend too. An entertaining afternoon led to an even more entertaining night spent at my place, culminating in me fucking a very naked and helpless Joanne - twice. 
The weather was good on Sunday so we decided to drive out of London into the countryside for a walk followed by a pub lunch. I of course had my own ideas as to make the walk more interesting ! While Jo was in the bathroom getting ready I retrieved a few items from my bondage store, namely a 1?" red ballgag, a sleep-mask, (the kind used by airlines) and a large white cable-tie about 18" long. All of this fit easily into my 'bum-bag' which I regularly use to carry my mobile phone, keys and wallet if I'm out walking. The only additional item I needed was my 1?" wide leather trouser belt which had a few extra strategically placed buckle holes along its length. This I put onto the shorts I was going to wear for the walk. 
We headed out of town for Kent with me wearing a T-shirt, shorts and trainers, and Joanne wearing a vest-top, cut-off jeans and trainers. About an hour later we parked in the pub car park. Before we got out of the car, I reached into the glove-box and pulled out a 4" x 1" gift wrapped box. "A little present for you", I said to Joanne, "but how about I give it to you over lunch ?", I suggested. Joanne agreed and we headed off on a footpath which would take us out of the village, across some farmland, through some woodland then back along the river bank to the village again. In all, this circular style walk was about 4 miles (6 km) long. 
It was a pleasant and scenic walk over fairly flat land and after strolling through the fields we reached the woodland in under half an hour. Although not marked, the main path was well trodden over the years and easily identifiable. We still had yet to see a single other person, so with a "follow me", I led Jo off the path until we were about 100 yards away and found a secluded spot between the trees and hidden from the track. 
"First bit of sunshine and you want it outdoors", laughed Jo, "and if you'd thought to bring some rope you could have tied me to a tree too". 
"Improvisation", I said, "take off your bra, you're not going to be needing it anyway are you ?". 
Jo was as horny as I was, and slipped her bra off from under her top. I took her bra from her, put it into my pocket and moved to stand behind her. I gathered Jo's arms behind her back, then removing my trouser belt I strapped her elbows tightly together. With her wrists free I was able to get her elbows almost touching and any movement of her wrists had the effect of tightening the strap so I didn't even need to add a cinching strap or rope. 
"Here let me help you", I said as I undid her shorts. As I eased them down Jo wiggled her hips and when they were down to her knees she kicked them off. Turning round towards me she kissed me deeply, then said "now bend me over and fuck me". 
"Kneel down then", I said. 
Jo knelt down and I moved behind her, but instead of slipping her panties to the side and entering her, slid them down her thighs and took them off, leaving her naked bar her trainers. I took her bra from my pocket then picking up her right ankle I used her own bra to strap it tightly to her right thigh. I then looped her panties around her left thigh, and bending her left leg in the same manner used the two leg holes of the panties to capture her foot and ankle. With Jo's legs now frog-tied I lowered Jo to the ground, and taking the ballgag from my bum-bag dangled it in front of her face. 
"As if I'd forget", I said, "open wide". I pulled the ball into her mouth and buckled the strap behind her neck. "Now I'll fuck you", I said as I freed my expectant cock from my shorts and entered her pussy. I fucked her slowly, watching as her hands fluttered uselessly behind her and her eyes darted around above her ballgag searching for possible onlookers. I enjoyed the slow, rhythmic fuck, but I wanted to make this last even longer, so just before I felt my cum rising from my balls I pulled out and rolled Jo onto her side. First I pulled her vest-top up so I could play with her breasts. After plenty of caresses, tweaks and pinches, I slid two fingers into her and as Jo bucked her hips I brought her quickly to orgasm - then kept her cumming !! 
As Jo recovered her composure I pulled her top clear over her head and down to her bound elbows behind her. I undid the bra and panties frog-tying her ankles to her thighs, leaving her bound at the elbows, gagged and naked (bar her trainers) on the forest floor. Jo watched as I put both her panties and bra into my shorts pockets. I took the sleep-mask blindfold from my bag and slipped it over Jo's head. Then helping Joanne to her feet, "Time to stretch your legs", I said as I smacked her sexy arse. Taking hold of Jo's left nipple I led her out of the clearing and back to the main path. Each time she protested through her ballgag, a pinch and twist of her nipple caused her to cease and follow me. 
As we reached the path I helped Jo back down to a kneeling position, then removed both her ballgag and blindfold, putting them back into my bum-bag too. I pushed her head down, opened her legs with my knees and slid my cock into her still wet pussy. All Jo could say, in a rather worried voice, was "No... not here, not right out in the open". With her elbows still tightly strapped together and her hands helpless, I held her by the hips and fucked her. Just after fucking a naked, helpless and very horny Jo to orgasm, I shot my load deep inside her pussy. 
I got my breath back, pulled my cock out and said to Jo, "I suppose we'd better get your clothes from that clearing". I helped Jo up to stand up and walked her back into the woods, telling her was a hot, sexy bitch she was. As we reached the clearing, I removed the sleep-mask blindfold from my bum-bag and said to Jo, "One last little surprise". I blindfolded Jo then took the ballgag and cable-tie out from my bum-bag. I removed the leather strap from the ballgag and fed the cable-tie through the slit in the ball, making a new, thinner and more secure strap. 
Standing behind Jo I offered the rubber ball up to her lips and said "Open - then you can get dressed". Joanne opened her mouth I pushed the ball home, behind her teeth. I tilted her head forwards and lifting her hair out of the way I brought the two ends of the cable-tie gag-strap round behind her head and fed the ridged tab through the fastener. Then I quickly pulled it tight, the sudden zipping noise causing Jo to lift her head and mmmphh through the gag in surprise. Holding the locking tab on the cable-tie, I tightened it a few more notches, drawing the ball gag firmly into Jo's mouth and securing the strap tightly. 
I removed the blindfold, then the belt securing Joanne's elbows and said to her, "I'll see you back on the path when you're dressed". As I walked away Joanne was pulling anxiously at the gag trying desperately to remove it. By now I was a good ten yards away, so I stopped and called out "Jo, I can hear someone coming, you'd best put you're clothes on". Jo's eyes opened wide and she ran over to where her shorts lay and swiftly put them on. Thirty seconds later Jo joined me by the path wearing both her vest-top, shorts and trainers, (but minus her underwear which I had in my bum-bag). She also had her pissed-off expression !! 
"What's the matter", I asked, knowing damn well anyway 
"Hhiff hhiss" replied Jo, tugging at the gag-strap at the corner of her ballgagged mouth. 
"Oh that", I replied sarcastically, "it's only a nylon cable-tie, all you have do is cut it off" 
"hhoc hhivv ?", Jo asked. 
"What with ?", I queried, "Snips of course - but I'm afraid that was what your present was, and it's back in the car too". "Still", I continued, "you wanted some outdoor bondage and it is only a ballgag. No-one will notice and we'll be back at the car in 40 minutes anyway !". With that I walked off down the path, leaving an astounded and definitely embarrassed Joanne to run after me, pleading through her ballgag. 

Chapter Two 
"hhayk hhic hhoff", begged Jo still trying to pull the red rubber ball free from her mouth. 
"It's no use whinging Jo", I said, "there is no way of removing that ballgag until we reach the car and get the cable-tie snips". 
Just then I heard voices coming towards us, kids by the sound of it. Jo looked around frantically, obviously having heard them too. I pulled Jo towards me, put her head on my shoulder, hugged her to me and told her to the same. Seconds later three boys about sixteen years old came along the path on mountain bikes. Although Jo couldn't see as she was facing away, they barely gave us a glance as they passed on their way. 
I lowered my hands down her back onto her arse and pulled her hips forward onto my erect cock. "I'll be taking care of that before we reach the car too !!", I said to Jo teasingly. 
We carried on down the path with me still teasing Jo about her ballgag. By the time we'd reached the reached the end of the woods and the riverbank path Jo had given up trying to remove the ballgag, realising it was indeed not going to come off. 
However, Jo now looked even more anxious. This was much more open, with fields to one side of the path and a river to the other. There were certainly no trees to shelter behind. You could see the village about a mile away, the only other buildings were farm ones, all at least a hundred yards back from the path. Now we were more in the open she wanted something to wipe away the continuing stream of drool she was producing. Being the perfect gentlemen, I offered to help, but instead of a handkerchief used her own panties to wipe the drool from her mouth and chin. 
I put my arm around Jo's shoulders and we walked along the river bank back towards the village. It was a pleasant, if not surreal walk - a beautiful summer's day, beautiful scenery, my beautiful girlfriend, securely ballgagged !! After about fifteen minutes, still about half a mile out from the village we found a small cluster of trees alongside the riverbank. I stopped, and told Jo to sit down with me for a brief rest. Given no real choice in the matter, she did. With Jo sat next to me it was easy to roll her to the ground on her stomach and use my belt to tie her wrists crossed behind her. Despite her struggling and mmmphed protests, it wasn't long before her breasts were free of her top, which went up and over her head then down behind her to dangle from her bound wrists. Jo's shorts soon followed, pulled roughly down from her hips to her knees. In a minutes or so, Jo had once more become naked and helpless !! 
As Jo picked herself up onto her feet she kicked her shorts off her ankles, angrily in my direction. 
"If you weren't so well gagged, that would cost you a blowjob !!", I laughed. Jo didn't laugh, especially when I followed up with, "And if that's your attitude, I'll see you back at the car", and walked off down the path. 
Jo let out a muffled yell through her ballgag and nearly sprinted after me. Catching me up she ran in front of me and gave me the most pleading look over her ballgag. I looked into Jo eyes then down to her breasts, her pussy and back up again. Jo mmmphed "hhuck hme" and tilted her hips forwards at my groin. 
I reached down and ran my index between her wet pussy lips. "Later - I can do that anytime", I replied. "Go back to the tree, I'll get your shorts", I continued. Nervously, Jo walked back to the willow trees, looking over her shoulder to see if I followed. 
Having retrieved her shorts I went over to Jo and told her to sit down. "Before you get these back, you'll have to do something for me", I said. Unstrapping Jo's wrists, I removed her top and continued, "if you thought being naked and getting fucked in public was bad, I can't wait to watch you masturbate". Jo eyes opened wide as she looked at me in disbelief. 
"Yes, that's right", I continued, "I want to watch my naked, ballgagged Policewoman wank herself off on the grass over there", indicating the area under the trees by the riverbank. By now Jo was shaking her head and making mewing noises round her gag. "It's your choice - masturbate or I take your top and shorts back to the car with me", I reminded her. 
Jo still paused to think about it ! I just waited and watched until an embarrassed Joanne finally put her hands down to her pussy and started teasing her lips and clitoris. At first she didn't know where to look - at me or for other people using the footpath, but soon just concentrated on achieving orgasm. As both hands went to work and her nasal breathing became faster, I undid my zip and took out my cock. It took Jo about five minutes to climax, her face glowing a lovely shade of pink. I waited for Jo to finish, before insisting on my turn, laying her down and climbing on top of her. I opened her thighs and sunk myself deep into her, fucking her 'missionary' style, fast and hard until I spunked inside her once again. 
True to my word, after withdrawing I let Jo get dressed before walking with her back along the riverbank towards the village. 
As we reached the end of the footpath and joined the roads leading back towards the pub Jo pulled me back and pointed worriedly at her ballgag. "Jo, the cable-tie snips are in the car", I reminded her, "you can either wait here or walk with me - trust me, no-one is going to see you". It only took about 5 minutes to reach the pub car-park, but it was one very nervous Joanne that endured the walk. When we reached the car-park, Jo almost broke into a run to get to the car !! 
"I suppose you want me to take your ballgag off before we go for lunch ?", I teased. I unlocked the passenger door and Jo jumped in. I waited outside the car as Jo retrieved the small box from the glove compartment and tore off the wrappings to reveal a pair of gold ear-rings !! 
"I lied", I said, "the snips are actually back at home. Those are for being such a good sport though !". Jo looked up at me with a mixture of disbelief, frustration and anger in her eyes. 
As tears started to well in her eyes, I took pity on her, "Here, let me", I said and produced the snips from the back of my bum-bag. Sliding the snips under her cheek I cut the cable-tie and removed the ballgag from Jo's mouth. The relief on Jo's face was just huge. "Come on, I'll buy us dinner and you a good drink", I offered and helped Jo from the car. We went into the pub and while I ordered the food and drinks, Jo went to the ladies freshen up both her face and her pussy, which by now was leaking my come onto her thighs, courtesy of her having no panties. 
When Jo emerged, I took her to a quiet table at the rear of the pub, where she would be less self conscious of the red line around her mouth caused by the ballgag strap, which despite her best efforts to clean was still very noticeable. 
Over the meal we talked about Jo's recent outdoor adventure and she admitted that the thrill of the sex had more than made up for the embarrassment. She even laughed that it was the first time she'd ever masturbated in front of a boyfriend, and it was in public too !! 
After a leisurely lunch, we drove back to London and had a lazy afternoon indoors. I'd promised to take Jo out for dinner later as she was staying overnight, due to her not having to next be at work until Monday night. On these Sunday evenings Jo always wanted a late night with plenty of sex so she would have a good sleep and lay-in on Monday morning. I, unsurprisingly, was happy to oblige. But tonight not only was she going to have a late and satisfying night herself, it was going to be equally entertaining for me and my mate Brad !! 

Chapter Three 
While Jo was in the shower, getting ready for dinner, I telephoned Brad to confirm he was still okay for his visit later tonight. Needless to say, he was. I also took the opportunity to get my holdall full of bondage gear, the camcorder, tripod and power leads ready, and stowed them in the under-stairs cupboard downstairs, ready for use later. With Joanne out of the shower and getting dressed, I did likewise and we headed out for a romantic dinner together, to set the scene for later. 
A very pleasant meal and bottle of wine later we arrived back at my place just after 10pm. As we did so I noticed Brad's car parked further down the road as we'd arranged earlier. Entering the house, I turned off the porch light, when I next turned it on would be the signal to Brad to let himself in with my spare keys. 
Taking Joanne into the lounge, we started kissing, both knowing that some good bondage and sex was shortly to follow. After a good kiss and fondle, I said to Joanne "Go upstairs and put on your uniform for me, you're going to be my 'kidnapped Cop' tonight !!". 
"But I need that for tomorrow night", she protested. 
"It won't be damaged", I replied, "and I'm sure we'll be able to wash out any tell-tale stains by then". 
Jo smiled, "And you can do the ironing too!", she laughed. Jo then headed up to the bedroom to get changed and as she did so, I took the bondage gear from the under-stairs cupboard back into the lounge. 
If I'm doing a scenario style bondage with a girlfriend I always like to have a plan of the positions I intend to create. As much as I enjoy improvising, I still find a few pre-planned ideas are always more conducive to a good bondage session. Tonight was no exception, I had some real fun planned !! 
By the time I heard Joanne coming downstairs I had already got the restraints I needed to hand and plenty of others readily available. I'd also set up the camcorder on the tripod in the corner of the room and fitted the wide-angled lens so that it was taping the area from the door to the sofa. The stereo was on, playing music at a level to block quiet conversation. The scenario was to start with Jo knocking on the closed lounge door and me 'kidnapping' her after I'd let her in. The only things I hadn't told Jo were that I'd be kidnapping her at the door, not in the room and also that I was video-taping the proceedings !! 
I stood just behind the door, so that when it opened Jo's view of the camcorder was blocked, and waited for Jo to knock on the door. In my hands I had a pillowcase and looped on my trouser belt I had a pair of handcuffs and a medium-sized ballgag. After her first knock brought no response, Jo tried again. 
"Come in", I answered and as Jo opened the door and peered around the door I thrust the pillowcase over her head and dragged her into the room, blindfolded and unaware of the camcorder. Pulling Jo down onto the sofa, I sat astride her back and with rehearsed practice I quickly handcuffed her wrists behind her back then strapped her ankles together. With Jo subdued, I lifted the pillowcase up from her neck sufficiently to apply the ballgag and reduce her protests to nothing more than grunts. Finally, with a roll of duct tap retrieved from my supplies, I wrapped a couple of turns over the pillowcase 'hood' across her eyes to effectively blindfold Joanne. Then I lifted the base of the pillowcase up and free of her nose and mouth before re-applying more duct tape to complete a half-hood effect. My 'cop' was now 'kidnapped' ! 
A blind, mute and helpless Jo, wearing her white Police blouse with epaulettes, chequered cravat, black skirt, stockings and high heels, wiggled around on the sofa testing her bonds. I took the opportunity to watch the sight unfold through the camcorder viewer and get a few good zoomed-in shots of her wrists, hood and legs. I faded out the tape, put it on pause and realigned it to face the corner of room, the one at the far end of the sofa and by the main window. In that very corner and hanging from an eye-hook was a plant in a hanging-basket. Having previously screwed this heavy duty eye-hook directly into one of the ceiling joists myself, it was not there primarily for plants - it was soon to be holding Joanne. 
Turning the camera back to record, I moved the bag full of restraints over to that corner before taking the hanging-basket off the ceiling hook and setting it aside. I picked Joanne up from the sofa and led her over to the corner of the room and underneath the ceiling hook and lay her on the floor. Using another leather strap I secured her ankles up to her handcuffs, leaving her in a not too uncomfortable hog-tie. With Jo immobilised I took the time to have a good grope of all her sexy bits, as well as the occasional pinch and slap just to keep her guessing !! 
My next part of the plan was to improve on Joanne's blindfold and bondage so she was totally helpless and vulnerable. I rolled Jo onto her side, facing away from the camcorder and began peeling off the tape holding her 'hood' in place. Finally freeing the tape I removed the pillowcase 'hood' only to immediately replace it with a padded leather blindfold, much to Joanne's annoyance. This was then followed closely by two expanding foam ear-plugs and over-packing of cotton-wool held in place with electricians tape around her head, over her blindfold and round back of her neck. 
All was going to plan so far - now for the unexpected guest !! 
I went out into the hall and turned on the porch light then returned to the lounge, closing the door, to watch a frustrated and disorientated Jo struggle in her hog-tie. It only seemed a few seconds before I heard Brad open then shut the front door. I left the lounge and met him in the hall. 
"Keep it fairly quiet, although she can't see she can hear a little bit", I said, "but I thought you'd like to see her before she's hooded". 
Brad followed me nervously into the lounge, looking with almost disbelief at the sight before him. "When she's got this on", I said, holding up my discipline helmet, "I'll be able to tell you more". 
I bent down next to Joanne with both an airline-style sleep mask and the leather hood in my hands. First, I removed the padded leather blindfold, substituting it immediately with the sleep-mask. I've found this makes the wearing of the discipline helmet more comfortable over longer periods. Then with the sleep mask, ballgag and ear padding all in place I fitted the hood over Joanne's head and laced it tightly up the back. A padlock held the collar in place and Joanne was now truly helpless and unaware of her impending predicament. 
I sat next to Jo and while I stroked and teased her hog-tied body, I explained the evening's plan to Brad. Where he had expected to merely view the events I informed him he was in fact now 'cameraman' to my 'director' and 'actor'. I told him that as well as viewing he could ask any questions he wished and could examine Jo as closely as he wished, but no touching of her was permitted. I then assured him that he was in for one heck of a night's entertainment. Brad assumed his position behind the camcorder and I started pawing Jo more vigorously, generating some lively moans and groans from underneath her hood and ballgag. With Jo equally warmed-up it was time to make her a just bit more available to my sexual advances!! 
After Brad moved in for a closer look and tighter shot, I rolled Jo onto her stomach and using a 1" leather strap bound her elbows together. Removing the hog-tie strap, I then used it to bind Jo's knees together, before replacing her handcuffs with a pair leather wrist cuffs. Standing up, I thread a doubled-over length of rope through the eye-hook in the ceiling leaving both end dangling about knee high. I lifted Joanne up to a standing position and fed the loop-end of her soon to be suspension rope through the 'D' rings on each wrist cuff, joining them together. It was then easy to pull the ends of the ceiling rope through the loop-end and tighten it until Jo was in a strapado position, her bound arms horizontal behind her back at near shoulder level. 
With Joanne secured, I bent down and released her ankle strap, initially assisting her to keep her balance despite her bound knees. I buckled leather cuffs around her ankles and then padlocked a 36" metal spreader bar to her right ankle cuff. Jo's hood kept her unaware of my intentions, so when I removed her knee strap she relaxed long enough for me use the spreader-bar as a lever to lift her right foot off the ground, up and behind her, so I could attach the other end to her left ankle cuff. As I let go of her Jo struggled to regain her balance, until she settled into a slightly stricter strapado position due to the decrease in her height brought about by her widely spread legs. 
"Now the fun can really start", I said to Brad, "it's grope and fuck time for Jo". 
Jo's skirt had already ridden up her thighs, exposing her stocking tops, but I helped it on its upwards journey and up to her hips, giving me easy access to her panty covered pussy. Running my fingers along the bottom of her panties, I said to Brad, "look just how wet the little bitch is ?". 
Next, I unbuttoned her blouse from the bottom up, stopping just before her collar when her breasts were exposed. Pulling the cups of her bra down freed her breasts and nipples for some more overt handling. All the while Jo's struggling and muted protests kept us entertained. 
After a couple of minutes of highly sexual groping, recorded from several camera angles, my cock was becoming increasingly keen to get in to Jo's pussy. Standing behind Jo, who was still bent forward with her arms pulled up behind her and her legs held wide apart, it was simple manoeuvre to slip the crotch of her panties to one side and slide my cock into her exposed pussy. I stood there savouring the moment and the feel of her, until Jo's backward thrusting of her hips brought me back into focus. Holding her hips with both hands I started thrusting my cock deep into her, quickly raising the pace fucking her faster and harder until I climaxed, shooting my load deep inside her. I withdrew my cock, slippery from both our juices and wiped it clean on her thigh before tucking her panties back in place over her pussy. 
"And that's just for starters", I explained to Brad, "she's got to work much harder yet before I'll let her come too!" 

Chapter Four 
Having finished fucking Joanne, I pulled up my boxers then removed the rest of my clothing, leaving Jo her still hooded, gagged and bound. It was now time to strip her too. I undid the remaining buttons on her blouse, removed her cravat and unhooked her bra. Then releasing her elbow strap I slid her blouse and bra down to her wrists, stopped by the leather wrist cuffs securing them together behind her back. However, her comfort was short-lived as I once more strapped her elbows together forcing her shoulders back again and breasts forward. I was then able to undo one wrist cuff at a time and remove her blouse and bra completely without hindrance from Jo and with her remaining securely restrained. 
Moving on to her lower half, I lowered Jo's Police skirt back down her hips and undid the zipper, but with her ankles widely spread it was impossible to lower it further or remove it. I bent down and removed her left ankle from the spreader bar, placed it next to her right ankle and strapped them tightly together. Jo's skirt now came easily down her legs followed by her panties. I strapped her knees together, undid the ankle strap, removed her panties and re-bound her ankles, leaving Jo once more securely bound but now naked except for her black shoes, stockings and suspenders. 
While Joanne waited expectantly and unaware of her next ordeal, I explained to Brad that Joanne was now going to be tied in a different, but yet more accessible and vulnerable position. As Brad continued filming, I released Jo from her standing strapado position and re-tied her with my supply of leather straps, keeping her hooded throughout. Joanne was soon left in no doubt what she was facing now !! 
Gagged and hooded, wrists crossed behind her, pulled up between her shoulder blades and secured to the back of her discipline hood, her legs separately frog-tied with each ankle to each thigh, bent face-down over a footstool and her knees tied apart, one to each side of the wide stool. Facing the camera was Joanne's wet and open pussy, begging for attention. I began caressing Jo's thighs before stroking her labia then stimulating her clitoris. After a bit more manipulation Joanne was literally dripping. Making sure that she didn't actually climax, I continued to play with her pussy until she was moaning loudly underneath her hood. Then, very slowly, I inserted my equally eager cock into her pussy. 
As Joanne strained to push backwards onto me, I remained still, embedded in her warm pussy. I reached down and picked up a rubber butt-plug and a tube of KY jelly. Joanne was now left with 5" long flanged 'Christmas tree' style plug up her arse and my cock in her cunt. Both just resting there. After a few more backward thrusts by Jo she started making questioning grunts through her gag as to why I wasn't fucking her properly. She soon received her answer!! 
I withdrew my cock and rolled on a condom, which I then covered with the extra lubricant. Then, removing the butt-plug, I slowly replaced it with my cock. Now, I started fucking her - up the arse and on camera too !! 
I thrust slowly and steadily until I was right inside her tight, rear-hole. Then, while Jo complained loudly, albeit rather muffled, that she wasn't going to come like that, I enjoyed another climax as I shot my load while embedded deep in her rear passage. 
Having pulled my cock out, condom off and boxers up, I went over to Brad who was looking somewhat awe-struck. As I chatted to Brad, Joanne was now complaining vociferously that she wasn't getting enough attention. Unfortunately for her she was tightly bound, ball-gagged, hooded and unable to touch herself in any way, so there was absolutely nothing she could do about it - except try to complain. 
Brad's biggest question was why did Joanne let me do this and what did she get out of it herself. I told Brad that firstly, Jo's need was simply relinquish control and submit for her sexuality to come right up to the surface. Then what she got was whatever I gave her . That could be anything from being forced to have more orgasms in one session than his girlfriend had in a year, or as in today's case, a very long and frustrating build-up hoping I'd finally let her come. It was the not knowing and the lack of control that she relished. 
With Joanne mmmphing protests like crazy, I returned to her, announcing my presence to her deaf and blind body with a loud smack of her rear. Watching her struggling I was already starting to get hard again, but after two ejaculations I was going to need a little more help from my willing Jo. I'd already told Brad to move behind Jo and got everything ready for the finale. My props were to hand, the music had been turned up a couple of notches and Brad had been briefed what to expect. Only Joanne was clueless as to her fate. 
Leaving Jo frog-tied and spread over the foot-stool I unlocked then unlaced her discipline hood and removed it, much to her relief. I then removed the ear coverings, eye-mask and ballgag, releasing a large stream of drool and a groan from Jo. However, before she got too relaxed, I replaced the sleep mask with the padded leather blindfold. 
After Jo eased her jaw muscles out, she asked hopefully, "Please, I need to come - make me come too" and did her best to wiggle her pussy at me provocatively. In answer, I picked up her favourite vibrating dildo and slowly inserted it before turning it on and slowly fucking her pussy with it. It didn't take very long to bring a tied, horny and now panting Joanne to the brink of orgasm. But then I stopped - Jo was not happy... 
"Fuck it, don't stop now", Jo screamed as I removed the vibrator from her. Using the opportunity to my advantage I inserted my own favourite, a leather covered "O"-ring gag, between her teeth and secured the straps behind her neck rendering her mouth gagged but nicely available. 
"Just one more little task first", I said as I moved round in front of her, beckoning Brad to follow me with the camera. Then, holding Jo's head by the sides I pushed my now erect cock between her spread lips and into her mouth. "You'll get your climax after I've had mine", I told Jo before slowly fucking her mouth. Although highly pleasurable, I wasn't actually likely to come this way, but it certainly got me ready to !! 
After about five minutes forced oral sex, my cock was aching for the real thing and all Jo had to show for it was a chin covered in her own drool. Pulling out, I moved back round her and slipped my cock into her waiting pussy. Boy did that feel good - I think both of us agreed on that one. I then held her hips and taking her from behind, fucked us both to an extremely pleasurable orgasm, with Jo even coming first this time round. 
I rested inside her, my cock too sensitive to do anything else. Jo however was keen for more. Never one to disappoint a lady in need, I eased my cock out of her and retrieved a few items from my store. Whispering to Brad, "keep filming, you'll like this", I went back over to Joanne and eased a large vibrator into her before turning it on to a medium setting and slowly fucking her with it. Then, leaving it inserted, I picked up a vibrating butt-plug, lubricated it and slid it into her other available hole. Fortunately I'd kept Jo tied because when I turned both on to maximum I think she tried to jump vertically off the foot stool !! 
I quickly ran a length of duct tape down from the base of her spine, between her butt cheeks, over the base of the butt plug, then the base of the vibrator. Tearing it from the roll, I ran the remaining 12" end underneath her and up onto her stomach. Both the vibrating plugs were now held inside their respective dwellings. Adding more duct tape across her butt and between her legs made the whole arrangement secure. With Jo fast approaching her next orgasm, I unbuckled and removed the ring-gag then untied the ropes holding her knees spread to the sides of the footstool. 
Lowering Jo onto the floor, I laid her on her side as her arms remained tied together at wrist and elbow behind her back. Her legs were still frog-tied, ankle to thigh and the blindfold remained for obvious reasons. Then her orgasm hit. Jo's thighs opened then closed, pressed together tightly her body stiffened and she rode out another orgasm. "God, that was good", Joanne gasped as her breathing returned to normal, then laughing "I'll sure sleep well tonight, lover", she continued. 
Blindfolded, Jo was unable to see me pick up the ballgag and hold it in front of her mouth. "No you won't", I told her laughing even more as I forced the ballgag into Jo's mouth. Rolling her onto her stomach I secured the straps tightly behind her head. 
"There's a good few hours left in those batteries", I said to an increasingly worried Joanne, "so I don't think you'll be doing any sleeping for a good while yet". Now Jo was really anxious, rolling about, pulling at her wrist and elbow bonds and making quite a bit of noise through her ballgag. 
As planned, all Jo managed to do was help the vibrators to push her to yet another orgasm. As Brad and I watched Jo climaxing once more, I whispered to him, "Time for you to go I'm afraid". As Brad and I left the room, I called out to Joanne, "Back in a minute, just getting a beer from the fridge", and closed the lounge door. . 
With Joanne now making even louder protests through her ballgag behind us, I saw Brad off at the front door. "Enjoy the show ?", I asked. 
"I just still can't believe it - that she lets you do that !", replied Brad. 
"The only thing she'd balk at is the video or you being there, and she'll never know about those. Everything else we've done before anyway. If she didn't enjoy it herself then we wouldn't be doing it all the time", I said. 
As Brad turned to go, I called out, "Go home and have a good wank - I'll phone you tomorrow". Brad smiled and went on his way as I closed the front door, got a beer from the kitchen and returned to a very orgasmic Joanne, still sweating, struggling and panting on the floor. I quietly picked up the camcorder, tripod and leads, taking them out of the room and back to the under-stairs cupboard. Returning to the room, I bent down and removed Jo's blindfold. As she repeatedly blinked her eyes being unused to the light, I kissed her on the cheek. Then putting my hand between her legs to push on her two vibrating intruders, I said "there's only feeling better than a multiple orgasm - and that ones you can't stop coming". 
Removing her ballgag, I wiped away the stream of drool with the back of my hand and kissed her deeply. Then with my hand still between her legs, I said "just one more for me, lover, and I'll untie you". 
"Please, I can't, take them out - please", gasped Jo. 
Covering her lips with mine, I held her to me and pumped the vibrating dildo into her. Jo almost immediately crashed into yet another orgasm, this time her eyes glazing over and her breathing more ragged than previously. I held Jo tightly, until she came back down again, then with her still laying on the floor I untied her legs, elbows and wrists. Jo's first priority was the twin vibrators, so I removed the duct tape from her back and peeled away the strips going down her butt cheeks and over the bases of the plugs. The vibrating dildo slid out of its own accord whereas the flanged butt-plug needed a helping hand. 
Helping Joanne to stand, I assisted her up the stairs and into the bathroom. "I'll let you get the tape off your tummy", I said, "and there are nail scissors in the cabinet if it's stuck to any hairs". I added. About five minutes later an exhausted but slightly refreshed Joanne joined me in the bedroom. "You're beautiful", I told her and we snuggled down together to get some sleep. 
The next morning, I got up to go to work leaving a still sleeping Joanne in my bed. I tidied up all the gear from the lounge, took the camcorder back to it's normal location in the spare bedroom and made sure I had the video tape of last nights fun in my briefcase. If Joanne ever found that I'd certainly be in trouble !!
It is a chilly morning in the mountains and Sister Dee has been outside on display all night. She will do anything to get in out of the cold, a willingness that PD will be all too happy to exploit. Once she is inside she has no time to reconsider. The frigid air may have been uncomfortable but it would never have left the marks that PD will. The cane comes down on her legs with so much force she is shaking like a leaf just to keep her feet under her. He will have her black and blue by nightfall, without a doubt. She begs, hoping that he has just an ounce of mercy in his heart. It will never happen. She thought it was cold outside, but his heart is made of ice.

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