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elbows strapped tightly together bondage The dressing room was fined especially for the purpose of fastening the models in the tightly sever costumes and corsets which were to be demonstrated and a number of ropes and pulleys and bars hung down from the ceiling or projected from the walls to which the models were tied while the dressers forced them into the restrictive garments. June was carefully fined into her first costume. As she walked out she heard the announcer describing her clothes.

"And here is June, wearing a new rain-wear creation called 'Showers' Note how it protects her body from the weather."

The design was that of a transparent raincoat which reached from a tight-fining neck to her ankles, enveloping her completely. It was so transparent the audience could see the brief satin bra and panties she wore, her only covering, and the long sweep of her dark nylons and fancy garters.

June's arms were tied together behind her back and her arms were twisted sharply at the elbow so the back of her hands, strapped tightly together, ran behind her head. Tied to her straight arms was a strong, rigid hose-pipe which curved above her plastic sheathed headcover and ended in a fine spray nozzle. This hose was connected to a reservoir of water which was attached to a harness strap strung around her waist behind her. Attached to this reservoir at the bottom were two flexible pipes which ran down to bellows which formed part of the soles of her shoes. As she walked, the soles depressed the bellows and sent a rush of air up the tubes into the water container, acting like pumps and a jet of water was then squirted up the hosepipe and sprayed through the nozzle over her lovely raincoat. This design was loudly applauded.

Her next costume required some very tight ropes be twisted around her before it could be correctly fitted. It was a headless and armless dress, which fit tightly and smoothly across her shoulders down to her nylon-clad legs. By strapping her arms behind her tightly with straps and by dragging her head back by means of ropes attached to her hair and pulled down between her legs to be secured to a strap at her waist, they contrived to pull her head back so far as to render it invisible to the audience and the costume was able to fit in a smooth line right across her shoulders as if she had no head or neck at all.

June found this costume very trying, but she recalled her arduous training and walked smartly about on the platform to demonsrate it to the applauding audience. Many diverse and strange costumes were modeled to the eager watchers and June admired many of them and wished she could wear them herself. Her final showpiece was a masterpiece of ingeniuity, although June herself couldn't work up much enthusiasm on account of its harshness.

armless dress hair bondage

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