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predicament bondage torture

Stage 1:

The victim is hung tied up to a tree and beneath her a block of ice so she can push herself up with her bare feet.

Stage 2:

Slowly the victim's feet start to burn because of the ice. Thus making her reposition her feet all the time to escape the pain. Her feet gives the extra warmt for the iceblock to melt, making the ropes slowly pull tighter and tighter and arch her back more and more as the iceblock begins to shrink.

Stage 3:

The ice is almost gone and she is forced to step on to the ground forcing her to arch her back to the fullest. Her feet are now in the middle of an anthill and these little critters are not happy with her smelly feet in their home so they start to attack her body with mean bites everywhere while crawling higher and higher.

ice bondage predicament

This is a small representation of what actually happens when the ice melts.

It's not really usefull but it was fun to put in there I think... The end...

hair bondage tortured gagged predicament

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